Relevant Science for a Better Understanding of the Universe

04-2016 I need to organize this into subject areas. Was formerly named  "Relevant Science for Action at a Distance Energies",

This categorization is rudimentary at best, as there are so many overlapping physical forces and behaviors. Consistent among them is that they are all ignored by mainstream science, though I have become quite jaded by Big Science, especially since reading "The Electric Sky" which has several chapters on plasma science history and the obstructing keepers of the status quo (read, text books, scientific journals).


Tom Bearden; Difficult to digest, but he covers the entirety of extra-conventional action at a distance technologies and in doing so, the TI experience. And he has a special section on surveillance and mind control by tapping into the energetic "vacuum", meaning, all of space (air, water, interstellar space etc.). Another section on the inherent contradictions and inexplicability of our present understanding of electromagnetic theory is here. Though I wish he would drop the "vacuum" term as it is patently incorrect, by his own statements. In the least, space is filled with teeming neutrinos, millions passing through as I type this even, so instead, call empty space (the vacuum) the "omniplasma continuum" per T. T. Brown, see below. In one body of work he covers the physics of thought and possible remote interventions, the ability to remotely apply action-at-a-distance technologies (telekinesis), the human experimentation premise (happening to be nonconsensual in my experience, though he doesn't suggest it is happening on his site, but he has had contact with respected TI's at one time), the ignored successful cancer treatments by Priore, remote invocation of disease and illness, and the derailment of foundational physics theory from Maxwell's (a 47 y.o cancer victim, note) theories being "bowlderized" by Oliver Heavyside to Einstein's relativity theories which he claims to be taking us down a dead end altogether. Some say Tom Bearden is too paranoid, but I don't think so. If he can predict age regression (done to me), remote influencing (done to me), omnipresent surveillance (done to me), teleportation (done to me), remote invocation of pain and health concerns (done to me), then he is decidedly on the right track.

(But why does he call it the "energetic vacuum" when he says that space is not a vacuum, but in fact a "Dirac sea" of charged particles, or at least IMHO, a sea of neutrinos (neutral particles)?)

Dr. Nikolai A. Kozyrev - Physical Anomalies Explained by Torsion Fields A whole body of science here and no major recognition or adoption in the present understanding of the physical world. Go figure.

Harold Aspden - forgive the irritating font changes and immerse yourself in a serious read of rediscovering the physical world that is not found in textbooks.

Torsion, Gravitational and Fields and their Relationships The work of Yu.V.Nachalov, E.A.Parkhomov; more independent work on torsion fields and still no respect. No wonder the perps get away with constantly arranging vehicles to make contra-concentric turns at the same time as I am making the corner.

The Natural Phenomena of AntiGravitation and Invisibility in Insects due to the Grebennikov Cavity Structure Effect (CSE). Or micro-cavities effect. A very interesting web page by an innovative researcher. This might explain why the perps bring out ladder bearing vehicles so often.

Amasci web page; fill your boots with the many links on torsion fields, the energetic ether, anti-gravitic microstructure effects and much more.

J. K. Harms - one of his ponderings was classified by the military! [10-07-2010 got it back from Wayback] Imagine, putting up one's scientific ponderings and have the military take it off the web. There is plenty of interesting thinking here, and is educational, meaning readable. His work explains interesting thoughts on the properties of flame and on dayglo colors. Both these are extensively used by perps in my proximity. Flame in the form of cigarettes and the odd torch-the-house job and their placement of road lane markers in dayglo colors.

J. K. Harms; Brain As A Matter-Wave System  [10-07-2010 got it back from Wayback].    This might explain the nature of what the perps are hounding TI's for, and how they go about it; adding more gangstalkers with their own brain matter-waves, especially if the person has a past association with me. All of his scientific musings are at this index page, J. K. Harms' Index, and there is considerable alignment with his theories and what forms of harassment I routinely get.

Brother Jonathan aka Marshall Smith; the dead end of Einstein's physics The author claims to have found a serious mathematical flaw in Einstein's physics, and keeps getting blown off and ignored.

Thomas Townsend Brown One of the unsung researchers of gravitic control, and has been totally ignored by the scientific establishment. Another perspective of his work is pithily portrayed at Hello Stupid.

Thomas Townsend Brown family web site.

Thomas Townsend Brown, "How I Control Gravitation". First published in 1929 and surely one of the most important treatises on gravity and advanced physics and yet ignored by the scientific establishment, except for...

AntiGrav Report - USAF 1956. An interesting summarization of anti-gravity research with respect to aviation interests and including relevant subatomic particle research. Funny how so much fundamental promise fizzled out to nothing since then.

Quantum Coherence and Conscious Experience By Mae-Wan Ho, Bioelectrodynamic Laboratory, Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, U.K. I don't profess to understand much of this owing to certain learning disabilities, either native or managed-imposed, but there is plenty of coverage with what the perps seem interested in; sentience of both living and inanimate objects, conscious experience recollections and instant of cognition.

Etheric Rain Engineering; the work of Trevor James Constable A fascinating read and much more than commercially availible weather engineering. Check out What is the Ether? link for more understanding as to the real physical world properties.

 The Cosmic Pulse of Life by Trevor James Constable. Now updated and revised and a singular classic backed with research and photographic imagery. UFOs can be biological entities is one revelation I came to understand.

Dr. Nieper's Conversion of Gravity Field Energy. A compendium/symposium proceedings aggregation of promising work, present day (then 1985) and earlier. The part that I find interesting is that the "sea of neutrinos" is what is postulated as the energetic ether, and can be tapped as an localized energy source.

Prof. Francis E. Nipher; Electro-Gravitic Experiments. Back to 1917 research into control of gravity by electrical means. Somehow, there has been a collective ignorance of this work. Surely Einstein would of been privy to this work, and yet as far as I know, there has been no mention or interest.

We are part of a sentient and deterministic, apparently acausal, Universe. Dr Adrian Klein and Dr Robert Neil Boyd PhD.  Not strictly research, but included as it is an interesting tying together of causality and object sentience, themes that arise constantly in this infernal harassment agenda/abuse.

Dr. Ruth Drown An innovator of radionics pilloried for decades by the medical establishment. We cannot have genuine healing can we now?

List of technologies and inventions related to non-conventional physics or over-unity efficiencies. I know, it is not a scientific treatise, but the sheer number of these devices and principles that have been ignored commercially spells prison planet, to me at least. Which begs the question as to why we are refining petroleum, burning it in engines when there are so many more efficiencies to be had, even electrolizing water to get hydrogen to then inject as a partial combustion aid hasn't got the respect it deserves.

Borderlands Etheric Physics Book List; a pantheon of objective research aimed at proving the existence of an energetic ether. I do recall my high school chemistry teacher looking pained when telling the class that there is no ether as early scientists concluded. I wondered why until the harassment/control Fourth Reich Gestapo became known to me and that they had been arranging events all my existence.

The Secret of Life, Georges Lakhovsky,1939; that we exist in a sea of cosmic radiation and that it has energetic effects on cellular biology (induction, oscillation) makes it an interesting read if one wants to get a handle on the perps' scientific agenda. Read, and recommended.

"The Dimensional Structure of Consciousness: A Physical Basis for Immaterialism" by Samuel Avery. This book covers what I think the perps' bizarre agenda is all about, though a dense read. (Or else I was dithered as I read it to ensure that I couldn't take it in). This book "showed up" when unpacking boxes, (a common method the perps use to return or introduce things), and I have no recollection of purchasing it as I am very cautious to select books that I will be able to comprehend, and this wasn't such a book.

Mind Control Research
A Reference List on Mind Control Research Books and papers. Not linked, and I cannot vouch for the authenticity, though it seems credible based on what I know about the various players.
On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology By Carole Smith, Journal of Psycho-Social Studies, 2003. Calling it like it is, and not the clinical avoidance games the shrinks play.
A Comprehensive List of Nonconsensual Human Experimentation Activities A list of late 20th century government horror stories, including embracing the medical data from atrocities of WW 2. And these are only the ones we know about. Missing are the Duplessis Orphans of the 1940-50's in the province of Quebec, Canada.
The Code of the Brain, by Cheryl Welsh. A collation of mind control research activities; there has been plenty of research, and this is all that we know of.

Remote Behavioural Influence Technology- microwave hearing and remote Influencing - a well researched article on this topic with plenty of references. Much of this technology was developed in the 1960's.

Conspiratorial Takes on Alternate Physics  
No question that conventional (aka, the "Standard Model"), physics is stalled out, as physicists haven't been able to supply a coherent foundation to describe both quantum mechanics and Newtonian physics. Relativity stopped progress, and now we have this dichotomy that seems to be stage managed and contained should any valiant researchers defy the imposed wisdom. e.g. Dr. Eugene Mallove, Dr. Bruce dePalma, brother of the film director as two of many examples.

Bruce DePalma Memorial I reckon he got cancered, as these things can "happen". 
Bruce DePalma and Newtonian Anomalies There is no reason within conventional physics that spinning a ball at high RPM should change its trajectory, but it does. Ditto for re-starting to spin a mass that was rotating prior to being stopped. Re-starting it within a minute or so consistently takes less energy than if it was left for longer. And no conventional physical explanation and the discovering scientist later died from cancer. Not unlike James Clerk Maxwell who discovered the principles of electromagnetism and who got cancer, only to have his work bowdlerized (reduced in scope), and it is ONLY this subset that we know today in our present understanding and application of electromagnetism. In other words, his demise paved the way for a portion of his work to be promoted and the rest tossed aside. That takes planning, especially when there is another huge component of electromagnetism and ether energies which would supply relatively inexpensive energy; no burning of coal or petroleum products.

Institute of New Energy (INE) Discontinued since 2005, but a rich link list to demonstrate that drawing electrical energy from the ether isn't wooly thinking, but hard won science in an intensely adverse environment. Bruce DePalma's open letter is a good place to start. 
Paul Brown's Open Letter to Alternate Energy Researchers This was written in 1987, and the repercussions for independent researchers has only worsened.

Bruce Cathie The Harmonic Conquest of Space I don't profess to understand all of this, but when the author gets the CIA to visit him in New Zealand to bribe and threaten him, one can be sure that he is onto something significant.

Many Worlds Interpretation by Hugh Everett III. He wasn't interested in promoting his science after getting blown off, and who can blame him? Maybe this is why I am hounded so often when I measure something.

The Electric Sky by Donald E. Scott. (and here) A profound book that puts Big Bang Theory and Einstein's General Relativity in the ditch of pseudoscience and leaves it there for good, where it belongs. Not only has he done his scientific history research by introducing the prior plasma research work of Birkeland, Alfen and Peratt, but has blown the doors off the scientific establishment, and shown them to be ossified frauds for whom objectivity is an anathema. There is an universal ether, called the plasma-verse. (Thomas Townsend Brown, (above) called it the omniplasma continuum). Highly recommended.

Uncommon Knowledge -new science of gravity, light, origin of life and the mind of man by Al McDowell  -if details on spherions, atomitons, gravitons and other particle physics leaves you dizzy, then you can skip the chapters and go onto summaries of Zecharia Sitchen and theories of the mind. What I find interesting about this book is the theory of mind, and specifically memory; the present harassment also encompasses how I assemble facts from analysis, and shills to stimulate my recall as to what I know, whether it be recent knowledge, long past knowledge, or a blend of the two. And of course, blanking me out on items I would readily recall. Every wonder why so many massacres take place at places of learning?

Neuroscience - Dopamine
 Since dopamine activity seems to be a huge part of the harassment and gangstalking scene, it is overdue that I provide some links.

Dopamine Project interesting, and from a neuroscience perspective. Aligns with my own determinations about human behavior, especially the senseless ones. Here is one priceless quote:
As insane as it might sound, most of the conflicts, destruction, and misery in the world can be traced to safety, power, acceptance, approval, status, and money addicts who don’t, can’t, and/or refuse to believe the only thing they really care about is protecting dopamine flow in their primitive brains.
It sounds perfectly reasonable to me; and underpins human behavior writ large.

Mile W. Mathis section (discovered 01-2017) -it keeps getting better; not only does he cover some great Alternity and historic events (see the Alternity page), but he brings some much needed clarity to the present (aka, "conventional") swamp of physics. I reckon he is due a Nobel Prize, but one has to know that show is very rigged; e.g. Obama, Dylan -absurd. I would term his perceptions and research the mother lode of paradigm shifts of the physical world. (Though it will take me a long while to comprehend that pi = 4 when an object is in motion).

Miles W. Mathis- 11 questions -a near polymath of perceptive, lucid and analytical thought, and in this instance he challenges the status quo of physics, "ossified dogma", and lays it to waste. By his own admission he doesn't have all the answers, but getting blown off for asking questions about physics phenomenon that don't add up, is rightly "disgusting (and unscientific)". To quote;
I say “standard model” in my title [of the linked page] because although the standard model usually refers only to the status quo in particle physics, there is a standard model of physics in every sub-field. This standard model has ossified into dogma, into a set of beliefs one is not allowed to question. Anyone in academia who questions the standard model can expect to be set upon by the institutional jackals and marginalized into oblivion. He will find his papers refused for publication and his funding cut off. Those outside academia will simply be dismissed as cranks and crackpots.
Gravity at the Quantum Level -heresy for the QED crowd where they use statistics to describe the weirdness that they see, but we are getting to some rational understanding, unification even, of the forces in the universe
Unified Field Theory -while I cannot follow the mathematics, I find Miles Mathis' approach refreshing, and of substance. One substantive determination is that "gravity is 10exp22 stronger at the quantum level than we thought". If you have mathematical understanding, this is a gold mine.
The Moon Gives Up a Secret -that Newton's gravitational equation contains a compound force, and that gravitation is relative to radius of the object is startling, but backed with some sound mathematical reasoning.
Casmir Effect is a Gravitation Effect -startling, but impeccable logic.
Particle Physicists Admit It: The Standard Model Is Dead -dead for a long time, but I didn't know the fraudulence ran so deep.
There is an ether, (termed the "foundational E/M field"), not in the classic sense as medium for light. Tesla and Einstein Were Both Right.

And now, (Lift on a Wing), I understand why an aerobatics aircraft with symmetrical wing shape (cross section) can fly, not having a cambered wing and the (conventional explanation) lower/upper pressure differential. Another Nobel Prize is due if I was to have a choice in the matter. Its the charge differential, by way of photonic emanations from Earth.
Onto plant physiology, (The High Pressure Flow is False) dendrology being a subset (applicable to trees) that is near and dear to my formal forestry training. An explanation for fluid movement in both directions in trees at long last.

I cannot get enough of Miles Mathis, as his truth questing and guff-busting is such refreshing tonic. And I just love his priceless pithy retort to the squidgy poseurs, of all stripes. (My advice to Miles Mathis, is don't change a thing). Be angry if you have a cause!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this compilation. The golden question is what special talent do you have that results in being targeted? I suspect your knowledge is part of the answer. As an attempted gift I invite you to develop all aspects of your brain ( both sides) and also use spirituality, meditation and personal growth to protect yourself. Salut, friend.

AJH said...

I don't have any talent(s) or other known reasons to be targeted at all, never mind to this extreme. Average IQ, average this, that and everything else. Other features that might interest the perps is that I have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Inattentive Subtype. Like all ADDers, that means low dopamine, a neurotransmitter of considerable interest to the perps I have come to discover. A recent deficiency discovery is low iron, (magnetic substance note), which is rare in males. And, just a supposition right now, life long low iron absorption may cause low dopamine, hence ADD and other related problems. If I could get the foot dragging doctors to get serious on addressing the low iron, things may move forward (as of 03-2016). Iron supplements aren't working that well.

I am too restless for meditation, and probably too because of low dopamine, I don't have much of perspective on spirituality. Thank you for your interest, suggestions, and comments. If you find other interesting sites of action-at-a-distance research please feel free to pass on the links.