Friday, January 09, 2009

Food Flying

The noise silliness has increased today, begining with the faux jackhammer noise from the cover parkade across the street. Yesterday I was finally allowed to "find" the source of the noise, and it is deep inside the parkade of the opposite residential tower. No compressors outside, work service or haulage trucks, so for now, it looks like a noise-only job. But as the perps make great pains to ensure that I am totally incorrect on many more occasions than I ever was, it just might be another fake-out.

And they sucked me down with a 11 hour sleep, the last 30 minutes prone position in the bed was the aforementioned jackhammer noise. That made for s 1000h get-up time, something they like to do at this time of year for whatever reason, going back to the pre-overt harassment (BOH) days before 04-2002.

Then they sabotaged me with a major rage-ification while making the same dish for lunch that I have been forced to make for over five years now; sprouted grain tortillas with a tapenade base, chopped chicken and melted cheese. It very nutritous, full of so-called "brain foods", and they make sure to mind-fuck me out of loathing this ongoing imposed dietary requirement of theirs.

The make-dinner-while-provoked-into-rage-reactions show had them spinning the fry pan some 6" on the stove and hitting me as if I had contacted the handle which I had not as it was at least 12" clear, then flying partially chewed food from my mouth while being rage-ified. Then they repeated the flying food fuckery at least once more, and kept me pissed off the entire time, so it was "business as usual"; dining with depraved Fuckwits who won't show up and have an inordinant interest in planting crumbs all over the place. That is, when they aren't planting lint or other fragment about, often in extra-conventional gravitic positions, say drops of water arriving from nowhere and staying on the outside ofmy cereal bowl. Then when rinsed, they plant crumbs in the bowl when I am not looking. Such is the state of how fucked in the head they are and still they see it as necessary to involve me without consent.

Now more typos games to rage-ify me with a coincident noise from outside while in mid rage. Nothing new there, except to cease blogging for now.

The noisestalking is continuing, and after tea and chocolate, they put on a siren, and a real ambulance source that pulled into the parking area below and sat there for over 10 minutes, thankfully turning off its sirens. Each time looked out during the teamaking process when crossing the room there was at least 10 vehicles arranged by color; whites, silver-greys, black colors and the odd red or burgundy one tucked in mid configuration. Naturally, by the time I got the camera the configuration had partially dispersed, but they are definitely laying on extra vehicular gangstalking today, which does not bode well when headed out to the one hour cleaning job at 1715h

The perps might also being going silly today because this was the first time they allowed me a full frontal shave (save the area that is now off limits because of the endless bloodletting games, not shaving nicks), in five days. This now daily habit was brought on in fall of 2007 and was recently disrupted by the hot water temperature games that are still unfolding. They choked down the hot water tempurature sufficiently on Monday morning that I didn't shower and only shaved with the addition of kettle heated water. Again, I don't claim to understand what their obsession is over shaving, but they have been totally consistent in sabotaging this event nearly every day for over five years. Since then, they have incrementally allowed more hot water on for showers, shaving and dishes each day, now at a near normal level. So it remains to be seen as to what they are going to do as they have at least two more weeks of sabotage until the hot water system will be fixed. Not bad for an apartment block that seems to have only one tenant in it, much like the last four residence locations.

The perps might be arranging some more financial transactions around me in addition to routinely fucking me around at every checkout and online purchase. There was some late staying personnel at the car dealership where I do a one hour cleaning job last night. And a suited dude was parading about, coming back to the Service area to do nothing much but stand on the loose coils of AC electrical cord while I was vacuuming. Then he was doing the loiter action when I moved into the Sales area to do vacuuming at the S. doors while a car deal was in progress at the N. end, and then later, the involved car saleswomanl exited by the door area when I was vacuuming on the N. side. Or, this could entirely be conjecture, but suffice to say the bossman was directing me to do different than usual tasks, and seemed to know when to send me there. Anyhow, not a big deal, and I fully expect that the assholes are monitoring far more subjects than me and likely have many thousands of shill citizens in this town. Call them shillizens perhaps, or stick with "complicit assholes", separate from "operative assholes"? It just depends on my assigned mood state at any particular time, and nullifying my intense loathing of being placed in this deranged nonconsensual experimentation scenario is a major management priority for the World SS. That was one of their first priorities I noticed in 2003 when allowed my relative freedom, was to nullify my propensity to get totally pissed off as to the sick fuckery that was going on around me.

More insult/fuckery at work, even if it is an hour and a half. The boss man set me up to clean some scribbling off the wall, first with the regular cleaner and then with the specialized coffee cleaner that he never told me about or trained me to use. All this while he was standing behind me and it was only partially removed when he said it was good enough. Then he mops nearby preventing me from convenient access to the tray of cleaning supplies that I had put down, and then when I went behind him he backs into me, and then says something like I had "better learn to say excuse me". What fucking belligerence, blatantly blocking me from accessing my cleaning items by mopping in front of me, backing into me when he knew I was behind him, and then fabricates a line as to what I should be doing to "prevent" this "accident". All so he could bang into me and then add insult to injury. The perps had me mightily pissed at this but I wasn't allowed to give him a ringing retort. Fucking bizarre to say the least, along with their imposed "reaction". Maybe they are cranking me up to quit the job as they were also fucking with my fine motor control the entire time, creating extra finger and hand movement to impair grasping and also pulling things from my grasp.

The perps had another round of new vehicles added to the showroom; white and mid-grey vehicles around a single deep metallic burgundy. One has to look close to see that it isn't a black vehicle and is the first time I have seen this particular hue of red vehicle. In the Service area they had a blue green vehicle and then another similar variant on the other side of the garage. They are also putting on deep metallic orange colored vehicles, a near copper color, always a fixation for the assholes. They prevented me from owning a vehicle since mid 2006 and here they are dorking around by having me work in a car dealership one hour per day. Not much progress in the nearly 2.5 years of fucking with vehicle colors it would seem, though I am always the last to know what is exactly going on.

When arriving at the car dealership to start work I had the "three amigos" again; three male salesmen loitering at the entrance to present themselves as a party, and all for this ongoing fuck show where they like to have males close in on me. My two brothers pulled this stunt at Christmas time, likely as some kind of testing for how I distinguish threatening postures and potential Fuckwits. I also noted that at the appointment I had two days ago, in an office that oversees a small alley and parking lot and faces another office building, the perps put on someone popping up in the adjacent office as seen through the venetian blinds, partially turned. And as soon as I noticed the vertical moving "popup" a noise went off in the office hallway outside. And later, when in the elevator lobby, they did the same thing with a "popup" of horizontally moving object as seen through a small vertical window in an adjacent door, presumably also testing my peripherial vision for the same thing, but through a vertical slot. In the latter case there was no one there, so it was the usual light/plasma games fuckery of a simulated person passing by. They have been doing this for years, simulating something that rapidly moves, one example being a "bird" that swoops just in front of my vehicle grille while I was driving.

And here is a story that has nothing to do with Targetted Individuals it would seem and yet there are some very common traits. The blog author has someone strange living overhead who moved in about the same time and who was a noisey neighbor; raucous sports fan, long sex marathons, then the sound of marbles or ball bearings being dropped on the floor, her ceiling, and then he leaves for a long time. When he returns he gets back into more noise creation, seemingly building something. Then, when she asks him what he is making, he says it is a "time machine". Then he departs for a long while, and is now back to creating the same overhead noises again. Well, it so happens that even though the apartments in this building are carpeted, I have someone making overhead noise of marbles being dropped and then and bouncing along on a hard surface. And in the long past, and few times during the harassment years, the perps have planted individuals having sex overhead, or next door. According to Wilheim Reich, the only person to have books (his authorship) burned in two countries, Nazi Germany and the USA, having sex creates a big "orgone energy" release. He performed research on this energy form that he claimed was all around us, and could change weather with ground based pipes. Wilheim Reich had many supporters, and it was clear that the FDA wanted to shut him down, and cooked up a case against him for moving "orgone generators" across state lines. He was jailed, and later suffered a heart attack in jail. His work is still supported and active "orgone energy" research continues here, at the Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory. I think there is much to be found in this avenue of research, and it is really another side of the luminiferous ether and its properties being applied. No one has disproven Dr. Reich's findings and yet his is still regarded as a heretic.

As I have lamented many times, we are stuck in a major stalemate in our understanding of physics and electromagnetics, and there seems to be both past and present agencies that keep pushing to maintain the status quo. And if prominent physicists get too close to understanding there there is an energetic ether all around us, why, they get cancer, get murdered or even fatally accidented. It just may be coincidence that Bruce De Palma made some major findings and had built working models of unique energy devices. Eugene Mallove got murdered, and Jeffrey Willick, 40, a cosmologist who studied the structure of universe, had a vehicle land on him as it crashed through a cafe. It all might be a coincidence, and I have no idea as to what they were working on at the time, but it seems that with the multiple physics ether-like discoveries we have to choose from, we cannot get past Einstein's dead end path. Regular readers will know this is all retread material, but it is interesting that as I typed out the names and their unfortunate demise, the overhead pounding and rumbling noises started up, as has the hallway sourced voices.

Enough rambling here, and call this one done.


Anonymous said...

Tell me why when I ride the trains perps have to squeeze in to sit near me? I got a few interesting ones in the past few days. One guy who sat about a foot across from me and bounced his legs the entire trip-right in my line of vision. Funnily enough, he stopped when I pretended to close my eyes and started right up once I opened them! I tried it a few times too just to be sure.

Then two chattering teenagers who literally squeezed themselves down in a three seater with me although there were other seats available. Then, strangely, one of them got up and moved to the other bank of seats leaving her friend sitting next to me, and finally after a few moments, the other one got up and moved too. I mean-- ??!

Then a teenage girl, they like to use those on me a lot for some reason, dressed for fun in jeans and tacky, cheap clothing on Monday morning while I'm going to work-does anyone go to school anymore? Sat down across from me and proceeded to stare me down. I finally looked up from my book and sure enough the dead stare on me.

And then tell me why, as I was walking to get my coffee and breakfast sandwich, a woman was walking swiftly behind me, lockstep no matter how fast I went. And get this, initially she had appeared to be headed in another direction, but that was before I made eye contact with her. Then she ends up following me into the deli!

She just happened to walk over to the counter area I was standing in too, slowly, just to make sure she was seen. Then stood around pretending to ponder what she wants to get ......before walking out again!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine suspected that the apartment above him was being used by a rotating group of people. They would be gone for months at a time and then return. Sometimes it seemed like a family, he told me other times like one person. They played water games running the taps at odd hours and turning them on whenever he was in the bathroom.

AJH said...

I don't exactly why they do all the things that they do, but hear is my best analysis.

They evaluate certain energies that aren't commonly known to science; call them etheric, auric, chi, whatever. If you don't buy into this lets just say they are bioelectromagnetic energies, ones we all have. (Energetic means bioelectromagnetic for the purposes of this comment). They measure these energy interactions by remote means, and are always upgrading the sensitivity of their technique.

And having someone jiggling their foot creates greater energetic interaction, just like swiping a magnet past a coil of wire; the faster you move the magnet, the more electromagnetic energy you create.

These energies interact with everything around them, inanimate objects, people, animals etc. (Color is also a big part of the harassment too, which is why I am suggesting that the energy they detect is more than bioelelectromagnetic).

Then the energetic interaction due only to his foot stops immediately when he stops jiggling it. And when you are closing your eyes you are changing your brain energies as there is nothing to see, save the possibility of red flashes and plasma games which is what they do to me. Hence, the perps are attempting to correlate the foot energies of the gangstalker Fuckwit with deep parts of your brain by isolating his moving foot (stopping it) and by having you suddenly not use a substantial part of your brain, the visual cortex, on top). This way they can get deeper into your brain by way of the simutaneous and temporary shutdown of the visual cortex and the cessation of the foot jiggling means it is isolated too, not producing the energetic interaction it had been doing.

And the teenagers who sat beside you were doing something similar. There was energetic interaction between you and them, and by removing one, they can isolate the effects of the other. (It is likely that the teenagers were rehearsing and practicing ahead of time and therefore, plenty of energetic data was gathered about them before they descended upon you). And when they remove the second teenager this does the same. And the energetic interactions are very different if the perp/gangstalker is beside, in front (mirror image), or behind you. Hence, they like to slowly circle around the victim if they can. Also, the body energetics is very different between men and women, so they started out with the easier (to measure) and less threatening pair of teenage girls.

I get the staring bullshit, but usually not that bad. Sometimes they have the Fuckwit staring at me before I look around to meet their gaze. I really don't know what they are attempting to get from this apart from some general psychic interaction which they somehow know in advance of what they are looking for.

As for the fast walking tailgaiting woman gangstalker; it is very common for the perps to have their Fuckwit operatives reverse direction by 180 degrees as the energy interactions are quite different in each direction. And also, whenever I enter a building or a storefront (in a mall, say), they put on extra gangstalking as the energy interactions are quite different, so it seems. For example, there would be different batches of concrete in the floor of the store versus the sidewalk (if outside), and differing colors of flooring material and composition.

I hope this helps; I will attempt to dig up one of my old postings that might cover this topic. If I forget, let me know.

AJH said...

Responding to the second comment about rotating personnel in apartments and water noises.

I have at least two nearby apartments that have inexplicable fast "turnovers" of putative tenants. This has "happened" in the last two residence locations as well. Here, an adjacent apartment had an old lady on moving day, then a negro a few months later, and then an Asian the next time, and then a Caucasian halfwit now. All in 20 months that I have been here. I call these apartments "common rooms" owing to the improbably turnover of supposed tenants.

The water trickling noise is interesting. I suspect that it is emulating noises we heard when in gestation, yet to be born, and are among the very first sounds that we became familiar with. Hence, the perps can dig deeper into one's brain to find out where we are recognizing the noise, as it would be in a primative brain stem neural structure before all of the brain developed.