Saturday, June 24, 2006

Extra Conventional Physical Forces -a fulltime experience

This is an attempt to resume blogging after a 12 day dysthymic spell (read remotely invoked mind-controlled depression). Given the perp's interest in dotting "i's" in my handwritten journal, I am sure my mood state is highly governed as the base upon which they make their mind-control decisions. But I can still catch them adding on extra rage when I didn't feel energized to do so, though I suspect they are making gains on the amygdala energetics (emotional source) to be able to exert 100% mind-control instead of 99.8%. The amount of thoughtstalking noises has declined in the past two weeks which suggests they are not needed as these are the thoughts that they didn't plant on me.

My past experiences with the thoughtstalking suggest they are nearly 100% correlated to thoughts that arrive from left field, i.e. ones they don't yet control. And the neighbor noise has just begun while I type this, as for some reason I don't like to wear my earmuffs whilr typing because the perps add more noise to the keys in addition to the din that occurs when the earmuffs are on me. It is very complicated at times, but the on/off use of earmuffs seems to be of importance to the perps. (They are a deep green colored plastic and this might me their reason for this activity). If the perps want the earmuffs off me they arrange some clicking in my ears to occur and within short order I take them off. Likewise, peculiar electronic-like dripping sounds will start up to cause me to put them on. It is real easy to control their use for their purposes.

Anyhow, the perps are getting a little more bolder in putting on display of extra-conventional physical forces without any ostensible cause. Past blogs have mentioned their curious need to have a cover story for unconventional events; e.g. controlling my fingers to drop something etc. Now more blatant actions are applied. One that has begun in the bathroom and kitchen is what I call "drop-hop". Drops of water from a faucet only 6" above the water surface will leap out and clear the vessel and land on a nearby (> 2') fixed object e.g. counter, floor etc. This is now an everytime experience. I presume this offers some kind of ability for the perps to directly analyse the interaction of the water with nearby objects instead of imputing it through the vessel the water is in.

An earlier variant of this is to create water drops on the floor of the kitchen whenever I am there. Invariably they illuminate them to the point of being very reflective and are usually placed at my feet to supply this light to my lower peripherial vision. Not a big deal. They went through a phase of doing this with olive oil as well. I wasn't prepared to clean it up, but it was magically gone the next day.

There is something about the local water supply that they want to solve; the perps arranged for a broken kitchen sink plug which entailed two meals of doing the dishes singly instead of filling the sink. Then the building manager supplied the incorrect coupling pin version, and another round of waiting for a plug was invoked. He came in to "assure himself" (read gangstalk) that the second new plug fitted. The olive oil was also in the frypan heating up behind when jointly examining the sink plug problem, also for gangstalking reasons IMHO. Later, while doing the dishes, the perps sprayed me with a shot of water that didn't come from anywhere, just a blatant shot from mid-air in one's face.

Another case of extra conventional physics is constraining the application of my fingers; very often they do not respond as they usually do causing something to drop, break or other perp advantageous event.

Another of their trivial annoyances is undoing my shoelaces as I am walking; up to 4 times per day. This is usually when they are extra interested and may have gangstalkers on my heels as they did today (06-26-2006). The gangstalker had a brown sweater on and was 20' behind me, and another behind her with wheeled tote baggage, a common gangstalk method is to have an object closer to the ground. There is rarely any pedestrians on this city block, yet two "arrived" for this gangstalk event.

In the past I have been a passenger in a flipped vehicle, and I never did understand how it happened until the perps demonstated their incredible powers (the past four years) by flipping a garbage truck nearby.

Vision impairment is now a full time remotely applied harassment; the medium doesn't matter; books or LCD panel (on-line). I wondered how they do this and I found out when I looked in the bathroom mirror and saw a 1/8" diameter glob of mucus in each eye. What they do it seems, is to first create this mucus in each eye by remote means, and then manipulate it to impair my vision as they see fit. Very often it is one eye only or sometimes only peripherial vision or central vision only. And the content of what I am reading matters too; certain words will get vision stalked it seems. The words or topic are consistent with the list of objectives I noted in past blog entries about the perps' objectives. often the visual impairment is timed simutaneously with a noise, through the ear muffs if I have them on.

And more runny nose games; I haven't had a cold for years and yet some 70% of the time the perps will cause a runny nose to erupt when applying peanut butter and jam to toast, as I do once every day at breakfast. This particular menu item is cause for no end of perp obstruction and inanity being brown in color. The peanut butter properties have been modified to "cause" it to slip off the knife and extricated from the jar by hauling it up the side of the container, a straight sided glass vessel. Overflow of peanut butter goes on every day now, when it never happened before, again because of the change in the peanut butter's new physical properties. When picking up the spills on the plate with my fingers the perps decided that it wasn't enough and slapped down some more directly from who knows where to force the use of the fingers of the opposite hand. It is totally insane that a covert agency screws citizens over because of their problem with the color brown that they created for one person. The scenario is most strange; they are torturing someone to how they were screwed up (psyche damage) because of early development year's tortures and illegal irradiations. They simply cannot leave well enough alone.

One stunt the perps pull regularly is crockery wobbling. Any case of crockery being put on a flat table, with or without food, is an opportunity for the perps to make it wobble and vibrate even if one applies no direct force. Even full mugs get the wobble treatment. The perps like to have vibrations as well as noise, and if they are connected, so much the better. Even if unconventional physical forces apply. In one instance of noise and vibration concurrency, they had a kid knocking on the glass window while his father was 3' inside, this being at entrance to a grocery store. There was nothing to stop the kid entering the store of course, just another Fellini-like juxtaposition of the normal, turned around. I am always gangstalked at doorways, sometime six or more of the gangstalkers will "arrive" at this juncture as there is something they need to measure inside and out, and there is some data they cannot figure out (yet).

Another benign (usually) perp extra-conventional energy application at a distance is the constant picking at my shirt and underwear (underneath my jeans). All day long they tug at my shirt in small amounts at the top of the back, below my neck, and it does not matter which shirt color. The underwear hems get pulled much of the time, usually when I first inhabit a new area of the apartment, or turn around and face a new direction. Some kind of remote evaluation is being made, and to the best of my knowledge it has everything to do with mind-control research. They also appear to be working on other fundamental energetics; people to people and people to objects. Call it psychic interactions if you will.

The entire blogging experience is slowing down, and it is not for lack of content as there is always plenty. Soo... the only other consistent force in my life is the perps and their mind-control games. And that will do it for this post.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Strange Behavior Changes of Friends and Family -a lifetime constant

I am getting more demotivated for "some reason"; the quote refers to a codified way of saying remotely applied mind-control. It is simply amazing how all the sudden and uncharacteristic motivation changes always play to the hands of the perps. Right down to coordinating specific colors of clothes with items that I purchase that day.

Not only do I have sometimes my own uncharacteristic behavior changes being mind-controlled and planted upon me, but I also must contend with sudden changes in disposition of those that I know. It is another way of ensuring my social isolation.

The list of those pulling these strange and unexplained behavior changes goes back to at least 3 decades; college colleagues, ex-girlfriends, co-workers, then later ex-wife (wife then), and now brothers and parents. Consistent by their frequency; say 60% of those I knew/know in rough numbers and 100%of those I count on.

Depending on the circumstances, some of these associations would suddenly "go off", with no contributing dissonance on my part. There have been a few who emotionally "came back" who then again faded out, but never offering any explanation as to the sudden change. Not only that, but if I asked my closer thought-to-be friends about someone else who went emotionally AWOL, I never got any convincing answers from those whose judgement I was depending on. And often the perps would play the timid mind-control game in which I didn't ask. Those that I did ask about their sudden behavior change blew me off and gave me bullshit answers, e.g. ex-wife for ten years.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Canada' s Most Over-aerialed City

Another grocery store run (walk) of one block; no Rolls Royces this time, but four red vehicles side by side in a dirt surface corner public parking lot that is now full when it wasn't even a pay lot 3 months ago. If it rains, that lot will be an unholy mess. Another lotfull of vehicles by the new building that was erected nearby, again, they weren't there before and now the building is almost finished. More improbable (nonrandom) mixes of reds, whites and black vehicles.

And what day out and about would be complete without being stared at? When the assault first began in 2002 I got 20- 30 starings a day for week, then it stopped abruptly. As if it were an "operational problem", which it wasn't in hindsight because the perps never goof up that I am aware of, even if it seemed so at the time. So, the staring is now on again, and I did get one from an old man on the street looking at window washers on a scaffold platform on a adjacent building who were going about their business normally. And it should be noted that the perps can have me stare at anyone doing strange things; all my attentional abilities are under their control as I have come to know. (They have made me stare at things or people in situations totally out of character).

A brief mention of the number of aerials in this city is overdue, if only for the record as there are residential buildings with huge arrays of exotic antennae. I cannot imagine why Victoria needs so much cell phone coverage, but these seem to be the cover under which so much of the harassment operations operate. I must declare that I know very little about cellphones and the supporting infrastructural towers, repeaters etc. I assume that the vertical white panelled recievers/dishes are for cell phone purposes because there are so many of them installed in recent years. There are many more kinds of aerials/recivers in this city, and apart from the large parabolic dishes in the TV and cable vision suppliers, I don't know what the remainder are for. And it is likely that the aerial type doesn't matter to the perps.

My hiking destination (Jocelyn Peak in Gowland-Tod Park)I that I frequented was a case in point. I could see six aerial masts at varying distances from the hike destination location, and three of the closet ones, two cell phone towers and the Victoria Mt. John Dean radar intallation, would spit some kind of pulsed of grey or white light beam at me. The strangest thing was that I could track the actual light pulse because it was travelling much slower than the normal speed of light (1 to 2 seconds to reach me, and over 2 miles away). Even more curious was that the light beam took a curvilinear route as the trajectory could be detected as having wander in its path as it came toward me. The beams pulses always ended at where I was, though I never felt anything hit me. As far as I can tell, the aerial type doesn't seem to matter,- the perps can co-opt any legitimate (non-harassment purpose) aerials for their harassment operations needs IMHO.

About eight months ago a new tower in the middle of the Malahat hills was erected where there is no seeming electrical power source (higher elevation forested area). This location gave it a commanding western coverage of my favored hiking area, though I never saw anything coming from it. (I nearly always had lunch at Jocelyn Peak and therefore time to observe the above three towers I mentioned). Then about a month ago they, and it could of been any legitimate authority, put an new tower much closer in at the south end of the hike, giving it close-in coverage of the entire north end to Jocelyn Peak. Both these two new towers could be under some kind of legitimate purpose, but neither seemed located to fulfill cellphone needs given their forested locations.

And at least four times in the past two years, the perps arranged for a naval ship to anchor some 5 miles away in Saanich Inlet facing Jocelyn Peak. There is no reason for the military to be there at all IMHO, but for the radar and other emanations that came from the vessel. There were at least three more instances of anchored vessels supplying their radar for a cover and/or being co-opted for other irradiative emanations toward me.

The perps also had at least two aerial bearing vehicles "passing by" (aka vehicular gangstalking) in the latter weeks of vehicle ownership (06-2006). A 4' vertical mast with a 2' crossing dipole mounted on top of a white Jeep SUV on a Sunday evening. Why such a vehicle would be travelling in town doesn't hold up to any commercial use that I know of.

And oddly, in a sort-of way, I have visited many of the aerial locations in the past as part of a hike or forestry work. Some are on the Gulf Islands which I visited for scenic or purposes, others were near my house at the time.

If anyone knows their aerials and their purposes I would be much appreciative of any communtication to understand their function.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Waving and Pointing

As a new phase of no vehicle ownership is beginning, the perps have begun a "brown-down" campaign; the most strangest of it all is that I haven't had a shit in 12 days and feel OK, no constipation. Which suggests they are extracting it directly by way of their sorceric methods. (A no brainer for them who can teleport at will). Also off the brown food list are chocolate (once a 2x daily "staple"), flax seed (cannot get any at the new grocery store) and kiwi fruit, even with a green inside and brown skin only.

At the new grocery store I was gangstalked enough to know I couldn't make a move without them having planned for it. On the street for a work day (Monday), I have never seen so many men of working age "hanging loose", sitting around or perambulating and showing off their sports jackets (again). Larger sized gangstalkers are often favoured, possibly from a energy-mass interaction, the same for vehicles within reason. And while walking under a boulevard tree, I got pasted with a water dump; and not the fairy rain either, about a cupfull on my head and face. No ostensible cause, no errant sprinkler system or bird, just because it was me, the billion dollar brain cum harassment victim that is the brunt of their venality while they play pretend from their control room somewhere.

Any visitation to an accupressure or acupuncture web site will demonstrate the many chi energy meridians that terminate in the hands. And so it would seem that the perps are focussed in analysing these energies from a distance, especially all those dealing with mind operations as I have come to know first-hand. I support this claim from the myriad of times the perp's operatives and shills will flick their hands about needlessly . Another very common stunt is to point to something, even if nothing is there, as if some kind of new event has arrived. And the number of people that have begun flicking their hands around while speaking to someone else has gone up by at least one order of magnitude in the past year. Especially so in vehicles; all manner of hand waving has sprung up to go with the litany of arm-out-the-vehicle-door hangers of late. As a pedestrian I still get exposed to this as I learned today.

My so-called mother, the perp's seller of her first born (me), has suddenly become more expressive in waving her arms and hands about when speaking. My youngest brother has also joined this act, just with a different hand placement (center body and face obstructing). My father was always a finger pointer, though not now, as his role is to play dumb with his dementia act, though he can, and does, gangstalk with the rest of them. In fact, his ditz act supplies a cover story for him to put on my jacket "by mistake" instead of his. The entire clothing color and body contents color interaction energetics are of intense focus these days, if I read the gangstalking and noisestalking action correctly.

Another mind-control objective of the more innocuous type is moving my fingers about and have the pinkie or thumb projecting away from the remainder, but for no reason. This is another of the countless "happenings", though if it impairs my fine motor control I get mind-controlled into a rage every time. In one of my research readings there was a person who could see these chi energies trailing some 60' from a person, and should a person be annoyed, the chi energies became all the more evident. Of course I cannot prove any of this, but when enragement is the number one stunt the perps pull on me, it must be important for a reason.

And so far at 1400 h on a weekday (06-13-2006), the nearby garbage chute noise began before I got up and is still continuing. The putative rationale is that it is jammed, and someone is "fixing" it, only the fourth time in a year, and always on the fourth floor near my suite. These are just a few of the coincidences beyond impossible probabilities and yet no one but me tallies them up and asks what is going on.

When travelling with my brother to a family dinner even he had to admit that there was an inordinant amount of dark red vehicles nearby in every location we went to. Two months later when having a "family discussion" about being harassed, did he mention this in my defence? Not a bit of it. Bad enough to have a useless brother but when he becomes an active saboteur he paints himself as a quisling of the first order. This same brother lost an eye when he was 2 years old and that event has all the hallmarks of a perp created event. I have asked him about his eye injury and he blows me off or puts on the vacant smirk.

And it was the tipping point for my perp cooperative father to become a significant asshole over all things remotely risky, though I suspect he was mind-controlled into this in the first place. I have never figured out what his relationship is the perps; he is obviously abetting them now, but he seemed as much as a victim as I am for most of his life. He is no actor and was not faking it as far as I could tell, but dealing with unrepentant assholes like him or the perps is a regular everyday event now. There is something about creating adversity, especially piling it up on someone, that they really like.

I still maintain that I am the only tenant in this 140 apartment building, with the possible exception of other TI's in the same situation in this high cookover/irradiated location. The plasmic fog is in the hallways and lobbies and all my (few) interactions have been consistent with the current gangstalk profile. The ceiling irradiates as do the walls and sometimes like last night they woke me up to look at it as they had made it worse with some kind of grainy appearance. My point is that this building is irradiated with the perp's special kind of energetic irradiation and it can be seen when one stops to examine it. This radiation is not the same as ionizing radiation, X-rays, gamma rays etc., but something that causes a vibratory look to something, the object never appears still. And I assume there is a magnetic radiation component to it as well, because this is how one can control plasma fields, which they do at will. They took out both my gaussmeters out for a reason, and if I got a Geiger counter I am sure it would go off the scale. In late 2002 they had 200 gauss trained on me, where the background level is 0.5 gauss.

At the Theatre (of the Absurd)

It was the annual recital of my daughter's dance class. It was at the Royal Theatre and each class did a dance on stage. And from experience it is the time for the perps to play their games once more. The last time they had only one male in the entire audience of 2,500 wearing a suit or a sports jacket, and that was the one in front of me. No big deal, but suits/sports jackets exposure, as in the gangstalk parade, are a significant "obsession"/activity locus for the perps. I have a faint notion as to why, but I won't go into it.

Another stunt from last year was having the backs of the heads of the concert-goers in front of me flashing some kind of emanating plasma at me. It was surreal in the least, and I am not making this up. This year I saw only one head emit a red plasma beam, though this could of been because of an aisle directly in front of this year's seat location. (Last year the same aisle was behind my head and no end of shiny shoes were parked 4" beside it for excessively long durations. And I had a Paris Hilton look-alike draped over the railing about my vacant seat, both at intermission and at the concert end.)

I was sitting between my ex-wife and my mother who are both thick with the perps, the latter being the one who sold me into this harassment hell from birth. And she did nothing when documented learning disabilities from the perp's irradiations were evident, at ages 6 & 8. Nor did she ever tell me, something I learned the hard way some 40 years later. Neither of these pernicious acts will be forgiven if I am not mind-controlled in this respect.

So on each side of me they had their respective programs and their flashlights active at each short break between dances. This placed their respective light sources in my peripherial vision, one the perp's significant testing areas for all the plasma beams they project into this region of vision. And if that weren't enough, two more light sources "showed up" some 10' away, one on each side, effectively replicating the peripherial vision arrangement, except more distant. These were the LCD display panels for home video, though I don't think they had a hope of getting decent film as they were so far back.

And the rear stage a panel fabric was lit in many different colors at the show progressed, a normal lighting arrangement. But most fascinating, was that it had this same irradiative grainy appearance as that appears in the hallways and this apartment all day long. The entire theatre audience must of been perp controlled, as no one said anything about the rear stage panel, but clearly it was highly unusual. And I am positive many of the lighting displays and constumes were designed around the constant color exposure games the perps play all day through their gangstalking activities, but I won't go there, as it would be too complicated to explain. And of course, once the performers finished they "showed up" crossing in front of me as their seats were nearby the show. It would seem the the perps are attempting some kind of color and lighting energetics to distance correlation with me; the far away (on stage) and the proximate are being correlated by some kind of energetic measure.

My mother filled the narrow seat and made a point of flowing over into mine, for sustained body contact throughout the first half of the dance recital. That was bad enough that she was making herself into a blatant perp-quisling. (Along with her flashlight act, as she isn't normally that curious about the program, especially one she was wholly unfamiliar with). But what annoyed me more were these pulsings in her arm that would transmit into mine, touching as they were. Obviously some kind of external body vibration/pulsation was being applied to her and our respective energetics were being analysed with the simutaneous ongoing visual response. I did not detect any timing purposefulness in these, though there could of been as that faculty may be trounced by the perp's mind control actions now.

Another perp move is to have their operatives and shills bob their heads about me, looking like they are examining lower shelf items in a grocery store. They will often drop something in mid-street and bend down to pick it up. One time an operative threw his passport on the ground in front of an IRS agent, me behind the operative. The bent over ass being another favored position, and I have seen many of those these past four years of personal hell. And so it was my ex-wife's turn to do so. When she addressed my mother on the other side of me, she tipped her head excessively and downward in a classic move to obtain a differing head elevation from mine, if only for a second or two. This is why the perps like to parade babies in strollers around me IMHO.

At the intermission when I was set to leave, I had a woman in brown costume prop herself in front of me and coverse with her friends behind me. Then an all-time loathed adult gangstalker who constantly swarmed me at soccer games "showed up", also doing a grey hair head tilt toward me and was seated the aisleway apart, directly in front. Then two more brown dressed aisle blockers came to impede progress, and so it went until I got out of there.

As I am vehicless, I walked back and then the police put on a "light show", their emergency lights for no seeming reason, just sitting there in mid-street. This is common, I have seen many street closure and "emergencies" for no seeming purpose than to put on their emergency lights as I move away (more distance dependent testing).

My, if it is my notion in the first place, take on the perp's activities vis a vis their objectives is that they are sucking wind, and have a whole lot more torture planned for at least another year. As I am the last to know anything about my circumstances of being in a real-time X-Files crossed with a Felini movie, I could be totally wrong. Most of the perp's stunts and setups have decades long analogs in the naive-TI days and there is no way they are going to let me go free for all the investment they have socked into harassing the hell out of me.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Social Isolation is Central to Harassment

The faux family birthday party was a squalid success; a single 2' ball shaped gold/sparkle candle on commercial cheescake served as our daughter's 16th birthday cake. And to no surprise, a similar colored metallic gold plastic handbag was lying on the floor only 8' away. There is something attractive about flames and fires to the perps. They have started up a number of them, and gangstalkers will often smoke cigarettes near me. I will detail more on this in another post.

I was duly rendered into a shit mood and having and unpleasant outlook as to everything. There is not much they like doing more than creating situations where they instignate incidents to piss on a party.

The perps have this compelling need to sabotage expectations, and nothing is better than a party where there are many "victims"/monitorees or however this maybe framed. Call me overly conditioned if you like, but anytime there is some spectacularly horrific event at a wedding or other large crowd of well-wishing attendees, I cannot help the notion that comes to mind, (assuming I am not being fed this), that the perps had a hand in instignating the chaos or even tragedy. The games of playing dashed expectations on me alone reach four or more decades back, and cause me to wonder why they have been so consistently relentless about pursuing this theme.

As I mentioned in the last posting, I was worked up into a frazzled and despondent state at the above birthday party, though this did not translate into pissing anyone off thankfully. Keeping the emotional lid on me they were, where if I wasn't mind-controlled, I wouldn't have anything to do with the lot of them, save my daughter who is knowledgeable of the perp's goings on.

But I should mention that both my brothers who have at times pretended to be analytical about the strange goings on and the separation of clinical events (faked) from the nonclinical activities early in the game, now think this entire harassment and psychotorture escapade, in its fifth year, to be absolutely hilarious. A smirk at best, and a contained grin at worst, and never any objective analysis from any of them. And to drive the point home, that is not a normal reaction to a family member who has a clinical "problem" or otherwise. It is totally abnormal, and neither will respond to the charge of their strange behavior.

And the parents, who I see once per week for Feral Family Dinner on Sundays, aren't so humored, but do make every effort to studiously evade any conversation as to what is or might be going on, time without fail, each week. They pretend to play dumb all the time, and should I reference any incontrovertable nonclinical evidence or events, they immediately go quiet, as if the entire purpose of the conversation was to elicit this very item of knowledge from me. There is no such thing as an objective and interactive conversation about my circumstances whatsoever. Any conversation with my brothers, should it be permitted, always ends the same, a conversational dead-spot to elicit some kind of pre-planned conversational trigger point

So naturally the "family" becomes a pointless support/social body by virture of their over obvious participation in the harassment, and thereby eliminates themselves from being genuinely useful. And the odd so-thought friends who have "shown up" in the game, uniformly drop out once their past participation becomes known. My three hiking friends, who were all aware of this harassment, about which I was careful in revealing how much and its all encompassing nature, each dropped out from returning phone calls in the same month. Any of my past work colleagues to whom that I have mentioned this harassment in passing by way of an X-Files metaphor, seemed to be aware of it, and should I see them again, they never mention anything. The proverbial elephant in the room, or denial management in the extreme. And these traits are absolutely consistent among them all, everyone.

And my story which I wrote up to dispell the clinical causes was not read by anyone, save a ADD counselor in Seattle I was seeing, and to whom I introduced this harassment. He read it and said that he personally experienced psychosis that required two weeks of hospitalization, and what I described in my written story was not it. The only one, though he was early in the harassment onset and wasn't part of any later developments as he lives in another city and country.

And the amazing thing is how common this aspect is with other TI's; family break-ups and dissonance are routine and appear to be prescribed as standard procedure. Apparently it has not been enough for the perps to grind me down for a 47 year lifetime, and then jump on me with more of it, now in its fifth year running.

Even my few TI contacts have been mysteriously terse or purposely wacko, also begetting an early termination of any continued contact. How this is done I am not sure; are they "in" on it or mind-controlled to create social adversity? One wacko case seemed to be reading a semi-apocalyptic dirge by the end of the phone call, though there is nothing on her website to suggest that is a part of her thoughts. Others start out seeming to be aligned with the injury and past harassment activities, but won't discuss anything as to what the perps want, besides 100% mind control. (The James Bond film title, "The World is Not Enough" comes to mind, possibly as a planted metaphor).The TI's then drop out of any sustained contact.

I once belonged to a swim club in Victoria, for 10 years straight and then moved to Everett and Seattle. When I came back, they were friendly, but appeared to be part of the harassment, gangstalking mostly. Anyhow, I gave up on the swim club and swam on my own at noon times, only to have a new flotilla of gangstalkers and operatives around me. So here was another social group that was cut from my existence.

I sometimes see some of the swimmers by "happenchance" on the streets and stores, and it is likely that a number of them were operatives at the time. Some seemed to be permanent students and I wondered how they pulled this off financially. Now I know; they were hired by the perps, and quite a few others made that mysterious one year visitation "back east" only to come back and say things "hadn't worked out". The mystery of the returning swimmers is solved.

Even posting my updated story on (victim AJH story) has been an adverse event. None of the two updates since 2004 have been posted, and yet the webmaster is supposedly a victim supportive TI. I cannot get any communication from her, and alternate routes via the TI groups list suggest that she is slow to undertake maintenance. (She wasn't at first, and now is; and it has been a year since I attempted an update). Even this blog, posted on the TI groups page gets no TI commentary at all, save two brief mentions. No discussion on the perps intentions and methods has been permitted with any supposed supporting/understanding contact. A few TI's have gone into flame mode, no matter how innocuous my comments are. All more bizarreness to ponder over and yet it is totally consistent across the board.

Enough for a posting; I read some other's stories, and they are highly consistent with mine. Try Brussel Sprout

Gangstalk of Last Vehicle Activity

As it turns out, I did not set off early to the ex's to deal with vehicle transfer because she phoned and said it wasn't necessary about the time I was ready to set off. (What I had told her countless times; why she is an ex-spouse). Annoyed, I set off to do some last time-round shopping errands instead. What a mistake from the vehicular gangstalk intensity perspective

They were all over me; upon departure in the hallway and elevator both which is a tip-off they are going nuts, but "somehow" I don't know this anymore and proceeded on in all (mind-controlled) innocence. To make a long story short, it was crazy; all the large vehicles, clusters of deep red colors, one Chevette "decided" to drag race me, until I pulled behind instead, another pedestrian gave me the staredown as I was in my vehicle waiting at the light, doing nothing unusual- likely some 1000 vehicles for an in-town non-highway vehicular gangstalk. Every other vehicle had someone hanging their arm out the window or in the open window space. I went to a certain store to resupply my socks which are going through an accelerated wearing out and/or odd sock "happening" and when I got there, they pulled another cashier obstruction stunt, so I ditched the socks and went onto my third stop. This was identical to the last time I was there; intolerable delays, extra staff around, and only one till open, "returns" for both "customers" ahead. And the hustle of extra ambulatory gangstalkers coursing in and out of the exit ahead of my decision to bail out on the obstruction stunt. The third stop had the extra yellow lingering gangstalker at the Rx counter, then he stayed for me, to wait at the doorway upon exit, having no other business to transact.

I got some thread snipping scissors as there are threads popping of anything these days, all part of the harassment game, and when I began to use this new item upon my return, I was getting noisestalked at each thread snipping. And I then find out that my cordura Andiamo briefcase that I haven't actively used for two years, is fraying. Not the threads, but the actual fabric as if it were being dragged from a vehicle which it never has. My favorite briefcase is slowly getting trashed, cordura fabric, just sitting on the floor.

Anyhow; it was utterly bizarre; a full on gangstalk on the last shopping errand run with a vehicle, an unplanned one owing to the ex-wife's incomprehensible dithering as to the time of the invitation. There is something that the perps like about in unplanned activities. Unplanned to me that is, some kind of adversity/contingency "suddenly" erupts, and they are everywhere on the "new unplanned" route and/or locations.

Another day of relentless enragement stunts; nonstandard Windows behaviour, the keystroke dithering, every turn I make.

And a squalid 16th birthday party it was; the so-called family going through their pretend game and recitals; the ex makes the wrong kind of lasagne for our daughter, in a blatant piece of faux ineptitude, which is a reason for Robyn to then extract the spinach, green color note, and have it remain on her plate (beside me). A commercial cheese cake for the birthday cake, one fat candle on it, gold brown. (A similar colored handbag was lying on the adjacent floor for all of dinner.) And I gave her my vehicle, but she had already been tipped off and was feigning surprise.

The perps had run me ragged with enragement mind-control the entire day; then they kept me in a piss-off mood the entire time of the party, even though there was no causal action. More bizarre moodstates to feed some kind of bizarre agenda. (As I write this, 06-07-2004, a day of noisestalking me over commas, spaces, spelling error correction (errors caused by them)).

Anyhow, a pathetic time by all; even my revelation as to 2/3 of the car stereo being stolen from my parents' place, (they had just departed conveniently) brought only faux surprise, as in deliberately putting it on, a very frequent event these days. So maybe there was some kind of distance dependent energy as to when I mentioned this "theft"; as their vehicle was backing down the driveway as I mentioned it.

Glad to be out of there, it was so deliberately tacky.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Last Day Vehicle Ownership Musings

My piece on psychotorture didn't make it to the Torture Awareness Blog roll, no surprise there. But this entire torture topic/focus, also making it into the news regularly with Guantanamo Bay, Abu Graib and the CIA "rendition" activities is a significant component of what the depraved perps are up to, though exactly how it relates to me exactly I am not sure. (I have no personal background to such activity).

Yesterday the perps pulled a big event for them; they forced a puke-up of the tortilla with tapenade base lunch, a quarter of at best, then an hour later, a crap to de-poo myself entirely (I suspect). Within 10 minutes I was "suddenly" better to then go out and attend to cleaning up the interior of my vehicle, which entailed taking it to the fossil's house (perp-abetting parents) where they too engaged in some irregular behavior (regular gangstalking actions; stand arounds, stand over, say squat etc.)

Once I finished the cleaning activity, with a mind-controlled sloppiness and frazzledness coming on strong, I had tea-time with them, which meant large scones with red jam on them, brown tea, and brown Kit Kat bars in a red package. Once I departed and got onto the first thoroughfare, a 500 vehicle gangstalk eruption began; waves (3 to 5 clustered) of silver grey vehicles (my vehicle color), then scarlet red ones (red jam color), then dark greens, then dark burgundy reds and so it went until I got back. Plus two stunts in two successive blocks where "somehow" a large sedan ended up broadside on the one way street ahead of me, attempting some astonishing manouvre at an intersection, with all the traffic duly waiting for the driver to complete this bizarre driving stunt. The first vehicle color was dark olive green, the color of the tapenade I eat in my tortillas everyday and per above, "somehow" had barfed up only a few hours ago (before digestion took place). The second vehicle pulling this off wasn't quite as spectacular, but was a brown color, another of the problem colors that the perps seem to have (and excreted as well per above). It was interseting that I made a right angle turn between these two vehicle broadside stunts, as the orientation of the gangstalking vehicles and personnel appears to be a major variable in what they are attempting to solve, via harassing the living hell out me, 24x7.

Other driving stunts were having a black color Volvo wagon, a more recent V70 model, glistening in a fresh application of beaded water, run a red light making a left turn in front of me at an intersection. Another Volvo 850 wagon in dark green was beside me at the time. Not a big deal, what I see every day, except that I will be largely vehicle-less as of June 06, which maybe a good thing for all the gangstalking it brings. But my ex-wife has said I can "borrow it", which decoded means that further gangstalking while driving is planned, and she "happens" to be away all of August. Ergo, another round of the same, with a two month lay-off from driving, something the perps have arranged many times before, but not for as long as this.

Off to my daughter's birthday and to hand over the keys...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

June: Torture Awareness Month- a Psychotorture Description

I am going to do my bit for Torture Awareness Month; specifically detail the psychotorture that is abundant in North America applied to non-consenting citizens by covert methods and extra-conventional physical forces. Me being one; I cannot imagine anyone enjoining this advocacy unless one is a Targetted Individual (TI) or a spouse thereof. This existence, not a life by any measure, is too adverse and too utterly strange that an outsider could not possibly identify with the circumstances.

This is my bit to attempt to enlighten those who might be unaware of this hell the North American governments (US and Canada) have cursed some citizens with. I would have more freedom and peace if I were in jail for crime than this existence. Make no mistake; I have travelled to the UK, France and other European countries and these assholes were on me then, in my naive-TI days, until age 47 when all hell broke loose for me in Seattle with abettance of my employer. In fact, I suspect my perp-abetting parents got hooked up during WWII, when my father was in the RAF as a navigator.

Back to psychotorture; as I write this I am being noisestalked (specific noise to accompany tasks like the recall of above details) and thoughtstalked, a subset of the former where any unplanned/uncontrolled thoughts get an immediate application of noise. And often times that noise is in the form of infuriating me to screaming rage levels, all mind-controlled, with my voice doing fantastic gyrations that it has never done before in changes volume and/or pitch every 5 to 10 seconds. It is utterly bizarre, but the purpose is quite clear, they want a combination of aural sounds (via the ear) and nonaural sounds (or vibrations through the jaw, skull, voice box etc.) at the same time. This is to aid the perps in real-time neurological energetics analysis (aka mind-reading) of the parts of my brain they don't appear to able yet control.

As far as I can tell, they are working on the amygdala, the emotional seat of the brain, where emotional content (e.g. voice, countenance) is evaluated and assigned a valence (importance or weight), recall, humor, personal identification knowledge, grammatical function, some error-trapping abilities, the perception of normality and a few other things that don't "come to mind". (Or, more correctly, this is what the perps are hounding me for, not all of the above is amygdala processing. They have been shooting masers through my neck above my adam's apple of late, which also suggests brainstem function as well, e.g. some attentional activity).

All day long I get excessive traffic noise, and I can say this because this apartment has only an alley-wide view on a throughfare (by design, more on this later), and the remainder of the street is blocked by buildings. Even if I put on earmuffs, the perps somehow (extra-conventional physics from a distance) recreate the same traffic noise inside them, as well as adding a gradually incrementing din as if a ticking clock and talk radio show and other "background" noise are blended. After ten minutes of ear muff use, if "I" notice (or the perps let me, as I can never be sure of all their capabilities), I don't know which is worse; the roar of 2-stroke motorcycle noise (think chopped Harleys riding by worse than if one lived next to a biker's clubhouse) and other affronts or the earmuff din. The noise assault goes on every day, all day in some form. Sirens are another, some 3 to 15 a day when the adjacent street is not an emergency route as it leads to another municipality; the fire department would need to come into the city, cross busy shopping streets and then exit again when they could bypass this location altogether. And yet they parade their yellow ladder trucks at least once per day around here.

I can actually "stare down" the street noise by looking out to the street when it happens, and begin commenting on the ludicrous noise level where there are no causal vehicles apparent, and within short order, the noise cedes. When I turn away, the noise resumes. The perps have this all-governing notion where they think they will be noticed by some overseeing judge, and usually, but not always, keep this noise (and other) assaults within the bounds of having an ostensible cause (cover story). Should I look for the cause, the noise abates and one from a distant source (unverifiable) may start up in its place. Many of the noises are ones I am familiar with as a child; there were cawing crows, floatplane overflights and passing buses. There are no crows about this apartment, and yet this noise starts up, sometimes at 0400h, ditto for seagulls, and "neighbor's" water usage alternating between the E and W sides, again at 0400h sometimes.

I cannot go anywhere at all without being accompanied by cavalcades of color coordinated vehicles, or ambulatory gangstalkers who put on the cloak of normality, except where they are posted location after location where I go, as well as "showing up" in many store locations and inside or outside as well. They too are color coordinated, and will often cross in front of each other at prescribed intervals, hang out behind colums then re-appear, sometimes couples are walking together will then split apart for me to walk between them, often children get detailed to run into me or move in closer than an adult would. Today I got a multi-ethnic sentry duty gangstalk as I exited the laundry room, an East Indian was on my right, and an Asian on my left (who was reprising as he had already gangstalked me in the stairwell) who were pretending to want to access the room then, and "just happened to be" on the other side of the door.

Not only am I followed/gangstalked everywhere I go, but my thoughts are constantly monitored, if not directed by the perps. Time without fail, inappropriate notions come to mind which I struggle to repress and not act on. I must double check anything that I think or percieve because it maybe perp planted. Or put it this way, the integrity of personal thought has been polluted irreparably by an outside agency who lets me know as much, if not reminds me constantly. As I type and correct the many errors and clean up the grammar, I get constant noisestalking as I do this, even as I type this now. Even if I read specific words I can get noisestalked or zapped on occasion. And also, constant vision impairments, transitory for a second or two which is highly annoying every 5 or 10 seconds.

Given the extreme effort that goes into presenting me specific colors in combination and sequence with others (above mentioned vehicular and ambulatory gangstalkers), it is highly likely that I have no choice in what I wear. The brown colored garments I had/have either "fell apart" or are not worn, and it is true for other colors as well. I always wear blue jeans, never anything else, and seem to be content with that. Likely this has been long decided for me, and is the current mind-controlled color/clothing "mindset" (theirs planted on me, not mine).

The same goes for what I eat, and clearly it is not any kind of drift of laziness on my part. I have been afflicted with "being content" with eating the same lunch and dinner food, something that has never happened before. I would never stand to have more than the same thing twice in a week, save leftovers, and yet this goes on day after day for three years, an imposed "contentment" with no permissable variation in my diet.

Even one's mood and state of cognition is under constant external control and cannot be relied upon to perform the same activity at a later time. I can do some website bookmarking of films for hours, then later, "I" glaze over and cannot function very well. The moment I notice that reduced capacity, I get a maser hit, zap or a noisestalking.

Even to sit at a desk in normal room temperature conditions is a state to which the psychototurers apply their venal methods. As I type this, they have soaked the back and armpits of my moisture wicking shirt (NOT cotton) with a persistent dampness that has soaked my chair as well. There is no other ostensible cause for this; no prior workouts, physical activity, and is is not hot outside or in my apartment.

Other harassment activity includes blocking orders, my Pay Pal got blocked for no seeming reason, and there are other users on my PC all the time, and I cannot get them off, even if I am the seeming "administrator" of Windows. It is arbitrary, relentless and capricious, 24x7.

I have been gangstalked by politicians in the past, and I have no expectations that the local police, who rounded me me up twice on no substantive complaints, are any help at all. From discussions with other harassees, Amnesty International won't do anything. Very disturbing to learn that much of what we take for news is a charade, and only a pretense of democracy exists in the supposed free world bastions, US and Canada by personal experience, for those fortunate enough to be not sold into this depraved venality.

Its a rare incident of torture, perhaps only a few thousand that I have gleaned from other websites, but perhaps the most perturbing case of all.

Sites (only a sample)