Saturday, May 06, 2006

Pondering the Perp's Objectives; Part 1

Another "blog crash" (read, dynamic sabotage) and this one was delayed by a day or two for the perps to play more recall testing.

What do the perps want besides 100% mind control? Quite a lot, and I have no idea what it is, but it forms a considerable portion of the harassment and mind-control scripted life I live. (And they are at least at 99% mind control as they have been making plenty of progress over the past four years as I have come to know by countless tribulations).

There are three types of activities where the perps reveal their hand as to their extra mind-control objectives:
  • coordination of harassment (often noise) with scripted activities I am involved with at that very juncture,
  • coordination of coincidences around a theme; visual, spoken, in print, by other "happenchance" and arranged over one or two days,
  • controlling my vocabulary to say repetitive words, often at the same location, and
  • planting certain benign objects near me in a "coincidence" play (explained below, Part 2).

The first category, coincident events will be described here in Part 1, the latter two in Part 2.

And it should be mentioned that the harassment associated with nonmind-control objectives is a subset of the entire harassment and psychotorture spectrum. The term harassment used in this blog post is defined as:

  • noisescape augmentations (loud vehicles, percussive construction noise, excessive hallway door thudding, overhead ceiling whacking) or thought stalking events (noises coincident with nonmind-controlled thought ),
  • plasma flashes, beams, point sources, maser beams (greyish black coherent beams; a magnetic laser beam),
  • strange smells being driven into my nose,
  • vibrations applied to my feet or spine,
  • jabs to the skin from some kind of injurious source,
  • remotely shaking and vibrating specific muscle groups,
  • farts that linger and create a sensation about my tail bone,
  • zappings which cause limbs or all of me to jump,
  • teeth crashing (whereby they are run together to create nonaural sound),
  • noises that originate internally in my head,
  • planting sensations under my fingers or feet.

What signifies the notion of further objectives is the occurence of the above defined harassment when I read, see, hear, act, think, experience, or touch the following "coincident" themes (composed of similar events).

Event Themes Coincident with My Current Activities;

Chaos, War etc.
The perps constantly plant war, disaster, death, suicide, chaos, news events or stories in my activities (e.g. to read about, see). They have created >10 Percieved Near Death Experiences (PDNE's) involving me over the past four years. And one can assume a steady stream of news stories from the current Iraq conflict.

Helicopters & Aircraft
Another objective theme is the appearance and/or sound of helicopters. In the long-scripted past, I have been transported in helicopters as a method in getting to work and I attained a certain fondness for this type of aircraft. As an example, three days ago (05-05-2006) they few a helicopter in over the park I was hiking in. Later I looked up what manufacturer it was, having been brain purged of it (I had known), and I don't usually forget. Then, the next day, news of a helicopter crash in Iraq. Then another the next day. There are simply to many of these event coincidences to be anything but managed.

Incarceration & Torture
One theme that I get noisestalked (or other coincident activities) for is anything to do with torture, incarceration, imprisonment etc. (Even as I type this now, some street noise has started up that bears no relation to what is going on out there.) To me, it is no surprise that the stories concerning Abu Grahib, Guatanamo Bay and "rendition" of prisoners is making the news. The perps want to know more about controlling people's mind and actions so they organize these (real) bait stories.

A very common theme for which I get noisestalked, zapped, plama beamed etc. is anything about spying. Again this is making the news bigtime (05-2006) with the illegal NSA wiretap activity coming to light. As I see it, it is another setup/mindcontrol bait activity, though I suspect more than that.

Ineptitude & Incompetance
A common theme is demonstrable incompetance, especially by governments. An unfortunate example is Hurrican Katrina and the devastation of New Orleans. There is a long history of an ex-spouse/perp helper exhibiting incompetance on the domestic front, as well as a number of work sites and employers in the past.

Another common theme is religion; I am incorrigibly areligious and I have no idea why the perps chose me to plant this topic in my life. My use of profanity is about as close as I get on this theme.

Geography & Provenance
Another theme is geographic in nature; they have dispatched other family members to follow in my footsteps, even to Europe. As well, I get a steady diet of Italian, French, UK and German news stories of all kinds. They seem to be especially busy on all things Italian; cinema, politics, travel etc. even though I am not Italian by descent (UK descent). My perp-helper mother did go on about a relative's fixation on all things Italian and I am positive there is more to this than she is letting on.

A very common theme is anything that is time related; duration (week, month, minutes etc.), and they like to set up stunts where I complain using these terms. My brother goes into an obsessive rant about not having enough time each visitation when he never did before.

Bookmarking Web Pages
Anytime I bookmark a web page I will invariably get an overhead kerchunk sound, now 6 of the last 8 locations I have lived over the past 4 years (since 2002).

Incorrect Perception Management
A constant theme that requires more agitation and arrangement on the perps part is setting up a scenario when I get something totally wrong. It could be where a vehicle in front of me is doing some strange braking and I think it is the driver pulling brake-light stunts. But it so happens, only seconds later, that I was wrong as the source "problem" is a driver in front of him whom I did not see (wasn't permitted to). As one can imagine, this goes on all day, every day (time theme again).

It is no surprise when one is constantly irradiated that the concept of energy is a theme of harassment. And it doesn't seem to matter to the perps what kind; solar, kinetic, electrical, new engine designs etc., all this comes into play in excess of coincidence and often with attendant harassment.

Race Relations
There is a component of racial depiction in the ongoing harassment. The perps will place a bleached faced Asian near me on day, then a very brown faced Caucasian the next, and so it goes, as well in oddly color balanced pictures on web pages. One time they placed a pair of young gangstalking Asian male twins in file, one dressed all in light blue, the following one all in a mid brown clothing. Truly bizarre.

Financial Tranactions
Anytime my activities center around payment for goods, at a grocery store, online, or even writing out checks, they pour on the harassment activity. In the case of the former, they will increase the coincident throat clearing occurences, and have more staff or "customers" move in closer as I extract my wallet. In the case of writing checks, they will render me into a fumbling wreck which then begets a rage show (by mind-control).

Law Enforcement Agency Appearances
There is no question that the perps have the law enforcement and firemen in their pocket in this city. They are often used for "color parading"; e.g. men or women in uniform, display of flashing lights, driving at night with only parking lights on (yellow from the front) and drive their red or yellow colored vehicles (fire trucks) near me. The police also do regular patrols and drive by for me to see them, now much more frequent than they ever were. Once I was reading a novel about police and showing their badges and I got supremely zapped at that very juncture.

The perps know, and have created the notion around me not having a significant interest in firearms. But they do like to push pictures of these items into my view, typically through web pages I encounter, say, the cover of a movie title. At one time they even mind-controlled me into purchasing a handgun magazine, though I have no interest in them.

Thats a big enough list for anyone who has any notion of why I am being harassed for nonmind-control experimentation some idea as to what might be transpiring. I have no idea why such a significant effort is being devoted to the above set up stunts.

Pondering the Perp's Objectives; Part 2


Wotan said...

The torture that you experience may be difficult for others to perceive; but very real, harmful, and deadly. Until the general public catches up to the threats posed by technological weapontry, innocent folks will be victims of sadistic cowards who hide behide computer screens, set up systems that focus on targeted individuals, and subject victims to unheard of probes and beams that monitor body movement and brain waves.

This threat is not a joke. Many people have written into web sites around the world describing the same pattern of harassment. These people come from a variety of situations and professions. Many are highly intelligent and articulate. The majority of these targeted individuals have no past history of mental disorder, such as, paranoid schizophenia or other psychotic disorders.

James F. Marino said...

I was noticing your post in regard to "pondering perps objectives"
and the near death experiences
you describe. If you are referring to people around you being injured or murdered I can identify with that.

About 8 months ago and within a span of a few days, I had had
scenes placed in my head and shortly after that there were injuries, or deaths related to them.

I had a thought about my sister in law's brother and just wondered how he was doing. A day later he had a stroke.

A few days later, I had a thought
in regard to a federal agent who
had his head crushed under a wheel.

The following day a kid at the local highschool was saying goodbye to a friend of his and then
as his friend drove away, the kid
for unexplicable reasons, tried to
run along the side of the SUV and
fell underneath it having skull crushed by the rear wheel and killing him instantly. He died in EXACTLY the same way this FBI agent did in my thoughts.

A few weeks later, my Dad went out to lunch with a few friends. The following day he got a call that one of them had died suddenly of an
aneurysm. Now we know that the feds can use this technology to burst blood vessels with the body
including the heart and brain.

And these events happened practically one right on top of the other. At the time my family was also using the trigger word stroke alot, and several people they knew were suddenly having strokes. The coincidence here was
simply unreal. Most of those who had strokes have since died, but my sister in law's brother has managed to recover.

I am seriously questioning whether those who died were as a warning to me. My thought to them has always been if you wanna kill someone kill me and leave the rest of these people alone.

So why do they keep me around and kill other people who at least to my knowledge they had no interest in.

Or is there something much much darker going on here, where everyone on this planet is in this system, and those who figure it out
are basically just tortured and toyed with while others who go about their lives oblivious are used as unwitting sacrifices to send us a message.

In the beginning I was reluctant to speak of any of these situations, to most people simply because I knew I would have been labeled as being psychotic.

But I know damn well that not only isn't this my imagine, it's happening to many others who are beginning to realize that something
very dark has happened to the human race.

As for the cause, all I can say is that I do believe in extraterristrial life. I also think that they are right here living amongst us on this planet,
and that there is a treaty of some kind going on with the Illuminati
to divide this planet amongst themselves and these ET's. And that the rest of us our just chattel to be used how ever they see fit.

Did not mean to spend this much time posting, but when you listed
the deaths around you, it struck a chord.

Jim Marino
US Government Synthetic Telepathy Target/Activist

AJH said...

Yes, that is a very clear and unfortuneate example of what I am refering to.

I have concluded that there are far more people being monitored, messed with, injured, ruined and even snuffed than there are of us Targeted Individuals. I have also seen some "convenient" deaths in my sphere, and I even wonder if the past shills aren't being later screwed just when they thought they were only rewarded.

I won't post as to how big I think all this is, but your other point about "trigger words' (I use the words "planted themes", or just "themes) is also germaine. These will be used in conjuction with the perp acts, deaths, strokes etc. as if they are attempting to detect some psychic continuity from all the events, planted dreams and planted theme mentions.