Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Darling Pixie's Last Yoga Class

The last yoga class with the effervescent pixie instructor, alas, and we shall see what the next class instructor brings to the show. No tears, just an honest thank you from her to the class, and a few minutes later after I rolled up my mat, from me to her. Thankfully none of that huggy bullshit that the perps like to plant around me.

The vineyard job has me bushwacking, that is, downing the sumacs and other shrubs so no deer use it for cover during the upcoming harvest season, and too, feast on the adjacent grapes. Then I do a herbicide spray on the stumps to have them take it up and hopefully, expire. As usual, plenty of adjacent road noise timed for the very moment of cutting (with loppers) the shrubs. Ditto for applying herbicide spray on the stumps.

I dont understand what the perps pre-occupation with cutting of objects, from live trees to meat roasts to paper even, but they are totally crazy over getting such events noisestalked in every way possible. With road side noise they have a larger noise palette it would seem, from the infernal motorcycle noise that trails off for minutes (highly unlikely in a conventional world), to the extra amplified swish of sedans, and up the scale to loud 18 wheelers and the entire commercial vehicle noise scene. Not to mention adding plenty of cyclists. And the odd passing tractor, often with an agricultural air blast sprayer (not in operation). The perps are also besotted with me being around or within a sight-line of an active sprayer, and have even gone to the lengths of having them sit at the roadside with a For Sale sign on it so everyone passing by can get sprayer exposure, for whatever benefit the perps get from it. Even household spray bottle use gets extra perp attention with coincident noise, or if at home, infuriating me at the moment of application.

(Pardon the missing quotes and single quotes of contractions (e.g. dont) and posessive (perps) above and below in this posting; the assholes have remapped these and a few other keys -question marks too).

And almost a broken record for long time readers, but when doing vineyard green thinning, (removing the bunches that are 50% or more green), and I come to the end of a row, and start the next, why, it becomes a heavy noisestalking event as well. This would likely be due to me changing direction, as the perps have had a long time interest in something that changes its properties in a new direction. This could be the anisotrophy of energetic space, aka the ether. That is, the something they are studying (the energetic ether IMHO) has different properties in different directions. A more familiar example is wood; one can split it easily on its end grain, but have varying degrees of difficulty in other directions, say, cross grain.

Back to 0800h starts again, when I think that 0700h is perfect as one gets off at 1500h, with time to attend to errands before stores close.

An evening work BBQ with crews from other vineyards in another town closer to the US border. There were many Mexican and Punjabi members of the other crews. One could cynically observe that perhaps this was another one of the perps multi-ethnic brown (skin) events they so like to indulge me with. And all the better that there were two other languages going on that I could not understand, as language is processed differently in the brain than say, mechanical noises.

And even the children in attendance put on the rude show by purposely wandering through groups of chatting adults, or at least, the ones that I was in.

And the Mexicans were a mixed group, and for the first time, sporting skin-heads, with it all shaved off and a shiny pate instead. One of them in particular with an oversized mouth and noise features that looked like he had just escaped from a shrink ward. And of course, the perps made sure to feature him in the background as often as they could. Assuming the Mexicans don't go bald unless the perps ask them to, and pay them extra, what is the perps pitch. Say, we think you will look astonishing ugly to the TI-victim, and we will pay you $xx to shave your head and make it shine with wax. Something like that, as I cannot imagine that they would attempt to flatter the potential bald head shill-to-be, say, the bald look would good on you and here is some extra cash for you. It boggles the mind as to all the advance preparations the perps must make, not to mention having some of their own in the mix as well.

The many and large forest fires of the Lake Chelan area immediately S of this location where the BBQ was held made for very limited visibility with the lingering dense smoke. It was like a dense fog, except that ashes came down too. It was kind of eerie, as the sun was blocked out, casting a dull reddish glow, and then getting darker so much sooner in the day.

And too, having a employer sponsored BBQ cannot go down without drama, so they had one of the loopy tenants of the property get into a hassle with the employer to the level that the RCMP (police, aka, Royal Canadian Mendacious Plods, aka gangstalker-friendly police force) were called out to find out what the problem was. They didn't quite block the driveway with their vehicle and so were were not inconvenienced as much as we could of been.

And why to the perps have to screw everything up that I attend to. The irrigation repairs went amiss a number of times, and of course these were the connections buried deep among the shrubs, enough that I had to do some judicious pruning to view the problem.

Another jerk-around was that I told a staff member that there was a large number of boxes (in flat form) that she needed in a bin above on the cat walk. As it happened, possibly in the intervening weeks, the said boxes were depleted so that none remained, and I was the goat for misleading her. Well it so happens that the others should of known that this particular box size was being drawn down, or else it was a total mind-fuck prank. Either way, I ate the humble pie, and the perps just love these scenarios.

Saturday work, and I got to see the burned hillside from last week, but many hot spots remain. Later in the day the 
smoke from the other regional fires came into this valley, and is sitting here like the above mentioned BBQ location.

Two days later, the regional smoke stayed in the valleys, and here it is staying, some three days so far.

Sunday, my one day off and to get caught up got sabotaged with a 1.5 hour nap attack in the late afternoon. But I did accomplish (read, was allowed) some major cleaning jobs that had no gotten done for months. That would be cleaning the bathroom and followed by vacuum cleaning of all the other floor surfaces.

A heavy haze today, with the smoke from forest fires in Washington state and S British Columbia getting into the valleys and now staying there. So much for getting a tan today like my last weeks day off.

Another stunt, breaking my Grado headphones. Yet again, a gimbel mount has somehow being broken and it cannot support the headphone unit. A brief count on these and other headphone pairs that I have owned since 04-2002 when the perps went berserk-overt is:
  • Grados 3 sabotage events, 
  • unknown make pair were lost,
  • Denons  2 sabotage events and an apparent boycott of supplying me parts and service
  • Bose noise cancelling headphones were tossed out due to some mind-fuck paranoia at the time
And if seven headphone sabotage events werent enough, why, my hearing protection ear muffs have also been sabotaged; I am down three pair and the current pair has the foam seal breaking up and three attempts to get new parts have resulted in them not fitting on.

Anyhow, enough bantering and to get this posted.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Food Preparations

I was a total slack ass this week past, not even jotting down a few notes on each day to remind myself of the content, and filling it out on the Sunday.

Yesterday, it was hoeing all day, removing plant growth from underneath the vine rows. This material will end up in the tanks of the picking machine in a few weeks time unless removed. Such material is called MOG in the viticulture business, Material Other than Grapes as they term it. They like to pick at night when the grapes are cool, and there won't be any vineyard laborers then. But there are in-row cultivators they can use...

 The perps are having me go very domestic at this time of year, same as the last two, making winter food preparations for the freezer. For the last two years it was preparing tomatoes by boiling them to remove the skins and then putting them in freezer boxes for salsa or soup. Said tomatoes were given to me as my former employers grew a vegetable garden but couldn't be bothered to pick the ripe produce. Ditto for the six fruit trees they had.

This year my new employer has no such irregularities, and in place of tomatoes, I have purchased 9lb of basil over the past three weekends to convert into pesto sauce and then freeze into ice cube trays, and when frozen, place into freezer boxes. All this is new to me, save the basil, which I crave by the smell alone. And of course I have no idea if this is an perp introduced "craving" or if genuine. Such is life existing in this dual universe, being mind-invaded down to the last detail.

Other low-lights of this past week, where personnel can actually touch me were a dental appointment, and a day later, a leg wax.

The dental appointment was a continuation of the prior week where I had a dental cleaning that needed extra time for gum measurements. And as the perps just LOVE me, or proximate others, taking measurements, why, it was perp heaven. The dentist was leaning over me of course, and as she was masked and with the special magnifying glasses on, there really wasn't much to see. Besides, she has a nose like e prize fighter. She was in her usual jet black long hair; the prior week she had blonde streaks in her hair, attempting to borrow from a much Favored feature. But what I could not figure out is why the dental assistant, a blonde woman in her fifties, was up to. Sometimes she was in the room putting the measurements of gum depth into the computer, and at other times wasn't., with the dentist getting peeved that she was screwing up. Then the blonde woman exited to get something, and then the dentist recorded the measurements herself. It was odd, and seemingly pre-arranged.

And on the blonde side of things, a slim blonde woman walked into the dentist's office about a minute before I did. But then the perps added another blonde woman, this latter blonde was dumpy with an over-sized ass. The slim blonde woman had entered the dental cleaning technician's office by the time I got there, but the latter one was in the waiting area. Anyhow, it wasn't long before I was summoned to the dentist's chair, and I thought that it was the end of stalking blondes. My appointment finished in 30 minutes, with the slim blonde woman still getting her teeth cleaned. And while at the desk, the dumpy blonde woman returns for some reason. Possibly to stalk me as I was making a financial transaction, which was a little protracted as the dental desk assistant said I owed $54. I said it was inordinately inexpensive, and she asked me if I was on a dental plan, to which I said, no, just like last time. "Oh" she says, then you owe $275. And what was that all about, "forgetting" I wasn't on a dental plan. (I was a on a plan last year with the former employer).

Once I got to my vehicle, a three vehicle gangstalk clusterfuck broke out. A blue vehicle came in and parked ahead of me, no big deal. But the driver somehow needed to face me when he got out and not only that, he was grabbing his crotch until he closed his door and proceeded to the blood analysis clinic. Then a silver grey sedan came in and did a 180 degree turn in the parking lot between me and the blue vehicle. This vehicle had three males, aka "dubes" (for dubious ones) in it, the third in the back seat with a do-rag on. Then came a maroon red vehicle entering the parking lot, and the two latter vehicles had a Mexican stand-off when neither pretended they didn't know what to do. I was needing to depart from this same parking lot driveway, and I had to wait until this two car clusterfuck was over. Both vehicles were pointed at each other for some five seconds. Long enough for me to yell at them from inside my vehicle, and eventually they figured it out. Then I was permitted to exit the parking lot. And what was that all about, sending three vehicles over top of where I had just walked, a visual crotch grab, and this ridiculous vehicular stand off in front of me, preventing my immediate egress?

The next day's leg wax appointment wasn't so bizarre thankfully, with one Caucasian and one Phillipino on each side, and the overweight instructor, much like the last time. I suppose the perps are still working on their brown skin games, and of course, get extra mileage out of my tanned skin. The Caucasian woman was tall and large, one who I had not seen before, as the personnel rotates as this is a cosmetology training school. Anyhow, when it was all done, and I was at the payment desk, a short blonde staff woman comes to hang out, she only being 5' tall at most. I didn't think much of it, until another short woman came by a few minutes later when on an errand.

And what a forest fire they pulled yesterday, Aug. 16. While in the vineyard of my Saturday employer the hillside opposite us had burned in the night after a lightening storm, and there were remaining spot fires. It was called the Testalinden Creek fire, and this link doesn't do much for it. Here is a pic; the band of green below the fire/smoke are vineyards, and some vineyards were within 10m of the blaze, but did not get burned.

And that made for constant aircraft the entire working day, the fire retardant bombers, the helicopters and their buckets plus spotter aircraft.

Anyhow, onto getting this posted.

More pics (08-20-2015) to illustrate where the fire was and was not, and what it was like before.

Before pic, a week before from the same general location;

After delineating the fire boundary in both the two above pics in Paint, and having it disappear when inserted into this blog, I see that one has to zoom in on these photos to see where the fire was and wasn't. Basically, anything on the hill side that is blackened was burned in the Testalinden Creek fire, 08-15-2015 and continuing when I took the pics on 08-16-2015. The second pic of the above three was the S edge, and the third was the N edge, and that same hillside can be picked up in the third picture.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Car Crash of the Fat People

A most curious car crash that occurred less than five minutes before I "happened" upon the scene. The police and ambulance had not arrived, and thankfully, neither the infernal siren noise. It is a rare day when I am headed out on a weekday at 0800h; first because I start work at 0700h during these hot summer days, and that I was on my way to the dentist for teeth cleaning. This particular corner isn't dangerous, a basic orthogonal uncontrolled T intersection, but it is nearly constantly covered by gangstalk vehicle trains anytime I turn there. It is a tertiary arterial with a single lane of traffic in either direction. But today, opposite me at the "head" of the T intersection, stopped at the curb were two vehicles, with some debris around them, and three fat people standing around the lead red vehicle. As I turned the corner I could see the second vehicle had the trunk bashed in, at least 2' of horizontal vehicle space mashed into untidy folds. And then the apparent occupants of this latter vehicle came into view standing on the adjacent side walk, and both of them were fat. As in each over 220lb, and under 5''10", as well as the first mentioned three. So here we have a vehicle crash, one red one, one silver-grey (get that?, the time worn favorite gangstalking vehicle colors), and five occupants all told, and all obese. Like who dreams up this ludicrous juxtaposition of Unfavoreds?  ECCO of course, per Dr. John Lily, the Earth Coincidence Control Organization.

It has been long noted since the perps went berserk/overt on me in 04-2002, that they arranged fake accidents with no vehicle crash, and the police and the ambulance duly participating in the arranged farce. But it has also been clear that there has been seemingly real ones, with smashed vehicles and debris on  the street. And of course I don't have a full opportunity to evaluate these crashes as I am driving and don't wish to cause further traffic congestion. But it also clear from the arranged past, before 04-2002, there have been real accidents and when mentioned in passing years later to say, a work colleague, they had personal knowledge of the victims, including the deceased. I don't claim to understand what the perps get out of this, say for real accidents, save blood interactions with the inside or outside of the vehicle, plus backed-up traffic slowly passing people (aka gangstalking) in huge duress. The perps plain "feed off", (meaning, derive some kind of psychic and physical research benefit) of individuals in dire emotional  and physical circumstances, i.e. duress and distress. And we wonder why these wars are declared, never mind the associated atrocities.

A long weekend here, British Columbia Day, and for many other Canadian provinces, though under different names in each province. Dull and cloudy conditions came on when I thought I could get some tanning.

While working at the vineyard, the vehicle/noise trains all day long, even putting on the HD motorcycle noise at 0715h, just after starting work. And nearly always, extra noise at I finish a row and change direction to work on the next one.

This is the 1700th posting, though that might include a few drafts that have not made it yet, now long forgotten. The perps like it when I hit milestones, e.g., when my vehicle turns 400,000 km, the former Volvo 245 I owned until mind 2006.

A single Snowbird came to visit today, supplying an hour worth of booming low level jet noise, circling the vineyard a few times, and keeping me inundated with varying degrees of rumbling and booming. Not unlike yesterday's thunderstorm that came for some 30 minutes, and delivering plenty of intense rain. And flying in the airspace approaches of the Penticton airport no less, plugging it up while this "show" was on.

And as I write this at 1835h, why, the same aircraft and noise has come to "visit" me again, plugged into this PC for the first time today.

Back to vehicular accidents and nearly so. Last week a negro on bicycle 2" from my mirror on my  parked vehicle came past at high speed when I was reaching for the door handle. I was about to open the door when this Royal Fuckwit screamed past my car door. Like WTF; how stupid in conventional terms to not leave clearance from parked vehicle doors when there is available road width, which there was ample . Especially as an unfortunate cyclist died in these same circumstances in Kelowna, only two days earlier. In unconventional terms, (totally organized harassment and remotely applied neural control), the whole deal was planned out to the microsecond, to "read me" just before getting out of the vehicle to get my blood tests done. And where does one find a negro in this town on a bicycle decked out in cyclist's clothing? Only if one orchestrates it as there aren't many negroes in this town, let alone ones as athletic cyclists.

A two Snowbird visit/stalk at the vineyard today. I got screwed into using two different kinds of sun block today, the old tube running out in mid-application when in the winery washrooms at break time. So I finish up on the break and go outside to my vehicle where the new bottle of sun block was, and apply it to the missed areas on my face. And at that very moment, why, two Snowbirds in formation came in low and directly overhead, maybe 150' above the terrain, and provided their characteristic booming jet engine noise they have inculcated me with for the prior 24 hours. Such a fluke, running out of one tube of sunblock (less than 1x per year), using the new tube and here they are again, closer than ever.

Saturday, and at my alternate employer for a day of vineyard work beginning at 0600h. Oddly, the crew was augmented with some of the Mexican crew members, around six of them. Not that they showed my interest in me, and didn't try Spanish on me to find out if I knew any. It was a similar crew make-up to my farm work days, 2008 to 2012; a few Caucasians but mostly Punjabis and Mexicans. In cynical terms, it must be all about the brown again, as in skin color, and placing them near my proximity, especially when I was shirtless for two hours. Too, the perps know I consider hats and other head adornments as Unfavored, especially turbans, and there were some of those too. The Mexicans also obliged by hanging rags on their heads and down their back just to look extra ridiculous (and Unfavored).

Sunday, and I made 3lb of basil into a paste with the addition of olive oil, to then froze into cubes and then to store in the freezer for over winter. The perps enraged me some with spills, basil leaves fluttering outside the container that was to hold all of them, and had pesto sauce flicked about on the food processor, adjacent stove etc. Put it this way, it wasn't as sabotaged as three weeks ago when I made 1 lb into pesto sauce. After the initial jerkarounds to enrage me, I was allowed to be reasonably competent, and finished the job, including cleaning up, in two hours. It is a 7 cup food processor and isn't adequate for these larger quantities.

Went back to the farm to start a hike, and then tanned skyclad off-trail for an hour or so. I wasn't totally alone, as three aircraft came by a half mile away or so, one being a new (to me) helicopter, a EC-120 (two door), a little smaller than the EC-135 (four door) that frequent this region, and by extension, participate in the TI noisestalk and gangstalk scene.

I shall wrap this one up today, 08-92-2015, as I am getting behind on postings and lots of other things too.

Monday, August 03, 2015

Post Yoga Day- all things must go wrong

Yoga yesterday, and Bob was there again, he of the ridiculous bob knot on top of his head. And besides his big fugly beard, why, he treated me to more fugly black hair from his armpits, wearing a singlet this time. Thankfully he was out of my gaze for the most part. Another dude was posted on my other side at the back too, he of auburn hair, not quite at the red hair level that is so Unfavored. Another pointless yoga visitor IMHO, as he was so stiff and awkward that even a beginner level class would of been taxing for him. And why do they put these cats in a power yoga class? Beats me, but thankfully that fat oaf with the heavy breathing, another ridiculous male yoga plant/gangstalker, hasn't showed up in the last few months.

As I entered the parking lot after class, why, there was Bob in his California licensed vehicle, pulling out. Not your average tourist for sure, and all the more odd that he looks more like a itinerant fruit picker, a common sight in this region at this time of year. So what do the perps do to arrange this; teleport him up for the class, or have him "visit" the region for weeks or perhaps a combination? And how do they pick these fugly characters: genetics, major curly hair or some other Unfavored feature? Don't know, or care.

The effervescent darling pixie yoga instructor was back, adding tight boy-cut shorts to her compelling visage. It did dawn on me that of the class of 12 or so, only one other was a regular, the woman with the squarish ass, who they now like to put on my L side for some reason. Most of them are on my R side as I sit myself (per mind controlled and prior inhabited in the same E side location). Some class members come for a few months and fade out, and some seem to be guested in, just for single class. One time, the seeming perp operative male instructor singled them out as "you guys", who were in fact two young women, seemingly from a dance class as they were very limber, and never to come again.

Back at the vineyard day job, where the perps put on a show of the hedger and string trimmer both going wrong on the same job, taming the vegetation on the adjacent roadside bank. An excellent perp moment it would seem, as they kept steady vehicle trains in either direction, or both at once sometimes, and kept up pummeling me with noise through the hearing protection.

The new string trimmer line kept spinning off the spool, or else prematurely shortened to then retract inside the central hub to force me to stop, open it up, re-set the strings and put it back together, only to have this "happen" a few minutes later.  Then the hedger seized up, and further increased my annoyance level...., still at the roadside bank with the traffic trains continuing.  And to keep everyone in the extra-conventional reality loop here, the perps have exquisite control over all physical objects, including liquids, and can arrange any and all adverse events at their choosing. In the case of this TI victim, the adversity rate went up 5 fold or more since they went berserk/overt in 04-2002, and they haven't let up. Infuriating the TI victim is their first and best play all the time.

And that started this morning, getting me up at 0630h when the alarm was set for 0500h/ First they faked me into "thinking" it was 0530h, so I was a half hour late. Some 20 minutes later they let me in on the fact that I was 90 minutes late. Worse yet, there were all these lurid dreams with former co-workers during the 0500h to 0630h interlude when I should of been up. The assholes also kept me awake for 30 minutes or more when I went to bed, and had awakened me for about the same length of time in the night for no know reason. I wasn't short on sleep before I went to bed, and given the perps ability to control my awake state, regardless of prior sleep, the assholes are full measure for totally screwing me around this morning.

The string trimmer worked well with the new line I put in this morning, an unexpected bonus. I serviced the hedger but to no avail, and took it in.

I got much more weed eating done along the roadside, and lo, more long (10+) trains of vehicles in tight formation came by from both directions. Another stunt is to have a tractor drive along the road and the stream of traffic pass it, all of the passing vehicles going into the opposite lane, adroitly made vacant so more of the train can pass the tractor.

This corker about Eisenhower and HIS mass starvation atrocities HE perpetrated post WWII. Needless to say, something this well documented (per story), could have come back to bite him big time. And yet, he ran for president twice, and served two terms. So what assurances did he have that this atrocity would not come to haunt him for his later election or presidency? And from whom? Also interesting that General Patton countermanded Eisenhower's orders and set Germans free after WWII and he "somehow" had a vehicle accident two weeks later and died. And too, the perps do like to arrange starvations and stress the whole digestive system, often to the end. And how they can also arrange coincidences to suit their nonconsensual human research objectives too, don't I know.

Vineyard work was weed eating on three locations: which meant being covered in vegetative splatter that didn't come off in the laundry tonight. + a $80 tab to replace garments. thanks a bunch assholes. Never mind the "hits" they pull on my L leg; somehow those little pebble hits turned into visible sores that will take a week or so to heal. The perps like to delay healing much of the time, and the vitamin E cream did not help for some curious reason.

A very hot day, 32C, and I was perfectly OK in it. doing vineyard labor work in these huge vineyards S of Oliver BC.

Yesterday this same crew somehow "forgot" to tell me about the morning break, when they are usually quite vocal about it, informing everyone. Even the foremen got into the act, as I was the only person working N ward after the break, (because I missed it) when every one else began working S ward after the break. Sudden exclusive crew behaviours are not new, as long time readers will recall that this same stunt was pulled in 2009 at a farm I worked at.

Sunday, and what a non-day it was. I got nailed for a 2 hour nap attack in the afternoon, and that took the stuffing out of me. I got sucked down this morning online, their favorite place to have me waste time. Other errands kept me busy in the morning and by noon, the clouds rolled in to prevent tanning, a highly prescribed activity for the perps. They can even nullify tanning effects on certain body locations if they want. That I am in many hues of brown, deepest with the back of my leg calves that get plenty of vineyard sun, has not gone unnoticed in their long running brown color games they put me through.

 And skunked at the laundromat, not open Sundays as of today, and I was there two days ago and no prior notice, even when chatting with the owners. A full on freak show at the alternative laundromat, with a two male dude surge coming at me when I I entered in the place. Makes me wonder how long they were sitting there waiting for me. And now, outside the laundromat a motorcycle and later, a motor-home, both very common summertime gangstalking vehicles.

On the diet front, for the first time in over 10 years, the perps are allowing me to have green salads, sometimes two per day, and for several days in succession. This is a truly remarkable change in their permitted diet, as even last year at this time, as they would have me not eat salads for at least a three day interval after consuming one. I suppose the "warm up" was at Christmas time when at the First Feral Family house in Victoria, with my perp abetting mother giving me salad each day, which was a highly unusual frequency. How this ties in with the greater perp abuse/research objectives, and is one more dullified milestone, in project-speak, as far as I am concerned. Onto posting this for the week past..