Sunday, March 31, 2013

Three Pumps Later

A day of infuriation at all the things that went wrong; three different wine pumps failed to pump the wine, and of course the fittings were different and had to be swapped around. Even correctly sized NPT fittings didn't fit and I had to get my boss to muscle on fittings. Given that it is a Monday, and the perps like to arrange a full-on adverstiy assault, they succeeded. As with the now usual, I get to fume in hoarse whispers out of earshot of anybody (save the cat) so nothing is heard. (The son-in-law later corroborated my lack of success with the dedicated wine pump and its fundamental inability to lift more than 5'.) So..., 1,000 liters of wine had to be bailed by buckets into the new tank.

And per recent adversity activities, the perps made sure I missed my Monday yoga class, the cute and trim pixie. That is, no beer gut or skinhead (male).

And apart from one incident, the perps suddenly laid off the harassment in the evening when I got back from work.

More wine pump hassle again; it wouldn't pump with the liquid from 8' up -I could of siphoned it if the hose wasn't so large, 3/4"ID.

And I see the roadworks of last fall has been resumed; a mile of a new section of asphalt on my way back from work- always exciting for the perps.

A major cleaning job; 10 drums of apple juice, or former apple juice, to clean up; using a plastic bristle brush on a plastic surface. And as of some 4 weeks ago, the perps had me swap my two year old natural bristle tooth brush for a plastic bristle one from the dentist, the perps seem to be moving onto new territory.

I see that my boss has started the East Indian (from India) contractor personnel to do the tie-downs of the pruned vines. One being a white bearded and turbaned act hanging around, always erupting in the odd glimpse I may make in his direction, and even arranging his lunch break at the same time, and it was a late lunch at 1300h. The  perps fucked me into not knowing what a turban looked like for crissakes; he exited the vehicle upon arriving and the perps totally blanked me out as to what I was looking at. Given that headwear of most kinds gets my immediate attention, (read, Unfavored item/look as a result of subconscious traumatization associations, aka abreactions), this was a significant never-before cognitive impairment event indeed.

Back to the constant vexation front, continuing from Monday; a new wine filter was put into use for the second time and I was given a high dose of visual cognitive fuckery in setting the wine filter up, somehow not knowing the difference between an end plate and a middle plate.

BUTthis time the wine filter leaked and shot jets of water 4' away, either side. I have no freaking idea why it didn't work, though it seemed the plastic plates to hold the pads were not sufficiently connected, and were warping. The boss didn't seem too impressed, but he acted as if there was other stuff bugging him too.

And the turban act kept hanging around, being outside 10' from the door when I first opened it. He is the only E. Indian working the vines today, presumably to give him more "hang time" (as in hang-around, as a gangstalking freak)without the other two women. For their part, they put on these face masks and fabric draped down from the back of their neck, from a cap usually. It is March for crissakes, I don't think these are tanning days yet (at the 49 degree parallel).

The perps were nuts with vehicular gangstalking on the way back with this new section of just-paved road. Yesterday it was a single 3" thickness, today, it was two layers deep, 6", but only 3" on the other side. In the asphalt follies/fuckery, this too was a big event.

And many more much more brown vehicles today, and a rare first; contra-concentric brown vehicles, one turning L, the other R 90 degrees offset, though both light brown, one tan metallic, the other a more greenish brown. For the brown colored vehicles this is a very rare event. Playing these games with red colored vehicles has been going on for over ten years now.

I finally did make it to yoga this week after a 11 absence. They pulled an instructor switcheroo again, putting the fugly dude instructor on instead of the Irish woman. And a significantly larger tattoo-ed representation; four full-arm + chest fugly tattooed class members and one tattoo-lite. And two males in the class, one of whom needed to show me his furry arm pits. And have I mentioned how often I loathe the sight of tattoos (read, Unfavored sight) and mention their highly frequent display in my proximity? Nearly every blog this year now.

The couple who own the vineyard had a rousing 20 min. slanging matchthis morning. I departed at noon to reduce my hours to 80 per two weeks, the oft-mentioned requirement should I build any up to adverse circumstances like pumps and cleaning "happening" late in the day.

So it was a rare weekday visit to get my hair cut and a leg wax too. The asphalt games were on again; not only with extensive waiting for the one lane to proceed on the mile of new road surface, but also a 2' wide section of driveway outside this motel residence was removed for an imminent paving job. Like WTF; no advance notice of a driveway blockage, and here was a 4" high cut out that had been filled with gravel for the last two weeks. And by the time I got back, it was being finished with the compactor.

Though this time I went to an adjacent vitamin store for drink additives and lo, this woman with a split shoulder/arm dress with freaking ugly tattoos on the intervening skin. Not just fugly, but frightful.

And perhaps all the prior events were reason enough for a full-on eruption of perp/yobos and their revelry by yelling outside tonight. After a 11 day absence of this public behavior outside my place, this sudden outbreak tonight with yelling and threatening going on too. (As in threatening to phone the police -what I overheard coming from downstairs, not me doing it).

This raucous racket seemed designed to accompany me reading Soul Picnic, a biography on Laura Nyro. And too, to accompany me listening to her music as well.

Onto tanning tonight; extra semi-trailers were out tonight; three yellows, one navy blue tractor unit, all at 2000h, way too busy for a small town of 35k. At the tanning salon there was a cluster fuck of vehicles (10 or so) outside and a hanger-about in the lobby, all too busy for a Thursday evening one hour before closing. They put on a fat girl with extra heavy cleavage to get my attention all the more to attend to my booking and run out to prepare the room while I was paying via debit card. And surely I have mentioned financial transaction stalking before, and how the perps like to take the money side of it out and have points as currency instead? Just to think, all those points/customer loyalty programs might be doing the perp's bidding.

Other related perp fuckery;  I "forgot" to cut my mails on my R hand after doing my L hand this morning. Never in my life have I "forgotten" to attend to both hands equally until today. And they didn't let me find out until this evening. Then I cut my nails on my R hand, and lo, if I didn't "discover" I missed my R thumb, ordinarily the very first fingernail I cut when doing the whole hand, which I always do. And as the perps like to create asymmetrical energy signatures, be it clothes, furniture or anything else, it stands to reason they are fishing for something related to nail cutters and whatever else goes with it.

Another Thursday event is that my room is made up, and due to above mentioned ructions I ended up lying on the bed this in an attempt to find a noise free area. (No such luck as they moved the noise inside and from below). Which was identical to last week, they starting something up outside on Thursday evening and I retreated to the bed, made up by the housekeeper but not yet slept in.

Skipping Good Friday (yesterday), a national holiday, though I worked at the vineyard and winery. The daughter, son-in-law and two young children came to visit and pump out 900 liters of cider into a pallet tank they brought round and I helped out until the pump (theirs) got set up. As the truck and trailer were parked where I was to be working, I went vine pruning for a few hours until it was done. There is a family feud going on, and that caused the female of the owning couple to leave in advance of the arrival of family, and come back when they were gone. It seemed that this was the nub of the two day's ago slanging match. All this emotional wrangling and angst, and IMHO, arranged for me to at least overhear it, though not the specific words and issues.

And for the very first time, telepathically delivered "threats"; if you buy an headphone amp/DAC then we will take you down. Well.., the very folks/fools who planted this sudden ambition to get my computer file audio act together (after a decade of doing squat, and having headphones and CD players incessantly sabotaged) are now threatening me. How stupid is that?

Besides, given the ongoing volume control and audio playing conflict that passes for normal (for me, in a high sabotage existence) in the Windows environment, I want a dedicated playing device with a volume control, and that limits the field significantly. Plus, I want some decent storage, like 300Gb, and all that just isn't available right now, and I don't want to be locked into the Apple MP3 ipod environment either. And furthermore, I want to be able to play lossless FLAC files in my vehicle too, and there are no automotive players that do this at present. Go figure, but plan on me being "feature fraught" for the next two more years (or more) over having true audio file playing portability with a single non-proprietary lossless file format (FLAC) and without the ergonomic nightmare of Windows or any other generic computer. The Android phone with the Poweramp app comes close apart from being a generic device and plays FLAC files but the storage is limited to a 64Gb removable card. The Anstell & Kern player comes closest, save the limited storage capability.

One can be sure that the above will last at least two more years until all my audio  purist and ergonomic requirements are met. And ditto; all these fussy purist audiophile notions also were planted in mind by the same folks who have begun the above faux threats nonsense. Besides, they can take me down for whatever reason at any time of their chosing and whatever life aspect; health, financial, logistical etc. Often I wonder if they might re-program me in my sleep so that I would be a totally different person and not even know it upon awakening, and that includes recognizing one's self in the mirror. I believe they can now do this given the increased cognitive "failure" events (i.e. remotely applied neural manipulation) I have come to know in recent years.

And the most loathed mechanical sound that I know of, is now beginning to ramp up; that would be the Harley Davidson motorcycle noise, and the funny louts that ride these things are now arriving early than last year. It was mid-April when they invaded and drove by, some 4 per minute on weekends, but have now erupted outside where I live and the semi-rural  vineyard area.

Other musings; the vison perturbing masers and light flashes have increased over the past few months; very often there is a floating fuzzy black spot or toroid (doughnut shape) sitting exactly where I am to look or read. If I flick my head to look elsewhere, the full panalopy of masers and visual perturbances will arrive and become re-installed within a second or two, drifting into place as the perps would have it. Another variation is that a segment of a maser in lineal form, sits where I am looking at an edge and slowly moves off it. An example of the latter when doing the nightly ear hair pluck (R ear is 20x more prolific than the L ear for whatever reason), a half inch long maser sits on the edge of my ear as seen in the mirror and slowly lifts off from it, free floating in space. Usually I swap ears and look for hairs there to avoid seeing the maser any more.

 A near shut-in Saturday when it was nice outside. I had at least three unimportant errands to do today, and I got screwed out of all of them.

My internet access is acting up again; yesterday a forced relocation of my USB aerial so it now blocks the audio jack, and again tonight as it keeps getting disconnected for some strange reason. Nothing wrong with the cell phone service from the same ISP though.

But plenty of time for reading, Soul Picnic: The Music and Passion of Laura Nyro. I have followed her music since 1970 on and off, though never saw her live on this side of North America. A inspiring person and gone way too soon at age 49 of ovarian cancer, identical to her mother's demise in age and condition.

When finishing a book, especially a biography, I get extra perp harassment attention; some shaking of this place, ostensibly from door slamming of neighbors, aircraft noise, loud muffler noise and sexual activity from downstairs.

A hike today, getting out early (by recent standards) to the trailhead by 1000h. A glorious day, and only contrail clouds out, of which there were many to slice and dice the sky into perp manageable pieces of color (my theory). But as my printer gets sabotaged when I print maps, I have got out of the habit, (read, perp neural influencing), of always taking one. This was cause enough to send me the wrong way for some 3km, but at least I got a near full day of hiking. Last week's hike in more difficult terrain was a carbon copy; going the wrong way is now a perp imperative. I noticed that one dog was scared of me for no reason, so maybe I am encased in a white light or something, such as other TI's have determined with their cameras. (They cannot see it, but the camera does).

I had my same color metallic maroon red vehicular gangstalkers in each direction, one taking over from the next in the identical colored vehicle. And what is this deliberate "get in my way" stunt going on, where the vehicle is parked at the side or shoulder, sees me maybe a 100m back, and then proceeds to drive along the road shoulder until their speed is comparable to mine, and only then gets in front of me? This "curb crawling" driving behavior was most noticeable in parking lots and city streets, but has now "graduated" up to highways where it seems so obvious.

And too, a stream of silver-grey vehicles ahead of me, say five, and one embedded metallic maroon red  vehicle two ahead, and the vehicle immediately in front does obstruction duty by hiding the red vehicle for longer than normal. The usual stunt is to move from center line to shoulder line to block the vehicle and then a slow calculated reveal. Bizarre, save that it is so utterly consistent.

Enough of the weekly rambling and time to post this one.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tigers in the Night

I had a dream about tigers again; it was domesticated and in a house I was living in, but I still didn't trust it. I don't know why tigers interest the perps to make it dream content, but I get at least 6 or so such dreams a year. And of course, being informed of all the arranged reality, much of it tragic, such as tigers turning on their trainers, tigers attacking zookeepers etc, and habitat loss of native tiger populations. It is just plain bizarre as I don't have any strong interest in them, apart from admiring their colors and markings.

Yoga with the athletic pixie instructor after work. The tattoos on women class members were duly arranged around me, both near and far, simple (near (4') and mid-distance (8') in the E direction) and grotesque (20' away, beyond three intervening students). When the class was done and we re-entered the lobby where the next class members were waiting for a joint clusterfuck. All to have two heavy tattooed dudes serially block my access to my coat and boots. Then when 4' from the door and awaiting for the clusterfuck to disperse so I could get the hell out, the second tattooed dude gets in front of me for no reason but to show off his vile tattoos again, as it was the exit, not the entrance where he was headed. If I don't like fucking tattoos of any kind, color or placement, I don't see why it has become a near 11 year long tyranny of relentless abuse and set-ups, such as arranging said Fuckwits around me or in front of me, and having women with them on and then a flush of males after that. I loathe the sight of tattoos and that should be the end of it. Of course it isn't, but why such abuse over this?

Winemaking was busy againg today, pumping it from one tank to the next, called racking where the sediment gets left behind. This wine pump has the strangest behavior; moving from A to B was slow but problem free. Going the other direction, with the tank heights the same (and the lower valve got stuck somehow), the pump somehow "flaked out" and timed itself to occur just as the last hard to get 12" some 4' down where I couldn't reach. And it was too heavy to lift up to hand bail.

Said pump was on a yellow platform and handle.At the end of the day when putting the pump away, why, the owner's new puppy peed a flood exactly where the pump had been stored. This after a day of racking white wine, which appears yellow in the tank. The day before it was racking cider, which also appears yellow in the tank.

And I see one of my three hard drives is begining to fail; I gave it the Western Digital download test, and it failed two tests of two. These are the WD Black drives with a five yeaqr warranty. I bought five of these drives in 2010 as they are the most dependable and came with a 5 year warranty. Two have been replaced under warranty and it appears that I am on my third.

When I first got the drives in 2010, one went kaput in a month or so and I got it RMA'ed. Within a week, the drive that was in my mother's PC appeared to have the same problem, but instead it was a flaky cable. Call it disc drive failure emulation for whatever purpose that served. Though  my perp-abetting mother was talking it up at the time, though that doesn't help me figure out what it was all about.

At present two of the drives connected via USB3 cable and spinning at my feet, cannot be found in Windows; it asks me to insert them when they are already there in place.

All of the above diagnostic work served to wind me up into a screaming rage show over the clunky WD interface, and then again with Windows and its wretched help referencing menus and dialog boxes I didn't have.

I have been going to the local big box store to get irrigation parts for winemaking each morning this week, before starting work. I have been getting the lone dumpy and chinless woman as the cashier, but today they put on a cute babe with tattoo on her forearm as the cashier.

 It was red wine racking day today, fulfilling the perp games with red and yellow this week and in so many ways like vehicular gangstalking, ambulatory gangstalking etc. The Australian neighbor came to see the owner today, (call it getting a wider gangstalk audience), and helped me out at one point. In his dark green overalls, a plasma beam, emulating his leg articulation sat 2" off his overalls for at least five seconds. And have I long complained about red colors following green colors? Not lately, but the most egregious example of that was sometime back in 2008 or so, when at the First Feral Family house and my perp abetting brother was helping me move my bed into the crawl space and the grass was red. All of it, and this was a suburban house lot and we covered 60' of lawn. When we get inside he said, "wasn't that a rush", and I said no it wasn't, as it nearly made me sick (which was true). When we exited the house again, all the grass was green again.

Evening time; - tanning and shopping and the usual litany of headlights flooding into my vehicle from every direction. They even put on semi-trailers with a full 60' trailer at 1930h
for crissakes.

My wake-up alarm was fucked with; either cognitive manipulate in (not) setting it or else a nightime "adjustment"/sabotage. So no brown food this morning -no coffee, no chocolate. And no shaving (anywhere).

And all to continue the morningtime routine (this week) of going to the big box store for irrigation parts and then afterward a smaller supplier that our viticulture class had visited back in March 2012 (last year). This was identical stunt of a few months ago, also started by an alarm clock jerkaround, and having me end up at this same smaller supplier to get a metal part for my hand pruners that had mysteriously worn through.

And the cute cashier of the big box store was again there to be my cashier, though this time her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she looked a little more severe (maybe makeup). But as I had picked one 3/4" hose barb coupler that was different from the rest, she couldn't ring it through. She said she would ring it through if I went back after the purchase and replaced it. I said I would, but by then the older chinless cashier "happened" to be passing by and offered to run it back and replace it. She also needed to take a sample coupler to compare it to, so by the time she returned she emulated my visit to the irrigation section, bringing back one just-selected coupler and the one that I gave her. In the meantime I made small-talk with the cute (but less attractive today) cashier about the trials and tribulations of irrigation sizes etc.  All in keeping with financial transaction games, stunts, delays and jerkarounds.

And still on the red wine pumping; this time some 50' away and going through some 6 different hoses coupled with couplers in above mentioned acquisition and first cleaned up with Go-Gone (a perp favorite) to get rid of the price tag adhesive residue, and then cleaned to get rid of the Goo-Gone odor.

A pre-work big box store visitation again; more irrigation parts to accomodate the loss of the racking pipe I had loaned out to the Australian guy from yesterday. This time the cashier was the chinless fugly one again, but she let her black hair down, and for me to see the added  red tinges in it too, upping the fugly content some.

 This time it was wine filtering, with a new filter. That is, pumping it into filter plates to then extract the suspended sediment. The perps screwed me into misreading the instructions and I got the filters in backwards, and eventually getting it right with the owner helping out. I had to work late to 1730h to clean up. Thankfully it was only 100L of wine and not 900L.

But even at 1800h when I was on my way back, why a brown UPS truck was still on the job apparently, along with myriad other gangstalking vehicles. And lo, if I didn't get an Amazon order delivered into my suite, shipped via UPS.

A Saturday, and in the morning after doing my interwebbing the perps scripted a massive crap that needed excessive amounts of toilet paper, and then off to take the the laundry to the laundry room at this here motel. And when I got in the laundry room, they put on a woman flicking her clothes about to remove the tissue paper fragments with many shreds of it on the floor. No such thing as privacy in a TI's World.

And back to the vexation on this PC where a music player won't work for no seeming reason, all to force me to use another. More hi-jinx followed with the internet aerial not working in its usual USB port. I moved it up to the next USB port and it did work, but also blocked the headphone jack. This caused me to change up music listening as I don't have any speakers, just headphones. Later in the evening, same deal, and back to the original port so I could listen to the CD's in the Amazon package. This served to constrain my music listening time, and to force me to listen to Dusty Springfield on the disc when I could of played the digital files that had been ripped earlier in the day. To the perps, there are important differences in listening to the same music from different sources; spinning disc or the files from it. Go figure.

Though they do have me on a Dusty Springfield kick this weekend.

And I see that Yahoo email is getting blocked as I cannot compose email in the Firefox browser, and the "View in IE" command is now removed from the pull down box, my usual workaround for email create/send obstruction which goes on every few weeks.

Another singer I am returning to after a 3 decade absence is Laura Nyro; similar to Dusty Springfield as to genre (soul) with background singers, orchestral and horn sections. As part of the above mentioned Amazon order I also received a biography on Laura Nyro. It was sad to here of her passing away in 1998, as it was a year end obituary list on the news. I mentioned this unfortuneate event to my then-wife who was her usual odd self when I lamented the loss of any one well known, even locals. I could not figure out why nearly all dialog was like a dead zone all the time. But as I am now regularly scripted with sudden and abrupt conversational stops by the other party, I can see the similarity. As to why the perps like to script these stunts, I have no idea.

And I am listening to Laura Nyro this morining, part of my above mentioned Amazon order. And reading her biography by Michele Kort who also wrote Dinah! It seems there is at least three interweaving themes this weekend; the author of two books I have or am reading, two similar female singers from the 60's to the 90's, and both of lesbian association which is a good part of the Dinah! (Dinah Shore LPGA Palm Springs golf tournament) book. Not that I much care about gays or lesbians and am in no way trying to make any big deal of it, but if you agree that my existence is scripted to the microsecond and every last cognitive thought, then it is mighty curious as to what this is all about.

The browser and email hassles continue, and it seems to be a big deal for the perps to have me cut/copy/paste names and email addresses from the Firefox browser to IE or else in reverse. I was allowed to figure out an additional workaround to the missing "View in IE" command from the drop-down boxes, and that is to launch IE from the Start panel. Easy when one is not cognitively clobbered. More jerkarounds on the infinite combinations and permutations of online browsing, which doesn't cover 10% of this abuse I get all week

 A hike this afternoon with getting turned around a number of times, which is very uncharacteristic. I have given up on trying to print a map of this local park as the printer goes on the fritz each attempt.

Something I haven't had for some two years or so, but decidedly apparent; a wall pounding and a simultaneous whole body zapping.

Anyhow, I shall post this for the week, as there will surely be more to report on.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


A Monday, and although not as fraught as last Monday, the perp stunts were in full measure. I had picked up a 10kg box of yeast nutrient for fermenting wine, and first off, my boss phones up fussing about attempting to stop the fermentat at exactly 17 Brix, as that is the number he wants to hit (no matter how it tastes). As it was 18 Brix, he wanted me to stop the fermentation right away. I said I would, having taken the call timed 30 seconds after I departed from picking up the yeast nutrient. I could pull off when I got the call, and did so as it is illegal here which driving unless it is a hands off arrangement. While I stopped at the side of this little used road to a near-derelict warehouse, the vehicular gangstalking parade erupted outside my vehicle. Then when on an two lane access route, but still in the city boundary, a vehicular gangstalker was on my tail at 60kph, and then 70kph. This still wasn't good enough, even if the speed limit is 50kph, so she passes me heading into a bend. She couldn't control the vehicle at that speed and it spun around going around a bend no less, and ended up in the opposite lane facing me, no rollovers and keeping the tires on the road. A slow going pickup with a black box trailer was coming the other way and had ample time to slow down. So here we have this spectacularly stupid driving stunt, and spectacularly lucky (har, har) outcome seemingly about me packing 10kg of light brown yeast nutrient in a darker brown cardboard box. Or at least that is the way I read it for all the extra gangstalking attention I got.

The boss phoned me four times in the day, at least two of those when I had just put on gloves to do cleaning. (I have to take them off to operate a touch phone, or at least the one that I have.) Another bullshit call also came on. Adding fuel to the perp excitement was that I had made a call to purchase an item online, and then a second call to a fermetation supply warehouse to purchase the above yeast nutrient. As regular readers will know, all manner of financial transactions from online, to phone, to bus fare, to laundy machines and all shopping are intensely gangstalked and gamed. That I am paying for something that I will be later reimbursed for is also a big perp deal, as is getting a sale price on the first of four items but none of the remaining three.

And the winery supply service sucked; the warehouse had moved March 01 this year, as in 11 days earlier, and neither party of the firm with whom I spoke told me. I went to the location where I knew it to be and a notice on the door said they had moved and gave me directions. The perps just love setting up these games of "dashed expectations". I have no idea why, but it is consistent as this abuse is relentless.

About 25 zits showed up this morning; at least five each in the crooks of my arms and the remainder spread over my chest and neck. Way back when in high school, the ferocious zit days, I often wondered why it was that a zit on one side of my face would get a mirrored zit a few days later, both in size and location. And now that I know I am harassed and abused (literally) up the asshole, and have been since birth, I now have my answer.

I also drove out to the raw foods dealer who stood me up on Friday afternoon, the asshole not even returning my message to explain how it happened. All I got was a "sorry about that".


Onto pruning today, hanging out with the contract pruners to learn what I could about the craft. Then in mid row, one phone call from the boss wanting me to put CO2 from the cylinder over the fermenting juice. LOL; a fermentation produces large volumes of CO2 and protect the juice from oxygen contact.

I pumped the apple ice wine to barrels so it can be transported into the reefer-container. Extra helicopter coverage today for some reason; maybe it was that I was working with brown colored liquid.

The boss arrived in the afternoon with more winemaking "goodies"; filter, bottling device, etc. And a new Rotweiler puppy; flown in from Czech no less.

And I see myfood order got sabotaged; somehow dark chocolate got substituted for milk chocolate that I ordered. I loathe dark chocolate and would have no reason to order it except for remote neural invasion or the electronic order got changed on me. Now that they can subvert short term recall and re-arrange concepts in one's mind without being any bit aware of it, they could of made me order the wrong chocolate online. Before they could pull these stunts, say 2009, they would sabotage the order after it was sent, and obstruct order confirmation emails.

The pounding and tromping outside this suite has increased for whatever reason, though at the same time I was writing up a reply comment. The perps like to noisestalk me the instant I send email as another related example.

My internet service got taken out last night, even if the cell phone registered four bars. And by dint of coincidence the motel wi-fi was extra slow. In other words, no internet service. I did my weekly tanning last night, then went to the LD store for chocolate. And lo, if a late model convertable showed up and out spills four young males in full-jocularity mode to lead-ahead gangstalk me into the store. Then of the four, the full black hoodie stalker loitered to be seen through the glass doors as I approached from outside, "found" me twice in the aisles, and "found" me yet again at the checkout. As their convertable was green with a brown rag top up, I can only assume he was on brown-green stalking duty or whatever else their improbable vehicle might confer. And the biggest hoodie going; I never saw any portion of his face, even from the side.And I when I got back to the parking lot, I see their vehicle had a light tan brown minivan parked next to it and a red vehicle next to the mini-van. Originally, the parking lot was bare except for mine and their convertible, and it was most strange that the next two arrivals park next to the gangstalkers' vehicle.

Other exciting perp changes today were to keep a yapping male consort outside of my room for an hour to cover my arrival and then dinner. This might of been to force me to eat in the bedroom to limit the noise-stalking, as a "warm-up" to an hour long nap attack this evening. Then to wrap it up, they turned down the heat, no matter if the suite heater is set at 74F.

I got my assigned pruning done today, and had time to evaluate the new wine filter the boss bought two days ago. More "browning around" maybe, pulling it out of the box and assembling it in part, as well as reading the scuzzy photoprint manual and to then later read it online in glorious color. The perps like to create these contrasts; see it in muted form, and later in full color and/or detail. Hence the regular channel TV news anchors being washed out color-wise and then later in full (unbleached) color.

A short work week, this being the last day of a pay period and I must not work more than 80 hours over two weeks. So... a whole 2.5 hours of work today; enough to tidy up loose ends and get tagged with a toilet blocking there while concurrently they cause a gallon of water to leak onto the floor in the garage, some 40' away. These are filter tubes that block the sink all the time and as I spend 50% of my time at the sink (as a winemaker) I have to move them. They are full of water in an attempt to purge the mildew/mold in them as they didn't get stored properly, and when moved onto a plastic tote it slowly collapsed while I was in the bathroom. So.. more cursing and then a mop-up which morphed into a full walked-area mopping as the planted reasoning was that I might as well clean up all the sticky floor. The perps just love to have one job expand into another along with job interruptions so to have three or more on the go and have pointless interruptions imposed by remote neural influencing. And too, exposure to water and filtration is always a big perp deal.

Heavy room vibration and outside pounding noise, back to the level before the phone call from a supposed complainant, incorrectly (ahem) thinking it was me. The pounding and vibration did decrease all round since then, until last night. And if the pounding and vibration was from more than one party, as it seemed (coming from different directions), then they all got the message.

And back to dog barking noise from next door, in keeping with the surfeit of this particular noise. The vineyard/winery owner's new Rotweiler puppy from the Czech Republic and that counts for extra dog barking noise in the noise-scape. And too, the puppy is having training problems and crapping inside the house. Then the cat also decided to crap outside its litter box, so carpet nuggets are both upstairs and down.

Anyhow, a whole Saturday off without even laundry to do, as it got done yesterday without incident apart from getting skunked at 1300h when both washing machines were busy.

That was before I set out to a small specialty grocery store, where they had me gangstalked with a black and a white pickups, near identical in model and make. One of them took me from motel exit at the road to the very parking lot I was headed. Then this strange native indian dude in ball cap needed to tail me all over the store, including the checkout, adroitly getting ahead of me at the only open checkout.

And more online screwings; I cannot get my cell phone billing detail for the current bill, and nor can I log into my credit card. The written down password, particular for the credit card, somehow got missed where I keep it. All to rile me up to a screaming rage show equivalent, as vocalization is now limited to a hoarse whisper. When is this insane abuse in all its myriad facets ever going to end? Imagine being riled up some 30% of your waking hours for close to 11 years.

The nattering and cackling yobos have set up shop 8' from my room and seem to think it important, yet again, that I listen to male banter, throat clearing, coughing, over-jocular  laughing and cackling. Nothing funny in this grim Potemkin Village.

And some Windows warning about a hard drive about to fail; I got these particular hard drives because they had a five year warranty, and most of them have failed now. The Windows warning prompted a backup session to start, and this represents the first time I have used Windows for backing up as I can never find where the application is. And I see that it is the intended backup drive that is supposedly flaky. It never ends.

An insane amount of tromping Fuckwits outside this motel suite. About one per minute lead-footed Fuckwit shaking this suite, along with the noise and male/yobo banter to go with it. Why this corner of the 100+ suite motel is a mecca for the shifless bums doesn't surprise me if one applies the harassment-victim-in-Potemkin-Village theory.

Enough dulldom; it has been mostly a shut-in weekend and for what? Extra heavy gangstalking when they let me out. The freakshow at LD confirmed that along with the hyper vigilant stocker/stalker dudes.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Severe Abuse Monday

The assholes started straight out of the gate by resetting my alarm one hour later for a much reduced morning routine; no coffee, no chocolate, and no shaving (anywhere). And too, they obstructed my Rx yesterday so no yellow pills inside me either. The boss laid on a bunch of demands, all reasonable in the context of the winemaker job I now lead, which meant I was busy the whole day pumping (brown, and yellow-brown) apple juice from one tank or vat to another and then extensive cleaning of bins, tools, etc. He has decided to make cider along with a cryo-extracted ice wine and so I have two fermentions on the go instead of the planned latter one. One in a stainless steel tank, one in a plastic tank, all juice from the same source.

With all the pumping and cleaning it was ripe for the perps to have me "forget" things, make multiple extra trips, make extra splatter and mess, have me mount the floating lid bung backwards, have the wind blow things around including smashing the glass hydrometer on the ground, have flies arrive from nowhere get stuck in the juice, have the primer pump hose flip out of the bin and then it lose prime and many other arranged adversities to keep me riled up all day long. They even scrambled me to pull my vehicle's fuel filler lever instead of the adjacent trunk lever when went to put my boots in the trunk. Then to complete their fuckery, they had a mess erupt on the floating tank lid at 1600h, and that clean up cost me more time so that yoga was missed, now over a week as they screwed me on Friday too. If I had access to a 9mm, I would do it right fucking now. [Post script; the floating lid wasn't needed as this is a primary fermentation- basic winemaking skills now scrambled as well].

They started the day with the same intense fuckery as all day yesterday to get me infuriated yet again, but backed off to normal level abuse for the rest of the day.

With the hydrometer broken from yesterday I had to use a hydrometer with a different scale and convert, and then that raised FUD because there was already a drop from wild yeast fermenting that I didn't expect. Was it the change in hydrometer forced by the breakage or is there an unexpected fermentaion going on at a much higher than expected rate? Why all this arranged confusion, almost as bad as the vehicular clusterfucks they create

The outside pounding and vibration outside my suite continued this evening, plus the yobos increased the volume of their banter so I could hear their words. And the woman in the N. neighbor suite has been on the phone for three hours of normal tone voice, though I cannot determine what she is saying. The combined voice, (male and female separately) and outside tromping and suite vibration reached a climax when I was watching the Ch. 8 news, and instead of the dishy blonde weather reporter (who was sick, apparently) there was a new young black haired Caucasian woman who they WOULD NOT do a close up on for me to evaluate attractiveness. Normally they do some close-ups of the weather reporter, but not this time; I cannot have too much too soon in any cognitive event, attractive female or otherwise.

Then off to tanning tonight, having missed last week because the perps planted the notion I was too brown. That break in the regular cycle brought on more pounding and yobo (male) banter outside before I departed. Then when on the tanning bed, why, the attendant starts up the vacuum cleaner for crissakes. And have I complained long enough about vacuum cleaners/cleaning arranged in my proximity? Not enough to make a difference. And would this be to perturb the etheric vortices as described in the "The Source Field" by David Wilcock and others, .......

Mouse clicks, light switches, door locks etc. all continue to suffer more "malfunctions" now, and especially online with me listening to music with EMF devices at my ears, headphones that is.

A pointless trip to the college for my tuition reciept; it is available online, but as this Firefox browser gets sabotaged with some kind of scrambled graphics and missing tabs, why, I couldn't find the link. All to sent me to have a look at the admin assistant's display and see that she was using IE and all those tabs were organized and visible instead of the jumble of web pages I get, the degree seeming to depend on the implementation technology. Naturally I had to wait for a person ahead of me me who has extensive questions and contingencies and spent a lot of time bent over and looking at the same admin. assistant's LCD display and web pages.

An 0800h workday arranged stunt where the driver of a large silver-grey pickup occupied half of the lane I wanted to make a L. turn onto. Ahead of me was half pavement and half gravel. I look up to see what kind of insane asshole would pull this, (he could of backed up too), and he has this big loopy grin on his face. Totally arranged, as any responsible driver would of moved their vehicle either forward or backward.

A screaming rage show over mouse fucking; copy, paste, insert and the rest of the usual mouse commands are getting screwed, my email won't reply but goes into a new message etc. All to accompany me making my very first interac funds exchange instead of the infernal charge card thing which is months behind. Except no screaming now, just hoarse articulated enragement.

A stakeout at yoga; the elder ladies and the tattoo girl came again; plus the cute one who has a tattoo on her arm; the "cute but a little tattoo" instead of the major fugly tattoo scene next to her. I hadn't been for 10 days, and didn't feel the worse for it, and the perps let me do balances (on one foot) a little better instead of the non-stop gravitic pushes and foot movement that is usually imposed. They did this once before; one footed balances suddenly got easy and from thereafter were sabotage relentlessly. On either side of me both women wore the same colored top; lime to avocado green

Winemaking; busy with disaster prevention as the H2S smell started on one of the ferments, so I had to add more yeast nutrient. That cost me an hour at the end of the day. But the vehicular posse was ready for me, running clusters of color coordinated vehicles ahead and behind me, along with the center-line hogs in the opposing lane coming 12" into my lane for no seeming reason but flagrant belligerence.

An unabashed Fat Girl laundry stalker; leading ahead while on the phone, then still on the phone when dealing with her laundry. I turn on the light as it was getting mighty dim in there, and she did at least turn around to look how it happened. Then she is crossing back and forth in front of the washing machine I wanted to use, essentially stalking the wasthing machine while still on her EMF device and using this as an excuse for totally rude behavior IMHO. Then about 1.5 hours later, I retrieve my laundry from the washing machine and the same Fat Girl comes back to attend to her laundry in the dryer, on the phone again. This  time she has a 3" wide unnatural red and yellow streak in her hair on the left side. I don't see how I could of missed that the first time.

The perps then screwed me when I made up a bench trial for wine tasting, so 20 min. of work had to be tossed out.

Then shit games all day long, the leaking sensation needing attention at least twice.

And a late evening phone call from the downstairs neighbor accusing me of shaking the place. I told her it wasn't me, it was the tromping males walking outside on the walkway outside my room. Then she said something that I never make noise when I go up the stairs. Like WTF; why didn't you figure it out that it wasn't me and likely other persons who you likely viewed going up or down the stairs if you know my habits so well?. That her timing for phoning was impeccable didn't go unnoticed; within 10 seconds of me turning most of the lights out, as I was about to go to the bathroom at 2220h for crissakes. What a time to call and to accuse me of shaking the place when it is the trompers and it was a relatively quiet evening for that, unlike the evening before.

Friday and I got to do winemaking to keep the apple ice wine ferment going. yet again, some of the juice got on me and so I get to launder my clothes after work for the fourth time in the last five work days. Then I got scrambled as to whether I put in the detergent or not, and the manager "happened" to come by and ask about my TV and player, as the room cleaner is techo-savvy I am told. The room cleaner also "happened" to also come by the laundry room, and the manager asked her if she got the player to play onto the TV in my suite and she said she couldn't figure it out. Get this; a one year old TV, and a one year old disc player, both with HDMI connections and the player won't play into the TV. I had checked it out before this, and couldn't get them to work, so I was not alone.

And a stood-up stunt; a raw foods outfit said to come before 1500h today to pick up my order in Naramata, and so I started work earlier and left earlier, and got to the raw foods farm with 20 minutes to spare, and no one was there. I got the right place as they had a sign on the door, and I even phoned them to no answer. I cannot believe this bullshit, arranging to meet at a specific time and the fucker didn't show up at his own place. A note on the door would of worked, but then again, why would I expect common decency any more?

Saturday, and I drove into work at 1100h, a rarity. But as there is an active fermentation going, I thought I had better have a look. Good thing I did as the fermentation increased in temperature by 80% and did this in half the time as before.

Sugar; what is it all about? I went to a new store I have not visitied and shall call GCSS and was gangstalked up the asshole for my first time. A Fuckwit skinhead male was sitting in his red truck when parked the vehicle and then decides to get out and tail me to the shopping cart shed. Said Fuckwit skinhead lets out a loud yelp of some kind after I had exited my vehicle. I look at him wondering what it was, and he made out it was nothing as he was staring back at me.

And lo, if I didn't have the right kind of change to insert a dollar coin into the handle to of the shopping cart to unlock it. And lo, if another Fuckwit male was sitting in his vehicle on the other side of where I parked. I cannot get over the number of shiftless males sitting in their vehicles and doing squat in parking lots these days. So when I got to the entrance why some gangstalkers were walking the other way, exiting at the entrance. And ditto in reverse when I was exiting; Fuckwits entering the exit.

I had to get bags of sugar, and lo if I didn't have a family posse on my ass, with two shopping carts in serial formation and when I stopped at the sugar at the end of the aisle, why, they stopped opposite me. Then to the checkout to get out of there, and when unloading the sugar the cashier commands me to leave it in the shopping cart. And when it is my turn, she tells me that there is a limit of one bag per customer and I had four. I said I didn't want any in that case as I didn't want the inconvenience of getting it all over town. Then she says that I can have three at the higher price; I tell her that is OK then, I just want four bags of sugar.  Like WTF; first she tells me I can only buy one, and then she modifies this to be one at the sale price, the rest at the regular price. She had this habit of looking 12" to my L when talking to me, not to my face directly. It is the first time I have ever seen this kind of deranged behavior anywhere, persistent horizontal gaze displacement, but not vertical gaze displacement. It was most bizarre.

I am fighting pink bars showing up on the Firefox browser for no seeming reason, (purportedly an error message) and lo, if they aren't replicated in plasma form; at the bottom of the LCD display rather than the top, fainter for sure, and also skewed 5 degrees from horizontal.

PDT, as in Pacific Daylight Time, or would it be Psychopathic Dithering Traumatization? As in an insane screwover this morning. They had me adjust the three clocks last night. This morning, when looking at the time on the PC it was two hours ahead, and I was planted with the notion they screwed up. Later, when headed out the door I checked my cellphone and it was the same, two hours ahead. Only then did they allow me to realize that I got fucked into turning the clocks back instead of ahead, and so I had to change them all again today. NEVER have I screwed up a DT/ST time change, and NEVER has my analytical faculties deserted me as I would of figured it out after looking at the PC time.

More supermarket shopping cart fuckery, using my minimal knowledge to a disadvantage as I don't normally deal with shopping carts in any store. One has to insert a quarter to release the lock, but it was sprung and as the perps removed my finger the quarter goes flying out, hitting me and then to the ground. The second time it "happens" the quarter just disappears in mid air as it didn't fall to the ground or captured in my hand. I get another quarter and try again, but none of the three shopping carts would release the locking pin. I turn around to go, and find the first quarter 4' behind me on the ground. How did it get there as it made no sound, and plain disappeared from sight? One old geezer in brown came by to look at me, staring as he was walking toward the doors, and what would that of been about as I wasn't making a scene even if totally infuriated.

A Sunday, but as an active fermentation is going I on, and the owner flitted off, I had to attend to it. I find it most curious that he departs when he did not supply me with critical supplies that I had asked for, and said he would get, but didn't. I just wonder if that was to set me up for the above mentioned supermarket shopping cart fuckery that erupted at both stores as well as the interim vexation of trying to unlock them.

More orange and pink plasma beams sitting over the bottom of this LCD display, sometimes going off horizontal.

More of the organized vehicular calvalcade; either driving over center-line or over the shoulder line.

Anyhow, another week is done and to get this posted.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Deep Yellow

For some reason (read, planted notion) I wanted to start a multivitamin and duly purchased one. And that has become the the biggest "source" (read, action-at-a-distance abuse) of the latest harassment. The multivitamin is the deemed "reason" for passing deep yellow urine, which by itself isn't much of an issue for me, as it seems like just an extension of their yellow-on-white ceramic (toilet) games. But some how, they have extrapolated from this to having deep yellow pee arrive on a white towel, the toilet seat and the pockets on the inside of the lid. And if that wasn't enough, they then pulled this same stunt at work, plus a toilet blocking. It never ends; ten years of this insane psychopathic abuse and here they are putzing with the yellow tone of my pee.

The above, and then they started loose bowel games at work, and back at my residence. All told, 3 craps today when 3x/week is the prescribed "normal". Add in toilet blocking games too.

Winery work was minimal, so out to the vineyard for most of the day on pruning work. at the end of the day, I made up the the yeast starter and that got me some extra harassment abuse; my pen went missing and they sent me to other parts of the room to get a replacement and then blanking me out as to what my intention was.

Some high wierdness with the boss/owner erupted today when he sent me an email with a link he had sent me some months ago. An undisguised "back to basics- you don't understand" message that was another WTF; all this forward progress and something caused him to get our understanding over the latest fermentation project terribly wrong. A later and brief conversation confirmed this dissonance. But as I have been down these dead-end roads with him before, and he has a habit of other inexplicable diversions, I chalk this up to the imposed FUD-ery that I have been cast into. He is a natural; nothing contrived about his inexplicable edicts, bee-in-the-bonnet cranky sessions and other FUD and WTF directives.

And hijinx with three males who came to get this 11' tall tank with foam on the outside removed with a forklift and pickup hauled trailer. One was involved in a winery and so we did a sampling of the red wine, the third such morning time sampling of this wine this week.

One of them blocks the driveway by parking next to my vehicle, so he must of been confident that the owner, his father-in-law, wasn't going to come back. These two are at loggerheads of late, and it was an interesting timing consideration to have the father-in-law away all the time the son-in-law was there. And that is a deep metallic red pickup parked next to my vehicle where there was plenty of non-obstructing space elsewhere. And too, the week before, the vineyard helper did exactly the same thing with his same colored truck, a Toyota instead of a Ford.

The son-in-law made out that he needed a red wine sample and seemed to know in advance that I drew one yesterday. I gave it to him as he said he was going to do some testing on it. Later, I went to his red truck to get the sample back to do the above tasting, and then returned it there. After an hour or so of getting the tank on the trailer, he returns to his truck and keeps the white wine sample but returns the red wine sample to the fridge without explanation. What was the point of all that to have a red wine sample in a red colored truck the whole time I was outside helping his tank loading?

Back at this motel residence and the babbling and hollaring males again, an outbreak timed for when I started reading a new book. More was later timed for when began to eat chocolate with tea. Then, an outside cough erupted the instant I opened the cupboard door beneath the sink to access the garbage and saw a 1" spot of blue plasma light. and lo, if I didn't have a same colored blue tea sachet and was about to throw it in the garbage just where the blue plasma spot was. Cough-stalking has not gone out of style.

And on the topic of blue light, the debit card readers at the supermarket were all replaced with new ones with bands of blue light, in a gradual increas of blueness in 1/4" strips on the 2" display. Just the week before, it was a different model debit card reader with a similar blue, but an even blue tone on the display. And in the last act at the checkout, they timed a negro wearing an identical blue sweater 30' away, exiting the supermarket with nothing in hand. The next time I came back, the debit card readers had all been changed out to the above mentioned tonal banded display.

Other related nonsense is that they like me to see or touch an object and have a similar color object or clothed person nearby. This morning it was a blue colored pen I discovered in my pocket while driving, and lo, if a similar blue vehicle didn't speed into view on my R side. I was already doing 20kph over the speed limit and this Fuckwit needed to go faster for some reason.

Tractor-trailers with pup, ak B-trains and like configurations, are being arranged to gangstalk more often of late; even running red lights when they could of easily stopped and the rest of the driving excesses I see routinely.

The boss' high strangeness of yesterday goes unsaid; all my planned lines of the evening before as to what to say to him were suddenly vaporized from mind. He puts on the big smile thing again, and I have long been practiced in ignoring that come on.

Another public behavior driving anomaly of increased occurrence this week is to have drivers ahead of me at a traffic control fail to proceed when the light turns green. All to contain my progress and vocalize my annoyance. And what is with the new choreography of the trains of vehicles I get to experience, by having one pull off at a wide area and then pull back onto the road to follow the last vehicle? Is it to have this person re-aim their headlights directly at me as they exquisitely time their re-entry onto the road or is there some other motive/research agenda? Given the excuses the perps put on to get lights trained on me in all and every circumstance, it could only be another such excuse/incursion. I have mentioned "gravitic lensing" before, and it seems to fit their ether-gravitic modifying methods. Yes, I know the link is technical, and invokes Einstein by name which is reason enough to stop reading because it is too obscure to understand, me included. Somehow, I think there is a different and simpler technical reason if we are ever allowed to understand there is an energetic ether in which we function. (Einstein said that his theory would be inapplicable if there was an energetic ether, and he also ignored the very detailed and extensive results of Dayton Miller and instead rode with the lesser Michelson-Morley experiment results. Though now that I read the links through, I see other confirmatory experiments and ongoing controversy. Not that I trust Wikileaks any as they removed the gangstalking term some years back even with plenty of supporting experiences).

And instead of the flurry of red or silver vehicles making turns ahead of me when making the corner off highway 97 to Green Ave. (I call them "pop-ins" or "pop-outs" depending on whether they are entering or exiting the road that I am driving), sits a 10 y.o. kid in a  wheelchair parked all by himself at the corner. Like WTF; how did he get there and it is a busy corner to say the least with no pedestrian need to cross the road (bush on the other side), and as it was a weekday at 0730h or so, wouldn't he get picked up by some kind of special school bus at his home? And what is the perps relentless and infernal need to put wheelchairs or images thereof in my path?

Back to the walk-in clinic to have the doctor give me a new prescription, the same doctors as as three months ago, and he still introduces himself by saying his name and looking at the floor as he is walking in. Never do I get to be disruptive and respond, "are you talking to the floor or to me?". And he didn't look at me once except after the Rx was prescribed (all online) until I asked him at the end if I got a three month supply, because yet again, he didn't say. BUT this time, unlike the first visit, he deigned to ask, (while turned away from me), if I was benefiting from the Rx, which I piped up, "yes", when the reality is "maybe". But we didn't want to get into being harassed for ten years of sustained and organized psychopathic abuse with one facet being exposing me to horrid colors or combinations thereof, which includes feeding me bright yellow pills every day as an thin excuse for this ongoing atrocity did we now?

Laundry this Saturday morning, and cough-stalking from outside just as I  read something interesting or realized the perps screwed me via a web page text misspelling. Exciting moments for perp nutters. No "unbalanced load" games in the washing machine today; that jerkaround hasn't yet reared its head at this location, but I expect it soon as it nearly always "erupts" in such circumstances. First get the baseline data on conventional normality at a given location, and then start spoofing things to get the laundry delayed and victim riled up.

Other perp excitement was putting on the lead-footed tromping/room vibrating gangstalkers outside, a feature of this motel, unlike last year's similar abode. The overhead pounding and stomping harassment of the last residence location has now been transformed to adjacent and lateral walkway tromping with likely augmented unconventional energetic effects to shake this place. And so begins a "day off" in fucking hell.

And the cardboard box with the blue sachet teabags is in the garbage now, finishing it last night, but the above blue light games/fuckery wasn't enough, so a 1/2" fragment of a teabag sachet somehow arrived by itself outside the closed door under the sink where the garbage is. All to "tune" me to this color at breakfast time when I don't drink tea until mid afternoon. More excitement over the color blue. I will refrain from detailing the minutia of the relentless crumbs, lint, fabric pilling and thread invasions and eruptions I get all the time, but once in a while a blatant planting of litter/debris will get a mention here.

The Firefox browser got sabotaged again, stripping out features and colors again, and the page that is used to set up viewing preferences has strangely disappeared. All to play that ridiculous game of "hunt the online display button/feature" again; I move the cursor over blank areas of the screen, which if correctly placed, reveals a button, say for "forward" (email) that I could not find due to the uncorrectable/sabotaged screen display setting, aka display feature stripping. This absurd game has been going on since about 2004, when only Amazon dot com or ca would have the oft-used "wish list" button missing, and if I knew where it was, I would click the vacant location and poof, the book (usually) would be confirmed as saved to my now lengthy wish list.

And after three re-boots, (that is, two inexplicable terminations), the TV found all its channels, moving me up from ten or so, to 40. That later morphed into watching ice hockey, a Saturday habit I once had but it passed out of favor due to intense demands way back in the farm ownership screw-over that began in 1996. Two hockey games in fact; my sorry fave team from back east and the local Vancouver team who put in a respectable performance tonight.

From then the TV "habit" kicked in big time, and I watched murder mystery/forensic science cases until midnight and then updates of a current murder case in Arizona. All the while, this pressure was on my forehead region, deep in my head. Given recent readings of David Wilcock and the interest of many civilizations in the brain's pineal gland, the so-called third eye (which in fact has retinal tissue even if not on the optical pathway), why, that just might be the perps doing some experimentation/abuse. All the murder cases involved spouses going rogue, save for one lesbian couple who were murdered together by another party. Grisly stuff for sure, but as I haven't watched any of this fare for 15 or more years, along with hockey games, I am a little mystified as to why the perps sprang this on me in one stay-in Saturday.

And what is it about anything and everything to do with CD's or DVD's or the entire format that gets sabotaged? From viewing, to creating, to viewing and whatever else, it gets sabotaged 90% of the time. The latest is my Blu-ray player that won't send the signal to the TV. I got new batteries for the remote control today and it still doesn't work when it worked fine before. I have about 20 movies that have been acquired over the past three years and have seen maybe two as the player keeps getting sabotaged. I have at least four stacks of recordable CD's and not a one works to record onto despite the spec. I once bought software for universal formatting of discs and it didn't work, and when I phoned the outfit/developer they didn't know either. My CD player crapped out in 2003, I got it fixed and it worked for one CD and it crapped out again. Both Sony Discmans somehow crapped out a few years ago. Relentless sabotage over fuck-all.

I was out to get an Rx that was two days late, the assistant somehow knowing it was almost ready without referring to anything like their system to track them all. Quite the feat.

Then the checkout nonsense started up with a mother-daughter pair needing more items so she sends the daughter back, crossing my path in close, and I got to see her fugly red streaks in her blonde hair really close. I swear they moved the always-narrow checkouts closer yet for this stunt.

Plenty of more suite shaking from outside tromping Fuckwits tonight, and even a duelling coughing between two outside "just sitting around" gangstalkers.

Enough from the dulldom of being kept. A pic to finish off;

Plenty of metallic maroon reds in the top pic in some kind of distance dependent configuration. In the bottom pic, this is what they do; park vehicles in the middle of the road and walk off! A cowboy came out later and drove off. A few days later that whole scene was covered in white snow so maybe this was a "warm up" on white.