Sunday, March 22, 2009

Other Regular Incursional Impositions

These are the phenomena that are applied to me which don't fall under the categories of targeted Noise and Masers and Plasma beams. I will try to make this a trophy post for educational purposes, and save you the daily drudgery of reading about the Prime Victim (me), being a little immodest perhaps. This is a work in progress, and is woefully incomplete as of this writing, Mar. 23, 2009.

Fake touches; 50 to 200/day.
Nipples, nuts, feet, hands; sometimes pinching my nuts rather than touches. As if my underwear grew jaws. Sometimes they need a cover story, and often times they don't. The worst of this abuse category is "dick whacking", where they get me when towelling dry after a shower, and then simulate the condition of whacking my dick with the end of the towel, even if 12" more apart. Now, I am obliged to hold the end of the towel and apply the towel with my other hand. And occasionally, they will whack me in the dick with no excuse; the towel being on the rail 2' behind me. The more regular manifestation of the fake touches is glancing touches on nearby objects, and also jabbing my fingertips with edges that have become extra sharp somehow.

Finger motor control impairment; about 100 per day, excluding typos.
Applied to routine events like light switch operation, turning pages in a book. Then sometimes a total freeze of my hand, and no fingers can move for a few seconds, or until I scream at the assholes.

Forced typos; depending on the typing load, 200 to 1,000 per day.
Same letters repeated, or from the next intended word.

Speech impairments; 5 to 10 times/day.
Usually scripted when yelling at the assholes over an earlier jerkaround, all to "cause" an escalated round of reg-ification on the heels of the first.

Voice changes; 20 to 50/day.
Often within less than five seconds, and while in mid-rant over a provocation. There is something they do to change my voice on demand and in real time to maximize the variations within the shortest time span. Until 2007 I could detect this each time, but now they can defeat these capabilities, so this is a very rough conservative estimate.

Crumb inundation games; 30 to 100/day.
Having crumbs arrive from nowhere next to the bread on the plate, and then having them get progressively smaller as I attempt to pick them up is one example of this dumbshit game. Crumb swapping; a light colored hemp seed crumb will be swapped for a small soap bubble at the same location at the next look as one example. Another is coffee grounds that leap off the bag when I open it, or fly off the top of the heaping spoon full, no faked cause, just blatant fuckery. As part of it, some digs in the kitchen counter look like crumbs at a glance, and guess where the coffee crumb inundation games arrive?; why at the same location to force misidentification of crumbs with the countertop hacking. Usually one or more noises will erupt the instant I make a "mistake" (read, caused by mindfuck recall manipulations, as I didn't make these kinds of mistakes until 2006), between a coffee ground and the countertop lookalike modifications.

Attention misdirection; 10 to 50/day.
As an example, I have only two mugs, one for tea and one for coffee and it has been that way for six years. So, guess what happens when I want the tea mug?; why my attention is shifted to the coffee mug beside it in the cupboard and vice versa. It never happened before late 2006, and now it is a daily occurence.

Pissing on my 3" knife; once per two days.
Every time now I get the 3" knife that I routinely use get soused with water after it is dried and placed in the knife rack if I need it within an hour of being put there. Or, alternately, I dry it with the teatowel and more water builds up on the blade that was there before I dried it. The perps have an obsession with using any cloth to dry steel objects, and it seems that enraging me over this particular obsession of theirs is the result they want. Fucking beserk.

Algae on demand; every day.
I get various algae buildups on the dishes mat that lies under the dishes drying rack, and it starts the next day after I clean it. It was a red colored algae, and now they have decided it isn't good enough, so now a brown colored algae.

Vision impairments; over 500/day, all day.
I temporarily get my vision messed with in various exotic ways, none of which one would find in an optometrist's text book. I get the text on this page lifting off, skewing off horizontal, vertical lines will flex and bow, and even the appearance of a downward slope when there wasn't one. I get extra "reflections" off the inside of my glasses constantly, and often in colors that are not reflecting any of those that could plausibly be the source.

Wobbled off balance; some 20 to 50/day.
I am not allowed to turn a corner without getting pushed off balance by a unseen force field. Often,as part of the stunt, they will simulate that I ran my nipple into the door jamb (sensation) when it clearly missed.

Pulling objects from my grasp; 20 to 40/day.
All the way from mildly annoying to provoking a full-on rage, especially when the take a dinner plate from my hand and send it clattering into the kitchen sink. The odd time they will break items they want replaced or removed.

Water drop arrivals; 2 to 10/day.
Usually in context, bathroom and kitchen, but always obviously not of my making. Also happens elsewhere, sometimes in a restaurant, on the floor. A giveaway is that the water drops are extra reflective by dint of added fuckery, as if placing water at their whim wasn't enough.

Water drop flickings; 10 to 20/day.
Even a stream of boiled kettle water was once interfered with to send a very small drop of water perpendicular to the stream onto my adjacent hand to cause a minor and temporary burn sensation that lasted a second or two. I had never seen water take a gravitational defying perpendicular turn from the main pouring stream before, but in this business there is always firsts. Mostly, this happens in context when in the kitchen or bathroom, but it is annoying to have one's life under assault with extra-conventional gravitic fuckery all the time. Sometimes they will even have the water or tea poured directly into the kitchen sink drain travel uphill for an inch or so to have it contact the sink bottom for more exposure to a different cardinal direction/surface. All too fascinating for sick assholes.

Toilet games; everytime.
The action, or threat of toilet blocking, and other unmentioned fuckery that won't be detailed here. Also, they won't let me piss straight, and have also take to "piss hopping", where it flies laterally and unconventionally sideways out of the toilet onto adjacent floor. The all time pee stunt was to have a small droplet fly vertically straight up some 3' until eye level and descend exactly on the same vertical trajectory.

Computer security violations; all the time.
There are over 30 processes that are running that I cannot delete because of insufficient permission, even if I am the administrator on this PC. There are hundreds of encrypted folders and files I cannot delete. There are senseless popup dialog boxes each time I start Firefox, and the list goes on.

Forced bodily functions; all the time.
Farts, burps, jaw clicking, selective muscular spasms, nose dripping etc. all have inordinate timing with other noises, web page changes, popup appearences, particular thoughs and the like. Nothing unusual here as many TI's report the same. The nose dripping seems to be all about having me wipe my fingers on my jeans or shirt, often coordinated with food handling, especially chocolate.

Designed coincidences; all the time.
How could I forget to add this, one of the most prevalent events arranged around some themes, and usually a half dozen running at a time, and then switched out for other coincidences. The themes can be trivial, even a word that keeps getting used or somehow erupting when the forced typo harassment is on. See the posts, Pondering the Perps Objectives for major themes, but it can be relatively minor. Some themes are persistent; a certain feminine name has had long standing arrangements to "happen" nearly daily, and I won't get into this one by giving any more exposure.

Accelerated Depletions; approx. 2 items, all the time.
This is the name for the extra consumption that "happens" without me directly using it. Most often it is the peanut butter, drawn down a few extra millimeters each day when I come back to it in the morning. Other consumables with extra conventional drawdown are breakfast cereal and mouthwash. Why these, and not others; I have no idea what is so fascinating for the perps, except to obtain greater variability between the container and its contents.


Rick said...

"Vision impairments; over 500/day, all day.
I temporarily get my vision messed with in various exotic ways, none of which one would find in an optometrist's text book. I get the text on this page lifting off, skewing off horizontal, vertical lines will flex and bow, and even the appearance of a downward slope when there wasn't one. I get extra "reflections" off the inside of my glasses constantly, and often in colors that are not reflecting any of those that could plausibly be the source."

This stuff I am dealing with too, especially when looking at text on LCD screen. I really, really need to focus otherwise I have this wobbly screen infront of me.

Some days are better then other days. What I too have when I look at text it would burn into my eyes and takes a-while to disappear, but yeah LCD plasma, yellow, blue same here again not all the time.

Mostly when night-time arrives.

I did over-come ( for the most part ) some weird stuff I was dealing with that was when I would step forwards it felt like I would step through the ground( as of my etheric body would move first and physical body follows), even when I lay on bed I have this irritating occurence, when I close my eyes that I am moving or in a rollercoaster ride or falling in a bottemless rabbit-hole ....( not drunk obviously )

Can you relate to this ?

Rick said...

What I meant with the wobbly I don't have steady vision but for the most time have, it's like my screen is moving from right to left really irritating.

AJH said...

Answer to: (Rick) "Vision impairments; over 500/day, all day....

The vision assaults with the floating projected lingering is something I get often. As if it was burned into your retina after looking at something extremely bright, though it wasn't. I guess I would call it "text traces", though it can also relate to seen objects too.

I (thankfully) don't have sensations of stepping into a hole in the ground or any like sensations of major imbalance. (I get jerked around doing yoga balance poses, (moving my feet) but not surreal ground sensations). Nor do I have floating sensations while lying down in bed or any other horizontal surface. Thanks for your comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: (Rick) What I meant with the wobbly...

I can get text lifting or rippling off the LCD screen. I also get the text ghosting, a fainter image displaced by an inch or less nearby the original text. I don't get L to R or reverse shifting, though I get pixelated mid-distance (4 to 10') objects in my peripherial vision, though very fleeting. Its like they don't know how to replicate this particular vision distance and especially when I am moving my head at the same time. Thanks for the comments.

Lucas vermeer said...

I can get text lifting or rippling off the LCD screen. I also get the text ghosting, a fainter image displaced by an inch or less nearby the original text. I don't get L to R or reverse shifting, though I get pixelated mid-distance (4 to 10') objects in my peripherial vision, though very fleeting. Its like they don't know how to replicate this particular vision distance and especially when I am moving my head at the same time. Thanks for the comments"

Yes those things I have been experiencing too. replicating is key here indeed.

What I know I have for a fact are morgellons ( Doctors call these eye floaters ) translucent strings, with dot like stuff in them, which are translucent too ( seen real good when I stand outside and look at a bright sky it is covered over my whole peripheral vision. I think this is to blame for the blue, yellow, and replicating- ghosting stuff, I've seen them morph into picture clear stuff, mostly night time I do sleep with a light on, nowdays, getting better, with sound on the background so my mind is at ease at listen someone talk. and often watch that direction and well ....... takes a couple of moments before it is gone, even with eyes closed.

But I am not sure on this if that's the cause with the morgellons. I suspect it is, came out of nowwhere.

But that's just one of the issue of-course.

I think TI are obviously targeted for an larger scale experiment, but I personally think it has to do with staying in this SPHERE so to speak 3D.

magnetic anomaly, consciouss wave, black hole ( Hunab-Ku how the Mayans would call it )

Has been measerurd, photographed. Hit the planet.

Climate change, global warning, weather and seismic changes. All add up to this.

2014, 2015 biggest shot yet to come.

Rushing to get upgrades done, on satellites. So the question remains when will the HIT come. Aaron McCollum MK ultra target, real good interview, speaks about it.

If something like this happens, which they do not know of-course they might loose control.

Neutrinos; they are scannning the possible outcome of-course.

Will report back later.

this will do for now.


Lucas vermeer said...

Aaron is spot on, and is no liar, he even mention big names in the interview.

Let me ask you a question do you remember your dreams ?

AJH said...

Answer to: "Aaron is spot on, ..."

I don't usually recall dreams, which is consistent with my sleeping habits before they sucked me into this rabbit hole in 04-2002. Perhaps only 5% or so are recalled upon waking, and by evening time when I update this blog, very few dreams are recallable.

As for Morgellons Disease; there is a lot of commonality between it and being invaded as a TI, though no gangstalking. Those little fibers were seen in my car and apartment back in 2002, and they carried light beams! So... if one wants to get external light inside the patient/victim, why, have them sprout from the inside of the body to the outside. I will go on a limb here, as I suspect all "floaters", from Morgellons or old age, are in fact the perps playing maser games inside one's eyeballs. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I notice when I was tired I layed on bed, and had my computer still on I watch that directions ( screen ) I saw the morgellons light up, if they were fueled like this( the neon light images I saw the lines full pure white )

really interesting, I know we humans are just like computers our cells. we are living in the Matrix. The waves and particles at the quantum level are like pixels animated by a projection of energy from beyond. Our bodies are not really solid. Reality is weird and there are vast differences between people below their skin.

And also, according to Bruce Lipton's work, our cells have the exact same design characteristics of computer chips, and our thoughts literally program our genes and alter our biology. So the war is in our minds, our souls, 'in the air' for the most part.
The so-called 'gangstalking' phenomena is interesting. People say things to people that are beyond coincidence and there can be negative/artificial synchronicities as well as divine, positive synchronicities...After you experience so many 'coincidences' you really start to wonder... I think ultimately, we are an energy farm in the bigger picture, so the utimate purpose is to milk negative energy from us. And this happens with synchronistic words that are said to people -- as if programmed to say specific things to someone to evoke a negative reaction.

The 'organic portal' phenomenon. Call me crazy, but I swear many people unconsciously pick up your energy to say certain trigger words, or specific things you're thinking about. Maybe there's like an energetic A.I. program that interfaces with all of our a reality "ETHER"net...with all the evidence of physical implants, etheric implants, remote influence, psychic manipulation, subliminal frequencies, and electronic harassment and mind-control waves, we really have to think carefully about our lives.

Do we hallucinate???? Quantum theory sudjest we create our reality. We percieve these elements as a collective conscious decision. Ex. We capture a butterfly, put it in a jar & label it. This is a simple attempt to dominate your own mind(& on a larger scale, the collective). So some would say, well i was born into a collective reality. This would be true, BUT.... You are indeed manifesting it. When we labeled the butterfly we also connected an emotion to it as well. when we look back at it, this emotion is triggered. We loop ourselves from a trained response(The Program). Spontanious decision making breaks this barrier of thought, & in theory manifest reality before our eyes. So at first glance it is conclusive that our reality is what someone else put on our plate. The only element(driving force) of hallucination would infact be manifesting thought. Bringing abundance into your life is manifested. So Manifestation itself is Reality when you dont accept whats on your plate.

As we dream, Our subconscious dances around in a myriad of lights & vibration. Some of us chase after our subconscious as it yet again runs down the rabbit hole. We must come to the point where we shake hands & then dissolve into one. This is the trasnsformation which grants you full collaboration to the SELF. Once you realize you are one, the rewards are profound & awareness takes on a new reality into the personal journey. You will wake into your dreams & take a deeper path into your mind. Once you shake hands, you must come to terms with this awakening. It could take 10 years from the point you merged. This is the struggle into your physical programming. Healing takes time.

Take Copper for dream-recall.


Anonymous said...

I do believe to some extend this is by a sheer machine were in, two pillars, Jachin and Boaz, with the illiuminati in control, they create the reality, until we all wake up.

it's 8 % against 10 % that control the world.

Were living in a dream, it's time to wake up, and shack hands.

Anonymous said...

Real colors :)

The Earth ressonance is in the note of B....Check this out, this is what they train illuminati members in the beginning Svali Illuminati Defector RARE Interview Pt.5 set it at 3:55 & then freeze it when the wheel comes up. Why is this necessary in rainbow children & world leaders??? Why??? because you dont know, & thats the way they like to keep it. If you dont realize that human consciousness is aligned with the Note of B, then you will never be aligned. Tesla's reading was accurate. The ressonance is infact 7.7hz (B). No other note comes into alignment with the planet and multiple states of consciousness. So it is a simple lie when you look at physics & the color scale. & realize that the B is the highest vibrating color & not the C. So C is low infrared where it starts all over again. & B is in the ultraviolet. Science lied to us.

This is the answer... Its in the vibration of color....If you put a red pepper next to a bunch of green, the higher light spectrum vibration starts to transform its surroundings. As all vibrates, so do you. You determine this color... You can close your eyes & you can fill your mind screen easy with this color. It is you....You create this light from darkness. & you represent this frequency through sound & light waves. These waves effect all that surrounds you.

USE THESE things to HEAL.

If you have a water structure frequency generator, try this one for tuning yourself. Its in htz = 3.858(R) 7.7175(L) / 61.6(R) 123.27(L) The (R/L) is stereo channel. This arrangement emphasizes a harmonic ressonance outlining 3.858(delta-theta) & 61.6(gamma) while introducing the earth ressonance(7.7175) & water crystal(123.27) as a forground. Brought to you by the musical note of B...

Anonymous said...

But I think the machine will crumble.... when I do not know ( if it's truth you have to decide )

Anonymous said...

* Basically every soul on this planet is living in a false reality, and are in a prison. A 'matrix'. A holographic reality being projected into the consciousness of your real body which is in a sort of stasis condition.

* To all effects this holographic reality feels very real. You can see, hear, smell, taste, touch, feel. If you were to cut yourself you would bleed and feel pain. But it is all illusion.

* This reality is a prison created by the annunaki to keep souls captured by them. The annunaki use the energies our bodies produce for their own selfish purposes.

* My team and I (amongst many, many other teams), came in to destroy this machine/matrix/processing center. We call it the machine to keep it simple, but actually it is an extremely complex thing.

* The only way it could be destroyed so you all could be freed was from the inside, for a number of reasons which i will not go into to keep this brief.

* We have succeeded in destroying the machine and it is slowly dying, and the realms within this machine are slowly collapsing as it does so.

* There were 6 levels or realms in the machine. Each succeeding realm begins disintegration after it's inner dimension is destroyed. Each realm contains another level within it - or dimension if you prefer. Through the center of the machine is the core processor of this machine (think like an apple core), with the realms arranged around it.
The first realm started it's disintegration Jan. 2012
The second realm started disintegration by Feb. 2012
The third realm started disintegration on 24th March 2012
The fourth realm started disintegration on 1st July 2012 and was completely destroyed by 23rd Oct. 2012
The fifth realm started disintegration on 10th Nov. 2013 and continues to this day.

* Once the machine fully shuts down the souls will awaken as if waking in the morning from the sleep state. Will be given healing, counseling, much love. Whatever is needed to restore them to their optimum being and then returned to whatever universe, planet or dimension they belong to. If that is their desire.

* Once the matrix surrounding the real planet that this machine we are currently in sits on, was destroyed enough another team was able to enter and start healing the planet and restoring her to what she originally was.

That is where we currently stand at the present point in time. ( Truth you have to decide that part )

IT does all sound weird doesn't it ? but look at our reality .....

AJH said...

Answer to Anonymous' five postings;
I suppose there are elements of chromatic display that the perps utilize, e.g. arranged trains of vehicles, three whites, a red (Unfavored), and three or four trailing greyscale colors (grey, black, sliver-grey etc.) today. Yes, there are elaborate color-energy theories out there, e.g chakras and their colors, but I wouldn't know where to start or end with it, and besides, the perps like to keep me as clueless as much as they can.

Anonymous said...

Explore the things I have given you.

I often see myself when In dream-state watching a monitor I am awake in dream-state yes it is weird, but it makes sense to me.

I even see my "floaters" when watching at that screen.

Nothing is what it seems here, and I believe this holographic universe will crumble and we all will awake out of this dream-state.

Take Care.