Monday, September 27, 2010

Turban in a Hoodie

Sept. 21, 2010
One of the Unfavored items is headwear, particularly swaths of cloth like turbans and other like garments. And too, the hoodie action is heating up; so many hoodies now for me to see, particularly in a ghoulish profile view. I have no idea what the perps are attempting to emulate as to what I might of seen when a child during the memory deletion years, ages 2 to 5 y.o.

So... a the daffodil bulb sorting conveyor line where I currently perform farm labor, the token Punjabi couple, when they aren't staring at me or otherwise posing in doorways or hounding my ass (aka gangstalking) me in the locker room, have now been re-instated as bulb sort workers. My understanding is that they didn't know enough English and didn't have enough smarts to do the job and got pulled off. Now they are back on, and up to their usual gangstalking and staring stunts. But WTF; why put the wear a hoodie over turban for crsissakes, hiding it in effect and revealing only a portion of it in keeping with the perps typical incremental exposure games. I find it hilarious that this religious garment is being hidden by trendy street wear that is also about hiding one's face and profile view.

Other bullshit this morning on the outbound city bus freakshow as to have one of the most digusting looking co-workers move in closer to where I am seated, and I find it especially affrontive after he scooped my usual waiting spot in the bus shelter. Then he does various posing, the "featured Fuckwit" du jour, being seen in doorways and corners, and always seeming to be just where I am headed. This person is grotesquely overweight, and has most slovenly habits. Truly a sight for sore eyes.

So, he tails me onto the bus and now sits himself in the next row, off to the right side, me off on the left, barely out of view, but at least 10' closer than he every did before (the past three weeks). not long afterward the "babe" (call her the Freckled Babe) comes in and sits down in front of me in the next row seat. Maybe this is one of those scenarios they like to arrange where the disgusting Unfavored obese case is just outside of my straight ahead vision, and the babe at the center of it. Gorgeous straight brunette hair to look at for at least 15 minutes, and then comes an elderly Asian male with plenty of choices to find a seat  by himself, but strangely sits next to the babe. Another 15 minute or so and she gets off, and then he sits in her former seat. This strange seat-swapping has been noted in the recent past, the rube dude selecting to change his seat to where the very favored blonde had sat. I call this "radiance co-opting", attempting to bathe in her remant etheric glow. Just one more repeated strange behavior on the city bus freakshow.

Sept. 22, 2010
A short grocery shopping trip became almost nightmarish; they fucked me out of what I wanted to get, and eventually allowed me to get only a few items. They had dudes-in-deep-discussion posted at at location of the coffee and coffee grinder that I wanted to use for the entire time I was in the store, Fuckwits at every location I went to, plus those that are erupting from behind corners, and then an on-my-heels tail by one of the staff members who seemed to be so intent on bening nonchalant about it. Then at the checkout, the cashier that I had visted twice before now reveals her forearms to be radically tattooe, and the big digusting fat man in a baby blue themed clothing was behind me in the line, pushing way too close. I was glad to get the fuck ou of there, and as this was at least the fourth intensified gangstalking at that store, I can only conclude the assholes have upped the gangstalking side of the harassment, inconjunction with the extra-gravitic fuckery and the noise barrages that have increased.

Another fucker was on my tail at work way too often to be coincidence today, the ducktailed dude came back after someone told me he got canned yesterday. He is like a fucking puppy dog;p mouth open and tongue hanging out and constantly on me everywhere I go. The lunchroom when entering he is exiting, when exiting at the end of break the fucker is entering for some strange reason. He hangs around me before work when I am doing cleaning and readying the worksite, and then makes a point of walking over my platform when he coud of easily gone around. Call it "severe gangstalking" maybe, but this bullshit is now starting to reach the epic proportions of the Fuckover Year of Hell, 2002 to 2003 when they seemed to be trying everything in excess.

Sept. 23, 2010

Got back into downtown on the city bus at 1745h like I usually do from the farm labor job, and I have only two streets to cross at traffic light controlled intersections, and I was the seeming target of a rundown attempt by a vehicle at both. And lets be clear; it was the Walk signal that I was following, and the term "attempt" might be too strong as it infers that I know what their intentions were, and I don't of course. The first one was at Douglas and View streets, and the herd had proceeded ahead of me at initial "Walk" signal as I hadn't reached the crosswalk. A silver-grey compact passenger vehicle came barrelling around the corner, and stopped in the crosswalk after me staring them down and giving the driver the finger, and eventually proceeded behind me. The driver put on the hands display to say "sorry" but as all things are arranged IMHO, it is another so-what. One more block and I waited for the "Walk" signal and then proceeded with no other pedestrians in my proximity. A deep green mini-van is coming at me from View street, making a left turn, and by then I was in front of the vehicles that had stopped at their red light, and I thought I was safe. But no, the green van changed its turning arc and was re-aimed at me, seeming to be wanting to pin me between the stopped vehicles and this one. I then (or more like, felt suddenly compelled) began to run to escape this vehicle, and within a few seconds of that, the driver corrected their trajectory so to make the left turn without incident. The woman driver seemed to be in some kind of state of duress or something, though I did get in my say and yelled at her for being a fucking asshole.

I usually get two run-down "attempts" a month, but this was absurd, two in one 5 minute walk after I got off the bus. Like WTF, I have already had this "happen" to me before, and I don't see why it should continue.

Sept. 24, 2010
Overhead pounding is shaking me in my chair while looking at the news. And it made it through the earmuffs even; at least six poundings so far.

Sept. 25, 2010
The token Punjabis at the bulb sorting conveyor are intent on staring again. I am looking to see where the fuck they are so to avoid them, and then when my gaze falls upon them, they have me lined up with a stare about 80% of the time. They now do the split couple gangstalk game, where they are apart and the only rational choice in walking is between them, 20' apart or so. The amount of time they spend hanging around at building entrances and on the edge of the concrete and packed gravel surface interface is another constant theme. I say "token Punjabi" as at one time within the last decade, there was over 200 workers there at this farm, the vast majority were Punjabi. Now there is only one, and he is the tractor driver and of all other farm vehicles. They had one remaining Punjabi farm laborer last year, who was a joy to work with, but he was moved on to a nearby farm.

The gorgeous Freckled Babe was at one bus stop when I was on the top floor of the double decker bus as the sickos have now arranged for the lower floor to be packed with Fuckwit dudes when I usually embark only three stops into the route. And lo, if they didn't put on an Unfavored negro dude at the same stop, he just "happening" to arrive at the bus stop when the bus did. These strange timings of bus passengers and their equally strange "just saunter on board" habit have become a regular feature. I have caught buses in many cities, and I have never seen a public transportation bus boarded by someone who "happened" to be strolling by, and not even looking to see if it was the right bus or not.

This being a Saturday without the usual regular commuters, I was  surprised to see the Freckled Babe on the bus on the way back, and lo, if the negro didn't somehow get on board too. And both exit at the same stop on the way back, opposite the one they both boarded on in the morning. At least they are being consistent.

An odd dude in long baggy tan colored shorts was sitting next to the negro for most of the city bus trip, some 20 minutes or more. Then he inexplicably gets up from this seat at the front and then walks half the length of the bus and goes up the two steps to the rear raised portion where I was wedged in and then stands immediately in front of me, and there were no other standing passengers as there were still seats availible. He blocks my view of the Japanese babe across from me, and does this for a few minutes, and then gets off at the next bus stop. Like WTF; he walks past the rear doors and mounts the two steps to the rear raised deck all to stand in front of me before he retraces his steps, going back down to the main floor to then exit via the rear doors. Did I say I was targetted?

My only synopsis of this very strange public behavior was that there must of been some "negro" energies (also governed by skin color) that he had absorbed by sitting next to one, and that he wanted this to interact with my energies. I know, it doesn't explain very much, but as the sicko's technologies are so advanced, this seems to by my most plausible explanation.

A turbaned  male E. Indian gets his own private bus stop today, all the more notable in that the bus drivers are such sticklers for stopping only at busstops to pick up or drop off passengers. I get to see this from the top deck at the front of the bus, over the front doors, and maybe this was all about having me peer down from above to look at a turban from this rare vantage point. I don't give a shit, and I don't understand why I am being hounded to look at fugly (Unfavored) head wear from an unusual angle. Again, this was set up by having the Dude Force/Fuckwits populating my usual lowerdeck  seat  choices some three stops into the route.

What a surprise; no gangstalkers of significant note at LD tonight, though plenty outside plus a cluster of four red vehicles, as well as more than usual ambulatory parties outside. Then a motorcycle parked in a stall as a prop. I recall that they backed off on gangstalking me only twice before, and for limited durations of a few hours. Thiink of it; being hounded in public relentlessly for over eight years, and they only have given me three too-short reprieves, hours at most.

Sept. 26, 2010
1015h. Sunday, no work today.

Laundry today, bedsheets and towels in the same load, and the strange linting "habit" of the towels seemingly abated for this combination. Put the towels in with other clothing and there is a massive linting problem. And more games, as I laundered my relatively clean work clothing and there was bands of soil and grit left behind in the washing machine.. Seemingly, no one used it since, and once affirmed, I put it through a laundering cycle with no laundry in it, just to clean the washing machine. So.. with that prelude, I then put on the bedsheets and towels load afterward, and all was well, no tracks of soil or grit on them post-washing machine cycle. The endless games over laundry and all the variations, permutations and other fuckery is simply amazing, and all the more so that they have been at it in overt form for over eight years now.

Sept. 27, 2010
I am going to post this, now that the notes have been converted into more readable form, as I don't want this to get lost by imposed takeovers of my PC.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Crumb Inundatations

Sept. 19, 2010
 A  day off from farm work, that will make it a three day weekend with a doctor appointment tomorrow. Just the usual "visit the East Indian" trip, no specific purpose other than that. He might have one his "students" in there too, or sometimes another doctor. Last time it was an Asian shrink who came to sit in, so it would be combination of Asian and East Indian male doctors. I am on record with predicting my next replacement doctor to be a negro, going up the brown skin scale, from Caucasian, Asian, East Indian where it currently is. Though I am told that negro shrinks are a rarity, I am sure the sickos will find one when they need it. As in "when", not if, though I cannot be 100% sure, but it seems the perps are still working on their negro exposures, especially male negroes, possibly related to traumatization associations of their doing when I was young, abused, and then recall deleted. It seems that subconscious recallections are what they are working on, and have been since they went into overt harassment in 2002. I say this abusive and depredative life rape has some 3 to 4 years to go, given that it has taken them 8 years to getting around to allowing me have food cut with a ceramic blade instead of steel.

I got two pieces of bum advice yesterday, found out today. The tea shop was said to have Bodum teapots with infusers, and the nearby coffee shop was said to have manual coffee grinders. I went and did a post-rain excursion to these two stores and got skunked on both. I did get some loose tea though, something I had wanted to do for over a year. That is how it goes; crank me up on an interest and then keep reminding me of it every few weeks for a year or more, and then finally allow me to execute the plan. Gangstalking and other stunts enroute and return and in the store are not optional.

Another long standing event that was allowed to be completed today was laundering my microfiber coat with a fleece liner. It looked scuzzy and the assholes wouldn't let me wash it until today. Wonders never cease.

The 1405h #27 bus was 10 minutes late, long enough to put on an extensive gangstalking vehicular show with the Asian woman rudely standing in mid-sidewalk some 7' away. When the bus finally came, why, it was near full, and I end up getting a seat beside her and her odd head drooping habits. I never did figure out what she was doing exactly, and whether it might of been an intense music listening experience. Her standing in mid-sidewalk next to the bus shelter meant that the procession of ambulatory gangstalkers that came from behind her all had an excuse to step onto the ashphalt street to get around her, and she didn't move after the first such obvious signs of obstructing public egress. I have never seen an Asian so fucking rude before, but there are so many firsts in this role as an exotic abusee.

Sept. 20, 2010
A stayover at the First Family Feral home last night, with prior serial visitations by my daughter in the afternoon (scraping for donations fo Run For the Cure (huge cancer fundraiser here)) and then my in-town brother for dinner. Then a near pointless trip to Lee Valley Tools for a chain mail glove to protect me using the recently purchased mandoline slicer, but as it was $80 plus taxes I defered, not having done any other prior shopping to find alternatives. Then an hour of yard work, resuming the digging job of removing the plastic sheeting buried in the soil, but as it was so extensive I had to cut it off and make another project out of the rest of it, as it is over one foot deep. This digging project to level a 10' square backyard corner had begun four weeks ago, and has already uncovered three other buried plastic sheets. I assume this is all perp related as they are totally consumed with the effects on plastics on soil, plant growth, water contact, and of course ageing. I don't think my parents put the plastic sheeting down, as they had no reason to. And I see that there is orange colored polyethylene plastic there, a relatively new product and different from the transparent and the black colored poly sheet that has been around for some decades.

And while my daughter was visiting with their family standard poodle, the next door neighbor saw fit to engage in some soil slamming to shake the house a little and add concurrent noise. The guy had started a fence repair job and "decided" that it was served by slamming the post down into the dug hole, presumably to compact the bottom of the hole so he could pour concrete in it to set the fence post. As mentioned, the sickos will use any excuse to increase the noise and vibration level, especially when there is more family about.

Another perp interest is plants, their roots, and soil interaction. The above mentioned digging job uncovered many roots of the nearby pine trees that had grown around, or between layered plastic sheets. This digging job exposed the roots, as the plastic had guided them to some extent. This same digging job had been held up for some three weeks as it was raining each of the past three Sundays, my only normal day off, save today. The doctor appointment forced me to take a weekday off, which was cleared with the employer in advance. As always, the SAC overhead aircraft noise started up when I started digging, and was near continuous for the hour that I was engaged in this activity. Other "regular noise" was the off-on percussive roofing noise, as if someone had started yet another roofing job in my proximity, wielding an air gun intermitently, unlike any roofing job I have known.

And the doctor appointment was duly attended by an "assistant" who asked all kinds of questions, making out that he wasn't up to speed with my case history. It went OK, and I didn't figuratively impale myself on describing gangstalking, harassment and the progression of mind control research. The major pissoff was that the appointment started 10 minutes late while the procession of wierds and oddities passed by, some doing back-and-forths, some doing synchronized seated posture changes, and others varying their spinal orientation, from slouch to bent over, like they were going to take a crap. I reckon ithat it was more important that I spend extra time sitting in the copper colored upholstered chairs, given that it is a highly featured gangstalking color, and that it is the third change in seating that has been arranged in that waiting room in the past seven years.

Said "assistant" was similar in face and eye appearence to the former work colleague I keep in touch with, and who emailed me two days ago about meeting a mutual colleague who suffers from MS. We didn't get together as it "happened" as there was no return phone call from our colleague. Such interactions that don't reach fruition have been noted in prior situations where a near-doppelganger "happens" to appear not long afterward. The perps seem to be seeking some kind of intrinsic neural signature of communication with the same person, be it by email (the past two days), phone (in the past), or in person with them morphed over (possibly today).

As one TI indicated to me early on, the sickos read one's spine like it is an aerial. And that seems to be true, as the fuckers are all over me (extra gangtalking) when I walk from yoga class back to my apartment. And too, a public yoga class out yesterday when I went to two stores, getting skunked at both on what I intended to purchase. The manual coffee grinder and the teapot with a stainless steel insert basket instead of a nylon one will have to wait yet again. The perps seem driven to have me get a glass teapot, and like to noisestalk me while the color changes while the tea is steeping. Heaven knows when they will let me have a ceramic teapot.

A city bus ride to downtown, then a freakshow at the supermarket while shopping enroute to my apartment. The assholes fucked me out of getting the bus I wanted; I was to get a #11 and the screwed me out of knowing that is the one I take, and I had to walk another half block to get a #14. Like WTF; why is it important to them that they screw me out of an intended bus? I don't make those kind of mistakes as I know most of the bus routes in this town, and yet they fucked my cognition and access to my knowledge.

A sudden Firefox browser crash a few minutes ago. All to follow the prior boot-up where last tabs were to come up but didn't for "some reason". About 99% of the time I boot up Firefox I have the last most tabs as it saves opening new ones and serves to remind me of what I was last working on, looking at or planning to revisit. Soo.. to change things up as they do, they fucked my Firefox boot up to have no saved tabs from the last session. That is how it goes in Sabotage Land, even the most picayune habits or routines get trashed for their own sake.

An eruption of dude talk from a neaby balcony; I closed the window and put on my earmuffs and was not able to atenuate the noise level by any appreciable degree. I don't why the perps insist on arranging loud dudes to banter just out of word-audible range, but still within voice noise audible range, but that is how it has been for over eight years, these ersatz dude chats in my proximity. And I don't have any particular insight or given read as to why they are doing this either.

An noisy evening as the dude banter re-started again while making dinner and continued while eating and cleaning the dishes. That, and the thumpy stereo noise from a putative neighbor was my accompaniment on this particular Monday. Another first was that I used my new Microplane cheese shredder today, acquired two days ago and without the usual months of "fallow time" for most new acquisitions before they are permitted to be used. I haven't figured out why this applies to some but not other items. And some items are acquired and so far, years later, never used. The safety toed boots were bought in 2008 in the anticipation of future construction laboring work that never materialized, and haven't been worn yet. Which suggests a future job in some capacity where tey will be worn, but so far, nothing yet and I have no idea what it might be. IT work would not ordinarily have a call for this footwear, but in my circumstances one just does not know what is around the corner. The sickos don't like me to have much money, and a decent wage job doesn't seem to be in the offing. Though, they could get me on the expense side if I had a decent paying job; automotive expenses are often a money pit they like to exploit with strange and unexpected vehicle repairs. Been there, done that.

Enough for a post, and insurance that this isn't blown away like recent perp blog sabotage.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pallet Stage Show

Sept. 13, 2010

The work scene again, hefting boxes of daffodil bulbs into a hopper that leads to rotating tumblers to remove skins and soil for downstram inspection by a crew of 8 to 12 bulb sorters who remove the dead or severely damaged ones. I stand outside the building on a stack of four pallets with another two adjacent stacks, one for incoming pallets and the other for outgoing empty boxes. My pallet "stage". The three pallet stack levels are kept the same height to avoid constant change of differing working heights. When a forklift delivery of a pallet with bulb filled boxes is to be made I take a pallet off the stack as a new one is coming in. I transfer it to the empty box pallet stack as the pallet was removed. The order is that the empty box pallet is removed first, I lug an empty pallet onto the stack to keep the same height, and then the full pallet is delivered onto the just vacated lower pallet stack. A little confusing to explain, but it is a two part job. And today, three different forklift drivers in succession "forgot" to deliver the second full pallet, leaving me one pallet thickness lower than the other two. I tell you, it is orchestrated, especially around increments of similar objects. In this case pallets with a top plywood surface and boards underneath with solid wood crossmembers. The stacking of the plastic boxes in another example of incremental build up a layer of a certain uniformity the sickos like to arrange.

They hired some more male wierds, plus one was re-hired, and he needed a new employee card as he turned his in. This is the freakish long haired blonde tall male who has a rather large gut, and likes me to see it in profile. No doubt this dude has more games to play, and is only getting started with his "gut strut". [09-18-2010 update; he has only come for this one day]. The three wierds were an severe obese case that is totally disgusting to look at, another who wears a bicycle helmet for no seeming reason, and the third is a ducktail dude who had a recent stroke and seems to have memory loses. Read on.

My ducktailed male helper seemed to forget everything I told him about two days ago, which included afternoon break time, that started some nonsense. He unilaterally shuts down the tumbler machine, and says he needs to take a piss. I tell him to tell me as I can cover for him as there are 12 downstream workers who depend on us putting daffodil bulbs through. Then he tells me it is break time, and I say no, its only 1400h, break is at 1500h. Then he says he will work until then, and I tell him that he said he needed to take a piss and to leave it all to me as I can run it by myself. So he takes off to take his piss, and I run all the equipement for a few minutes while he is gone.

Then he pulled a cigarette stunt, lighting one up while working. I tell him that it wasn't on for two reasons' the fire hazard with the bulb skins blowing all over, and that smoking in the workplace isn't permitted. This is what I told him two days ago when he asked in advance, and somehow he "forgot" to ask again today, as also "forgot" what I told him.

Also of interest is that he has tattoos on him, one on the right hand which I get to see far too often, my attention being redirected to look a the fugly tattoos.

Then the slow striptease over the working day; a coat, to reveal another coat, and finally an infernal red short sleeve shirt to reveal an am tattoo. Have I said how much I fucking loathe tattoos? In another vignette, he somehow slipped off the equipment, and when I saw him he was lying on the ground, back down, and recovered to continue. These lie-downs with one's back to the ground are totally absurd, and it is at least the third one so far I have seen co-workers do outside of field coffee and lunch breaks.

A stinking abuse show this evening, at tea time, -spilled the tea due to the center french press  plunger coming out, then messed me four times with attention re-direction games, had me do the teapot cleaning totally out of order, putting it all in the sink to begin with, and at least six rage-fications over mindfuck games, including gratuitous attention redirection fuckery. This is where I am in mid-task, a routine of making the tea as an example, and they send my attention to the cupboard and drawers that have nothing to do with tea making.

An arranged ink spill in the laundry which somehow got on my hands "from" a pen that "happened" to be "forgotten" in my pants when in the washing machine, with some ink on the jeans, though everything else in the laundry load seemed to be OK. (At work, they have me use my own pens for some reason, the same kind that I do my diary with.)

Sept. 14, 2010

Saanichton BC continues to a nexus of negro activity, at least 20 parties in the past two years, which defies the demographics of the last census. A negro on the bus again, three seats in front, with parka on but hood down to reveal his white ball cap, which he later took off for me to see his tight head hair. And then when he gets off, his parka is half on and a white sports jersey is underneath. In other words, he partially removed his parka between leaving his seat and exiting the bus. Fucking bizarre, but the clothing half on stunt is old news.

And to add the white color theme, the negro with the white ball cap was followed by a male MIW (Men In White) walking down the aisle of on the bus, with the assholes making sure my attention was directed at the scary white pants. There is something quite loathsome about seeing males in loose white pants.

And daffodil bulb loading all day, my one ducktail and tattooed helper turning mysteriously odd about how he lets so many bulbs drop down from the equipment when it is his full time job to stop the back ups that cause them to drop into the bin below. It is not just me who cannot figure out what is going on with him. He seemed to forget everything I told him two days before, including lighting up his cigarette around all these bulb skins in the air and in bins. Ditto for leaving his stuff on the loaded pallets that are moved. Maybe he was hired by the perps for his ugly ducktail and scrawy partial beard and tattoos/ Or maybe the constan open mouth he has. It seems that the perps want to continue to expose me to male ponytails, and having a male with an "almost ponytail" hanging around me at work for eight hours each work day might be their usual incremental exposure game, interjecting the odd babe with a ponytail, preferably blonde when elsewhere, say bus or public sidewalks.

I even got a look from a blonde babe on the bus today, not long enough to be a stare, but I noted they later put the hat-backwards male rube in behind her seat, and when she got off, why, the rube sat in her seat. This happens so often I have called it "auric radiance co-opting", putting the Unfavored specimen (male rube/Fuckwit) in the same seat or location as a Favored person, blonde babe having two Favored features (attractive and blonde).

Two days ago on the bus, a rainy day with my Blunt Tip umbrella beside me, a young blonde woman was standing up, getting ready to depart, and she looks at me, I look at her, all normal duration and no staring by either party, and then I get distracted by my umbrella suddenly sliding out and I grab it before it gets to the floor. But the strange thing was that the tip was resting on the rough no-skid surface, and there was no slow movement, the umbrella had suddenly moved 12" or so. I contend it was de-materialized and the re-materialized 12" away as I could not replicate the apparent lack of friction that would of conventionally caused it to move. I have had many of such events, often in the most mundane of circumstances, dropping a teabag into the garbage from 3' up, and I don't get to see it drop, it suddenly materializes in the garbage below.

And all manner of co-workers gathering around my backpack when I leave it on the bench nearby; they also arrange plastic crates and cardboard around it as well, an ongoing study for the assholes to put people everywhere I have my stuff, or have sat or stood. More weirds trolling by as well, I have no idea who they are and they don't introduce themselves, even more odd IMHO.

I pulled some makeshift cardboard off the hopper today as it was becoming a pain in the ass, and the mechanic was to come anyhow. The instant I had the brown cardboard in hand, why, the foreman was all over me, chatting away and engaging me in dialog that was job related, but as there has been so many of these events, though usually not cardboard related, I can only assume it was a big perp moment, for me to grasp brown cardboard that had been used to contain the bulbs from climbing out of the hopper.

Sept. 15, 2010
Later afternoon rain, much the same timing as the day before. A record number of pallets of daffodil bulbs were put through the machine today, 19 in all or (19 x 48), 912 boxes. I was suprised that so many could be put through, though I had a helper to keep the machines clear. It seemed the perps put on a three hour rain onset to ensure there was a slow gradual color change all round, most objects getting darker when wet.

The seeming co-workers still like to cluster around my backpack wher it is left on a plywood table, and they seem to be ready for me to come and retrieve it for a break, or to return it to the same location, or else obstruct the original location to have me place it elsewhere. They also like to lie on this plywood table, in keeping with the plywood games that go on; pallets, the 1/4" plywood pallet load covers, and now 3/4" plywood covers.

Miss Cambodia who has followed me from the former farm to this one has now changed wearing her ridiculous red ball cap to a red hoodie that had been stored in her jacket collar all this time she has worn it. This since mid-July when at the first farm work site, now tailing me to my second farming job/employer for 2010 along with another Cambodian, a loopy male, and a large Caucasian woman with spots on her skin.

Sept. 16, 2010
A near identical rainy late day as yesterday, except this was payday, and the pay office was duly "reinforced" with at least 5 of the 8' plastic tables stacked on edge and leaning agains the office wall. (An office with a window to the outside where we present our badges to get a check). Also " in attendance" in the prop lineup were three cannisters of propane in various sizes and some barbeque equipment. There are some 20 to 100 motorhomes descending on the farm for a get together, all to add to the all-round Fuckover with their vehicles, GPS gear, solar roof panels and their satellite dishes unfolded. Talk about near unbridled wealth, as some look bigger than my apartment that I live in when their bays are extended. Some of these bays are 10' to 12' long as they add to the floor area. There must be websites of motorhome afficiados where no toy is left undiscovered.

On the homebound city bus freakshow a Secret Sicko (SS) male with a white sucker handle protruding from his mouth, emulating a cigarette, and making extensive phone calls on his cell phone. He was hanging onto the seat sideways with icky almost red hair, but lighter, say ginger color. Ginger looks good on house cats but not the SS dudes in their black jackets that somehow didn't get rained on like everything else outside. Another one of those "least likely to be seen on public transportation" dudes.

A day of loading daffodil bulbs into the hopper at work; 18 pallet loads that contain 48 boxes each.

Another new torture the assholes have been building up for was on for last night, getting me up at 2413h to deal with a muscle cramp in my leg to walk off the pain. The pain was evident when I was lying down, but as it was getting too nasty while in bed and I had to relieve it (in theory) by walking it off. And just now, more leg cramps, also alleviated by walking it off, this time both legs at once being rendered temporarily impaired, though still keeping me upright. These pains come on from nowhere, and sieze my thigh muscles up and render the entire leg stiff and in pain. I would get these when swimming regularly, and I could not figure out how they came on so suddenly. Now I know; I was invaded then, as I am now, and just didn't know about it then, unlike the rest of the swim club, many of whom seemed to have joined the SS. It was all those year long absences that I couldn't figure out.

Sept. 17, 2010
Finally some relative calm after getting Fucked Over for at least 40 rage-ifications while making and eating dinner, as well as cleaning the dishes. The big highlight jerkaround was when I was cutting the quesadilla in two, and they rotated it a quarter inch, and messed up my cut line that was in progress. The two halves still stuck together after I finished cutting in two, an ongoing game they play. And so while complaining, read, screaming at the assholes for jerking me around for at least 300+ times (lifetime) on this particular event, they then revved up a truck outside, over-revving, then it subsided for at least three cycles. The noise, and perhaps if was a real vehicle too, it would of had an EMF signature to go with the engine rpm. Such is the state of the ongoing games, starting noises while screamingly infuriated at their insane pranks. Other aggravations were pulling objects from my hands, screwing me out of the usual order of doing the dishes, as the garlic press is always done last (a forced "forget" on the drinking glass that remained on the table), inundating me with crumbs in excess of what normally would occur, flashing me with red microdots of plasma beams, interfering with my word choice while yelling at them, and a few others that somehow don't come to mind. Other invasive but not enraging abuses were touching me with faked objects (at least 50x) and voice changes (2x).

On the farm work side, there is a middle aged Punjabi couple, a remnant of when there was over 200 of them working there. The last Punjabi left in the spring for a better job at a nearby farm, though I am sure there is more to this story given the perp manipulation themes over race and skin color, and interactions with the worksite, including the flooring, seats etc. This pair keep "showing up" around corners, stopping and staring at me or the,  "just standing there" dumbstruck in typical gangstalking locations such as building entrances doing their poses. And they like to erupte from behind corners, behind washroom doors just as they are opened and otherwise odd posing outside or in doorways. Fucking bizarre behavior. One time at the end of the work day the woman was sitting on a concrete barrier for delinating parking stalls, and her back was facing me and she was facing a railing 1' in front of her, most bizarre to begin with. But her swweater was lifted some 2" to expose bare skin and below it, a 2" band of her pink underwear. All for me to see for all of a few seconds as I entered the crew bus and got a seat on the other side so I wouldn't see this startling visage any more.

And today before work start, the Punjabi woman was sitting on a brown plastic seated chair outside and partially blocking the entrance to the men's washroom. Like WTF; what woman sits on a chair next to a men's washroom. It looked plenty stupid as it was contrived. Next they arrived on the daffodil bulb sort line, after being kicked off over a week ago because they didn't know what they were doing, and didn't speak English. (No other Punjabis as translators). And to make his turban even more silly, he put his black hoodie up to cover it as much as he could. She added to the strange headgear scene by wearing a scarf that somehow bagged out at the back, making it seem that she had an extra long head projection at the back.

I have seen these "bag hats" plenty often, the kind that sag at the back of the head,  and all I can surmise is that the perps are attempting to replicate some beings who have oversized heads compared to humans. As again, I have no such recall of seeing strange head shapes or aliens if that is what it is about, as my recall was nearly totally deleted from the age of two to five.

As part of the strange headshapes scene, there is much increased hoodie wearing among the gangstalker crowd, especially the coworkers. They get seen in all manner of poses, often in profile where I don't even get to see any portion of their face.

Sept. 18, 2010
I was sent out into the public zoo today, called downtown, after getting roused that I coulld't slice food, save with a knife, and that is always so inconsistent. So...., after a year of doing online coveting of mandolines (read,.perp mindfuck planted), and then also for ceramic knives, I finally get the opportunity to get a Kyocera ceramic bladed hand mandoline from a downtown store. Then a hankering for a decent and sharp cheese grater came on, as did another for crockery as my side plates and bowls are annoying with their too small bases, exploited by the sickos to make them extra tippy. I didn't get a set of bowls as the only plain ones were $17/bowl, kind of expensive, even if from France. I still didn't get the manual coffee bean grinder or a stainless steel basket for my Bodum teapot, but at least I got some leads of other stores, more than I usually get. The latter two are also on the "must get" list for whatever reason, as they don't seem to want me near electrical appliances on a regular basis. And I don't want to be captive  to the gangstalker parade in the local supermarket each time I use their grinder machine. Never mind the fucking mess of spilled coffee beans that erupts no matter my precautions.

All three purchased items had stickers on them, so out comes the Goo Gone to remove the remaining adhesive, and then a cleaning with the dishes cleaning brush. But the perps have had me on a domestic stint this year, having me get measuring cups and spoons, sieve, two stainless steel spatulas, a garlic press, and a pestle/rolling pin. All that new  gear mostly sits around, save one spatula and the garlic press (sat around unused for 4 months). Which suggests the perps have a big domestic agenda planned for me, and being even allowed to prepare meals other than the same one for over seven years.

On the "wonders never cease" front, I got the first email from my daughter in over 8 years, as she along with everyone else cut me off, save the odd one from the ex. Regular readers will recal that she actually got me a Father's Day card, and something for my birthday this year, also firsts. Suffice to say this is another major piss off, being excommunicated from my own family for no apparent reason. But it fits the pattern of everyone else doing the same fucking thing, including all those supposed "friends" that were fully participating in this insane abusive nightmare.

I put the mandoline to use for dinner time, making a salad and slicing carrots and a lemon cucumber. There was plenty of accompanying noise of faux water running and clunking, so it is a HUGE deal for them to have me change up the fundamental nature of how I cut my food up. It would seem that by using a ceramic bladed device I am eliminating the energies of the steel knives that are typically used for cutting carrots and cucumber, as it was tonight. I had been using a stainless steel knife purchased from Ikea a year ago, and it had been sharpened with a diamond hone since about 03-2010. And over the next while this food will digest, and presumably have a different energetic, (or electromagnetic if you prefer) signature than before. All too fascinating for the perps, and this does represent a watershed moment of them monitoring my food preparation and consequent energetic interactions with utensils and then later digestion. Like I have said in the past, I am under intense scrutiny as to what I eat, from what crockery and what utensils. I noticed that one of my regular gangstalker co-workers, one who tailed me from the previous mutual employer, was using a folding titanium camping fork/spoon at lunch yesterday, so no doubt this too will be part of the abuse reasearch agenda.

I will post this now, 2020h, as I am concerned it will get wiped out like recent postings in progress.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sirens Abounding [Updated, 09-17-2010]

[As of Sept. 17, 2340h, I have converted this rough notes version to the one you now see.]

[Original text: This is a rough notes version; just entries of  my notes that I intend to elaborate on, as I don't have much time tonight to get this fully written up. And the typo sabotage is intense. I cannot make much sense of this either, as a cut/paste went wrong as it often does in TI World, aka, Unconventional and Relentless Abuse World.

-Sept. 13; I begining to update this, but only a portion at a time is allowed as I suddenly and uncharacteristically get demotivated].

Sept. 09, 2010
Four days of blogging just got wiped out by some strange and unbidden behavior of Blogspot, also with no backup. A blanked-out version suddenly erupts and no choice as to saving or not to save the prior work. Needless to say I am totally pissed off and rage-ified, as the assholes seemed to be getting over this particular brand of of this fuckery some two months ago.

Sirens; at least 15 different episodes on Monday (Sept. 06 Labor Day) and then again Sept. 07 when at work in the daffodil fields of Saanichton. In the latter case, these are often 1960's style sirens, which they seem to think has some kind of associations of that era. I began school in 1960 in grade one, though there are some some absences that I cannot account for; 16 days that year it says on my report card, and I have no clue as to why. And no recollection of being sick.

Sept. 10, 2010
I was loading daffodil bulbs into a hopper all day long, as they then get sent through a series of three 3' diameter tumblers to remove loose skins and debris, and then get passed down a conveyor belt manned by some 8 to 12 staff who extract the rotten and poor quality bulbs and let the good ones go by. I am outside, and the conveyor passes through a hack in the steel wall to another conveyor where the staff are; sheltered and out of direct sunlight for 90% of the day.

And I have had black helicopter coverage from a Robinson in the past, a "recreational" helicopter for those who can affors such toys, but certainly a less menacing make and model. But today, a white Bell 206 helicopter coverage close in at times, 30 time, and likely aided/supported by two white trades vans parked nearby, and my white dust mask that I did not put on today but was close by (have had it on for two weeks, but no dust today). The helicopter moments were also accompanied by other co-workers doing pass-bys, engaging me in short, sometimes irrelevant conversation. In effect, "drawing me out" to verbalize and presumably exercise those neural circuits that remain on their research agenda.

The supposed trades guy was wandering around with his cell phone on much of the time, some four hours total. He was one of those scary crew cut dudes with nothing to do but wander around, and not unlike the asshole that assaulted me on the street a few years back.

As part of the daffodil bulb sorting crew, I leave my backpack on a 20' long plywood table along an unused wall, along with the rest of the crew. But when I get to my backpack on break times, it is constantly ringed with objects each time I go to retrieve it; cardboard (think, brown), plastic boxes, coke can litter, floor mats etc. And also, they are now doing sentry work around this plywood table, presenting a wall of bodies for me to find an opening for another location to place my backpack at break's end.

A pair of negroes got on the bus in Saanichton, about the most unlikeliest place they are to be found in all of this Greater Victoria and Saanich Peninsula area. (Central Saanich demographics; 5% visible minorities). They seemingly couldn't figure out where to sit on the upstairs level of the city bus. First one was ahead and one was a few seat rows behind, and then the one ahead came back to his pal a few minutes later, and were in constant conversation thereafter. It had to be one of the most strangest seating "decisions" made by two seeming voluble chums. None of the usual indecision discussion at first, just this implied (read,scripted) odd routine where they were required to be separate with me loosely in the middle.

Another city bus freakshow special was red ballcap hatted Fuckwit walking N. past the bus stop on the opposite side of the road  while us farmworkers were at the bus stop at the end of the work day. Then he "happens" to be on the S. bound bus after I boarded it 10 min. later. Like WTF; not only did he change his plans 180 degrees, but he also took a bus to do so, and got on at the next earlier bus stop after crossing the one N-S arterial road.

And of late, the perps have been busy with presenting the Unfavored Freakshow by means of suddenly presenting these arranged fuckers in front of me with minimal advance sighting from afar. Today's bus driver was this male Punjabi  with tall turban and 18" beard, a total surprise stunt, as I stepped onto the bus first looking at the fare machine to swipe my card, and then I look up, and here is this Unfavored specimen in full view within 2' of me.

Later on the street after work and getting off downtown, a skinheaded dude popped out within 2' of me from around a building corner, abetted by a bicycle on the sidewalk that forced him wide behind a building corner and to then pop out, and likely cognitive dithering as I should of seen the fucker through the adjacent window.

And what is the deal with the Fuckwits in bicycle helmets and no bicycle? A supposed new employee wears a freaking helmet on the bus, has no bicycle (two days so far), dresses like he is a biker (leathers, fabric riding pants), and even wears his helmet at the sit-around area before we start work. I haven't seen him without the helmet yet, and of course he works somewhere else so I don't know if he wears it while working. He does. [Update; he is said to be an epileptic and uses a helmet as protection in the event of a fall. Sounds like BS given all the helmet stalking games that are unfolding every day.] Or hmm...; I did have a woman have an epileptic fit on the bus nearby me, this in 2000 when commuting from Everett to Seattle. Likely not a coincidence, but I am curious as to how they manage such events.

Sept. 09, 2010
Four days of blogging just got wiped out by some strange and unbidden behavior of Blogspot, also with no backup to access. A blanked-out version suddenly erupts and so choice as to saving or not to save the prior work. Needless to say I am totally pissed off and rage-ified, as the assholes seemed to be getting over their spate of this fuckery some two months ago.

Sept. 11, 2010
More toilet breakdowns; the chain inside the cistern just "flips off" the clip that holds it to the lever arm, a long standing perps sicko stunt that is as tiresome as it is attributable to them. Recall that in the April 2002 apartment invasion by mostly sights and sounds, and later personnel, they had an operative block the toilet by putting a balloon down it while flushing it. I later had to snake it to clear it out. And ever since then, 99% of the time I take a crap something goes wrong; blockings and plungings, shit flicking, and enough mess to force me to shower to clean up. That is over 8 years of abuse over the act of taking a shit, never mind the privacy invasion. I got over the latter a long time ago, by 2002 year's end.

And over 50+ rage-ifications over dinner, making it and eating it, especially when making up the salad. They had a whole clove of garlic “flip out” from the press twice, unbidden by any action from me. It was only a partial crushing at that point; one flip out went laterally and onto the adjacent fridge and then slid down to the counter, the next flip-out had the clove directly jump into the salad bowl with the greens in it. I suppose they were testing a partial crushed clove against differing surfaces and then the greens themselves. Needless to say I was screamingly infuriated that this aspect of food preparation had to Fucked Over.

More white 206 helicopter coverage at work; first making passes over a kilometer away, one at lunch and viewable through the lunchroom window, and again when I was outside, only 100' off the ground and a very slow (20 mph) progression. Later, more aircraft, though fixed wing, some in formation. After that and at a relativelyh normal altitude, the yellow EH101 Coast Guard helicopter flew overhead.

Fixed the toilet again; the perps like it when they make me dip my hands in the cistern water, one hand at first, and then after a few minutes later, the other hand. Likely a pre-cursor/warm up for the bath I took and the later nut shave, see below.

Sept. 12, 2010

A day off, and that means laundering. The towels today, the bath towels, face cloth and the lavender colored glasses cleaning hand towel. The washing machine on this floor was busy, so up to the 7th floor to wash, and then the dryer wouldn't take my money, so down to the 5th floor to get them dried. They have pulled extensive laundry facility obstruction stunts in the past when in the 2005 to 2006 residential tower that appeared to have no residents. What floor I do my laundry on is now a matter of intense perp interest when it wasn't for most of my residence here, since 2007.

Then a two block walk to the post office inside a downtown drugstore in the rain, and so I take my parcel delivery attempt notice and go there, using my new Blunt Umbrella, and lo, if they didn't put up a sign on the counter to say they were closed for lunch at 1110h when they opened at 0900h. Another skunk job, and I am batting about .500 when going there to get a parcel; either they are closed or they give me further notices when the parcel had been picked up. They also closed down the opening hours; only a few months ago it was open to 2300h, then 1900h, and now I find they close at 1800h unilateraly, at variance with the stated parcel notice.

A nut shave last night. The assholes stole 10 (two packs) of black colored Gillette twin blade razor inserts, leaving me to use the triple blade Schick Extreme with a green and a yellow teflon rub bars. Since the regular facial and frontal Gillette blades I use are grey with a white teflon rub bar, I am sure they were after me today for a yellow or green "glow" from my nuts. (Or, maybe it (color energy) translocates via the bloodstream over one's entire body). Such are the postulations from the increased gangstalker activity over these colors, or any others that I have recent contact with in the form of clothing,footwear, earmuffs, desk surface as I type (pine wood), and the like.

[As of Sept. 17, 2340h, I have converted this rough notes version to the one you now see.]

Monday, September 06, 2010

The Turban Collective

Aug. 30, 2010
Back from a day of loading daffodil bulbs into a conveyor hopper, though I cannot complain, as I was in the sunlight, and all my co-workers were in the shade. The conveyor belt passes through a wall, though not inside the building. Such is the continuance of the perp sunlight/shade/skin reaction/skin color research objectives. Some put on high SPF sunblock for the day, while they have me using SPF 15 twice a day (if they don't dither me into "forgetting"), and missing some locations and not others to create more variation of coverage of shirt, sunblock treated skin and hat shadow/blocking. I suppose the Vitamin D component might be part of this, as the perps seem to have a strong interest in this as well, Vitamin D being generated from sunlight, and it has wide repercussions on one's immune system. Other co-workers might be aiding the variation game by putting on high SPF sunblock in the morning and nothing for the rest of the day. Usually, I put on the SPF 15 sunblock at 1000h and 1200h PDT, which covers the most penetrating time of day. all I know is that the perps have a sustained and wide interest in this topic, which included at one time, Before Overt Harassment, using tanning beds, though only short durations of 5 minutes or less.

Onto the title topic. As regular readers will know, any kind of hat or head adornment is an Unfavfored object/appearance, and turbans rank near the top of the fugly list. And they "got me" when on the city bus heading to the farm laborer job. I see a brown turbaned E. Indian get on and then plant himself near the front of the bus, visible through a plexiglas panel. I was in the rearmost row seat, and he gives me a stare. Fine, I go back to reading my newspaper, and have another look in a minute or so, and now the fucker is looking outside in profile, a common multiple pose of the Unfavored. Nothing to exceptional so far. I read my newspaper for a minute, and "happen" to look up and in the direction of said brown turbaned E. Indian, and lo, if an intervening but previously obsured black turbaned E. Indian leans out from the obstructing heads, to present himself and his freaking black turban, which "happens" to be spatially arranged side by side with the brown turban. Like WTF; if I loathe the sight of turbans, which I do now as it is perp managed mindfuck imperative (didn't care for them before, but it was not big deal), then why is is that these assholes are arranged on the bus to sneak in yet another one that I didn't know about?

That was bad enough, but there is this Punjabi couple at the farm who keep posing their brown-ness and yellow turban. And today, he arranged himself to be behind the washroom door as I opened it to enter, and if that wasn't enough, he came back in to the washroom while I was still cleaning my arms from the dust that had accumulated on them. All I can say is this pursuit of me and presenting all the things that I don't care to see has become the all consuming industry/economic driver in this town.

The farm was once predominantly E. Indian labor until they had an economic downturn, and only this casual labor Punjabi couple is the representative pair. They spend no end of time posing when I am on break, or the 45 min. clusterfuck/marshalling at the begining of the work day. If I have some subconscious aversions to head ardornments and hats, I don't see that it is anybody's business but my own.

Aug. 31, 2010
While on the inbound city bus trip, a highway lane closure for a seeming accident, though it seemed more important to have two grey truck trailers there, one a semi, the other a dump struck. No sign of an accident, just a tent they set up.

Another accident in my neighborhood, at Pandora and Cook St., into the grocery store, though I walked by it mostly, to shop another block away. Interesting that it is a red truck, as the perps have been increasing the red gangstalking vehicles of late. They had four red vehicles parked in file for my twilight outing to the two local stores tonight.

The Shover Negro at the farm job has returned to work. How he gets away with not coming for a few days, and then gets to work is beyond me, as they told us over three weeks ago that this casual labor situation was over. And to boot, he shaved his head bald, and on the Unfavored list, a bald male negro (two females also) is about the most disgusting thing out there, more than red hair, Caucasian bald heads, tattoos, and the grossly overweight. Don't ask me how this ranking of Unfavored gangstalkers got started, or even why the Unfavored list even started. It used to be a no big deal thing if I saw any of the above worst list.).

Big time rain today, and we started at work trying to make the daffodil bulb sorting/loading machinery work with the wet bulbs and the attendant sticky wet soil, but the machinery jammed up. So, it was weeding for the rest of the day in the greenhouse. As usual, the external noises started up when begining weeding, especially after break times, but this is so habitual now, at my parent's or brother's place, as well as work.

Not too bad, all in all, I get to work another month, as some of the causual labor folks got laid off today, as they like to get them done with at month's end, with the check ready. I suppose that might be why the finance guy did his strut through the warehouse today, so he could be seen as part of today's employment proceedings. The entire concept of employment, work, joblessness and other related terms is of intense perp interest. Any mention of these topics or other associations will be noisestalked, and even invoke a plasma or maser beam flitting by.

Sept. 01, 2010
in a remote field to pick daffodil bulbs with one other person. The forman "forgot" to pick us up at the end of the day, so we walked into Saanichton to catch the bus there. This meant I didn't get back to my hiking boots and made the inbound bus trip in my gumboots and green rain pants tucked into my pack.

Were kept from the payday line up; all our confreres got their paychecks and we didn't. No doubt this was all about some kind of distance dependent experimentation, keeping me away from them, and then seeing them on the bus when it came through.

Onto tomorrow, wearing my gumboots outbound this time.

My new kneepads have been duly sabotaged to have soil roll down behind them, stay in behind the kneepad, and then mess up my pants for laundering every night. So now, I will somehow have to deal with this new and regular incursion of mess, soil on my pants that erupts from behind the kneepads.

-Split couple, the Punjabi pair, who rarrely speak to each other.

Sept. 02, 2010
A daffodil bulb sorting job today, feeding the hopper.

Turbaned Punjabi behind doors again, twice in two days.

Black hoodie dude, three different ones in three days, all disguising their head for the first 30 to 50 minutes of work. Yesteray, the black hoodie dude was getting way to close, attempting to get in the bus before I got out, last in line, about 6 of us getting out, one being him.

Yellow shirt worn today, and the perps were all over me today, and tonight at the local supermarket; about 30 freaks, and then an extra 10 minute "hold up", aka checkout obstruction while the skinhead pissed around with his plastic bags, getting the peaches out, and then from his wallet, getting the credit card out out a plastic bag. Fucking ridiculous. Still worse than the Fuckwit in front of me with a small deli item that was wrapped in a reddish paper, holding it near his head with one finger stuck in his ear for no discernable reason, save the extra conventional Fuckover games.

Swpt. 03, 2010
Another day of loading bulbs into the hopper for inspection by the downstream laborers to select out all the rotten ones, and leave only good ones to go through to the boxes at the end.

Major depressive feelings, (read, planted mind state) this morning, and therfore wondering what the assholes are up to now.

Sep 05, 2010
A day off working, and another, being Labor Day tomorrow, and time I posted this for the week.

Nice to get up later, 0730h instead of 0445h for a work day. Though, plenty of provocations to get me riled up, some 40 or more deserved vocalized annoyance, though nothing outrageous to beget screaming rage-ifications. The provocations have increased since early August, a week before the TI meeting in Nanaimo, and the week they shut down one of the two elevators again. And the elevator is still out, prompting many trips up the stairs, as well as "just standing there" gangstalkers and othe feints and dodges with elevator egress. One such event took place in mind week when I was headed to the laundry room; the elevator "happened" to open up just as I turned the hallway corner and the 3x Fuckwit gangstalker on this floor emerged, the door stayed open for longer for me to see another dude leaning on the back wall of the elevator, and a simultaneous entry of another dude down the hallway, some 15' in front me. A three dude flush, all around me at the same time, and all ostensible engaged in other activities. Funny how these "dude flushes" keep "happening".

A similar "dude flush" occured earlier this week. As I passed by the Fort. St (at Douglas St.) bus stop, six dudes all aboput the same build and height and all wearing ball caps, filed out from the rear door of the bus and assembled into a five wide array across the full width of the sidewalk headed the same direction, and one walking  in formation on the street surface in the track of the bus some 3' from the curb. Truly a feat of orchestrated fuckery/gangstalking, as there is never this kind of exodus from a bus at 0630h on a weekday at this bus stop, as have walked this every weekday for two months this year, and four months last year. As inferred, these orchestrated confluences of males has occured often enough to get its own name, "dude flush".

And the freakshow frequency has also increased this week, that is, the within outing frequency, say a supermarket visit. Two days ago I amde an evening visit to get more milk, coffee and other items, and if there is one gangstalker jerkaround I have extreme loathing for it is getting my coffee beans ground at the store. I am captive for a few minutes until the coffee is ground in the machine, and this brings on the freaks and gangstalking weirs more than any other time. Those brown beans been ground into a brown powder and the whirring grinder are too much for the sickos to resist stacking the gangstalker scene with extra odd back and forths of Fuckwits behind me, loitering Fuckwits doing their head spins (and spinal twists) while standing in place, and other gormless dweebes passing through. Not to mention the skinheads, tattoo acts, chinless wonders, and other fugly Unfavored specimens.

Sept. 06, 2010
I was to continue digging and reshaping an area of my mother's backyard today, but the rain has come on and I am back here at Abuse Central, via a city bus trip into downtown where I live. They had the turbaned E. Indian ready for me, having drove past him waiting at the bus stop, as I drove my mother and her vehicle to a suburban mall where there is more choice at to buses. He got off after one stop after I got on, and he could of comfortably walked the bus trip length if he had wanted. But he isn't the only one doing strange short length bus trips these days, even on good weather days.

A holiday Monday, at 1020h, and although pissing rain, here were over 30 people on the bus headed to downtown. One woman standee passenger had two gardening tools in hand, both dirt laden, a trowel and a dandelion pry tool, not in a bag or anything. Fucking bizarre, chasing me with just-used gardening tools, and getting on at a location where it was mostly shopping, and few homes.

I got my bus shelter mate, a older puffy faced man sitting next to me on the bus, and on the other side I had a blonde woman in a brown jacket sit beside me, then getting off. She was soon replaced by another and cuter blonde woman in a black jacket and hood up, who at least smiled at she came in close to sit down. The array of gangstalkers at the bus rear door was set up beforehand, as I have seen this before where they line up across the rear doorway and have me pass through the line, a very common gangstalker arrangement. Tso of the assholes standing at the rear exit got in my way to hold onto the the grap rails on the bus at it lurched into the stop, which is primetime for the assholes to dump my ass on the floor, but it did not happen thankfully. This vignette seemed to be all about forcing me to relase my grasp, and then re-grasping the rail while the lurching bus was pulling into my stop. Fucking absurd that some asshole has to play fucking games over how I grasp a rail on the bus.

Other bullshit was last night when my in-town brother visited, going on about the sockey salmon that he wanted to purchase, and then didn't and then did. This was from native Indians at my farm labor work site, and eventually he did make contact via cell phone, and met the person halfway into Victoria, as they lived up-Island in Duncan. It did strike me as odd that he wanted to do the deal at 2000h on  a Sunday night when most people want to put their feet up, and even more odd that they each drove some 30 minutes each way to meet. Later he phoned to tell me it was a rip-off, as she said it was two frozen fish per bag, when it was a quarter of that. I cannot figure out this ongoing stunt show over salmon, but it seems to be a consistent part of the harrassment. Said brother brought some last night, just as there was a cooked piece ready for him, and I now posess it for cooking up tonight. That the piece of salmon was in my bag on the bus might of been the attraction for all those gangstalkers on the city bus freakshow. Though to be fair, there wasn't too many freaks today, just the turban bullshit, as most had their heads down and were reading books. I suppose this is the only way they can get their fuckers in close in a socially acceptable way, and it doesn't matter how ludicrous the setup is.

A two month catch up on my Quicken entries, this time using the Quicken 2010 upgrade to permit downloads from my online bank access. And of course there are some fields rearranged, and new popup boxes, and finally, renaming rules for the download payees so they don't clobber the recorded ones that I use.

Catching up to the July Quicken transactions was a brutal rage-ification show; the assholes messed with selection of categories, messed with the rules, blocked selections of certain categories, pissed with the calculator display, and many other dynamically applied sabotage events to keep me screaming at them, at least 50x over the two hours it took to do this one month.

After salmon dinner, I did the August Quicken entries, and there wasn't so much abuse thankfully, though they did knock out some eight downloaded transactions that had to be entered by manually, like I always did it before. I suppose they wanted to benchmark me with the old method on the new software version. And I note that $140 cash went missing in August, and $100 cash went missing in June. I would assume they are playing their wallet contents games as it seems to be vital to their fuckery, those colored bills and all. Presently, they have me down to no cash in my wallet, surely a big moment for them as this is rarely allowed to happen. Another rareity was having an orange $50 in my wallet for a week or so in August, before I had to pay for my hiking boot sole replacement in cash. There have been many wallet thefts over the years, some mysterious, as it was full of cash from an ATM withdrawal and in my coat, and I was at my desk the entire time. And yet, the wallet went missing from the office that afternoon. Now that I experience materialization and de-materialization of crumbs, dog hairs and lint on a daily basis, as well as larger objects less frequently, I now understood how these long past wallet disappearances occured.

I best post this and start a new blog tomorrow, another weekly one as I have such little time in the evenings for blogging. I am also getting dociled and recall depleted, as there is much more to blog about each day and "somehow" I cannot recall the specific events when I have the limited time to do so