Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bookmarking and Subsequent Noise Barrage

Funny how the topic of LSD is making it into the news these days; first, the perps tell me that the reason for the myriad games with the gangstalkerfreakshow in part, and the relentless onslaught of colored plasma and LCD display presentation games with vile reds, violets, purples and fuschias is because they dosed me with that substance in my development years of 2 to 5 y.o. and then deleted my recall of the event, save the subconscious memory, the one they are attempting to stimulate and ameliorate with their color fuckery games. And of course the perps cannot be believed, even if the harassment games support the planted supposition. And so, the inventor of LSD, Albert Hoffman died this week, and it is in the news. And when reading the news piece, and as I write this up, a noise barrage starts up; faux bus noise, a garbage truck, car alarm, faux percussive construction noise (none in this neighborhood currently) and others. Which doesn't prove anything of course. But it is interesting to note the key to spreading this substance to the masses was the CIA, and Timmothy Leary, the prime exponent has been said by himself even, that he was a CIA plant. It could well be true, and if the CIA (Crooks In Action) is the public arm of the perps as I think it is, then that suggests even more conspiratorial control in how LSD came to be widely known and used/abused. And to engage in more speculation, the perps just might be looking for yet more "psi energies" from the LSD experience as I think they are attempting to attain for harassing the hell out of my life and many other TI's. End of conspiratorial and speculative riff for today.

A shut-in day so far, even if I put in a call to volunteer first thing this morning. That being defined as a get-up time of 0900h, a forced 10 hour sleep. I slept for 8 hours max in the pre-overt harassment days, which were controlled too of course with the semblance of normality.

And the trend is to impose more shut-in days and have less permissible outside activities beyond the regular few; gym, yoga, two stores and the odd visit to the ATM/bank. Another volunteering source has also dried up since January for no apparent reason, and nothing to do with me or my performance. Just more outrageous games in-house, meaning enraging me while typing, making dinner, eating dinner, doing the dishes and other like daily activities they find so exciting. Usually I get brown crumb inundations, where these crumbs from seeming nowhere arrive when engaged in an activity that may, or may not, have any conventional causal event. The toast at breakfast is a classic; there had to have been over a hundred crumbs that "somehow" rained down, often in carefully constructed clusters where the intervening white space of the dinner plate is carefully regulated. The Dimensional Structures of Consciousness book, link on the right, has itemized the consciousness of aggregation" and it seems this is exactly what the perps are up to. Anytime I cute the tortilla in four slices, the perps break out with noisestalking everytime, now for over three years.

And another fuckover stunt of recent increase is the "spittle ejecting" fuckery where when I am ranting at the assholes over typo sabotage, say, they fly spittle out of my mouth for some 2' to cross over the keyboard and then land on my desk in front of the LCD display. Just another day among the sickos.

My tea and chocolate break is done, and with plenty of rage-ification stunts such as having the chocolate crumbs "fall" from my grasp, desynchronization of my actions and any attendant noise, foiling my grasp and other finger coordination, faked touches and a few others. Naturally, a full-on noise flurry was in place, culminating in an ambulance and accompanying siren noise. The "neighbor" noise has also ramped up for the digestion duration. It is amazing how my many apartment "neighbors" across ten residences since the harassment started have been so consistent in making the same noises. The bus noise has also been increased today, one would think it is arriving every 3 minutes, which I doubt, more like every 20 minutes without looking at the schedule. Now the tapping and hammering noise has started up, presumably for drink and food digestion noise tracking, as it seems they cannot yet understand all the associated energetics yet. The loud mufflered vehicle noise has been also prevalent, the so-called "performance" mufflers, and the Harley Davidson noise has not been heard yet. I am sure that will change, especially after yesterday's barrage.

NB: I have added some more details about yesterday's gangstalking action, as it seems I was recall depleted and not allowed to add it in yesterday. Needless to say, this also prompted more rounds of noisestalking, updating past blog postings.

Picture time again as I stretch out the recent upload from my camera. Note that I don't take my camera out very much, being mind-controlled to "forget" everytime now.

Taken 04-27-2008, 1115:50h. Two street parked same red colored vehicles outside my place, and a red, mid-grey and silver-grey trio in the adjacent parking lot, facing the opposite direction.

Taken 04-27-2008, 1115:53h. An intervening same red vehicle is passing between the parked vehicles, and is being tailed by silver-grey vehicle, likely as a reference color, as I once owned a vehicle of the same color for 15 years before I gave it up in 2006. The wet road conditions seem to facilitate more perp fuckery, and a rain shower will commonly just preced me stepping or driving outside.

Taken 04-27-2008, 1115:57h. And for the "ketchup and mustard" test, a very common color combination of late, the perps have added a yellow vehicle to pass between the parked vehicles, and again, have added a reference color vehicle in its proximity, the black colored vehicle travelling in the opposite direction.

Taken 04-27-2008, 1116:20h. (More pounding on the floor overhead as I write this one up, and everything else has gone quiet. And when I yelled at the fucker, a plasma flash went off at that same moment.) I count four silver-grey vehicles, one of which has a black plastic pod on the roof, and two white ones, though it is difficult to be sure owing to the color rendition. (This same doubt is of importance as the overhead noise pounding has started up even louder- time to scream at the assholes again and see what else erupts at the same time.) Additionally, there is one black vehicle, one light metallic blue vehicle and a navy blue vehicle, the blue vehicles also being of intense perp interest of late. And for "backup" a commercial delivery vehicle with the tailgate open (what else?) serving as a bare aluminum metallic color reference.

The overhead pounding has settled down now, and hopefully is done for the day. Clearly, the digestion of food, especially brown colored food, is of intense perp interest, as is the cutting and pasting of pictures, and flipping between the photos here, and their larger sized sources in Picasa. The perps expend a great deal of effort for me to see the same subject matter at two or more differing scales, often between differing applications or web pages, being one example where a list of book titles appears, and then if one is selected, it appears larger and in more detail singly. They cannot get enough of this scale dependent fuckery.

The overhead vacuuming noise has erupted at the same time the glass bashing noise in the hallway. The perps seem to be noisestalking me over the fact that I was contemplating a purchase of Hoagland's new book, Dark Mission at a in-town bookstore where I have a book gift card. It never ends, it really doesn't matter if I live a dull life, as this is of endless fascination to the assholes who impose this on me.

This is post-dinner, and lo, if the most loathed Harley Davidson noise hasn't started up. And inexplicable hallway clatter, possibly some kind of device, as this noise has followed me around to at least four residence locations. An Air Loom perhaps?

More overhead pounding, and me yelling at the assholes, even if my yelling volume was constrained by perp invoked constraints on availible air in my lungs.

Never to miss a harassment opportunity, the vacuum cleaning has just started up in the hallway, This is totally absurd at this time of day, never mind that it is so rarely done to accomodate all the orchestrated debris outside; an ash pile, paper punch chads, mylar candy wrappers, and other strategically placed harassment props when I am traversing the hallway.

Earlier, some light flashes on the wall behind the LCD display, to "augment" what I was viewing. It never ends.

More Camelot interview watching, this being Ralph Ring, someone I hadn't heard of before, along with his mentor, Otis T. Carr. More discoveries beckon.

Time to blog off and call this shut-in day done.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hallway Noise Excitement as I Repair This Title

An early morning get-up after two hours of forced sleeplessness with the attendant overhead noise of pounding concrete, hallway banter at 0200h, street shouting, pillow crunching noise in my ears, faked bug crawling on my face, in my hair, on the adjacent wall, endless head flippings and of course the planted notions that run all the time, though nothing of significance.

That was preceded by more bloodletting games before I got to bed; the self-erupting zit on my nose bled all over my nose, and could only be staunched by pressure of the white towel, and multiple interations thereof. This prank was identical to one a few months ago, right down to zit placement, on the right side my nose and just inside my lower peripherial vision to keep a red object there, and to then become a red "wound" of equal annoyance today. Zits with the same behavior in the identical location on my nose when I rarely get them now. How could that be coincidence?

And lo, if the perps did not fake another "shaving nick" today, two skin lesions inflicted about a quarter inch apart, and not staunchable with the steptic pencil, another only-in-perpland physicality manifestation that is consistent with their past practice.

I got sucked into, or more like cognitively dithered, into not putting a title in when I began this blog posting, and once saved, Blogger defaults to the first lines of the posting as a default. That puts the new title at odds with the file name, assigned at the first save. So..., that discrepancy is of great noisestalking interest as I repair the damage, and put a real title in, not the defaulted one. I get the Harley noise, hallway voices and whacking, fake bus whine, and a bunch of others I won't get into, as this becomes a self-fulfilling activity; blog about the noise, and more of it continues with the concept that I am blogging about the very noise as it is happening. This kind of managed synchronicity is the perp managed "normal". Ditto when swearing about another abuse stunt; very often the object/color will "happen" as I am rebuking the perps, under the cute euphenism of "vocalizing my complaints". And lo, here comes the manager and his voice in the hallway, noisetracking me it would seem some 15 minutes after a one-slice tortilla lunch.

And the manager's voice also erupted before lunch when I was putting my clothes back on after a forced shower to clean up after taking a crap, another event managed for maximum mess and inconvenience.

I think the big excitement for the perps is having me start a new bar soap color today; it is the same Lever 2000 brand, but a light powder blue color. I purchased two four-packs, so this change up is expected to be a major advance it would seem. I expect heavy gangstalking with this color when I go to the gym later, so lets see if my prediction is going to come true. In fact, the perps already started me on this color when my mother and I looked at pima cotton sweaters yesterday, one being the identical blue color as today's new bar soap. And no, I don't find much interest in these topics, but as it is the first soap color change since 2005, same brand then, it has major significance as a perp harassment and related fuckery research accomplishment.

The perps froze my vertical scroll, and while yelling at them, they played the most-loathed Harley motorcycle noise, and then began some hallway voices, the manager again. Just another harassment moment, one of many hundreds in a given day. Now more hallway clunking and bashing noise.

The perps have arranged today as the day for painting the yellow curb lines on the street they ripped up earlier this year, now fully paved after putting in two 30" green colored PVC sewage lines and burying them in 3' of poured concrete and then laying down road base gravel material and then asphalt. They tell me that the pipes were put in place to undertake analysis of my output vis a vis the PVC pipes, all to get my energetic interaction as I walk past them or over them on the sidewalk. As always, they cannot be taken at their word, but who knows, as everything is strange, including the dearth of genuine tenants in this and all the proximate (within 500') apartment buildings. At my last apartment residence there was another apartment block some 150' away, and the perps had a septic services truck come by twice for a suction job on extracting the septic contents. This was bizarre as the building would have been connected to the city services. This topic has no end of perp ramifications and stunts, and I will leave it at that for now.

Picture time; taken on 04-23-2008, it shows my sheets getting smeared and speckled at the headboard end, UNDER the pillows somehow. I have no idea how this arrives, no idea why the sheet can get smeared and the contacting pillowcase cannot, and no idea why there is a circular pattern to the smears. Usually the black spotted specks are locii for masers to emanate from or change direction, presumably a reference location.

Taken 04-23-2008. A minor near same color vehicle confluence at an intersection, this being exceedingly common.

Taken 04-24-2008, 1818h 04sec. Just the usual, though I am sure that it was arranged to be precisely what it appears. Three parked vehicles, two silver grey and a white vehicle and another silver grey (pickup) passing by, exactly lined up with that infernal white plastic bag still stuck in the tree as it has done for over six months now. No fluke that, lining vehicles up with garbage at the precise moment I take the photo.

Taken 04-24-2008, 1818h 09sec. A silver grey vehicle is now passing in the opposite direction, and a navy blue vehicle (a common gangstalker color), is passing by after the above siver grey vehicle. Then it was time to get off the deck to avoid any more "coincidences" of orchestrated vehicle colors.

It is time to head to the gym and see what the gangstalking intensity is today.

I am back from the gym, and then a stop-by "Chicken Run" shopping at the local supermarket. In the latter case it was a full-on freakshow, aided by a checkout obstruction stunt where there were many "customers" ahead of me in various hues of brown clothing, and finally a big suited lug in front of me buying two brown colored packages of cookies. The story didn't add up in his case, all these suits "off work" at 1600h when I was there. At least three chinless males were loitering around me while I was in the lineup at the checkout, and there was the usual other Unfavoreds; big hat acts, shiftless middle aged males and other fuglies. And lo, if one of the freaks from gym class that ended at 1530h "somehow happened" to be in the supermarket at 1600h. To pull that off he would have to have taken the bus or teleported, and more likely the latter. A woman in the gym class pulled this same stunt in the same circumstances about four months ago. Today's reprising class member is also the same freak dude who "happened" to be passing through the waiting area at the doctor's office about three weeks ago, another astonishing stunt of timing/managed coincidence.

The 6'8" hulking suit, dark grey in color, in front of me at the supermarket checkout line was purchasing two brown color packaged rolls of cookies, presumably with chocolate on them, being of the Pimm's line. Incredibly, the lining of his suit jacket was hanging below the hem by some 1" for 4" of length. Once the checkout obstruction was done, he departed, and it was my turn to have my groceries rung up. When the hulking suit should of been long gone, there he was at his black monster SUV in the outside parking lot with the rear door open, (very common perp arrangement) and he was taking off his suit jacket. I often get the operatives and their shills removing or adding garments on in public, and here was the same dude from the checkout lineup. He had somehow delayed his departure to show me his suit jacket removal games. It is fucking tiresome, as I have seen this act so many times, the reprising gangstalker in differing locations, garment configuration and/or lighting conditions.

The gangstalk show at the gym was on the moderate side today, I actually had some seeming freedom to pick and chose what equipment I was going to work on, save one non class dude who kept hounding me just so he could do nothing close by. The regular class freak who constantly stalks me, Ethnic Gut, was in his bright yellow shirt again, and in position at the stairwell when I entered, just as he was last week. The other featured class stalker, New Bald, was absent as he was all last week, so hopefully I have seen the last of that disgusting skinhead act. Curiously there wasn't other skinheads in his place.

When walking to the gym today, I had a party of five operatives coming toward me on the sidewalk, some 40' in front of me. This is bizarre enough, as this is a residential neighborhood, and it is extremely rare to find that many individuals together. Anyhow, they somehow jointly decided to reverse direction, and it was the most amazing event; they all turned at the identical moment, in a precision drill as if it were a military parade. They then walked some 12', and then somehow decided that they would all jaywalk across the street at the same time. When does it ever happen that a party that large agrees to jaywalk together? Entertaining if nothing else.

And another new dude in the gym class today, he of an armfull of tatoos on each side, yet another loathed Unfavored feature, but he wasn't positioned in my face at all thankfully. Perhaps his turn will come later.

I got my regular tail whe returning from the gym; a redheaded woman class member tails me for about 15 minutes of walking time, first in lead-ahead mode, then I pass by her, and then she catches up to me again at this certain intersection. Today's gangstalking leapfrog was absolutely identical in timing to last Thursday's by the same woman. This would be another never-before in having a tail that is on me with identical timing in two successive gym class days.

The perps only let me run four minutes on the treadmill today, "causing me" to feel whacked out when I had been doing 11 minute runs with some included warmup time. So, back on the stationary bicycle again, and lo, if a redheaded seen-before operative didn't need to take the bicycle next to me instead any of the four others. He was in a olive drab colored shirt with fugly orange detail, and lo, if I didn't "happen" to wear the same colored jacket today, having put it in the locker. It is very plain that the perps work off clothing colors of items I had been previously wearing, only 25 minutes prior in this case.

At the supermarket, and now on this reduced food intake, I had every expectation that all I needed to purchase was a half cooked chicken. And lo, if there were only whole chickens, no partial cuts in all of the three lines that they carry. Another fluke to have me throw out spoiling meat, a stunt they have been doing of late, even if the fridge temperature has been increased even for half cuts of chicken. It is outrageous that I am forced to purchase quantities of food that I don't need, and I am not allowed to purchase less.

Another managed food item was breakfast cereal, which I thought I had been depleted faster than I was using it, meaning the perps were incrementally stealing food to cause it to finish sooner. Well, there was a reason for it, as the packaging now comes with this way fugly red printing on it, one of those disgusting reds that I cannot stand. I suspect this is to get me to put the new bag contents in the old bag to avoid seeing this fucking outrage every day.

The street freaks were out, and at one location I was in a confluence of three skateboarders, which are not supposed to be on the sidewalks. And lo, if a fourth skateboarder wasn't on my tail after I left the supermarket. It is fucking tiresome seeing the bylaws violated every day at the behest of some sick minded assholes who have chosen the most difficult objective; learning how to screw over an innocent citizen from a remote location instead of summoning the gumption to confront me directly.

A jab in the back while seated in my chair as some outside bus noise erupted. I am also getting "the beam", the dusk time "reflection" off the opposite residental tower, one that has increased in intensity and can now punch through the curtains and sit in my left side peripherial vision. There are some pictures of this; look for recent "pictures" keyworded postings.

The Harley Davidson noise has been used extensively today; at least thirty times begining at 0800h this morning, long before that crowd is ever awake. No matter, projected noise or real noise, these burst of loud motorcycles are timed with the usual efficiency; when cleaning the dishes (always a perp fascination), web page changes, when putting the first piece of chocolate in my mouth in the morning or at tea time, and so on. It is the most loathed noise of all, and I have no idea what long ago subconscious associations there maybe with such a noise, and the perps make sure I now loathe it all the more these days. There is a significant story behind this particular aversion, and I have no recollections as to why.

Speaking of recall decimation by remote means; on the Camelot series of interviews, Richard Hoagland is quite sure the US astronauts, save Neil Armstrong, are getting remotely applied recall deletion as to what they saw on the moon. Hoagland claims they saw glass structures which are very clear in his untouched photos. It is in part 2, and I hope to see part 3 tonight. He is an extremely fascinating individual, one of the pioneers in holding NASA's feet to the fire. And speaking of covert groups pulling the strings behind the scenes, he indicates that there are three power groups in conflict within NASA; the masons, the wizards and the Nazis who are in constant conflict.

I have the headphones on and the perps have taken to planting creaking noise "attributable" to them, and yet the headphone components are not being flexed or moved in any way. Then came the overhead pounding, so it is time to give them a rest. I listened to part 3 of the Camelot Hoagland interview, and lo, if he isn't coming to understand torsional energies that permeate plasma, space, gravitics and consciousness and of course, it being something near and dear to the cretins that have me in a hole by way of these same technologies. It was affirming that an esteemed researcher as he is coming round to understand the big picture, vis a vis the "torsion waves" and how this significant realm of science has been subverted and kept from publication for over 150 years, save the Soviet Union ironically. I did send Camelot an email about offering myself as a subject, but they never replied. If there are any TI's reading this, perhaps you can send your own email to them if you want to offer yourself as an interview subject, and perhaps create a critical mass of awareness.

I just got a simultaneous zapping with an overhead pounding while listening to music, the same Jill Barber tracks of the past week. Therefore, another screaming rant at the psychopathic assholes who pulled this off yet again. Then a mini-zap in my left arm when on the armrest. No doubt the fuckers will want to undertake some correlative zappings when I am in bed tonight, before I get to sleep.

Time to call this one done for the day, being so utterly pissed at these scurilous assholes, who are still at it, flashing plasma at me.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Brown Cardboard Boxes and Other Color Stunts

A busy Monday morning with my mother going downtown to acquire a brown folding chair in a brown cardboard box, white coated on the outside. It was the biggest exposition of red and yellow colored vehicles, clothes, street banners, shopping bags and other street features. Regular readers will know about the perp's fascination over the color brown, as well as their campaign to present this and other colors in all manner of objects, distances, lighting, provenance, spatial juxtaposition, orientation, direction of travel, beings (skin color) and all possible combinations and permutations in an ongoing orchestrated "environment" in constant attendance to time all actions and motions to subsecond levels. This was another such outing, and they go particularly nutty when I am out with any member of my family, aka the First Feral Family.

There has been no question the perps have been cranking up the exposures to reds, red variants, pinks, fuschias, and then adding yellow colors afterward. It used to be that if I parked beside a red vehicle, it would "disapear" in short order, within minutes if I wasn't looking (the prerequisite). Today though, while driving my mother's Ford Escape into downtown, they had a deep red metallic colored vehicle in front and behind me all the way in, and even tailed me to the parkade, covering me for some 15 minutes of driving on the same route. And when climbing up the floors of parked vehicles in the parkade, there was no end of red vehicles in varying degrees of illumination; from the outside (daylight) to the center (flourescent lighting) and mixtures of both.

And it "so happened" that floor #4 was painted red-orange to distinguish it, and lo, if the speed bump (don't ask) in the elevator area hadn't been painted yellow in the past few days. Then out on the street, there was the usual freakshow from the Unfavored, with the odd blonde of the Favored to provide some kind of karmic referencing, or at least, that is my interpretation as to why they are doing what they are. And lo, if at the first intersection, there wasn't a white and red ambulance parked on the sidewalk with its lights flashing, "attending" to some emergency. But that wasn't enough color games for the perps, because here comes the fire truck, yellow in the City of Victoria, with sirens blaring, coming down the center of the street, with most vehicles pulling off to give it passage like they are supposed to do. The fire truck made a 90 degree turn down the wrong way of a one way street in front of us, but they are allowed to do that. They then park in midstreet, and make out that there is some kind of emergency call. By then, my mother and I had crossed the road on the walk signal immediately following the fire truck, and my mother makes out like a kid, saying she wants to see what is going on. I didn't of course, as I have been through this stunt so many times.

Meanwhile, the three vagrants in teal green (all three), and one a native Indian (brown skin, a perp obsession), are also stopped some 30' ahead and doing the waving and pointing act that I see all the time.

Then onto the Bay, a downtown department store that anchors a downtown mall, to look at cotton sweaters, as my mother "needed" to get my father one. And so, it "so happens" that some were a light brown color, and others were a light blue, or navy blue, but the needed size was unavailible. I assume this was some kind of color calibration test, as we had been to that same location three weeks ago. Then up a floor to check out some garden furniture that my mother had supposedly seen a few days earlier, though it is curious, as she usually doesn't venture downtown without driving help, me usually. And lo, if it wasn't in a light brown fabric with a deep brown anodized metal frame. And lo, if there wasn't only one left, so no choice in picking an item. It weighed some 30lb, so it was my job to pack it with the aid of the top white plastic handle.

Then the protracted delay at the checkout; a customer ahead of us, for a few minutes, no problem. Then I had to bring the box around behind the counter to the checkout so "she could scan it", meaning, that there was some need to have it directly out of my view for a short time. Then a big deal over using "Bay customer points", to save another $30, and while this was going on, a cluster of mothers, young children and grannies were accumulating behind us, and one weird dude who was totally out of place on a weekday.

I packed this box through the shopping mall, up stairs, and was still walking faster than my mother, but I reckon that was the plan as the perps covet situations where they can send gangstalkers between us. When out on the street, I had my usual posse around me, popping out of stores, loading bays or otherwise loitering, and again when recrossing the intersection where the firetruck and ambulance had been. Both were emergency vehicles were gone, (some emergency), but the fire department's yellow pickup was parked in the street stalls.

Once across the street, there were about six dudes that coalesced in a gangstalk pack ahead of me, peeling off to building entrances enroute. And then with a train of at least three oncoming gangstalkers I had this fucking motorized wheelchair on my tail, and when it passed me it was this native Indian being without arms or legs. There was another wheelchair only half a block before. Anyhow, there were plenty of other players, but I could not understand why there were so many males wandering around, crossing the street and making busy, often with brown colored leather briefcases. Why, there was even the executive with a gimpy leg (waddling) act for me to see, looking suspiciously like former colleague from my forestry background.

Then, when driving back to my place, the perps had arranged a skinhead male on three of the four street corners, making it difficult to evade (avoid looking) while driving. Then, when at my apartment, I had the usual furtive middle aged male, dressed in a light sage green coat identical to the recently acquired microfiber cloth I now use to clean my glasses of the "nightime debris" that arrives on them, and a longhair brown dressed male freak was exiting the building. And lo, if the manager and his white bearded "assistant" weren't loitering and talking in the lobby with a 6' mirror door that was packed in brown cardboard. Can we say "enough brown" today? About 30 minutes later, the manager "happened" to be in the hallway on his cellphone, providing another voice tracking/gangstalking event. He has even "arrived" outside the laundry room on his cellphone when I am doing laundry, another perps obsession that regular readers will know about.

Instead of the perp operatives doing the brown cardboard packing on the street when I am proximate, it was me packing it for them, with multi-toned brown contents. I have moved so many times with the aid of brown cardboard boxes, so it makes me wonder what it is about that color that fascinates the perps so much, and why they are continuing this surrepticious stalking with varying colors, substances, clothing and vehicle colors?

Yesterday, when heading for the bus, they put on two independent males packing "takeout" food in brown paper bags, holding them in an identical manner, held oddly in front of them as if they couldn't get far enough away. In fact one of these, "somehow" showed up outside my apartment, and then again at the bus stop, heading the opposite direction. The Paper Bag Corps perhaps, an extension of the Coffee Corps, those dedicated gangstalkers carrying coffee in front of them in various mugs and paper cups of various sources.

And here is a convenient listing from my online status of my income tax returns; assessed (meaning first submission, and until 2006, with the aid of an accountant), and then reassessed (meaning, here is a bullshit gambit to have you sweat over your income tax return, or otherwise protract this event of proscessing it, per perp orders). Again, I have never had reassessments before, always paid my full share of taxes or done anything underhanded that would lead them to suspect me of anything illegal. None of it. BUT, ever since becoming a TI, this bullshit goes down. For TY2007 (last year), they unilaterally doubled my income, adding it in one box and not subtracting the identical amount from another box. (Somehow, the tax form software transposed the income entry). I have "won" every reassessment, meaning that my original return was supported with the requested information. And from 2003 to 2005, they kept hounding me for the same documentation, which they had on hand, making the 2004 and 2005 reassessments totaly superfluous.

So.. at the moment, they think I owe $2,500, but when they get round to processing the re-assessment per my original tax return, they will owe me about $80. All this to keep this exercise in play for longer; what they do all the time, the above mentioned brown box with chair purchase/checkout games being another example.

Date processed
Status of return

Reassessment in progress -
Assessed April 10, 2008
Reassessed April 16, 2007
Assessed March 26, 2007
Reassessed August 4, 2006
Assessed April 24, 2006
Reassessed January 30, 2006
Assessed June 28, 2005
Reassessed April 25, 2005
Assessed September 30, 2004

I have just finished my new smaller one slice portions of tortilla for dinner. This has erupted with extra noise and activity while it is digesting as I write this. One "unconsidered" (read, no analytical thought allowed) outcome of the one slice portions is that a fridge stored slice could be eaten at lunch and dinner on the same day, with another for the next lunch until I cook again. This never happened before; with two slices of a total of four, lunch or dinner was either just cooked or leftover, happening both in the same day. The new smaller portion means that leftovers will carry for three successive meals before I cook again. And as I discovered, the dinner plate in the dish rack that is vertically stored can be directly used from the rack to the table, not having been stored horizontally in the stack in the cupboard. Given the amount of inanity that goes with the orientation of how I store things, it is another big deal for the perps. And they duly brought on severe glass bottle bashing noise in the hallway, had the seagulls mewing and flying outside my balcony, brought on a rain shower, extra vehicular traffic and noise, parked a commercial truck on the sidewalk, and had the manager natter on his cellphone in the hallway again, repeating his morning's visit after I returned from the above mentioned cardboard box stalking games. I said I wouldn't go into the tortilla dinner details again, but I just did. Hopefully this is the last posting on this topic, but often the extra perp activity reminds me of the significance of these changes to routine that the assholes invest so much effort into. (That is, I am recall deleted, as I once had a huge knowledge base on the significance of everything, but now that is controlled by the perps, hence being so "clueless" as to what is about to go down).

Picture time; each time I save a new cropped version of a picture in Picasa, I get noisestalked. Everything I do is of interest to the perps.

Here is a picture taken 04-16-2008, 1138h from outside my balcony. The white truck with the ladders, what I call "Ladder Patrol" as there are so many coursing or parking by me, is parked, and the two red colored vehicles are in motion (I think, as the traffic light would be green in their direction), though if stopped at the traffic light, that is "what happens" all the time of late; stopping over, or past, the white stop line and stopping one vehicle length behind another. On the street on the left, running to the top of the frame are dispersed; two deep metallic red vehicles, two silver grey vehicles, and two white vehicles. Hard to beat that for symmetry as well as using the vehicles in differing orientations and lighting conditions. At the bottom of the picture is this single building with two roof variants (an experiment perhaps?); bare EPDM, and then with gravel on it, each covering a differing business. And on the top most edge of the roof, partially obscured by the tree, is a "Greens Vehicle", ones carrying landscaping clippings and a plastic bin, both objects/subjects of extreme perp obsession and frequent placement in my proximity.

Taken 04-16-2008, 1138h; I count seven vehicles in this picture, with two of them behind the trees on the left. There is an additional red street banner on the extreme left, adding red fabric into the red vehicle mix. As best as I can tell, there are three black colored vehicles, and three silver grey vehicles, plus an additional two.

Here is a zoom in of the photo above, and one can see that the perps have arranged three same red colored vehicles abreast, two parked and one driving between them. An additional red corvette, and the very familair freakish skinhead that gangstalk in great abundance. The amount of red in this photo almost makes me sick looking at it, which might explain the ongoing overhead pounding (of 12" of concrete and steel) while I was cropping and saving it, twice, because "somehow" the original got overwritten and had to be re-imported.

Off the red track, here is what happens at my perp abetting parent's place in the service of experimentation with plastics, shaving devices and the razor blades. Like the gangstalkers who course around the open windows for no seeming reason, the shaving gear is getting its "light treatment" of sunlight through double paned glass. Regular readers will know that the perps have an obsession over plastics of many kinds, and also when shaving. This represents my father using the same shaving gear as I use, the most radical change he has made in shaving, probably ever. I wonder why.

Taken 04-22-2008, 1657h; two red vehicles with a white Ladder Patrol in front and a black rearmost vehicle on the right side parked file, and a red and silver grey vehicle on the opposite side. An operative appears to be crossing the street, though I am sure it was no fluke that he was standing on the yellow centerline, with his coffee mug no less (aka Coffee Corps), as I took the photo in a moment of exemplary timing. It would seem that taking photos serves the perps' ends as much as mine, and I suspect that the operative has some kind of energetic interaction with the yellow centerline that is getting registered by the camera sensor, at my eye of course. The black colored pickup truck rounding the corner with the way funky fuschia painted wood racks has to be a one of a kind; what guy would be seen dead with this color of accessory on his truck?

That is all the pictures for today, I am going to stretch them out for a few days' possibly because looking at all those red vehicles makes me ill, or more like, the perps make sure I have an adverse reaction to suit their neural explorations into why, and how I am so adversive to these colors. Not my problem, so why am I getting hounded all over town for it?

I listened to some interviews with Richard Hoagland and the John Lear. I suppose this counts as middle aged grey hair male observation time, not meaning to be disrespectful, but serving the perp objectives of getting more of the Unfavored demographic features given a sustained viewing. And plenty of plasma action over the LCD display and beside it; dark to light gradation games, yellow and green lighting Hoagland's face for some 10 minutes, and just the usual "augmentations".

I am listening to Jill Barber while editing and finishing this up. Thank goodness for full song samples, though I am sure that won't last long if she becomes as popular as I think she she will become. Time to blog off and call this one done and ponder the upcoming Monday nightime sleeplessness games.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gone With the Rain Showers

A short post today, it is Sunday, the day of making my way to the First Feral Family for gangstalking by kin. And by bus as well, sure to have the revolving freakshow around me. The bus is always inordinantly busy anytime I get on it, and Sundays don't make any difference.

The rain showers started while I was doing my shower, shave and dentaly hygeine after breakfast, and has kept up since then, to present. I have been baited to go onto the balcony to take photos of strange color configurations of vehicular traffic twice so far, and even while there for all of 20 seconds at a time, there were additional red and yellow vehicles parading by. Even a subsecond glance outside is orchestrated to have some kind of perp planted event; a gangstalker, plasma flash or even portions of vehicles.

As usual, the perps have been infuriating me so far, and often cranking up the outiside noise in mid rage; just another event for them, fucking my life away like this.

So far today, two fruit flies from nowhere eruptions; one I actually witnessed. It was at breakfast, and there was this greyish streak in mid-air, 2' in front of me, then a fruit fly came at me, and then averted me and headed to the kitchen. (I was eating breakfast at the time, and any eating is a big perp deal as they cannot figure out the color and energetics interactions while the food is being chewed, or that is how it seems. And it is no wonder that more food is "somehow" sticking to the roof of my mouth of late, to delay mastication while the perps play color energetics games vis a vis their neural interactions, one's brain being less than an inch away from the roof of one's mouth. Which seems to support the reason the ambulatory gangstalkers are nearly always exposing their mouth contents in some way, chewing, eating, open-mouthing (agape jaws as part of their countenance), spitting, horking, tongue wiggling and other stunts.

More head pressure, and more yelling at the assholes; running my hand through my hair gets me a minute of relief at most. The sun has just come out, and I suppose this will be timed to my bus trip to my parents and the freakshow that has become. And lo, if a bus, or noise thereof, didn't "happen" the instant I was typing in the very word, "bus". There are way too many of these minor coincidences going on of late, and it is getting fucking tiresome to say the least.

Another barrage of rage-ification games through taking a crap (toilet overflow), getting the teabags (jabbing me in the fingertips), making tea (teabag on string games), eating chocolate (flipping crumbs) doing the dishes and then waiting for the PC to boot up. Twice, I had a red plasma flash in my right side peripherial vision just before heading to the kitchen, and twice, a red object (parked vehicle below) in my right side peripherial vision immediately following. That is way too much consistency to be anything but arranged, so for all you clinical clinging quislings, explain that.

And the forehead head pressure games have been turned on, and are relievable for a minute or so after rubbing my forehead and head with my hand. Another routine piece of fuckery that is totally consistent for the clinical pretenders to adequately explain.

The perps are on a total reg-me day today; the smallest of routine actions gets sabotaged just to piss me off, and when I vocalize my complaint, invariably more outside noise is immediately cranked up. This "coincidence" is increasing in frequency of late, and goes to show that there is a progressive campaign to escalate known noises with current imposed infuriation. Nothing can be fucked enough it seems.

More overhead clunking, thumping and kerchuncking, the latter distinctive noise has followed me in all my residences from 2002 to present, save one where there was no overhead "neighbors". The forehead pressure fuckery is stil continuing, and getting annoying to say the least. It seems that "mere" infuriation all day for six years is not enough of a infliction for my mind-keepers. And from the same assholes who seemed to have poisoned the well and incurred reactions to their traumatizations that they still cannot yet undo. Not my problem, so why am I involved in someone's fuckup ameliorations?

And the only answer I got was a vehicle beeping from outside and hallway clatter of putative locks and doors. That is about the most of an answer one can expect, and as always, the abiding plasma and maser games that are endemic.

I will blog off for now, and call this done for the day. (To the sound of yet more vehicle beeping, bus noise, and more hallway clatter; I can hardly wait to venture outside for the expected gangstalking gauntlet).

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Post Mealtime Noise; vacuuming on the right, idling diesel engine on the left

At this post mealtime period, now 10 minutes after a single slice of tortilla in accordance with the new dietary imposition of only one slice per meal instead of two, the perps have put on the noises from each side, and as I write this, they also started up the tapping noise from overhead. Plus gratuitous plasma and masers as always. Why, the perps might even remove the 1/4" paper punchout chads they arranged around my door yesteday. One of them even "arrived" by itself inside my apartment. Stay tuned for the exciting perp moment of the day (so far), The Disposition of the Chads at the Victim's Door 24 Hours After Arrival. [2030h update; one chad at the corner of the hallway still remains].

For those who can take the trivia the perps routinely introduce and obsess over, here is a more detailed exposition of the tortilla and dietary modification ramifications that seems important to them. This is significant as the perps have changed the amount of my food intake by half for lunch and dinner, the single biggest change since keeping me off fruit in late 2006. As mentioned in the Essential Introductory Postings, I eat the same dish for lunch and dinner every day, now for close to five years. It is sprouted wheat tortillas, brown in color, cooked with olive oil (another perp obsession), and with a tapenade or avocado base, chopped chicken and melted cheddar cheese. They are 10" to 12" in diameter, and are cut in four after cooking. Normally, two slices were eaten at the time of making it, and two slices ar placed on a small near white colored dinner plate, stacked on top of each other (an important perp consideration), covered over with Cling Wrap (another perp obsession), and then placed in the fridge. Normally (for the past five years), the two fridge stored slices would be eaten for the next lunch or dinner. These were reheated in olive oil to warm them through until I moved into this apartment in 05-2007, when the "need" to reheat them was expunged by external means, aka mind-control, and now I eat them cold from the fridge, just separately placed on a larger white plate (perp supplied in 2001). I would eat the two leftover slices for a very short meal, and then prepare the dish anew for the next meal. The mealtime cooking arrangement for lunch and dinner was then an alternation of two slices of just cooked (warm) tortilla and then fridge cool leftover tortilla. Now, with eating only one slice at a time, the entire perp arrangement of the food storage conditions has changed.

With the recent change in eating only one slice per meal, it means that there are three slices that are stacked together on the small plate and referigerated, and then three successive dinners with cold leftovers, an incremental drawdown of a slice at a time, three in total. This means the entire mealtime cycle time has also changed; it means that there are four meals before another tortillas is cooked, a longer cycle than the above described alternate mealtime cooking. As food digestion, its color, its oil content, and whatever else about it is of extreme interest to the perps, as the above mentioned noise flurry suggests, this longer cycle time of food preparation is of huge significance. They also have a profound interest in how food, and all other things, are oriented, what they are placed on, and for how long. Naturally, this extended cycle time of leftover tortilla refrigeration means more plate and Cling Wrap tortilla contact, and more variation over time with the three per single slice incremental drawdown.

And the reason why the overhead noise flurries are continuing as I wrote the above paragraph is that they are tracking my thoughts as I analyse what "I" (read, mind-controlled me) wrote in the above paragraph. Even the sirens have come on, and some two year old noises of another apartment have been reinstated as I type this. And I am quite sure the above mentioned changes to food storage, intake and drawdown has been acutely planned to levels that are far beyond what I convey, and I suspect the perp's real test to is to remotely detect these dietary changes by external bioenergetic means, especially as it relates to digestion and nutrient uptake. Anyhow, that is all the detail I will get into on this pedantic topic, and I only do this in response to knowing that relatively small changes are long planned and exacerbate, (read, add more bioenergetic variability) the noise and gangstalking situation.

So far, it is a shut-in Saturday, but I might be scripted to get a newspaper later and read it for two hours or so; it seems that newspapers are surrogate objects to better remotely detect auric energies, almost as good as water. Yesterday, the water was in the form of the Pseudosweats, the imposed "over reaction" of sweating to undertaking anything active, even a walk downtown and back, which should be no problem, especially when it is not very hot outside.

This is the post-tea and chocolate period, some 5 minutes later, and the noise level of the prior newspaper reading has been sustained. I took out the recycle garbage to the bins on the ground floor, and lo, if a pink and white stilleto heeled and raven haired babe wasn't in the elevator to provide the click clack sounds of her heels on the pavement while I was headed to the bins, and she in the other direction. After returning to my suite to put this recyclables (carry) bag away, I headed out to the store to get a newspaper. I then got my dude with two black plastic garbage bags joining me in the elevator, taking the plastic bags to me, aka the Plastic Bag Man. (There are some of photos of these weirds packing plastic bags on the street in past blog postings). I went to the nearby convenience store, the one my apartment looks over, to acquire the newspaper, and lo, if they didn't still have the Cadbury's Creme Eggs, now a month after Easter, and so "I" bought three. I suspect these blue, red and yellow colored foil chocolate eggs with a gooey white and yellow filling convey substantial advantages for the perps, as they have increased the outside noise substantially, almost serially, since I got back from the store and ate them.

When I got to the store's checkout counter I got "walk away" service, the store assistant walking away just when I expected him to stay at the checkout. This is not too common, and is often arranged the opposite way; the store cashier "happens" to be elsewhere and then arrives to attend to my groceries. Then I departed the store, the distance from the convenience store to the apartment is about 100', but enough to plant two more shiftless loitering dudes at the entrance who then followed me inside, and then again into the elevator. The assholes were all over me for a two trip, five minute total exercise to deal with the recycling and acquiring a newspaper with chocolate confectionary.

When in my apartment, I ate my chocolate eggs first, and then proceeded to read the newspaper for about an hour, and that was the seeming event to then lay on the near serial procession of loud mufflered vehicle noise, bus noise, heavy duty equipment noise and a host of other seeming street sourced noise. Once finished reading the newspaper, and placing it in the above mentioned recyclables bag, I made tea, and once made, I drank it with 100g of chocolate, the perps brown colored substance they need to test me on. And when making tea, the perps rage-ified me twice with the dumbshit prank of sending me to the wrong cupboard and drawer, a "mistake" that I have never, ever made until these assholes invaded my life. Regular readers will know that the perps have a total obsession over the color brown, and they even marked my shirt with a 2" brown streak over the right nipple.

After tea, I got online and then the overhead pounding started up, not yet at "screaming" levels, but a total aberration all the same when there is a carpeted floor overhead and a 10" to12" concrete floor/ceiling. Now the street shouting has started up, as the perps are no longer shy about only putting on this noise at night. Just another afternoon in perpland. And to increase the mental angst, they are planting the notion of imminent cessation of hostilities again. Been there, done that, yesterday. This topic is remotely planted in mind, and is of increased frequency of late for whatever reason. I only got about four of these a year since 2003, but now it is nearly every day. It is fucking tiresome, just like before. Now another siren noise.

The late afternoon imposed sleepies are upon me and with a complement of Harley Davidson noise, a forced sneeze and then smell jammed up my nose. It is time to log off and eat to change the game. I have plenty of extra weight on me, and I won't starve over eating half what I did before. Somehow, I suspect my weight is as tightly managed as the rest of my life, even if it doesn't seem like it. The perps like me to look at my extra 10 pounds, especially on the gym equipment at OB Rec. Center, and then shift my attention to see a planted shill with a much larger gut spilling over his pants. Fucking disgusting it is; I don't need to see anymore large gutted bodies than I once did, but as always, I don't have a choice in that.

When it comes to the perps planting the Unfavored near me, their seeming modus operandi is to have me see a partial fat gut, often from behind exercise equipment, or else one that scrolls by or is cut off when online. The same "happens" with other Unfavored sights such as skinheads (male bald heads). Very often, the bottom of this LCD display shows the top 10% of a skinhead, or else something similar, such as the top of a soccer ball or something else spherical. This goes on every few minutes, often interspersed with other Unfavored demographic category representations, e.g. brown skinned races. And when I blog about it, like right now, I get a noise flurry of hallway door pounding and Harley Davidson motorbike noise, the most loathed noise that I know. And I have my mind-keepers that let me know what I don't like, even if there is no cover story for these kind of vehicles to be circulating in this neighborhood.

I just finished a lengthy visit to a cinematic blog roll, visiting and bookmarking if it looked interesting. The perps have an obsession whenever I undertake this activity, and hence the elevated background noise, all to finish up with a sequence of a forced fart, repetitively slamming doors in the hallway and bus noise from outside. More than once I had to plug my ears with my fingers from outside noise annoyances, and the perps just love me to do this; it is likely making their job easier in some way. In addition to the red colored web page graphics, the perps also flashed red plasma at me in my peripherial vision, no doubt in "support" of seeing some fugly red colors online at the same moment. I am getting more red flashes through the day, and it is pissing me off.

The perps seem to be exploring orange-red hues of late, bothering me with this range of colors which I don't particularly care for. As mentioned a few days ago, the perps tell me that my aversion to vivid and clashing gaudy colors is a result of a nonconsensual LSD trip they administered in my developmental years, to six y.o. I have no such traumatization recollections, and they may have applied some kind of recall deletions that were unable to erase my subconscious recall. This is said (by them) to be the same reason for the ongoing freakshow among the gangstalking community, from the Unfavored demographic groups. I have no way to verify this, and for the most part, though not always, the perp "spin" should not believed. However, they have been very consistent in presenting various themes around hospitals, medical materiel, men in white clothes, strange headgear, operatives in wheelchairs, operatives with a walker, face masked operatives, strangely behaving dudes, and a few more from this Unfavored subset. It remains unverified, though I think it is fair to pass on the consistent perp supplied assertions in case any readers can detect associations in what I am conveying that I cannot, being too close to the action, and mind & cognition controlled as well.

If one adopts the conspiratorial view on the CIA (Crooks In Action) popularizing LSD, which seems to be the case, the perps maybe attempting a correlative tie-in with the above "experimentation" on me and the larger community who were taking this substance and being covertly monitored by the same agency. In my readings, it is clear that the CIA wilfully made LSD availible to the unknowing public, as the original manufacturers, Sandoz, were extremely reluctant to sell them large quantities. (And plenty of overhead rumbling noise while reading the contents of that last link).

And another round of planted thoughts over an imminent cessation of hostilities again today; it is getting tiresome, as this particular specious notion has been wrong for over four years, an example of not believing what they say. The only answer to repeated inculcation of speculative information is to yell at the perps and invariably they back off, if only for five minutes.

A fascinating interview with Richad Hoagland, author of Dark Mission, elucidating NASA's devious behaviors with repect to findings on Mars and the moon. He has encapsulated what I suspect is the dark reality; there are many governments, and it the case of NASA, there are three hidden groups feuding for control. At 58 minutes, it is an investment of time, but one that leaves me awaiting to see part 2, of three in total. One statement that he abides by is that "there are different lies at each level of these nested entities".

Time to call this one done for the day, doing my time.

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Gangstalk Gauntlet to the ATM

Earlier, I went to drop off my checks for the next year's rent at the rental agency, visited the ATM, and then returned and bought four A9 journals, the paper kind that I also keep in addition to this blog. I had my sentry dude at the rental agency, hanging around for no seeming reason, "waiting" near the entry door and strangely not going to a counter for service. This was following being rage-ified by the perps over writing out post-dated checks for the year. The perps had me making mistakes as to the date, the amount, signing them with perversely smaller handwriting, "missing" a month, and then putting the checks away only to "find" that the assholes had mind-fucked me, and then having to retrieve the plastic checkbook from my briefcase again for the last month. Then this same check was "in error" again when the cashier at the rental agency was looking them over. This fucking jerkaround goes on everytime I engage in this exercise, and the perps made sure I was plenty pissed by the time I set off to the rental agency. Once outside, I had my lead-ahead dude gangstalker in the grey backpack, and then another walking in parallel on the other side of the street. The side I was on was in the shade, the other side was sunlit. The identical circumstances were in place when I returned, excepting it was an Asian male gangstalker.

Once out on the street and headed the one block to the ATM, I had my gangstalker freakshow in droves. All the weirds, and/or weird behaviors were on display, and plenty of lead-ahead dawdlers to pass by, and pinch points where I ended up in a swarm of the fuckers. I have never seen so many people on Fort St at 1030h, never mind the weirdness of it. The latest jerkaround is to have an ambulatory gangstalker standing in mid-sidewalk, not doing anything, or else, if at a controlled intersection, have them standing in the center of the sidewalk and not at the edge. By the time I was done at the ATM three of them were ringed around me, mouths agape in the perp standard practice. The entry into the bank was allowed after some dipshit dude stood in the doorway and didn't move; who in the world stands at a busy public entryway for no apparent reason? No one until this harassment started, now it it all the time.

Once out of the bank, I had my Cheersing parties, those that "happen" to know each other who meet in public. The other common gangstalker setup is the cluster of debating dudes, the "Socratic Debate Clubs" that "happen" around me all the time, again, only since 2002 when overt harassment invaded and has remained unabated.

The A9 journals that I use "happened" to be on sale, and I bought four instead of the usual two. I keep a written journal in addition to this blog to write down the more personal thoughts as to getting fucked over, by whom and it what manner.

My above mentioned Asian gangstalker in a black and white outfit arrived 6' away at the sidewalk while I was waiting for the traffic light. But somehow, he crossed the street and was then in a position to parallel me down the street until I arrived at my apartment lobby, with another gangstalker on duty, the cell phoning woman who "happened" to be exiting the main doors as I approached them. I attended to my mail in the lobby, and then turned to go toward the elevators, and lo, if my two gangstalking pals hadn't reprised themselves; the cell phoning woman had returned through the main doors and was loitering in the lobby, and the parallel walking Asian dude had also arrived with his hoodie now up, taking a longer loop so to time his arrival ahead of me to get in the elevator first. He and I travelled up in the elevator together, and the woman stayed behind for some reason. In operating the elevator door panel, the Asian dude draped his white plastic bag over the panel ahead of me accessing the buttons, a cute trick that, the plastic draping stunt, seen so many times now.

My mail included my Freedom of Information request to the hospital, and I got to see what the doctors were writing down as well as the test results. True to form, most of what they wrote is not legible, and it seems that they chose to selectively add information, some of it untrue, and not write down others. I gave them a copy of the SPECT scan and it is not there, the strongest evidence of having ADD, and no other conditions, save "scalloping" on the cortex. At the time, it was suggested that the scalloping condition was from smoking, pollutants or drug abuse, none of which were applicable. Now that I suspect that I was being irradiated at the time, that was the likely cause. The perps prevented any further investigation into this at the time in 2000. The gratuitoud mention of ECT by one of the doctors was not in the records most mysteriously, and another doctor made mention of it, and that was not in the records either. My health records from 19546-7 were destroyed I learned, it seems that they are not requied to keep them, which I regard as criminal. But as that happens to be the law, then it would suggest the dark hand of the perps was busy again, burying the tracks of long past nonconsensual human experimentation.

It was interesting to see what the doctors write, and it is more telling that they don't record an accurate description; they don't want the patient to know, as well as cover their asses by incrementing the deemed "severity" of the conditons. It is just another scam, and it seems that they were all prepared for me in any event. There is no smoking gun, just a morass of fuckery and misleading statements.

Another Asian confab outside my door in the hallway; this is the post tea and chocolate period; food digestion being of high interest to the perps.

Another hallway confab soutside my door; not bad for an apartment building where I seem to be the only tenant. Even at that, it did not stop my rent from going up by $24/month.

A high revving motorcycle noise (Japanese), then hallway chattering, then the horrid Harley motorcycle noise. There seems to be some consistency in mapping other noise with the hallway chat noise outside my door.

Another confab outside my door, and two Harley motorcycle noises shortly afterward. A continuing pattern it seems, with plenty of other filler noise in between.

No excitement this weekend, meaning no volunteer activities that I was hoping for. This seems to be the drift of late, continued social isolation and minimal activity, often in the form of "shut-in" days where all my supplies are here, and there is no motivation to go anywhere.

This has been a high harassment day whenever I undertake anything more complex than web-surfing; the perps pissed with me in turning the oven element on, and now the stove clock isn't working. They have spates of taking out referencing sources, e.g. calendars, clocks, radios etc., and this might be another example.

Earlier, when re-organizing my paper journals, I "discovered" a group of photos that had to be inserted by the perps; these are the 2001 black and white photos that were packed, and yet "showed up" and to be filed with two that I had extracted and kept back with the notion of scanning for then and now comparison as to age appearance regression. This is an activity that has somehow eluded me in getting done, and there are far too many similar coincidences that play into the perp's hands.

The noise assault has started up five minutes following my reduced portions dinner. Now the overhead tapping has been added to the noise from outside. I think this unfolded yesterday as well, being too "demotivated", read, mind-controlled to look in yesterday's blog posting.

I settled into some travel reading with the background noise din slowly fading out, but still continuing. I had an imposed phenomenon confluence; a sneeze, a cough, a pee, a sneeze, and an overhead pounding noise all strung together, a combination that never happened before the perps began overt harassment. I have never experienced all this at once, but it does underscore that this is not normal, but imposed for whatever reasons related to remotely applied study.

More listening to the interview with George Green, 80 minutes worth. More apocalyptic messages, which always make me curious that if there has been a conspiratorial drive to keep things largely the way they are, then why all these intended "lessons" to teach humans to cooperate and not overpopulate the Earth?

Time to call this posting done for the day and blog off.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Reality Distortions and Other Impositions

The is the Thursday interim between yoga and gym which is to follow. Like I predicted in the last post, the gangstalking stunts have been ramped up, and other impositions have been increased. This morning, it was the derealization games, something long known to me as temporal lobe assaults, the part of the brain at the temple areas. My cursory knowledge of neuroscience is that the temporal lobes are all important to center one and know one's own reality at every given moment, and integrating this into the rest of one's thoughts. I can report that the perps are messing with my temporal lobes on a sustained basis, and not the "floaty" sensations they bring on for 20 to 60 seconds and are immediately ameliorated by rubbing my head, and temporaly changing one's electromagnetic signature. And of course that is not enough harassment; on with constant rage-ification with rovocations using the unconventional application of physicality amomalies to piss me off and have me vocalize, read, swear at the perps using the same stock phrases over the past six years. And even that isn't enough, as they will often disrupt my own syntax and vocabulary to say something nonsensical that enrages me all the more. Just another day, and then I am "readied" to be sent outside to the gangstalking hordes. And lo, if a head-down vagrant fucker didn't nearly walk into me, "forcing" another vocalization on the street. Then finally when at yoga five minutes early, the class had already begun; a pre-class meditation session was in progress, and "somehow" I wasn't allowed to be in the loop.

I am getting a constant barrage of vision impairments, and not the usual transitory ones, so there is a decided increase in harassment on all fronts, and I have another outing, gym that is, to go to. Given how they hound me there with freaks and weirds, I can hardly wait. Things are decidedly strange today, on most fronts, and I am getting extremely stressed over this, along with constant typo saboatge as I write this. Time to go.

I got my gangstalking posse around me, on the street when walking to the gym and back, as well as the gym itself. There was five dudes ringed around me when I was at the mirror doing overhead lifts, and only one was doing any exercise. The remaining four were keeping their heads down, and engaging in the usual "doing squat" routine I see everytime when there. I had three class freaks, and the same Ethnic Gut dude, this time in a black and red shirt, was hounding me to be in my view anytime I looked up.

I had my usual 500 to 1,000 mobile color coordinated gangstalking vehicles, and at least that many again in parked configurations. And I even got to see some spectacular driving idiocy; a vehicle stopped in the intersection and sat there until the light turned red, and then proceeded to get out of the way. I don't think I have ever seen something so utterly bizarre as a functional vehicle sitting in an intersection. It "happened" to be a navy blue color, which was a heavy component of the gangstalking scene. Only a block away when I was setting off, the perps arranged a cluster of five same navy blue colored vehicles for me to see at a corner where I turned 90 degrees to go to the next parallel block. Some of the most spectacular oddities occur at intersections, especially if I turn a corner.

Seagulls are squealing outside, and that just might be a perp arranged noise; funny how they start up once the curtains are closed and I cannot visually verify the source of the noise. I had an Asian contingent outside my door earlier, all to add more "voice" noise, but without me understanding any of it. It is the dusk onset time, the perp "silly season" for the day, and I am sure there will be other harassment, having rage-ified me at dinner, eating the new reduced diet, surely another perp insertion.

My lunch and dinner diet is the same, and it is just about always tortillas with chopped chicken over a tapenade or guacamole base with melted chedder cheese on top. It is the crowning achievement of mind control that I eat this same item without complaint for lunch and dinner for over five years now. This would of never of been tolerable in the pre-overt harassment days, as I always had no patience eating the same foods. And today, the perps have begun what they were telling me was coming, that being the reduction of eating half the 11" tortilla at each meal, to only a quarter of it. Which tells me that they have a long way to go to figure out the effects of diet on my bioenergetics, the seeming objective of being harassed by remotely applied means. This is the first dietary modification in five years, and it does suggest that they are sucking wind when it comes to figuring what it is that they are after. But as the perps added a few pounds onto me of late, I am not too fussed about this, and it may be for the good. Though in fact, as my environment and body and most internal body systems are manipulatable, the term "good" can only be interpreted as good for perp operations. I am getting the overhead rumbling noise as I type this, the first instance today, and I suppose that goes with the dusk onset silliness.

Another gym day is done, and the usual gangstalking and "freak featuring", the Ethnic Gut dude, he of indeterminate ethnicity and with a large paunch hanging out his front. That is two Unfavored classifications, dark skin and a gut. The perps have me highly reactive to both, let alone the combination and him "popping up" where I "happen" to be looking with amazing consistency. It was a three freak class, the aforementioned Ethic Gut being one of them, and thankfully the horrendous clean pate New Bald wasn't there today, his second absence in succession, and hopefully his permanent absence. The perps had me reacting to his highly featured disgusting bald head in a near extreme sense, and it does make me wonder what early development period (to 5 y.o) traumatization is associated with that look. Could it be aliens? Many of the "wandering males" category of ambulatory gangstalkers are wearing hoodies of late, contributing in part to an alien-like head and shoulder configuration appearance.

After shopping at the nearby supermarket after walking back from the gym, the perps had a gangstalker walking ahead of me in a pseudo-hoodie; some strange black hat that differed from a touque in that it had a seam where the top joined the side panel, but it was close fitting to the head. I could go on at length about all the differing hats the gangstalkers wear, especially the colors, but the reality is that hat wearing gangstalkers are part of the Unfavored demographic groups. There has also been more emphasis on purple colored clothing, and again, the perps have me reacting to it in an abhorent way. Which begs the question, what is it about purple I don't like and how did it happen, or why am I "reacting" to it now when I never did until the past year or so?

Not that they would tell me the answer to that question directly, but the recent planting of the notion that they gave me an LSD trip in my early childhood is their "response" to why so many vivid and loathesome colors are being displayed around me. It sounds like it is a tall story, and further adds to the collective notion that they were, and are, absolutely fucking raving lunatics to give a 5 y.o. child LSD. As part of this recent inundation with loathsome vivid colors being planted around me, the perps are also playing plasma games, and creating purple or violet edges on dinner plates and furnishings as well as arranging my web page content to contain similar color combinations. There is something very annoying and disrupting when I see, even if momentarily, off-color edges of objects. And of course I don't have anyone to ask about this, and how they may react.

The record for today for the most same colored vehicles at once was six metallic same red vehicles at an intersection, headed in differing directions. This beats out the above mentioned five navy blue vehicles that were clustered in one location, arranged on a two lane street between parked and mobile vehicles. I had my usual 500 to 1,000 gangstalk vehicles while out walking 30 minutes in each direction, in color coordinated and vehicle type clusters. Normally, they put the sedans together, and then SUV's, mini-vans and pickup trucks together, though ordered within these subgroups. That is, vans, SUV's and then pickups are ordered and then these larger vehicles are clustered in a string and travel inordinantly close together.

I had my usual ambulatory gangstalkers out today, probably a 100 total, and sometimes a dozen or so up to 200' ahead of me, in varying colored clothes and demographic groups. I even had a pair of obesers in white and black, as if there was some kind of "color quality" the perps were looking for once I saw them ahead of me. As "usual", there were a few ambulatory gangstalkers who somehow knew I was moving up behind them when there was nothing they would of heard. Most often they move from one side of the sidewalk to the other, in my way, or out of my way as I am about to overtake them. This is nearly always the case, that they somehow know to move at exactly the right moment.

The perps are also doing something strange with my vision when I look at any of the gangstalkers in the face; they fuck with my visual continuity, as if there are missing time slices, or some such visual interference. An attractive blonde in a beret hat was the first instance of this never-before vision impairment stunt, and I am getting getting extremely pissed that I am not allowed to see the way I normally would.

Other gangstalking featuring today was "guitar stalking"; at least three, and I have no idea why the perps are obsessed over me seeing this instrument being packed around. I don't play one, and have no interest in doing so.

Listening to and interview with George Green on YouTube. He has some incredible information about the Pelaidians, world control, apocalyptic devastation and like catastrophic events. It is a 53 minute video, not a quick precis. After discussion about the many levels of who is who, one memorable quote is that there are "different lies at every level", meaning heiarchies of aliens, the influential, and the rest. Hard to know what to believe. He can see auras, and there was a demonstration about weakening one's strength by slashing ones hands through the auric field. This might have applicability to the perps and their harassment games, and getting their operatives in close as they can.

A knock on the door, another ruse to get me up do deal with bullshit over someone looking for someone else. Normally I call from my desk, but "for some reason" was compelled to walk to within 2' of the door and then ask. More strangeness.

Time to call this one done, and listen out with some music, the current fave being Jill Barber.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Laundry and Other Adversity

A same 0740h get-up time as yesterday, except that it was cloudy outside and no sun angle games in directing the sunlight to the N. side of the opposite residential tower when having breakfast, and then in its shadow when dealing with the shower shave and dental hygeine routine. The sun angle, the shading objects, degree of direct sunlight are all vital variables in the perp's harassment games I have come to know. This is an E. facing apartment, so any direct sun is going to come in the morning. Other sunlight games are in the evening when the W. setting sun "happens" to reflect off a window of the opposite tower, or even the two towers that are a block away. (See past postings for pictures of my view). Until yesterday, these designed eveningtime reflectance games were blockable by pulling the curtains across the sliding glass balcony door, but now, the perps have increased this annoyance such that the "reflectance" (plasma beam) can now penetrate the curtains and appear as a bright spot in my peripherial vision. Yet more technicalities over the mundane; who knew this was so fascinating to a third party invading my mindspace all my life until they went into overt harassment in 2002>

As it was a laundry day today, more perp harassment obsessions came to play, as regular readers will know that they perps have an obsession over this function. The hallway to the laundry room was duly littered with paper chads, grey powder, mylar cand y wrappers, and soap powder in addition to the now regular strobing light over the laundry room door. It was the alternate week to wash the bedsheets, and lo, if more of the seeming blood stains weren't applied to the sheets, and couldn't be laundered out. This is "normal"; I don't know whose blood it is, as I have no cuts or other evidence, and the putative blood can also "arrive" under the pillow somehow. And to add to the fuckery, the new pillow cases are getting spattered with black dots along a 4" band. Again, there is no apparent causal, and past experience suggests these are localized metallic dots that the perps use to redirect plasma and maser beams, in this case, right beside my head while I sleep.

Onto doing more dull things, this being the post tea and chocolate break. Regular readers will know that the perps have a fascination over tea, and all things brown. In this case, it is more of a green tea, so it is more likely they want to keep these same-time digested items differentiated for some reason. And that wasn't enough, as two flat 1/8" black "crumbs" arrived underneath my 100g chocolate bar, presumably to aid the perps as a colore reference, black meaning no reflected light. And I predict that the perps will eventually add white crumbs to the underside of my chocolate, just as they currently add "salt and pepper" crumbs to my brown breakfast cereal. That is, the cereal has been modified and incorporates small white and black grains/crumbs/whatever it is into the matrix of the cereal flakes. They have done this for at least two years, and it is the same cereal.

The perps also put "salt and pepper" crumbs on my bed today after the sheets had been removed for laundering. No such crumbs could ever naturally get in between the bottom sheet and the matress cover by any expectable means. Conventional reality doesn't perturb the perps if they need to add their "salt and pepper" color referencing on surfaces as they cannot fully determine the color and energy range from their remote location. Crumb inundation is a regular part of the day, and more has been "happening" of late, even blatant no-ostensible-cause crumbs, e.g. the above mentioned ones that accompanied my chocolate today. And yes, there are at least 20 chocolate crumbs that "happen" to come off the bar each time I have one. At breakfast, it was at least 60 crumbs on the plate that "dropped off" the one slice of gluten free bread I had.

The overhead vacuuming started up, this being my online session following dinner, another adversarial event with the perps. They added extra street noise, kitchen sink running water noise, and even slammed the stack of dinner plates by way of unseen forces, and jangled me as my "reaction". I was fucking pissed, and I suspect they know how I respond to some noises worse than others. Though glass and crockery bashing has been a regular event around me; "neighbors", gangstalkers outside, and others. This would suggest that these objects provide a longer ringing time after being banged, and that this ringing is of vital importance to the perps in their ongoing remote energetics assay of my neural activity. Regular readers will know that the post-mealtime, i.e. when food is digesting, is of considerable interest to the perps. They just finished enraging me over more typo sabotage, and then a siren has started up. A regular mealtime.

Another event of late is the perps planting the notion that I should cut down my food consumption, which might be doable. They started this about two weeks ago, and "oddly", it never "occured" to me to do so when serving up lunch and dinner. Fine. Then they seem to have added some extra body weight/girth to me in the last week (same diet as always), and today, they start up this bullshit over reducing my food intake. So when serving up my dinner tonight, was there any recollecton of halving the portion? No, totally "forgotten" again. This only serves as an example of the mind-fuck games that go on, and how trivial and utterly pointless it is.

The dusk onset period is happening, another perp "silly season", just every day. They have at least four parked red and burgundy colored vehicles on different streets outside, ensconced with black and white vehicles, the seeming color reference colors. (Technically, not colors, absence of color, and all colors combined). And more LCD display flickering, usually anytime I am thinking of a word, likely because my vocabulary choice is being obstructed, something known to "happen" from a long way back.

It is door closing noise tonight; ceaseless clunking and thudding, reminiscient of the activity flurries of my last residental location, the putative rooming house.

A fuckover "forget" again in not posting this last night. The perps put me on a 10.5 hour sleep last night, all to give me minimal time before I head out to yoga. It seemed that they wanted a direct change from the shower, shave and dental hygeine routine into my yoga clothes, without lounging in my jeans first. That is an exciting prospect for them, and I will get to find out how much so by the gangstalk density once I head out. And they got me "readied" by rage-ifying me through breakfast, shaving and showering with provocations related to crumb inundation, faked noises, faked touches, manipulations of my physical environment, forced "forgets" and a few others that get the immediate rage "reaction", also controlled. They are still big on crumb inundation games, planting coffee grounds 3' from where the coffee pot was, behind the sink on the splashboard and the rest of the juvenile incursions. An infuriating morning, and that is just the way they want me. Fucking insane they are.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Emailing For a Faux Incapable Brother (plus 04-23-2008 updates)

The most loathed noise of them all, the chopped Harley Davidson noise ripping by, was created just when I typed up the title of this posting. I get about 30 or so per day, which is entirely fabricated by some noise projection means, as there is no such authentic activity in this neighborhood.

My in-town brother phones me to send emails on his behalf, making out he is too cognitively impaired to send it himself. This has been the second such event in two days, and suggests ulterior motives, never mind the fact that he can web sruf to craigslist and another local site selling used furniture, his hobby for extra monetary returns. He claims that it is "too difficult" to copy and paste a email address from craigslist into Outlook. (Craigslist seems to be going to the wrong email software, the new Windows Email, instead of Outlook). The timing of his calls is after I have had a long spell on the PC, more than two hours of web surfing or so, with an accompanying noise show from outside. The entire grovelling and premise is totally suspicious, if not facile, and is only one more First Feral Family, (my immediate family), strange behavior that has no precedent before the harassment started in 2002. Just more games, sending his email for him, all to include his phone number.

My prediction for a restless Monday night to get to sleep did not come to pass. They let me get to sleep after 30 minutes or so, after they enraged me with tickling my nose on each side, forcing me to sweep off the putative hair that was "causing" it. Of course the tickles were on each side of my nose in the usual form of harassment which suggests the perps are still totally clued out about reading my left and right side energetics from afar. This is consistent with the fact they send these oncoming ambulatory gangstalkers past me on my right side, the "left hand drive" pedestrians that now dog me when outside. Sometimes they put three on in succession, having these idiots making excuses to pass me in normal contravention to all pedestrian etiquette in North America. It does make me wonder if the entire world's choices as to left hand or right hand drive vehicles has been decided in some conspiratorial way; some left-hand drive countries in the Northern Hemisphere, UK and Japan, and some in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia and New Zealand. As noted in past blog postings, there are also an inordinant number of used direct Japanese import vehicles (left-hand drive) in this city, and "somehow", the regulatory agency for vehicle registration is allowing this. These are of course gangstalking vehicles, and I can be sure of seeing one or more everytime I am out walking. These vehicles have even been used to gangstalk my mother and I, having just got out of her vehicle, and some 8' away after locking hers up, a left-hand drive Japanese vehicle comes swooping through the parking lot to pass within 4'. Another coincidence, as the Monday morning vehicle driving with my mother is about the most gangstalked event going. Yesterday, I reckon that the perps put on at least 2,500 mobile and parked vehicles for a 20 minute drive. There was also the predictable pairing of a white vehicle in front of us, and then a "featured" vehicle in front of the white vehicle, putzing along at 25 mph, absurdly slow for this city, but no passing room of course. Yesterday's featured vehicle was a two tone mini-van, deep red and a mid grey, a matching greyscale tone. Which suggests the perps cannot yet figure out the interaction of deep red energetics with me with an intervening white reference color vehicle. They have used white cube vans and white commercial trucks in this arrangement on this identical run, in the same putzing mode. Which suggest the perps are fucking clueless in determining my red color energetics interaction. Hence, yesterdays noted red plasma flashing and web page augmentations, and they are on the same track today. And that means, they aren't done with me anytime soon, undertaking this nonconsensual energetics research on me and still fucking around with the color arrangement some 40' away. And of course, they also have my mother as a reference beside me. That all this remote research stems from past perp fuckups in my developmental years, although speculative, is even more galling; the essential problem is that they won't come out of the closet and declare themselves as my hidden harassment agency. Meanwhile, this absurd game spins on for another year. This is the part that I don't get; six years of harassment could be compressed into six months if they had sought cooperation. But no, the charade must go on, and hopefully I will be allowed to recall that pithy synopsis, unlike other determinations as to the mentality of the assholes and their imposed fuckery.

Two hallway conversations outside my door followed after dinner and dishes. I have been getting this mind-fuck barrage of planted notions of a imminent cessation of harassment hostilities. Regular readers will know I get these every two months or so, but this is the second in a week, which is tiresome, as in been there, done that, refuted it and was correct again. I don't know why the perps do this as they have done it since early days, 2003 at least, and have continued. There is far too much invested in irradiating this city, me, everything around me, the hundreds of shills and quislings that are on demand, the thousands of operatives, the mega-scale projects like building a condominium tower a half block away and then leaving it empty, another two residential towers are empty, and another tower is going up a block away, and another one in the opposite direction. Did I mention the thousands of driving shills as well, the close spaced traffic that numbers up to a thousand or more on each of my 30 min./direction walk to the gym of mobile vehicles in configurations by vehicle color, vehicle type and other features?

And while typing the above, another hallway confab went on outside my door, the third in 20 minutes at this key harassment moment of dinner digestion. And then a siren noise went off, over top of the faked high speed traffic noise.

Back to the planted notion that the perps are going to initiate an immediate cessation of harassment. As I mentioned, they do this every so often, since 2003, and my mantric response is "another year", and while not specific prognostication, so far, I have been correct. Meaning, there won't be any such thing happening in the near future; there is simply far too much investment in the harassment of me, a lifetime, for them to "give up" over some arbitrary deadline. The perp exercise of deceptive cessation imminence must be to tease out my responses in mind, and to elicit thought from the very last brain region they cannot yet fully pervert/control from remote locations. The only upcoming accomplishment milestone is 100% mind control, and as far as I can tell, the only thing they cannot pervert is the self-talk about making judgements about people, aka the freakshow participants as I encounter them, and logical congruity.

Anyhow, I went to the gym, and my classmates were reduced in number; only three class freaks, with Ethnic Gut parading around me, and featuring himself everytime I "happened" to look up. He was even in place to be seen when I arrived, heading up the stairs. In the first 8 minutes I was there, he "happened" to be in my view six times when I was in at least three differing locations. It is driving me fucking nuts having this oily, grotesque large gutted fuckwit hound me around the place, in a biright yellow shirt to make himself extra obvious today. The gym gangstalking was at the moderate level today; they put on plenty of operatives to tie up the equipment and make sure I was kept moving around in the sequence that they wanted, and to interupt me by parking an operative close in. I wasn't allowed to use the treadmill, as all eight were taken, so it was back to the stationary bicycles again. There, I had an Asian on one side, and a later loud fushcia dressed woman on the other side. As mentioned, there is a greater preponderance of reds, violets, pinks and fuschia colors planted around me, and they will even flash some plasma in my central or peripherial vision if they don't have sufficient props at the moment the deem to need an "exposure" to red colors.

In the floor exercise room, four of the operatives kept moving in closer to me, surrounding me and pinching in. They haven't done this before, as the format of being distributed over the room, rather than against one wall, is new. One of the two male class coordinators got his brown hair bleached to a very pale straw color, looking semi-freaky, which was probably what was intended. He has incrementally made himself to be freakish. One of his past acts was to have a stud through his eyebrow, and another through his lip into his chin. The big question is, is he classified as a class freak owing to his progressive freakiness when he wasn't at the outset? Don't know, but it seems this act has a long way to go, all of itself.

Another round of hallway voices erupted while I was attempting to think of a word to complete the above, read, being purposely word blocked.

I had my 50 or so ambulatory gangstalkers on my walk to gym and back; they went for native Indians today, I had five in all, when there isn't any usually. At the "freak stop", a recent location where a freak is featured in the front yard of an apartment building, they had a different one in each direction, doing the bullshit act, and one was on the Coffee Corps duty with his mug outside. Regular readers will know that the perps most difficult color seems to be brown, and so they pack around coffee, even TO the coffee shop, as some kind of standardized portable color reference. And of late, they are also adding more corrugated box material to the gangstalking, even with coffee; the pizza box, mailings as I go by the post office, map tubes, brown envelopes and a few others.

Other oddities were that one "just standing-there" fat dude at one intersection early in my return walk from the gym "just happened" to be getting off the bus at the other end of my walk, 20 minutes later. Had he caught the bus after I saw him the first time, he would of been long gone; to coordinate his arrival with mine, he would of had to have passed up 15 minutes worth of buses before taking a 5 minute ride to then gangstalk me again on my route. That takes coordination, as one must know my walking rate along with the bus travel times. Given that this has happened before with others, it cannot be a coincidence.

I also got my boom truck stalking today, four of them clustered on one job. These are the service trucks that come with an extendible boom and platform to reach the overhead powerlines. One was holding the wires up by a temporary cross strut, and two boom trucks were working on the powerlines, hooking onto a new pole. This was on the opposite side of the street as I was heading for th gym. The fourth truck didn't have any apparent task, and it was parked closest to me, in the adjacent street parking stalls. All the trucks were the same color, a mid-green color, and all had yellow painted booms with a white colored platform. I assume the closer truck was for close-in color referencing, much like how the crumb games seem to be. And about 120' later, the perps put that same boom truck green in my peripherial vision, making out that the adjacent gasoline station curb was painted the same color, which it wasn't, being a bare concrete surface. These planted faux color flashes in my vision, central or peripherial, are becoming more common of late, and in this case, it seems to be a time dependent re-enactment of seeing the same color of only a few minutes earlier, that of these four service powerline boom trucks.

I had at least 10 operatives on staring duty, but to be fair, I would call this an extended glance; a little longer than is socially normal, but not an outright stare. The perps seem to be curtailing the stare duration of late, and time it to subsecond durations and to keep it close to social bounds. Naturally, stare duration is culturally defined, and the perps know exactly how long that is for me, and then advise, or control, the assigned gangstalkers directly.

Another hallway confab outside my door, I have lost count now. But is has a predictable pattern; if I start a new activity, or new topic in this blog, the hallway voices start up again.

More hallway voices outside my door as I change topics again, along with having me swear at the blatant typos, characters that they put in, and weren't typed by me.

Another perp trait is nailing someone with false accusations, and have them sweat it out for a time; minutes, hours, or more often, years. I have had a few short term ill-considered accusations in my time, but never had to fight through the legal system for years or do jail time. But as it so "happens", two long standing cases were tossed out of court today, one in Ontario, Canada, the other in New York State. I haven't followed either of these cases in the past, and only became aware of them today. (My entire web access and display is orchestrated, so I consider these news items to be arranged for me). The Baltovich retrial ended with the prosecutors throwing in the towel, and not presenting any evidence. Absolutely stunning, meaning they didn't have much of case to begin with. This ordeal has lasted 18 years, with some six or more years of the defendent spent in jail.

And in New York state, Steven Kurtz was released, the trial called off for lack of evidence. "Only" a four year ordeal for him. Time without fail, especially on 60 Minutes, there has been stories of unjust prosecution, e.g. the Don Seigelman case, and it can only be assumed by me that the perps want me to see these examples of injustice, and somehow react in a way that the perps are looking for something. No doubt they had a hand in arranging these "mistakes" or malicious prosecution, and are no doubt monitoring the suspect/injustice victim as well, especially if they can get them to jail and monitor them in confined quarters. That is my conspiratorial theorizing for the day, and I am sure the perps wanted me to air it as another instance of reading these stories they arrange for me, not to mention the "coincidence" of both these happening on the same day, only in two different countries.

The overhead pounding has started up, likely timed to images, usually unpleasant ones, that are planted to be "associated" with what I am reading, a travelogue of Australia. Lucky me, I have a party inserting phobia related concepts in mind, and then hammering the ceiling overhead.

More conversing in the hallway outside my door, thankfully a passby of five seconds or so, and not the malingerers.

Another round of hallway chatter outside my door with the headphones on and listening to a Mike Wallace interview. There seems to be more "noise mixing", adding one noise on another, often of the same kind (voices), and one is relatively familiar, e.g the hallway voices, while Mike Wallace's guest, Erich Fromm in this case, wasn't.

Time to call this one done for the day, even if I "missed some", read, recall purging, relating details of the street gangstalking today.