Sunday, December 31, 2006

Cracking Joints and Other Absurdities

A phone call from my mother was cause for the perps to engage in another round of room shaking via the absurd "cause" of the front door closure 20' away. It is a noise and vibration that never happened when I first moved in, for all of September 2006. The frat house level of 2 to 5 departures a minute for 5 minutes and a distant siren noise was tossed into the sound/vibration mix. And to add insult to injury, two major cracking sounds erupted beside me when I logged into this site to record this inanity. My joints have never cracked, and if there is any noise associated with joint movement, I never feel anything. In other words, it is of no organic origin.

And an amazing happening in the night, a first; the perps woke me up for a half hour but there was no noise being made, or that "I" (read, script constrained and mind-controlled) was allowed to recall. And no moon either, something they like me to see if it is in the western sky at night.

Enough for now, in the hope that the room shaking will stop; every new activity goads them on to create another round of it, even if no supporting noises of egress occur with the front door crashing and room shaking.

And if the parade of room shaking wasn't enough, the perps have launched a round of building door slamming in the adjacent parking lot, 30' away. This door is rarely used as most vehicle drivers walk through the parking lot to the sidewalk. Anyhow, it all smacks of the perps attempting to extrapolate in-house energetics measurements and determinations to those outside.

And no reprieve from the intensity of the room shaking as my mother, who said she would come by this morning, "happened" to change the story to that of picking me up later on the way to my brother's for a New Year's Eve dinner at his place. More morphing plans without explanation, nothing new there, and why would I believe anything from that quarter when she sold me into this depravity from the get go, the number one sicko in my book. And my father is too far down the Alzheimer's road, or the facsimilie thereof, to know what is going on, save his bizzare newfound habit of standing nearby, as if he doesn't know what a chair is for, which I find hard to believe. All part of the game of cutting off sources of knowledge and empathy, which is complete. Even my nodding acquaintance level perps have been pulled from circulation, and now only the grim faced ones get any face time, save the building manager.

More noisestalking; now it is the shift for overhead clanging and clunking. This following a rare phone call from my ex about the Christmas present from our daughter of the toaster oven. I was underwhelmed which was true, and the mental script that was running, and likely planted, was that "I" percieved that this was a harbinger of more extended harassment into 2007, and that I don't give a shit about Christmas anyway as the harassment issue is number one, and everyone pretends that it isn't happening.

Another overhead clunking noise flurry while I putz on the PC reading deep dark conspiracies stories. I have become a reluctant convert this this perspective on world events, and was disinclined to even think that the 9/11 event was anything that what it seemed. However, this entire harassment changed everything and I am seeing many more technical connections than I did before. And still there are many I don't want to admit to myselff as this entire new take on my history and world history, is almost too much to accept.

Enough for 2006, and a non-harassed New Year for all the Targeted Individuals who deal with this constant and insufferable assault from the cast of the depraved perps.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Backpack Squad

The backpack is one of the most widely utilized "extras" among ambulatory gangstalker, more than plastic bags even. I can only surmise that it offers extra color-energetics interaction on the person's back, the seeming all important body area that the gangstalkers like to present and I assume, measure. One TI told me that the perps read one's back, or spine, like an aerial, and this may well be true, although for more than electromagnetic energies IMHO.

And also, there is a big surge on of gangstalkers changing their clothes in public, often outside their vehicle, as some kind of between state of color interaction (vehicle and garment color).

The vision impairments have been stepped up this morning, and not just when reading or typing from this LCD display. They can selectively dither the appearance of an object in vision or of the light properties itself. And more fogging of my glasses is "erupting"; it can be coffee or the accumulated "crud" that arrives on my glasses ovenight.

And with an inordinant 10.5 hour "sleep" time, the perps have launched a near continuous noise assault all morning. A barrage it seems, and the coughing and hacking noise of the "neighbor" is front and center. And the assholes make sure that I am particularly irritated by this noise, and don't consign it to being another "background noise".

Another harassment trait of late has been cranking up the temperature of this room, and naturally, there are no heat controls anywhere in here or in the hallway. They also have heaters installed overhead at the checkout area of the grocery store and make sure that I am "toasted" when making the transaction of purchase along with the simutaneous coughing and hacking, closing in shuffling of gangstalkers and the rest of the games/ambient action that go with purchasing anything.

The noise and vibration barrage continues; three room shaking front door closures 20' away inside of one minute, that is busier than a frat house. The glass bottle bashing act now comes from two locations, the room to the east, and from outside, the west. Everything I do is getting noisestalked; even picking something up, touching a brown crumb that ejected from my tortillas at lunch etc. And, it is not only noise, but also the constant room vibrations and often the "instant crumbs" that can arrive in my face or on nearby surfaces, usually in a contrasting color. It should also be mentioned, though I may correctly assume that readers might know, but in addition, there are constant occurences of masers and plasma beams, even on this display as I type this. The first mentioned are seen as point sources of light, grey beams, fuzzy grey balls hopping in formation in my visual field, and also as trails and squiggles that shift about, all in a unitary formation. The plasma beams are less varied, though there is a huge color variance in these subsecond light flashes, usually projecting off nearby objects, often as a "alternate" color and spatial representation. Just a normal day, save a greater frequency and variability of occurrences.

It is the continuation of what has been going on all morning, this being the post-lunch digestive period that the perps like to noisestalk so much. And they are getting more daring/experienced in their location of specifically colored parked vehicles. This morning they put on an unheard of four brown vehicles in the adjacent parking lot and street parking, and after that, a deep burguncy colored vehicle flanked by two white vehicles, again on the street, some 60' away. It would seem that the perps' color games are now able to be employed at greater distances than before, and this would aid in their objective of understanding all interacting color and energetics of a given individual (me, presently).

And the perp's cut that was inflicted on my left thumb has healed in an unusual manner; it is still bright red instead of a scab brown, is larger than it was when they first ripped my skin, and has a reflective and smooth surface to it. I have never seen any cut or abrasion heal, if that is the right word, so oddly, and there were no unusual causal events. There might be no coincidence that a similarly colored vehicle has been parked in view of my window all day today, along with the regular black colored one. More who knows, as I am the last to know.

The coup de gras of vehicle color and model, a brown Volvo 245 (my former vehicle model), "somehow" arrived in the adjacent parking lot outside my window. It must have been teleported in as I did not hear it arrive, even with the window open. I only heard it start up and depart, likely because of too much brown exposure time, a parameter the perps seem to govern assiduously. This "brown color exposure time" applies to vehicles, clothing of ambulatory gangstalkers (especially blondes), and to skin color of the same. The perps sickos usually arrange a fleeting exposure time to blacks, in the order of less than a minute, and are currently playing games in spoofing their televised and real-world appearance by having them look blacker than they already are. Whatever is the perps' problem with the color brown isn't mine, so why am I being harassed over this every waking minute?

And as part of the "brown color chronicles/perversity", the perps also stuck some shit on the inside of the toilet bowl this morning, the communal bathroom being a singular disadvantage for me, and a riotous coup for the assholes that sustain this juvenility. Said shit was resistant to being flushed away, and was eventually cleaned up by the manager who somehow knew about it, though not by visiting this stunt in person. A prediction for 2007; more of this stunt, as they seem to be on a shit obsessive streak these days. And it is no coincidence that my brother has a colonoscopy in two weeks, his first 4 year "inspection", for whatever the original problem was. And of coincidental interest, that was just before the perps went into overt harassment (BOH) in 2002, and timed within weeks of my sort-of-girlfriend at the time, who had one also. There is much more of a story to unfold on this one, and who knows how else such intimate color energetics information is obtained, though cattle mutilations are one that fits the profile (anus core samples). War zones might be another.

More room shakings and noise all afternoon. Sometimes three room shakings a minute, all under the cover story of being a rooming house egress when it seems that I am the center of attention, even if unacknowledged. I have mentioned in the past that the last apartment residence I had, a 10 story concrete building of 140 suites, appeared to have only one occupant, and that was me. There too, there was noise assaults, some being identical to here (e.g. overhead clunking and zapping), but when it came time to view the residents when a 0300h fire alarm stunt was pulled, there were very few people on the street. It was all about having me walk the neighborhood at that time of day while the fire department played up the notion of a fire as I came to experience it later when I returned.

Just to think that the LEO forces in this city, police, fire department and emergency attendents are falling over backwards to aid the perps, when their colleague in New York City got snuffed on 09/11/2001. When are these insufferable stooges going to connect the dots and tie these two events together? And for making that comment I got some extra overhead clunking and water in pipes noise added into the mix.

A new aerial "popped up" overnight and is visible where I eat by the window. It has the innocous appearence of being a TV antenna, and just like the one that was erected opposite my parents' house, likely in honor of me staying the odd night there. And when I looked at this new antenna, some 300+ feet away, a silvery blackish emanation came off it and was directly aimed at me, though there was no impact or other adverse event. As I have written before, there are way too many aerials in this town, and some are even arranged for dips in the road where there is a likely shadow from a larger aerial complex nearby.

A session in backing up my blog files on a local disk; this too is an object of intense interest for the perps and is likely related to their same interest in select, cut/copy and paste. The entire rooming house went quiet while I was doing this, save the church bell they were ringing. And it can be considered to be a perp intrusion as it rings any time the assholes want it too, including weekday mornings when I am about to get out of bed. The church is a short block away, and is of Ukranian denomination. Beyond that, I am no expert on what goes on there each day, but the bell ringing seems to have a remarkable coincidence with my activities, not unlike all other noises.

More clunking overhead; the assholes seem to pose questions to my internal voice and when I answer, they pound the floor over top of me, finding my position exactly. Then they have me yell at the supposed asshole, though normally I don't do this. And there may have been a simutaneous zap in the mix just to piss me off all the more.

More zapping, this time simutaneously with the suddent onset squeak noise of no attributable cause that erupts from the hallway. The perps seem to know which sounds are highly annoying for me, and emphasize those with the extra zapping for more piss-off result.

nother press suicide I read; Paul Sanford

a prominent Aptos, California, attorney, who accused Karl Rove of treason in the Plame outing case, took a leap from the Embassy Suites Hotel in Monterey Bay on Christmas Eve. Police describe it as "probable" suicide, even though it appears Sanford was not depressed.

I do not know his work or his circumstances, but I will say from personal experience that the perps can suck you down into places that you never dreamed could be so bleak. Therefore, I treat all such stories with a measure of circumspection and ponder how they might have been a pain in the ass for prominent politicians. I won't make a call on this one as to what really transpired, but there is a history of some reporters who have irked the powers that be who have come to a premature end, even if it might be a disease or some seeming "natural" cause.

Blogging off...

Friday, December 29, 2006

Dueling Coughing

That title means coughing is alternating between two "residents" of this putative rooming house as I write this. They take coordinated turns, and go at least two cycles each before the absurdity level is too much for the perps to handle. How they determine that a stunt is too obvious is unknown to me, and who they think they are fooling is another mystery.

I walked into downtown today for a four stop visit, and I had my collection of gangstalking demographics around me; black leather jackets were prominent, including some fucker directly from outside and who couldn't wait in the central line, and had to stand beside me at the bank cashier where I was transacting to pay my Master Card. Bizarre, as he went to the central line after waiting for a minute or so. More of these "hurried" line/queue jumping games are showing up, and I presume, are the cover story to insert themselves nearby me, but outside of the queue, and if they can, to cross my path by 90 degrees. The store or bank staff seem really casual about it, so I can assume this has been rehearsed in advance.

This was a transaction trip; the event they so much like to gangstalk where I made deposits/payments by debit card, cash, check and then debit card again. And the perps added a runny nose at the second bank visit I made, when paying the MC bill. That is some exiciting for them, but I don't really care, just get out of my sight and proximity and end this venality of stalking me everywhere I go and anything I do. And for that, I get more coughing noise from the putative and never getting better "neighbors".

A summary of outside ambulatory and vehicular gangstalking is; "everyone (meaning gangstalkers) with their backpack, dog or ladder", three of the most common accouterments the gangstalkers have with them, apart from certain clothing fabrics and colors and plastic bags. Today's downtown trip was another where there was a profusion of males of working age on a weekday, and not into post-Christmas shopping. I had my demographics of obesity, grey hairs (geriatrics), red haired, white hatted etc. Then the color combinations of clothes which I have mentioned in past blogs; dark red, dark green, white, black and now more brown. At one point they had a UPS driver following me for half a block toting brown cardboard boxes until he got to his (darker brown) delivery vehicle.

Another stunt is to play up someone being backlit, especially black people of late, and darken their appearance all the more with some kind of plasma/light sucking games. The perps nearly always put one of this demographic on display/gangstalking duty, as if I care somehow.

The perps even woke me up in mid sleep, likely around 0400h just to hear the same asshole "resident" coughing his guts out, as he had been doing all day yesterday. And lo, if there wasn't a whack of extra coughing gangstalkers on the streets when I walked into town this morning. Fucking absurd.

The sound of single engine float planes is being laid on for this event of digesting 100g of chocolate I just had with my tea. As usual, the perps somehow eliminated the pleasant taste sensations of chocolate and have me shovel it down like a generic vegetable. I am not permitted any positive moments as long as these assholes are running my life. And for that remark, I got the siren treatment, a regular occurence in any neighborhood I am in. Never mind there are more sirens per day on average than Seattle, going by personal experience. And that the vehicles with the siren noise never materialized when I was in my last place with a view onto the thoroughfare that was the only major route.

The perps are also keeping more lights on me when I am out in the daylight. The sodium arc lamps on all the parkades are being left on, and at one location downtown today, they had a pit-lamping pickup with its headlights pointed at me (parallel parked), and when it finally did depart after malingering, there was an ambulance flashing white and red light in the next block. Anytime I am at the kitchen counter with its view to the street and adjacent parking lot, they put on a vehicle with headlights on coming to turnaround or park, and make sure I get an eyeful of the headlight by dint of some planned angles, stalling and timing. This is also true for side streets and adjacent driveways; if there is an opportunity to put headlights from unusual angles in my face they will do it. And with all the reading impairment activity that is emanating from this LCD display, even as I type, I suspect the perps have cranked up the level or irradiation and need to blast my eyes with light to aid in maintaining this level.

When I had the vehicle, before I gave it to my daughter, the perps would hammer the shit out of my eyes each time I came back from hiking. My assumption was that the exercise of hiking dissapated some of the energy they irradiate me with, and that the vision perturbations were a consequence of the perps irradiating me all the harder to catch up, and get me back to their needed level of "being cooked". Which might explain why the assholes stopped me from swimming and running; they can't deal with the resultant de-energized condition. This being some form of non-ionizing radiation, call it sidereal, etheric, zero point etc.

This must be a key moment of the chocolate digestion cycle; the perps put on a full blown hacking and coughing outside my door, just so it was louder and a sudden onset. None of this more distant in-room hacking even if it is annoying.

Another perp fuckover exercise today has been forced farting; this is nothing new, and I won't make mention of it beyond this. This is the forced fart emissions that are simutaneously tied to other events; turning a 90 degree street corner, entering a building, exiting a building, attending to a shoelace that "self unraveled", changing directions in the grocery store, paying or transacting finances e.g. at the teller in the bank, at the ATM, at the grocery store etc., placing goods in my shopping basket at the grocery store, upon the "neighbor" hacking his guts out, upon seeing a red vehicle, on and on. And they are more prevalent these days, and it does not matter what the digestive cycle is, even before a meal. They don't care, and keep up this harassment form, although mild, all day now.

Why is it that when I put my earmuffs on to block out the strange noises outside, that within two minutes someone pounds the floor overhead and penetrates the noise protection? It is too consistent to be a fluke, and they make sure not to give me much earmuff time, as "I" take them off after that.

The perps made a mess of dinner preparation; they cut my left thumb on the back of it, and thereby ensuring I had to deal with this mess at the busiest moment in putting together the tortillas "I" always make. It was a little frantic to both attend to the profuse bleeding and the dinner, and by dint of managed fluke, I had two bandaids availible in my much reduced belongings in this putative rooming house. Which suggests that the assholes planned this before I moved in August as the two bandaids were put in my toiletries bag then. And too, it wasn't my idea after all. Nothing new there.

The perps shut down my Firefox browser session, on that had some six tabs open. And naturally, the option to "Resume Session" wasn't supplied, when it is on every other Firefox boot up. Fucking juvenile that this goes on after 4.5 years of it.

And I was making some decent progress in evaluating horror films from a site, and bookmarking the quality ones after reading the review, and now the perps have slowed up the page retrieval to annoying proportions. Another jerkaround for no genuine cause but wanton harassment. Fucking sick.

Now more serial room shaking as they get me cranked over very slow page displays, this with the "Extreme Speed" broadband internet connection. It never ends; more games and jerkarounds to keep the juveniles busy.

Noisestalked words du jour;
control ( a big click of a deadbolt), husband, contact (as in contactee, from an alien encounter), milabs (military abductees), Firefox, New World Order, prison camps (a lot of these stories are "showing up" and they like to noisestalk me everytime)

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Operatives by the Herdfull

A late start morning begining with a 10.5 hour "sleep", and delays in getting to the bathroom by parties that made no noise in getting ahead of me (a next door bathroom). Normally I am privy to every next door bathroom visitation by way of extra deadbolt clicking, room shaking "from" door closure, extra squeaky floorboards, and toilet seat slammings. And more recently, coughing and hacking was added to the operatives' noise repetoire, and as of today, mumbling. So, when I go to use the bathroom next door, it is always a surprise when it is in use and none of the usual noisestream was evident.

It has happened before, and the assholes like me to be unexpectedly skunked in my plans, which usually applies to anything I do regularly.

Currently, the herd of operatives is on the move, coursing through the hallway and in or out of the door, with the (faux caused) attendant room shaking and door slamming. The frat house analogy applies, as there seems to be a serial rush, and then it goes slack after a while. Other noise joins the noisescape, the most favored is the coughing and hacking, and at least three nearby "residents" in this putative rooming house got new colds over Christmas, just when it was taking five weeks for their last round to diminish some. Never have colds been so prevalant and persistent among my "neighbors", just like at the last apartment building before.

This is the post-mealtime gangstalk event, where the perps lay on the noise, shaking and visual perturbances to keep their standard and predictable harassment activities more obvious than they usually are.

And in doing laundry at the laundromat this morning, more coughing and hacking erupted from the operative who likes to stand by his washing machine, leaning on it even, while it cleans his clothes. Naturally the fucker came in close, again without benefit of manners, to examine the pile of magazines behind me, this time from the right and left sides. He in a shirt the same color as my coat, another amazing coincidence. When I departed, he was sitting on a high folding table watching his laundry in the dryer. Fucking absurd, plus some other games that unfolded, which only add to the litany of odd events that erupt around me, though not of significance to recount here.

The latest stunt for the perps is to plant the sensation of a fart coming on, then nothing happens. Or at least when expected, and it sometimes "disapates" or is re-scheduled by them. Just an annoyance on top of one already.

Over the past 4.5 years of overt harassment, the perps have made no bones about shaking or moving things in my presence. One of their favorites was to shake the contents of pop bottles in the supermarket whenever I was near them. They would shudder in unison, without any possibility it was vibration (concrete floors, and normal walking). Even my doctor gave up trying to explain that one, and consigned it to the "delusion condition". But, if it happens everytime, then what is it doctor? That would be the kind of question that I am not allowed to ask, and never "comes to mind" when in his office.

But over time, the perps managed to control this ambient and proximate object movement, and I assumed it was because of greater energetic control of my environment, a benefit from hounding me in the same locations all the time. Of late, they have dropped this practice, and are now constantly wiggling the two towels beside me, even if there is no ostensible cause. One is white, the other is blue, and because of these tight quarters, about 80sq. ft., there isn't much room to put often used items. I would assume this regular wiggling is to delve deeper into the energetics around me, an opportunity to assay more ways to fuck me over. Of late, and possibly in concert with towel wiggling, they have been spasming my muscles in certain regions, e.g. back, thigh, upper arm etc.

A quiet spell, then a every two minute room shaking in one of the fastest serial egresses in rooming house history, and then the overhead floor pounding and tromping. This is the two hour past mealtime level, and I cannot say why this timing is important to the assholes. Any anticipation of their games gets and immediate overhead clunk, so one can be certain that this is no fluke, especially the repetition of it all.

And more noisestalking of conjugated verbs as to tense (past, present and future) as well as other suffixes, e.g. ion, ation etc. Not only am I mind-fucked into typing the wrong suffix, I then get noisestalked over making fixes to the word/suffix. And as I explain this, a loud mufflered vehicle came to visit the outside adjacent parking lot. And other "rooming house" noises are also erupting. One can predict the nature of the typos now, as they follow a pattern like vnever before. More for the clinical excuse assholes and shills to explain.

Now, the trying-too-hard coughing has erupted while I read about some loudspeakers from Italy. That mentioned country is of interest to the perps, and I cannot help but notice the coincidence of where my ex-wife and daughter went in Europe for holiday this year. Anyhow, the perps are making sure that I am mightily irritated by the coughing jags of the supoosed residents around me, even if a new round of "infection" has started up.

A zap in the right foot to go with my recollection of a film some decades ago. Then a maser hit to the upper lip to follow, and then a sudden reverse video of this very LCD display. Now more mindfucking; a sudden and transient loss of knowledge as to where a certain keyboard key is. I was better off on this some three decades ago when I began with finger pecking. So why is my ability to find a specific key now impaired? Another question for the asshole shills who tritely suggest this is a clinical problem. And as I finished typing that, the coughing and hacking erupted. I would get a life if I was allowed to have one.

The noise flurries erupted when I made and cooked dinner, then again for doing the dishes. In this post-dinner period, digestion time, the overhead clunking and floorboard squeaking (ostensibly) has erupted, and if I am not mistaken, this is a very common occurence that is also journalled in past blogs. For the clinical shills, should they break rank and read this, what kind of clinical condition is this when the "symptoms" are consistently attendant to my circumstances?

Now it is the turn for glass bottle bashing, another near everyday occurence that has erupted in the past month. fucking tiresome being under a microscope. I read in a recent book on spying and counterintelligence, that if the FBI should suspect one of being a spy they follow your every move, and even have a specialized division of "everyday folk" who undertake this intensive form of surveillance. Naturally I compared this harassment situation to that, and there isn't any doubt; harassees and related mind-control research victims are under the tightest possible scrutiny, much more than some traitor stealing classified military documents. I cannot even look at myself in the mirror without being noisestalked, and I have at least three assholes/gangstalkers everytime I pay for my groceries. If you are of Robert Hannsen's or Aldrich Ames level of disclosing secrets, then you have it easy, whenever you may get caught.

There are more sick, or more like faking sick, people in this boarding house than in the hospital. These 20 minute jags of constant coughing and hacking from supposed residents that were getting better last week, and who have uniformly all got worse this week. It just doesn't add up. Yet again, my "neighbors" at this and the last place, don't ever seem to recover from their cold symptoms.

Now, the perps are alternating their operative's coughing and hacking; one bows out, and another resumes the noise.

Time to blog off, even if it has been relatively quiet for the past hour, save some outside sourced voices contriving to "walk by". The vision imparing emanations are getting too much to take, and are worse now than at any other time in the day. Perhaps this means forced book reading.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Welcome Back Noise Assault

All that coughing and hacking by the putative neighbors and my commensurate complaining that they never get better, as it was all about keeping up the front of this kind of noise, especially outside my door, has fallen on deaf ears. Since I got back, the putative neighbors have gotten "sicker" and have launched more sneezing and hacking noise, usually two or three at a time. My belated Christmas present from the perps.

And the room shaking has been in fine form; no letup for Christmas, the same with the street action and the nearby clothing charity. They are still working hard in lugging donated clothes across the street, and the staff gangstalkers all came out in a group to see me arrive. And it was an occasion for someone to park their car broadside on the sidewalk, totally blocking pedestrian egress. Fucking bizzare that a used clothing charity would be so busy at this interlude between Christmas and New Year.

The perps have put a new pong, septic waste smell-like, in the hallway for all the air freshening that preceded Christmas, and its odd circumstances noted in past blogs.

The sudden herd of operatives moving in serial fashion in the hallways has returned, as each front door egress gives them the opportunity to shake the building and this room in particular, even if 20' away.

And the room shaking is now being timed to web page displays, and in particular, anytime there is a change in the diplay of text, e.g. bold titles, larger fonts, etc. I have been through this mill for the past 12 months or more, noisestalked webpage display changes. Only now, it is a combination of noise and room shaking for a particular kind of web page change, text font size and line weight changes.All the curious noises of this putative rooming house are coming back; the one clap sound, and the squeaky something as they are not attributable to human interaction. It is more tedium as far as I am concerned, as

I am the only person who gets stared at by people/gangstalkers who cannot see me. This happened at my parents place today; I was 10' back from the window facing the street, and two gangstalkers in succession walking by were looking at me for at least a 3 second long stare while I was not visible to them. This is the first time since this house was built in 1967 this has ever happened, and that includes the higher than normal activity level since the gangstalking began 4.5 years ago.

The frenetic tromping of boots outside my door continues. This is the post-digestive period after eating chocolate, something I am going to swear off for a 2007 resolution. While having tea and chocolate only 10 minutes ago, there was a local SWAT operation only a few hundred feet away. Or at least, that was the noise and what I am led to believe from overhearing chit chat in the hallway. A SWAt operation drops in for tea; why can't they introduce themselves instead of this pretend game?

More room shakings, and they are time to me writing or typing a letter or an number. Gangstalked through the alphabet, which they enasure by stunning me out as to the next keystroke, and at the very moment I am allowed to know what it is, there is the attendant (but not causal) front door egress and a minor shock wave to shake this room, some 20' away, And of note, the same pulse strenght is shaking mre objects than it didn't before.

The perps have been more audacious with making more noise and vibration with minimal or no causal of late. When I carefully dipped the dinner plate into the sink, clearing all possible objects, they had the plate get hit and resonate as if it banged into the side of the sink when there was at least 1" clearance all round. All to play some game to fool someone who isn't looking as hard as I am to prevent the noise in the first place.

Another 2 hour nap "erupted" before dinner; why I need that while getting 9 to 11 hours of sleep every night, save the keep me awake stunts, is beyond me.

The overhead pounding has begun and one such pounding noise was added as I was typing the very word. This is the post-dinner digestion time, and the perp assholes have typically bnaged the floor overhead for this very event.

A maser/laser like burning sensation on my foot and thigh with simutaneous coughing and hacking just now, while paging through text in blue and black. The assholes are on this color combination a lot; very often blue plasma will emanate from dark recesses for some color testing/games.

An eruption of male woo-hoos and the like from next door is upon me, simutaneously timed for wab page display changes/scrolling, usually of the all text kind, with some font differences. Back to this again, and the coughing noise has slowly gotten quieter. There is a trend of familiar noises being made fainter and fainter, possibly to "tickle" certain aspects of the neural system the assholes cannot yet access and assay for their ongoing energetics quest. They must be within a thousandth of a percent to 100% mind-control, as they have made more advances as mentioned in yesterday's blog. (Corruption of knowledge of what I know, or meta knowledge).

And as I read specific content, not to be repeated here, the perps send a vibration through my feet and a simutaneous clunking sound. Theoretically there is no one in the basement, so how was it that some vibration emanated from there? Another "no ostensible cause" event, which are becoming more common now.

I have been in this post-nap de-energized state all evening, likely scripted to hear the bursts of male laughter and jocularity from next door, very often timed to the display of a text centric web page and often in conjunction with transient vision impairments. I was attempting to read a book online, but eventually the aforementioned harassment games were too impairing to continue.

I note that I am on some kind of email rationing, as in none save the spammers who have found my email address and continue to keep trying. Even with Yahoo's spammer reporting I am getting 15 to 20 spam emails a day, not counting their "bulk" mailbox.

This is a good time to blog off, as I am none too inspired tonight, as the perps have me in this post-nap blue funk, which I suspect has certain advantages for them in their brain energetics research.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

I Spy ... a Pattern Here

More family gangstalkings, feints and deliberate protraction of pedantic activites. The latest is us (my parents and I) getting in the vehicle. Somehow, a last minute concern arises and I am left in the vehicle waiting for them to come, usually 2 to 4 minutes later.

The acquisition of the Christmas turkey was a classic; besides being in a tight and overpopulated section of the store, with a stocking cart adroitly planted to constrict more aisle room, and a "staff member" slamming into my shopping basket, there was a "disappearance" of my parents in departing from the checkout, one of the Holy Gangstalk locations. With the turkey under my arm, I retraced my steps and they weren't there, but instead another surge of gangstalkers was on me in both directions for this rare event of returning to a grocery store within a minute of leaving it.

But as my parents weren't to be seen, "I" chose to return to their vehicle (that I drive for them) and deposit the turkey in the back hatch area, the SUV equivalent of a trunk. No doubt this was an intended "me and the turkey" energetics assay and they returned in about five minutes of waiting time. When I asked them how they "disappeared", the answer was vague to say the least. That in itself is an answer, along the lines of "we are abetting in you being harassed and monitored".

And the selection and arrangement of acquiring the turkey was a follow-on from a very similar arrangement that had preceded it. My mother was ditzed out on whether the 12lb. turkey was big enough, and she explained this to a staff member and waxed on about the unfolding changes over the Christmas arrangements that transpired since it was ordered. The staff member was Latino looking woman, with a light brown skin although Caucasian featured, and she eventually made a trip back to the butcher area to get a bigger turkey. More ditz time with her passed before we finally went to the checkout.

Before that, there was a trip to the library and like ditzing of my mother's with a darker brown skinned, Caucasian looking (I couldn't place her with my limited knowledge of racial appearences) woman at the library desk over a book that my mother thought was returned but was notified that it wasn't. Anyhow, it was the same arrangement as above, the library clerk went off into the stacks and returned with the book and all was solved. That too was another 5 minutes of face time, myself and my parents, with a brownskinned woman, though Caucasian featured, who momentarily departed in the name of service, and who then returned for more face time. Call it "The First Feral Family visits brown skinned perps/shills all together for five minutes of face time each". Like a field day.

I recieved a Oster toater oven from my daughter for Christmas today. It has a whole lot of features and it spells one thing; more continued harassment for 2007 but a change up in the diet. That is, back testing new and wonderful foods and their energetics interaction in the course of digestion. Big deal, and not what I wanted. It is all about suspending the harassment for good, nothing less, and the capability to work without any intrigue and pointless toil jobs.

As a toaster oven, it doesn't have a magnet in it like a microwave; as it turns out, there is good reason my parents keept theirs in the basement, and not in the kitchen. Keeping themselves away from magnets, just like they do with me; e.g. headphones.

After securing arrangements for giving my vehicle to my daughter for a birthday present in 06-2006, I learned today that she/ex-wife are going to sell it "because it doesn't have airbags". Fucking pathetic when Volvos 240 series can withstand 50mph head-on collisions and have the driver uninjured. That I know from reading the stories on the vehicle that customers of ipd, a Volvo aftermarket business, posted in their newsletter. Always one morphing story after another, from her, the parents, this ongoing change-up all the time, and it doesn't add up and they never did this before BOH, Before Overt Harassment.

No break for harassment on Christmas Day; four "shaving cuts", the spontaneous bleeds the assholes create, and then protract with two rounds of the steptic pencil, which was "readied" by having it somehow come out of the protective tube that it is placed in. And I have come to learn firsthand that the perps can defeat the action of a steptic pencil and continue bleeding for 20 minutes or more. It is a huge inconvenience applying pressure for that long.

I finished the book "Spy" by David Wise, all about the Robert Hannsen case, an FBI counterintelligence operative who gave away the crown jewels for 21 years. And there were three opportunities that were missed in the last ten years of his treachery. He was near retirement when he was caught, and only because they paid a Soviet mole who had the entire KGB file, and took it with him in an arranged defection. A travesty of stunning proportions.

And the story did affirm a notion that I (or is planted) that this entire professional spy business is a zero sum game and it too is being monitored and orchestrated for the perps' objectives. I repeat, this is only a notion and it is not provable, but there seems to be a pattern; no one is getting ahead for the moles seem to self "erupt" on both sides, in the traditional Cold War sense. Now there is more than two sides, and I am sure this skullduggery is as deep at it ever was.

The entire 9/11 seemed to be an exercise in playing up the terrorism threat (the war that Pres. Bush says won't end), and the powers that be chose to ignore. This is another more recent pattern that fits my above supposition of high level manipulations.

Another notion that I have is that of the "organizational and collective brain fart". This is more ably described in the book titled The Road to Abilene, (link fucked) which collates examples of organizations doing dumb things that no individual would do in the same circumstances. After reading about the Vietnam War's genesis, it seems that there was a considerable lack of anyone in Johnson's cabinet who asked the hard questions as to the objectives and need. It was a follow the leader show all the way, and even Robert McNamara was saying in The Fog of War that he followed his boss' word. This was the first pointless war of the last fifty years, and another in Iraq is underway with much the same curious non-objectives. President Bush says we will succeed, but does anyone know what that definition really means? What will it look like? And of note, the Iraqi armories were not secured until three weeks after US occupation and after 240,000 tonnes of munitions were removed, and to me, that spells planned insurection as has unfolded. Call me an excessive cynic if you like, but if those facts are true, then what is the real objective?

This time, I suspect that Pres. Bush's cabinet is in on the real story, as they all seem so secretive, glum and defensive. Their version of events is enough to get them out of the current circumstances, but very often, one finds out later there was additional information that they were privy to and should of acted upon. Does anyone ask how the Patriot Act came to be drafted so quickly after the 9/11 event? No one I know, and that should be a story in itself.

Christmas Day is drawing to a close; there was an extended family gangstalk at my ex's with my daughter in some kind of distant blue funk. Plenty of entrances and exits and the digital camera was adroitly placed 3' behind me for an hour or so of family chat time. The perp-sickos love to exploit other sensors in proxzimity to me; microphones, telephones CCDs (in digital cameras), etc.

And for the second time in going there in two days I got the red & white vehicular gangstalk show, about seven of each; all vehicles around me were red or white, about seven of each. The only difference today was that a black vehicle was ahead and behind me. And this occurred at the very same intersection as yesterday when transporting the turkey to my ex's. (McKenzie and Glandford for the locals.)

And more of the family gangstalking action in having someone's hands in front of their faces while speaking, or in other situations, another person's hand was in front of someone elses. Fucking rude and a Christmas travesty to even participate in this criminal fuckery. And I note that the perps are adding in more "self-talk" into "my" internal dialog, much more than what I would generate myself.

Other Family Christmas Fuckover stunts were to have three separate conversations going, speak at the same time as I was, have my audience's attention diverted while speaking and a few other stunts like having me stutter and look away at the same time. I never do either of these, and "somehow" this happened both at once. There were plenty of other feints, of the smaller kind, and enough for me to notice that now four and a half years later, still no one asks how am I doing, what am I doing etc. As I see it, they already know and besides, are all on the same behavior pattern in being unobjective or "pretend", and "don't" want to know and are even emotionally distant (my daughter's specialty act). Strangely, no red wine with Christmas dinner, though there were plenty of red colored foods.

And for going home in the dark, a red warning light on the dashboard stayed on the entire way back, and was no doubt part of the routine of keeping red tailights in front of me as well. When outbound there was at least 300 gangstalk vehicles including above red and white show for a 15 minute journey, which is quite a few for Christmas Day on that route (McKenzie, Cedar Hill to Burnside for locals).

And for some reason, my former step daughter's current husband was the selected person to have four of the five Hughes' family (that includes me) as the male specimen/gangstalker to talk to at length (>30 min.), everyone else having slipped away. Strange how that evolved as usually my ex serves as the go-between/social convener. Anyhow, I am stuffed, and this on top of some increased girth for no known reason, and the fitness constraints are still in effect; no hiking, running or swimming permitted, even if I could access my fitness clothing.

This is Boxing Day in Canada; once a statutory day off, now a retail free-for-all. I am still at my parents' gangstalk center and typing on this rather slow PC as well as suffering the typing harassment. (The wrong letter will "show up" instead of the one (key) I pressed.)

And more organized follies in this land of chaos; a "ham explosion" where a bowlful erupted forth from the fridge when my mother was pulling it out, leaving it on the floor for me to "find" when I got downstairs to the kitchen a few minutes later. And, I wasn't allowed to find all of it at first, there were two dicreet groups of it, one at the fridge and another 3' away. I go beserk if this kind of stunt is pulled on me, but they don't seem to mind.

More orchestrated parental indifference over:

  • my ex-wife, pre-support agreement, not reporting $200/month of child care income from CPP Disability from my claim and that CPP Disability not informing me of this, twice
  • getting in the financial hole again due to the computer takeout, two pairs of shoes self-destructing, the cell phone takeout, the recent teeth cleaning bill,
  • the recent professional forester's fees, and the anti-virus software I was obliged to pay as my pirate copy began "failing", and the
  • four successive years of income tax re-assessments over the same matter and that I won every time and that this fits the pattern of other harassment.

It might be Christmas but who says we give a shit is the implied message, if I didn't know that already.

And a family kerfuffle erupted just now over "me" voicing my exasperation of having another party dynamically hacking my keystrokes as well as spoofing my file contents, including this one. Anyhow, it was likely another feint to have them all gathered around here, and listen to me complain about this happening in the last eight locations, including work and home in Seattle, never mind the odd Kinko's and other public internet access sites. When it happened at work in Seattle, I took a copy of it and printed it off, and the file spoofing ended right away.

All of that was relayed to my parents just now, and another round of malevolent indifference unfolded, though my father got cranked up as he thought that I was accusing him in his befuddlement. He is another case of abetting the perps for all his adult life and signing me over at birth for their "care", and as I see it, he only got fucked over, especially now as a dementia sufferer, or that is how it seems, though he lays it on a bit heavy at times.

Another feature of three males at last night's Christmas dinner was that they each had at least one small piece of a sparkly reflective foil or mylar on their faces, as if a microcosm of seasonal decoration landed there and stayed in place. None of the males there are the types who would wear anything like makeup, so all I can conclude is that it is more games of the perps in some kind of color/light reflectivity games.

This morning's discussions (perp indifference above), had my mother "inadvertently" waving white tissue paper about in her hands, with a green printed brown box on the table, and wearing an odd asymmetric red(L) and green(R) sided jacket. And I reiterate that she has become far more expressive with her hands in the past four years that she ever was before, with the same emotional investment and delivery.

And I learned of another perp accomplishment, which translates into being fucked with a whole lot more. They are now able to dither my recall of what I know I know. In other words, while recalling (correctly) a name of a downtown store I haven't visited in at least a decade, the notion was planted that the correct name was not right. Then when my mother mentioned the store's name, "I" was then allowed to percieve it as correct, and only then. This is exceedingly scary, as the perps can now freely fuck with my knowledge of what I know. This should be in the headlines of all the newspapers, though I don't expect it to make even the back pages, assuming this blog is really on the internet, and not just the make-believe world that is constructed around me.

I am now back at my room in the putative rooming house. The usual noise onset and bizaare parking behavior in the neighborhood applies. And my "greeter"/gangstalker just inside the front door when I got back. The same "manager" who followed me around with the chocolate bar in his extended arm, pointed toward me.

Perhaps this Christmas break of 4 days at my parents was all about relief from the usual orchestrated noise, and then the perps start it up again as they have, just to test/detect my recall over all their games. "I" wasn't allowed to know at the moment I saw the above "greeter" that he was in fact gangstalking. Only later was "I" allowed to know that. In other words, the perps won't let me access my knowledge of all the gangstalking and harassment games I have come to know and loathe over the past 4.5 years. Fucking scary to say the least.

Anyhow, time to call this a blog posting and revert back to the usual form of nattering on all things orchestrated in exhaustive detail, pervers and improbable as they are.
Noisestalked Words des Jour;

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Notice

A notice to anyone who reads this, and there is no counter on this site for me to know if anyone does, but here will be limited blog postings as I will be going to the Harassment Den itself, my parents' place in town for three days.

They have a CRT display and the perps like me to stay away from magnets these days. Accordingly, their mouse is now "malfunctioning" and the opportunity to freely blog is constrained to say the least.

And, in this part of the world, there is Boxing Day, another statutory holiday that follows Christmas Day, and this makes for more "time off" from the real world, as I know it in this perverted netherworld I am cast into. And so, have a unharassed Christmas, about the only ture blessing that I know of. And if you aren't harassed, revel in that, as this infernal purgatory is the most depreaved and venal sentence.

Friday, December 22, 2006

More Ho, Ho, Ho

An early Christmas from the perps in the night, and then another reminder of who likes to delay the posting of my credit card transactions.

The short story is that I was awakened early to hear two very faux pukings in the toilet next door, two room shakings, assorted electronic cheepings, one major clatter of no known cause and the usual warm up of overhead clunkings and squeakings. It was likely around 0600h, and I was kept awake until get-up time at and unusually early 0800h.

The operative did his best to make it sound authentic, all that throat noise and spitting, but nothing came up. As I heard it, it was all about the spitting, with the noise in close proximity to me in bed and killing at least two birds with one stone. And as I have been privy to many other streetside spittings, and even a few pukings in the past four years, it is highly likely that the perps wanted a nightime profile of the same stunt.

Yet again, this pathetic inanity is at the leading edge of a multi-billion dollar harassmentenergetics research campaign. Has anyone in perpland thought about the utter ludicrousness of this? I doubt it, they seem to be technicians on screwing people over; wobbling them over while putting ones' leg in ones' pants for example, finding new ways to flick food about, creating new noise with vibrations (as I typed the word no less) etc.

And the pissing match that began in October in fucking over the order from the office products supply company with the initials "OD" has more harassment legs. They created a transaction 15 days after I cancelled it for non-delivery; last month I secured a credit (I was told), and just for the Christmas statement, the assholes held up the credit transaction. A total and needless stunt that only a juvenile could think of, let alone protract with the connivance of OD, now for the third time, in fucking up a transaction that was never billed when I cancelled it. And, it seems, this write up is the object of next door bathroom gang and noise stalking, and this too must be part of the plan. Fucking idiotic and brainless.

Another round of the hallway pacing cell phoning operative followed the above missive as to the collective IQ of the idiot show, as did two "air freshenings", the spray the halls from the manager's doorway with aerosol and run it up my nose too. This seeming rooming house confers too many advantages for the assholes who put me here through their income attrition games. And for that observation I recieved two wall clunkings from the aforementioned location. It doesn't get any more interactive than this, save the starings that go on.

I called OD and "will get a response" to the charge that never should of happened (20 days after a cancellation for non-delivery), that wasn't reversed (I have a confirmation number) for an order they had no intention in delivering on. (And I did already; the credit was "approved" (again) 17 days later, and takes "seven to ten days to process". Sounds like an excuse to protract this bullshit some more, and possibly have last month's statement taken from the file box and stacked on the new one, another mindless but frequent jerkaround stunt).

A train of room shaking, next door bathroom visitations even though they don't actually do anything in there (per fake puking this morning, above), and tromping in the hallways. One sick long-running joke that isn't going anywhere for some sick minded party that won't front for their sadistic harassment and psychotorture. A trip to get my haircut shortly, and this being yellow shirt AND the Solstice, the gangstalking should be phenomenal.

Typo sabotage before I begin even. I got my haircut amidst the plasma and masers. It wasn't as bad as I thought, though there was a shouter on the bus who was also on his cell phone, and in three stops he got off. The buses are still dirty from the snow of three weeks ago, and mysteriously, they haven't been cleaned yet. I got the usual "stand in the exit" operative who boarded ahead of me, and stayed there even with plenty of seats availible. There was some exquisite choreography with him and others wanting to get off, but it was clear they had it planned as to who was to stand in front of who and what the respective orientations were.

When I left the hair stylists, a burgundy red and a crimson red operatives were on me, covering my crossing of the street, crossing my intended path, splitting apart, and both "joining" me in the pharmacy. One put on the weird act, but knew how to shop just fine. The pharmacy is still "out of" Gum/Butler rubber tips for dental hygeine, a chronic problem that I have mentioned before. That makes three strikeouts in two stores in two weeks. Obviously the game of popping the rubber tip off the handle has some time to run.

And another inelegant choreography at the pharmacy checkout aftereward; one cashier went to the shelves with a customer after talking about something for five minutes. And, a customer crunch was arranged by having no lining up area for the cashiers, and it becomes a mish-mash of a line and through customers. They have put on over 12 gangstalkers on me there in past visits, but only half that number this time.

This time the perps made sure to have a gangstalker with a child in a backpack walk over exactly where I was standing for the checkout, as I had to move to allow her to pass through. And of course the other gangstalkers were not going to move as the were in on the plan to have me move only while they played sentry duty.

And a "fellow traveller" when inbound; my definition is a gangstalker who gets on and off at the same bus stops as I do. I reckon it was the extra haircut attention that caused the assholes to cover me so tight.

And a blatant in-house gangstalk when I departed; the manager "happened" to be exiting his room at the same time I was, and followed me partway down the hall with a chocolate bar in his hand, arm extended, as if he were holding a measurement device. And it so "happened", I had just finished eating chocolate and having tea only five minutes earlier. Fucking rude and blatant.

When purchasing the items at the pharmacy I got the usual "gangstalker gathering" about me with a throat clearing noise thrown in. All this effort devoted to me buying by debit card or cash. In this case, I had just paid $16 cash for the haircut, had my red-red gangstalk pair to "aid me" in crossing the street at the crosswalk, then join me in the store when I was selecting items. As it turned out, one of the weird act male gangstalkers in red was also member of the collected gangstalkers at the moment of purchase.

I got a stare job when inbound on the bus; a Latino woman "happened" to be hanging around the bus driver when the fellow traveller (above) and I boarded, she then followed me up the bus aisle and sat in an opposite seat. Within two minutes she suddenly turns her head toward me, stares at me and only me for about two seconds, and then flicks her head back to the former straight ahead position. If it is only that long I can handle it, but these assholes sometimes single me out from a bus length away and continue to stare for more than 10 seconds.

This is the post-meal time gangstalk and noisestalk; a little slower today for action, but more mini zappings with a coincident coughing, door banging etc. to annoy me all the same. The assholes also zapped me with the hair stylist at work on me, small zappings that he wouldn't of noticed.

And and outside the window park and wait stalking; the regular gangstalk silver grey pickup arrived below my window while the dinner was cooking on the hotplate, and except for the excess number of door closings (four for two doors), I didn't think anything of it. When I sat down to eat 10 minutes later near the window, there was a passenger/gangstalker in the front seat, who then got out of the vehicle and crossed the parking lot to a door that was pre-opened for his egress. This stalker was in a red shirt, and no doubt the red vehicle in the parking lot was also part of the arrangement. This was under the lighting of the sodium arc lamp which has particular properties the perps like. Most of the public sodium arc lamps are left on when I go downtown in the daylight; and I have never have seen them left on before three weeks ago.

Another big moment for toilet harrassment; seven plungings to clear a normal size load. Worse, I had it cleared, wiped off any excess water on the toilet rim, put the small amount of toilet paper in, and the perp assholes blocked the toilet again for three more plungings. No justice will be served until all responsible are rounded up and turned over for my vengence. Fucking sick.

A succession of > four operatives came to flush the toilet after me, spaced out every 10 minutes or so, and usually they are at the door within a second of flushing the toilet when these locations are four feet apart. Perhaps the perps flush the toilet by remote means so the operative doesn't leave a trace of this activity.

The occurence of a sneeze with a coincident room shaking preceeded the glass bottle bashing activity by a few minutes. There are ebbs and flows to the in-house harassment action, and the longer past a meal time, the more action there is.

Enough for a blog posting, and it is very likely that there are more typos that I haven't been allowed to detect.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Solstice Shenanigans

A noise flurry has started up, 20 min. post-lunch (brown tortillas), and with it, a brief jabbing pain in my nose. Standard now, noise integration, which really means simutaneous occurence. Other phenomenon also join in, masers, plasma beams, gangstalkers in the hallway and adjacent bathroom, room shaking with noise and sometimes some stroboscopic flashes.

This is an example of the constant fuckery that goes on with the perps spofing my web content; a planned "mistake" of having the entity "Greece" not attributed to the state of New York, and instead, leading me (and/or mind-fucking me) into thinking it was the country and not the city.
A $14.8 million state grant will help build a next-generation ethanol plant in Greece that will be the first of its kind in the United States and could position the region as a leader in a growing field.
Mascoma's goal will be to help prove that cellulosic ethanol can be produced on a large scale. The plant will produce 500,000 gallons of ethanol annually, only about 1 percent of the output expected for the Orleans and Seneca county plants. Pataki expressed optimism that Mascoma will eventually choose to build a full-scale production facility in the area.
This was clipped from one of my sites, The Cost of Enegy that "I" choose to read most days. And that took 2 passes to clip out because the buffer was partially depleted and another 3 passes to paste because the latter paragraph was displayed instead of allowing a paste action before it. And it wasn't until "I" yelled at the assholes did they allow pasting. Fucking sick that the assholes are ragging the shit out of me over cutting and pasting in Windows.

The wall whacking noise that I get to listen to from the building opposite, 12' away, is the putative sound of a squash court, as heard from the outside, as there is a squash club in the building. Except that this is the S. end of the building where the liquor store is, so why would I hear such noise in close proximity? It is all part of the projected sound abilities the perps have, and having me once believing that it was a squash court when I first moved in, they seemed to have gained the needed "credibility" until I found out otherwise, and then, it didn't matter. Anyhow, the reason I mention this is that the "wall hits" are suddenly, as of the winter solstice, more frequent, as if some supercharged players were selected, which is not the case. Anyhow, it is only one more noise in the constant mix that I am cast into.

Another game that is gathering annoyance, is the clattering noise of the dishes where thy don't contact anything, and are visibly clearing any potential objects by one inch or more. And they have me cranked up to "find" this annoying, and with some stock phrases to complain with. [Now more typos to contend with, and a jab in the ass as I write about this mind fuck assault].

This is another post-food digestion noisestalked time. I have finished "my" afternoon tea and chocolate, and there is now a stream of loud vehicles heard and outside voices, The very moment I was folding the chocolate's metal foil wrapper up, there was an immediate noise confluence of a next door bathroom visitor, a coughing and hacking noise of a "resident" and outside vehicle noise. I suppose, that there are small electromagnetic fields created by the bending of the foil, though my interpretation is that there is another etheric field that is being perturbed, the same one that the brain uses to organize itself, and that the perps can manipulate from a distance.

I have read a recent article on "torsional fields" and I assume it is the same as etheric fields. And as this is the digestion time of a brown colored food item, there is more reason for the perps to go nuts. And there are other reasons; it is the Winter Solstice and I am wearing a yellow shirt, one that they go silly over each time.

At today's laundromat visitation, they had a "customer" change his sweaters some five times, and ultimately settle for a burgundy sweater under a lime green one, and a burgundy scarf. And this dude just had to come close by, within 6' and make a performance of his sweater changing show. There were other feints and strange getups, but the worst was the sight of translucent yellow and red plastic baskets holding laundry from an open-mouther operative in a burgundy colored sweat shirt. The latter is a color I cannot stand the sight of, and for whatever reason it is an obsession of the perps to place this in my proximity typically in the form of plastic bags. Anyhow, this unusual landromat attendee had each basket full of white clothing and emptied them into washing machines in my view, 15' away, and then nested them for the color combination when finished. Thankfully this was only for the last 15 minutes of my time there, but I wasn't done yet. And if this is how the perps are conducting color response testing, I have another year in purgatory at least.

When I exited the laundromat, the perps had a female gangstalker in black ahead of me, carrying a translucent red file folder immediately in front of her, keeping it from being seen. Anyhow, I got ahead of her, and marched past this collusion of red plastic arranged for the perps purposes. Not my problem, so why am I being fucked over for it?

Another 1979 UBC Forestry class graduate was on gangstalk duty yesterday, and like all the time now, the perps will not let me recall his entire name, only his first name, with full "recall" being planted/allowed one day later. This has happened at least three times in the last three weeks in the same circimstances; an arranged crossing of paths of former colleagues. And why has this partial name "recall" only happened in the last 6 to 8 months, and never before? Either it is more examples of mind-control/fucking or else the sign of a deeper and darker neurological problem. (Maybe this is the perps' next move, and having me telegraph a clinical query is a typical occurence that they like to arrange in advance).

Another perps obsession is a copper (the metal) fetish. They like me to visit websites on copper cooling pipes and fins for CPU's, and today, a cast copper rotor for an new electric motor design. On the family and relatives front, the words "copper beech" come up, every month or so. And as I write this, a number of mold smells are being delivered to my nose. Usually I don't really care about their "fetishes" or trigger words/concepts as there are so many it is near impossible to avoid them. Most TI's I know are acutely aware of them, and I am sure that the perps like to foment this to create mutual TI suspicion and discord.

It is time to do the dinner again, a task I have come to loathe for all the harassment that goes on. Of late, the perps have been sliding the fry pan around on the hotplate burner as if it were on ice. And the food flicking is almost gauranteed as well as cranking me up to a state of rage-ification.

The post-dinner games are still continuing one hour later. The room shakings, the over-extended coughing of putative "residents" (louder today), sneezing through the wall from the bathroom etc. As a bonus, the perps have increased the emanations off the LCD display and make reading web pages almost problematic. But there is a plan; the room shaking (with noise of the "source" front door closure) is also timed to happen just when my eyes momentarily close from the perturbing emanations. More coincidences to deal with. And at 5 to 7 room shakings every ten minutes, and at 5 to 10 seconds apart sometimes, it gets to be fucking tedious.

Another new perp game is to have the mouse pointer jump by itself, by no action of mine, and select a whole new page I had no plan in displaying. It is a case of "we need x in your face now".

More front door closure noise with augmentation and a room shaking with a simutaneous zap added into it. I fucking hate being zapped, and yet the sickos keep this up. The operative came from outside, closed the door, came to the adjacent bathroom, stayed there for two minutes and did nothing except flush the toilet, then left again to create another room shaking. This is fucking sick.

The bizarre holiday like parody of "spray the halls" erupted again. An aerosol spray from the manager opening up his door, spraying air freshener and then disappearing into his room again. Which tells me, this very moment is a higher stakes energetics data collection time, hoping for a augmentative hit from my olafactory (smell) system, as the smell rapidly (mysteriously) percolates into my room through the spaces under the door. All part of this comedy show if I wasn't in it.

Another noise flurry; motorcycle noise (near incessant), water in pipes, overhead clunking, next door bathroom heating register kicking, door slamming and room vibration and someone tromping up the stairs. This is happening while I am looking at images of the moon, as the perps have me on an obsession over anomalous structures, and then jerk with my availibility of images and create a protracted game out of it. Enough for a blog posting, I hope my mind-controlled typos and syntax jerkarounds aren't too prevalent.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

More Room Shaking

I did a chicken run earlier, and it was another highly gangstalked event. (The sickos are dithering my spelling so I don't know if the word is spelled correctly or not until they lift the offending mind-fuck irradiation. That is to say. the mind-controlled "I" cannot always identify a mispelled word like it once could do, near infallibly). This time, I bought was a cooked half chicken in light of the fact that I will have some days over the Christmas holidays where I won't be doing cooking. It is these kinds of variations that the perps love to foment and then gangstalk or harass me over, all in the name of obtaining measurement of my mind's energetics at the time.

And the perps also lay on extra gangstalking at the Winter Solstice as I came to know last year. (Sixteen gangstalk parties hiking on the busiest weekend shopping day prior to Christmas when there were some seven vehicles in the trailhead lot. One hiker in a slight morph-over disguise (same smirk) was my brother who was rather evasive about explaining this later).

And they did lay on the white and silver grey vehicle contingent while shaving earlier; six vehicles parked in the adjacent lot and onto the street and at least three more of this color scheme passing through between the street parked vehicles. And yes, the ubiquitous City vehicle, white with a horizontal 3" navy blue full length stripe. And while out, they even put on a street sweeper at this hour, even if it navigated around parked vehicles. And now, for the third time this morning, the white diesel pickup truck has arrived under my window, just as it did prior to shaving near the window.

I had my obese gangstalkers paired up even and a third one nearby, this organized "crush" of bodies surfaces at the locations in the grocery store I intend to visit. And I note, the perps have blonde female gangstalkers on "stand-there" duty, doing nothing but being conspicuous, a job normally reserved for the males in the past. Perhaps my perceptions of the odious gangstalking routines are going to be sanitized by way of the energies they measure off the blonde aura. On a cloudy and dim day, she was the second woman with sunglasses on today.

Another female operative was staring at me from 30' away and stood there in mid sidewalk looking at me coming toward her, and then proceeded to remove her sunglasses exceeding slowly, as if doing some kind of come on. She was over 50 yo, so there wasn't any intrinsic need to be so deliberate, unless she was crazier than her conservative clothing (brown) suggested. And ugly red hair to go with it.

Other ongoing noise and activity is the glass bashing act has started up again, coordinated fake coughing and hacking, the serial arrival and departure of operatives, over the last hour, some 40 or so for 15 "residents", each time shaking this room and the noisestalking which they make sure I am irritated by. They are getting more blatant, and more incessant, noisestalking every mouse click, web page display, cut/paste selection box (blue, with nonstandard behavior), text keystroking, especially spaces, dashes, commas, capitalization and the moment of bookmarking a web site by/with room shaking, steel clanging (dragging a dolly on ashphalt), traffic noise, "squash ball hits" of the nearby building with courts inside, voices in the hallway, etc..

Last night in bed before allowing sleep, the perps treated me to 2 hours of head flipping, left side, right side and repeat. And they noisestalked me also, and the "street people" arrived on a Tuesday night to yell out loud and then an insect (ladybug size)"arrival" in my hair plus some three more itchy faked ones to get me to scratch them. Then they gave my thigh a fuzzified uniform skin tone appearence when I was chasing a "bug" there.

And now, the latest jerkaround. re-directing my hyper links to pages that are incorrect, and are usually what I have already seen, same site. Not just once, like they hd been doing, but repeatedly. All to play more games to fulfill their juvenility.

This is the post-dinner pound-the-overhead-floor (my ceiling) time, seemingly attempting to make soundings of neural energetic correlates for pre and post dinner for comparison. The perps have started up another windstorm IMHO, as there is a significant amount of weather related coincidences with my circumstances. The latest was a just-starting-when-departing rain, three Mondays in succession when driving my mother downtown.

Another hallway "air freshener" spray job, and it will be sure to creep under my door and into my nostrils. Why now, at this hour, and why no determination as to the need? As if the manager has "erupted" with a aerosol spraying fetish.

Another overhead stomping but with a zapping this time that irritates the fuck out of me, enough to be mind-fucked into yelling about it. This was coincident with a web page display change, when I clicked on it.

A crack-like noise from the hallway while simutaneously getting a mild zap at the very instant I was reading the word "minister" in the clerical context. Fucking rude, and still this sadistic outrage keeps going.

Continued overhead clunking each time I make an association that the perps don't yet control, usually dealing with the past history of this harassment. Any retrospective thoughts as to the players and their motives of the past get and overhead coincident pounding.

Time to call this a blog posting; the typos are getting thick and the assholes make sure I get truly pissed at this.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Waddlers on the Reprise

I did the gangstalk gauntlet to London Drugs today for a prescription, and was also hoping to get Christmas wrapping paper and a card, and some dental hygiene items. It was a phenomenal gangstalk; a swarm of eight crossing and leading gangstalkers before I got in at hte doors, and the prequisite staff member who just "happened" to come outside in advance of me going in. It was totally insane; they have this choreographed flooding of operatives, and I am supposed to fit in somehow, though without seeing the script.

At the Rx counter the bizarreness continued; a blonde woman in black was ahead of me, then she wandered 8' away, seeming not wanting to wait, then a black jacketed older male comes in, skipping the queue line because he is an asshole, and then the black haired Asian pharmacy cashier returns and calls for the blonde woman to return, which she does, and transacts for her medicine. Then the "can't wait" male asks his bullshit question ("where is ...?", I know this routine now) and walks through the region in front of me and where the blonde woman was only moments ago. (I call this coverage "sweeping" where an operative walks or drives through the former or a to-be-occupied location of me or another shill.) So this fucker, who then turned his head 90 degrees toward me, but kept his glance further behind him (say 105 degree turn of the eyes) so not to catch my eye even if his head was facing me, swept through the location I was to occupy to then transact for my Rx. He reminded me of a certain consulting forester I knew peripherally, though not by voice.

Weird enough to be sure, but then I couldn't find Christmas wrapping paper anywhere, this is the second time at LD, and the perps had me in frazzle mode after planting four gangstalkers in the dental hygeine aisle, and another six in the chocolates section and other mobile swarms. Anyhow, everywhere I went there was this mobile swarm of gangstalkers, and that included getting out of the store, gangstalkers deliberately getting in the way of the exit when they had to go to a cashier first. The large-gutted manager (or operative in disguise) also followed me around, he in the classic black and white getup that is the signature for their color games. And the perps have not let me have a plastic basket in LD for months now, that is off the permissible object interactions list seemingly. But somehow, their gangstalkers have no problem finding them and bringing them in close.

And more of the gangstalkers are reprising; coming back to stalk again in a new part of the store, accompanying me outside or crossing paths again in about the same street location outbound as well as inbound. When exiting LD, there was one gangstalker ahead, and one behind me, in a black and white checkerboard style leather jacket, the de rigeur gangstalking clothing item, even in summer. (The metal salts give off energy reflectance). And this Cheers-like faked conviviality between gangstalkers, making no bones about that they know each other, which is highly unlikely in normal circumstances of individual shopping. There are more gangstalkers with walking impairments now, at least one per 20 minute roundtrip on the street. And more waddlers and oversized gangstalkers, that somehow cross streetside paths again, the staged happenchance of pedestrians finishing their "shopping" in my neighborhood about the time that I am returning having finished mine. Three today, when one is exceptional, and both ensuring they are on the same side of the road that I am on.

The "roofers" arrived outside my window before I got out of bed, and they seem to be slowly acclimatizing themselves in making noise at selective intervals or with coincident events. Plus they get an excuse to dress up like clowns; all in yellow, orange and blue etc. As before, they have their own parking regimen, and all others adapt to their monopolization. They came with two variants blue pickups, and later, after I came back from my trip to LD, they put a black pickup with the ubiquitous ladder projecting forward from the box, over the cab. This ladder arrangement is virtually standard in this town for the pickups without a ladder rack.

The yellow dressed "roofer"' came to gangstalk when I was standing at the sink brushing my teeth, without my glasses on, and then he departed again. The exaggerated "come to have a look" stunt, is now a instant marker for a gangstalker stunt. All this is to get more action from the W. side, after the prodigous amount of activity in the hallway (E. side) for the past few weeks. (And the hallway action has diminished this week). All part of the game, including tossing objects off the three story roof, coincident with me reading about the incarcerations in the US over recent immigration arrests as well as that in Iraq, where seemingly, there is no accounting for the prisoners they have taken. (And as I wrote that, a coughing and hacking eruption arose in this rooming house and outside tape measure noise began.)

After a rage-ified lunch making again, all while the "roofers" were yapping and making noise outside, I get some PC time, but no rest. The post-meal time is a big obsession for the assholes, so they have brought the squeaking steering belt under my window outside, and ensured there was plenty of protracted airtime in "negotiating" backing the vehicle out. For lunch preparation it was the usual food flicking and then the cutting board spining while using it (not related to my actions, being careful not to supply an excuse for the perps to "augment".)

The house and room shaking is starting up in this post-mealtime digestion activity; Sometimes two slammings a minute, and "somehow" the vibration travels 20' down to my room and shakes and rattles objects in here.

The perps pulled and interesting stunt in the morning while I was in bed; they created some sensations as if someone else was in it, e.g. deforming the matress and having that sensation travel to me, and when I realized this was a jerkaround, the noisestalking came on from above. [It seems that the perps are screwing me over again for typo's again.]

A rare lengthy call with Ms. C of the story, which ultimately lapsed into the clinical bullshit line, and then the games of having me recount the early overt harassment details and meanwhile, there were white strobing plasma flashes on my fridge while I detailed events the perps haven't been able to fuck with yet. Yet again, "somehow" I was not resistive in explaining this to her, as it goes nowhere each time. She being as obdurate as any paid-for physician. And note, the Open Letter to Clinicians was never read by the doctor and "forget" to mention to her to abate the conversation.

And the perps like me to get into the collective improbabiliy of all these unlikely events happening. Even if I mention that if I see six red vehicles around me at an intersection, then anyone else would too. But the perps also scare me as they want to know every last detail about how I know I was being fucked with when and how, and who was aiding (or not) at the time. And it was equally tedious to explain that if magnets work 100% of the time to limit painful irradiations (then), there there is a good chance that the issue is not of clinical origin. Anyhow, there is nothing wrong with Ms. C's recall (better than mine), and somehow she didn't remember that I have been down all the roads she was "suggesting". (Read, scripted prompting line to have me delve into more recall).

And the weird thing is that she never calls me by name; "Kiddo" is what I get, and strangely, the mind-fucked "I" doesn't wish to call her by name either. There is something odd about this, both at the conversational level and the bigger metaphysics of it, and that is a long standing trend of most of "my" friendships.

And the latest mind-fuck incursion is to have me insert (cut/paste) the text in the wrong location; this began yesterday, and is extremely vexing on top of all the typo and syntax repairs the assholes force me through. And what could the clinical explanation of that be for a 16 year Windows user?

The hallway spraying of "air freshener" has reached new levels of silliness; the manager opens his door and sprays the aerosol from his doorway and then retreats back in his room. And how did he know to spray the hallway in the first place? As always, the smell has a rapid uptake in my room and up my nostrils. And is becoming more of a post-dinner event like the overhead clunking (tonight also), and the flurries of serial egress with a room vibrating closure of the front door.

Another hallway spraying, which causes me to wonder if the harassment merits of a rooming house are too seductive for the perps to let me out and get a subsidized place. They can fuck with the bathroom, hallways, noise levels, heating, and it is all outside of my control. And also, plant all their gangstalkers in serial egress to the bathroom next door, and in the hallway to shake the building when they exit. Better than the hospital gig they incarcerated me in for no organic condition whatsoever.

The noise front is entering its elegant phase; drive me to put on the earmuffs by making annoying noises through the pipes (ostensibly) and then later, with earmuffs on, pound the floor overhead, or wall in front of me penetrating the ear muffs, when I read specific words/concepts which have been defined in advance. Tonight's trigger word is Faraday Cage, a screen of metal to prevent electromagnetic energies from penetrating inside an occluded space. Anyhow, it is fucking tedious being the object of all this, and the assholes are always on the offensive.

Another wall pounding for no reason, and the perps timed a zap to go with it which pisses me off all the more. The wall poundings began today, and so far there has been three that "somehow" happened when none did before. It is similar to the heat vent games that now go on; nearly every next door bathroom visitor now undertakes adjusting it, as if they have a pressing need, which was never the case. Like most things, the perps do not see the total idiocy of this, pounding on someone's wall in an attempt to delve deeper into their subject's minds while pretending such behavior is normal. All this for a billion dollar program. They way is usually works is that when "I" summon enough outrage (read, mind-controlled reaction), to confront the asshole, it will be the last time they will use this harassment method.

More reading of Kozyrev's work; very interesting and contains likely explanations for the perps' abiding need to have vehicles circle or turn around me, or me around them (when I was driving). It is the torsional fields that mainstream physics is in denial about, not to mention some premature deaths of prominent physicists; e.g. de Palma, Willick and Mallove.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Shiftless Males & Other Detritus

shift·less /ˈShow Spelled Pronunciation[shift-lis] –adjective
1.lacking in resourcefulness; inefficient; lazy.
2.lacking in incentive, ambition, or aspiration.
And this is an adjective I often use in association with the operatives when gangstalking. Placing a 25 year old male with drywall dust on him outside an classy embroidery shop for the duration I was there is an example.

I am returned to my room, my abode after another Monday "shopping" in downtown Victoria, and am 4 for 4 in visits and in seeing former colleagues on the street on these Monday trips, even if their office is 2 miles away. Suffice to say, the men perps, were putting on the obvious act, e.g. standing outside a buttons and embroidery store on a cell phone. Another tip off is having them dressed up as tradesmen, mainly the "drywall installers" act as the latest augmentation, as then they can be covered in white dust with a cover story, so to speak.

I had the UK accent gangstalk, then the geriatrics stalk, then the men with large guts, and then the men looking decidedly uninvolved in their "shopping". I also had a German speaking gangstalk filling the parkade elevator, after they mysteriously got in (weren't there on the top floor) and traveled up to then accompany my mother and I down to the street level. They spoke German as we travelled from to the 7th floor to street level, one of the "voice with no comprehension" gangstalks the assholes pull on me routinely. Spanish last week, post downtown Monday visit.

And I have some kind of highly vexing pressure applied to my head, behind my eyes that is becoming unbearable, and will continue this blog later, hopefully in more relaxed circumstances.

After a high enragement harassment time making lunch, I am getting some reprieve from the assholes that continue to pour it on for Mondays, post parents' place visitation, stayover and shopping downtown. The latter is really all about gangstalking with various feints and waves of certain demographics; young blonde women first, and so it goes, culminating in porky men and the obvious operatives, some in skinhead mode, others in shorts, T-shirt and sunglasses in the pouring rain (today, and not even putting on the jogger act).

But the perps made sure I was "browned up" before the main action; no lunch today, but a starter coffee at Starbuck's and a same colored snack. Then onto the chocolates and bicuits section of the Bay downtown where at least 20 geriatrics were on duty gangstalking. One blind woman act, wearing red no less, out dithered my mother for advice on what to get, what was a good buy, jointly fumbling the chocolate bars, etc. Then the perps inserted the working age male operatives, first on "drop by" duty, and then a swarm at the cashier. And the same biddy they had posted at a convenient chair on the W. side of the check out area last week at that very location, "just happened" to be doing the same thing on a chair positioned on the E. side this time.

I had a 20 minute long suburbs to downtown vehicular gangstalk, a deep metallic red SUV that met us pulling a wide corner in the opposite direction, and then somehow caught up to us in two minutes or so. Normally the perps don't put someone on my tail for so long, but instead, replace them with the same colored vehicle from another intersection street. This time though, a full blown single vehicle gangstalk to within 4 blocks of downtown, and from my parents' suburban street. And as a starter vehicular gangstalk, I got the fore and aft same color vehicle treatment, white, before they tried on deep metallic blue green.

The perps awakened me in the night again, all to hear some loud mufflered vehicles passing by at 0500h, and more in the distance afterward. Then later the neighbor gets his diesel truck out and runs it, sitting there for 10 minutes, before the diesel handicapped bus arrives to take my father to his activity day.

And I note that the seagulls are in high pitched screech mode today, both at my parents' place and here, and unlikely to be the same birds. A seasonal thing maybe. Companion noise for the over-protracted squealing brakes and fanbelts that has erupted over the last two weeks.

And I got shit stalked while at my parents' yesterday; my father followed me to take a shit in the same bathroom (when this is the one he doesn't usually use) within 5 minutes of me vacating the bathroom. It never ends; the perps preoccupation with all things brown, including taking a shit.

And as I clicked the edit button, the noise began, another example of this constant noisestalking over everything I do. And this begins after opening the window as the perps have been laying on the heat this afternoon, and not a thermostat in sight anywhere. And more typo sabotage of a very selective kind; only letters that I am about to type in the current word or next one get "included", (read mind-controlled) as typos. More senseless fuckery, and my typing has gotten worse when I should be significantly improved through more practice these days. The assholes never let me type very fast, some 20 wpm, though there are spurts where I can double it if allowed, with no errors.

Now the noisestalking is coincident with the display of facial images; in this case, I was reading the blog of a scientist, no celeb he, and someone outside my door whacked the floor as his image displaed on my LCD panel. Celeb images are also fair game, though I don't usually follow their travails, and very often they want me to follow new ones in the making instead of familiar faces.

And a gangstalker wandering about with a guitar today; an electric one and not in a case of any kind. The silly season is here, which means plenty of deep red and deep green colors, and that is worth a lot to the sickos that chase me about and play mind-fuck games.

One such game is for them to confuse the street names on me, usually in the course of discussion of a specific location as to a store etc. Today, Yates and View got reversed on me, and then I was re-applied with the normal conceptulizations, my own. Another long standing game for my mother is to have two similar topics on the go, and deliberately confusing the two. She involved me in conversation over fixing Windows and her cell phone recently and then brought up both to then have them crossed over as to which was what. And in the process she "forgot:" her usual moniker for MS Word, calling it My Word to keep the concept confuseable with her recent travails on the cell phone. There is at least one of these a visit, and they are fucking tiresome as it so deliberate and obvious. And more typo fucking as I wrote that.

A gratuitous quote I encountered today;
"Thought that is silenced is always rebellious. Majorities, of course, are often mistaken. This is why the silencing of minorities is necessarily dangerous. Criticism and dissent are the indispensable antidote to major delusions." ~ Alan Barth
Back to the post-dinner ceiling (overhead floor) pounding and squeaking again. That very familiar sound and this is the first of it today, just for dinner. Anyhow, another coincidence, and if miss any, let me know.

Another left-hand drive vehicle experience/gangstalk today, this one aimed at "fooling me", which it did temporarily. A vehicle was ahead of me in a backstreet, and stopped at the corner in front of me, driving my parents' Ford Escape. A person got out of what I thought was the driver's seat, and yet the vehicle proceeded on. Another look at this oddity discovered that it was a left-hand drive vehicle, totally without any hints by way of licence plate, identifying sticker etc. This fake me out routine is not new, though using a left hand drive vehicle to do so was. It is the about the fifth such vehicle type occurence in the past two months, and the second with my mother on the once per week driving I do for her.

More overhead clunking and pseudo-floorboard squeaking. This was timed to two orange plasma flashes, one on each side of my LCD display, emulating the spoofed Windows functionality I get.

Another plasma flash, this in the red color of the translucent plastic bags that are being paraded or planted wherever I am. My daughter's Christmas present last week was inside such a grotesque bag, and now my mother's kniting bag, with more are stashed at my parents' place in the room I sleep in. At the apartment building I lived in before this rooming house, they left a condom of the identica color and translucency there on the walkway for over a week, placed at the T junction of the walkways. If there were real groundskeepers there, that wouldn't of lasted a day.

More instant coughing outside my door, this time when I had my earmuffs on. One cough, and it was over. Though I am getting a serious maser field, the fuzzy dot kind, sitting between me and the LCD display.

More zapping again, in conjunction with the sudden onset squeak sound, not attributable to any human interaction. Just a harassment noise, that is difficult to assign as routine when it happens. And of course I loathe being zapped anytime, and yet the assholes still keep up this infernal torture.

Another favorite jerkaround is to pull the right side window and scroll bar borders to the left by a half inch. Senseless juvenility.
Noisestalked Words du Jour;
San Quentin Prison, gravity (zapped), tank (as in military vehicle use), changing text size, font and weight (e.g. above included quote; meaning, it wasn't so spontaneous as I thought), Botrytis,