Thursday, May 11, 2006

Who Owns My Fingers?

It is quite clear that I am not permitted by the mind-control Gestapo to have self-control of what my fingers and hands do.

Any visit to an acupuncture web site will detail the large numbers of chi energy meridians that terminate in the hands and fingers. And it seems to be chi energy that the perps/mind-control Gestapo are able to control remotely or else it is by direct finger manipulation. A common gangstalker move is to flick their fingers and hands about. My sick-minded mother, a perp-helper, often gets excessively expressive with her hands when she never did before. My brother and ex-wife have also taken up extra-expressive hand movements when speaking, and often wave them in front of their faces in their "new-found" speaking habits. A rash of vehicular gangstalking drivers in the vehicles directly in front of me have also taken to flicking their hands about in "demonstrative" conversation with their passengers.

So when it comes to MY hands and fingers as a mind-controlled subject of continuing nonconsensual human experimentation, it is no surprise that I am not allowed to control them as I intend. They are directed by the perps to brush along proximate objects, blunder into unintended places, snag up on garments and run the hands into contact with each other to enhance the chi energy interactions that the perps must be assaying every moment of my life. Or, they create a sensation as if my hand had brushed along something when it was clear that there was no contact.

Sometimes they won't let me drop something, make two or more grab attempts when one is necessary, knock something over and a host of other intensively violating acts. And if thwarted like this, the perps put me into automatic screaming rage mode when it wouldn't necessarily be my first reaction. It is just one of their unpleasant jerkarounds designed to render one steaming mad, a higher energy state to enhance remote energy assays it would seem.

And typing is a prime situation for re-directing finger motor control to create specific typos that never happened before, ones that typically foreshadow the letters of the word "I" (in the collective mind-control entity sense) am going to write next. Needless to say, most of anything I write is a consequence of doing battle with the perps over what I type. They also like to add poor syntax and spelling mistakes that were also never my habit. These sickos were on my case when I learned to type with all my fingers, as the finger peck days were also fraught with odd errors.

But there is a tie-in going back decades when using calculators. I could never understand why I had this dyslexic-like pattern of looking at the key I wanted to press, and find my finger going to different unintended one. "I" would even watch it happen and not re-direct my finger in mid stroke. This infuriated me then, but the current mind-control invasion has cast a better light on what was going on at the time.

03-2009 Update
Nothing has changed; constant typos as forced by my mind-keepers, usually in a pattern of duplicating letters of the following word in the process of typing the letters of the word immediately before it. And many more "errors" of syntax as well, and prevention of lucid prose, all to have me go back again and change to much coincident noisestalking and plasma flashes on this LCD display. There is nothing they like better than having me type something up and change the tense or voice (first, second or third), again to accompanying phenomenon arranged just for that moment of changing a word, letter or fixing a typo. This is only one form of this relentless abuse of course, and is also imposed in my handwritten journals.

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