Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Day of Schlepping

I have been administered some kind of dysthymic irradiations it would seem; yesterday I had every intention to do some errands downtown for today, and it hasn't happened. My only outing, truly gangstalked including the elevator act where the fuckwit attempts to get in before I get out, or otherwise blocks my egress, was two blocks away to the drycleaner. These are the clothing items that were linted two days ago, and I cannot get the lint out. Never mind that they were laundered four times afterward, without the offending towels as the putative cause, and that I tried three different de-linting tools. The woman at the drycleaners seemed positive that she could help, so I will see what happens in four days time. An long wait for drycleaning, but I reckon that isn't the first priority. More likely, the perps want to take the clothes off-site for a few days, and ensure that the usual track pants for yoga aren't availible. And it "so happens", the track pants will be two blocks closer to the yoga location.

The plasma and maser action has been hot and heavy today, and it has even reached the level of seeming gratuitous, and without any shred of putative cause. I have also been getting fake touches that are more bold; the putative object was 2' away, and the applied fake touch made it out to be that I had bumped into the handle of the frypan, when it was plainly clear that I wasn't even close. So far, at least 150 fake touches, most on the inside of my arms, and usually when I am distracted and attending to something else.

On my brief walk to the drycleaners I noted that two 20' cargo containers have been placed in the street parking stalls in file, opposite the supermarket I frequent. They are a block away from my apartment, and I cannot quite see them. And I wasn't too surprised to see that one was an off-white color, and the other a rust red, like railway boxcar color. Have I mentioned how often the perps like to introduce these colors jointly, with the white as a seeming reference color for the red color games.

On the job search front the email obstruction/games continue, now zero for three who haven't responded, and likewise for telephone inquiries. Funny how that "happens" at the same time.

I bought a silicone half mask respirator two days ago in anticipation of working on a cleaning job, and that seemed to kick off a huge round of gangstalking, and it maybe the reason they want me contained. It is being kept in a plastic bag in my apartment, and perhaps the assholes need it to have more "fallow time", (sitting around, unused), like they do for so many of my new acquisitions. After I departed the store with the half mask respirator, there were five same red colored vehicles clustered together in traffic, such that I drove toward them for 300m, and then turned the corner with this cluster stil in place. I had placed the mask on my face a few times in the store, and I suppose that was just too exciting for the perps, as they gangstalked the hell out me as I drove my parents' vehicle back to my place. In advance, the perps even fucked me out of shaving at my parents' place, by way of a forced "forget" and then choking down any supply of face cloths at my parents' place. The haven't had a face cloth there for decades, so I always bring my own each Sunday night/Monday morning that I stay over. Regular readers will know that the perps have a total fetish about harassing me while shaving, and it seems that they cannot yet model the entire suite of energetic interactions when shaving. Not my problem, so why am I getting fucked over just to shave, now over six years worth?

The perps just might have posted a science article that describes their current skin/shaving interaction problems they seem to have; this article notes that nanaparticles can penetrate the skin and end up in one's system. Who would be so utterly fucking depraved as to attempt to model such a little understood interaction on an nonconsensual human subject, without cooperation and from a distance by setting up stunts via mind control with abetting shills and operatives? Seems like the depths of turpitude to me, and it has been playing for over six years, and doesn't represent even a tenth of what they want to do.

The diesel engine noise has "decided" to make a local call and pollute the noisescape with an over-revving engine and by staying in place, not travelling through. There is something about diesel engines the perps love, more than the clatter and particulate emissions it seems. They started the "local over-revving diesel" games within the first week of overt harassment onset in 2002, and haven't let up since. Even my parents' neighbor got into the act and has put on senseless diesel engine revving in his driveway for 20 minutes or so and never drove anywhere. Another criminal at work it would seem.

And I am still adapting to the FireFox browser "degrade" to version 3.0.3, the Bookmarks Manager will not accept the last most applied sort order, alphabetic, and ascending. Just a very basic feature, and it got pulled out of the browser and was the entire basis by which my Bookmarks were familiar.

Did I say something about a predominance of red and white colored vehicles and/or gangstalkers above? Not only do the perps deliver on-street shipping containers around me (~200' away, obscured per above), but of course they like to drive gangstalking vehicles of the same colors, as shown in in the frames below. The count is three red vehicles (a Jeep CJ5 in the distance), and two white vehicles.It would appear that they are up to their anisotropic games again, running red colored vehicles from a distance, then in close from a different direction, and have two white vehicles behind another red one stopped at the traffic control as reference colors. Taken 09-16-2008, 1321h:25sec. in Kamloops BC. This was the first time I was driving the vehicle by myself on the 09-15 to 22 travel excursion, as my parents took a ride from my sister-in-law to go back to her place, and so I got all this gangstalking bait for me to take pictures while in the vehicle. (Anisotropic means different physical properties in different directions; like wood, it easier to split it on the end grain, and much more stronger across grain).

And lo, if they didn't add yet another red colored vehicle facing the opposite direction as the red and white vehicles make their left turn.

Taken 09-16-2008, 1325h:24sec., again in Kamloops. Of the white and silver-grey vehicles which I often assign as the same greyscale tone, I count five around me, and likely a sixth one through the cab of the pickup truck directly in front. Two silver-greys and three whites, four if one counts the sixth one as white. And that is it, no other color of vehicles in front of me. And a nice leave space on the right between the white and silver grey vehicle, though you will have to take my word on this.

I am getting the overhead rumbling noise as I annotate the above pictures and deal with the typo sabotage while doing so, also swearing at the assholes, as even the smallest words can take four or more attempts before I am allowed to spell it correctly. And if it is an infrequent word, like "anisotropic", why, the assholes make me mispell it everytime. I was once an ace speller, and they have rendered me to be inept at spelling now. Another mind-fuck serving imposition.

I had a bit of "away time" while investigating stereo components, but the noisescape never stopped; faint whine noises, overhead rumbling and loud mufflered vehicles from outside (motorcycles are a given about every three minutes or less). And more plasma beams are jumping off this LCD display, and impairing my vision for a second or so at a time. I also was given vision impairments the instant a new web page came up, it seems to be a high harassment moment, opening a web page. But it lookst that I am allowed to retain Bookmarks alphabetically if I reset every folder in the leftside panel, but it won't work on the rightside panel of the Bookmark Manager of FireFox.

Enough techno-rambling, and time to put this dull day away.

Monday, September 29, 2008

More Games

I was controlled to shutdown the PC early, at 1600h when I nearly always go to 1700h or later before a dinner time shutdown. The only compelling reason, later supplied by the perps, was to make another attempt to clean up their lint attack on two pairs of my underwear, events detailed in yesterday's blog. That these linted items laid on the bathroom floor for a day was likely part of their plan, and too, I used a red delinting brush which I am sure was a big part of the fuckery, given their propensity to flash me with red plasma beams and place red objects in my view.

The reason might have been something to do with the fact that I had some more runner beans with dinner, courtesy of my perp abetting mother, as it was from her garden plot. The perps haven't let me eat greens except at their place or when out for dinner since 2004, save last week's green bean "gift" from the same source. J. K. Harms notes that red and green are opposites in his matter wave reclassification of color energetics, and I often seen red and green colored vehicles together, and yellow and blue ones paired as well, another color energetics opposite pairing.

The perps have been on a green color fetish of late, and even arranged some green vehicles around me last week, as well as having a negro driving a two tone green vehicle ahead of me last week while driving the last causeway section before the ferry. And lo, if he wasn't parked in the next lane onboard the ferry and then he came in close to personally pose (gangstalk) for five minutes beside our vehicle in full view while we (First Feral Family and me) were waiting for disembarking instructions. He then went back to his vehicle and stood beside it for no seeming reason for at least a minute before letting himslef inside. As it "so happened", one of the freighters at the nearby Pt. Roberts container terminal was also colored the same green as the negro's vehicle. In any event, the perps are increasing the number of two tone vehicles and the complexity of the green color combinations, either as single vehicle colors, or of multiple clustered vehicles.

And the perps have been annoying me with extra noise of late, and "forcing" (read, planted response) me to put on the green plastic earmuffs (hearing protection) of late. I haven't used them so much since 2005-6 when they would plant water leakage noise overhead, even if there was no plumbing there.

The job searching has taken on a strange turn; no email responses and no phone call responses, some being the same agency. And these are laborer kinds of jobs, nothing too demanding of intellect, and still no response. The recession issues haven't made it to here yet, and somehow, fewer jobs and indifferent employers has erupted. It is still too early to be sure that this is a trend, but it wouldn't be the first time that my mere presence (in person, by phone or email) was treated as if toxic. After getting myself all prepared with safety toe boots and work clothing, it just maybe that the plan is "suck 'n fuck". That is, bait me with a certain outcome, have me prepare for it, and then withdraw the initial premise/notion that guided the prepatory activity. The perps are now telling me that it is office job time, but after the shenanigans of this summer's daffodil bulb picking, I cannot see them giving up this kind of potential for job disruption and moving me about. It just doesn't seem consistent. Who knows, the perps might be demanding another "do-squat" week, as last week might not have been enough for whatever objectives they have around this long known theme.

Yesterday's visit and stayover at my perp abetting parent's, aka the First Feral Family, was the usual gangstalking bullshit. My father was doing his usual posing in the doorframe to the adjacent room, and this skulking was done in very dim light conditions, which seems to be a way that the perps visually parse Unfavored subjects into manageable (for them in some way), elements. Later my father did some standing in the adjacent doorway with a sidecasting desk lamp on behind him, which cast his shadow into the living room before he was visible. He then slowed his arrival down to let his shadow fall on the floor for longer, and then only presented about a half inch of visible face and body in the doorway. I took this to be another instance of displaying limited portions, (aka "peekaboo" games) in keeping with this same act that has been playing for some six years. That he is near the top of the Unfavoreds is likely something to do with this seeming visual redemption fuckery, as he has the most recalled abusiveness of all known players in my past. I take this, and much of the freakshow games, (presentation of other Unfavoreds), to be the perps' method to stimulate subconscious reactions, ones that I am not conscioulsy aware of. And it would seem that this third party knows much more about these than I do, and occasionally allows me some insight into their rationale. The Indian Lake Project offers potential insight into long past military sponsored skullduggery with children, and the timing of its apparent activities in the late 1950's fits with me being 3 to 5 years old then.

I am getting the overhead rumbling noise as I type this up, references to past abuse seeming to be a hot topic for the perps along with mentioning their ongoing gangstalking games and much of the plasma flashes and maser games.

There is an all-quiet order in effect, and after listening to the motorcycle noise, loud mufflered vehicles and the rest of the noisescape all afternoon, it is eerie to say the least. They have also been flashing my display screen of late, rewriting the contents of this blog as I am typing as one example, often in concert with a transient noise from overhead, usually clunking. But this is also the dusk onset, another silly time of the day for the perps, and perhaps that is why they moved dinner up earlier. Often the daylight timing dependent games will repeat over several days with the same weather conditions, and then they will bring in greater degrees of cloud to complete their light and color games.

The all-quiet did not last longer that 20 minutes before a full-out noise assault of loud mufflered vehicles and motorcycles, there being no plausible reason for this noiseburst as commute time is long over. Each time I removed my fingers from my ears, intending the long trail-off of noise had abated, they scripted another vehicle noise to begin the instant my fingers came off my ears. These went for as long as four vehicle noises in succession, a new record in their string of improbable events.

A major upgrade of basic software = major disruption in TI World. And so it was with an upgrade to FireFox 3.03, and that included adding clownish graphic enhancements, heavy on yellow colors, to the Bookmark Manager. And the term Bookmark Manager was removed from the dialog box at the last upgrade to be "Organize Bookmarks", and this time they went one worse, keeping the same dialog box name, but titling it as "Library" in the tabs at the bottom of the Windows display. Keeping bookmarks in a library is a stretch, but hey, in this orchestrated existence, I have to be glad for any logical continuity, even if tenuous.

The graphics display is a whole lot more snappier in this new version of FireFox, and that is all for the good as I had turned many of the graphics off as it was becoming too disruptive with all the jumping about as each new image was included in the web page. No doubt there will many more "features" to discover, and for me to ponder as to the design behind it, pissing me off being a given.

And so the FireFox upgrade (har, har) has occupied at least two hours tonight, and I am still working through it. The most useful feature has been stripped out or hidden, that being the text resizing option from the View commands. The beauty of FireFox is that one can go into the parameter settings, though I see that it is less intelligible than it was last time.

The FireFox Bookmark Manager is where I initiate all my web browsing and is a predominant display that I reference all day. And to my chagrin, the sorting has been messed with, and even if I reset it, it lapses back into a random order. Surely a "feature" to piss me off if nothing else is. And I see that the Bookmarks Manager/Library has a stronger yellow theme, likely in keeping with the ongoing increased yellow color exposures the perps like me to see. I can only assume that they have their color exposure agenda planned years in advance, and I have no idea how they influence matters to "happen" the way they do, or that I have my own made-in-perpland version of FireFox they want me to think is the standard. In past blog postings I have noted that it appears that I am not even running on my own PC, but off a larger networked host, so anything goes when it comes to managing my online environment, me having the least choice of all. All that expense in keeping my PC going, and the irony may be that I am running off someone's else kind donations of computer time.

And to annoy me all the more, the Bookmarks Manager/Library has one quarter less active screen display area, as a "new feature" has cribbed the space, and there is no standard Windows commands that can resize this visual intrusion. Perhaps it is their way of saying that I need to get a larger LCD monitor, as they had me pricing out 19" and 20" models, and they can be had for less than $300, which is amazingly inexpensive given the price of them one time. This 15" LCD monitor cost me $600 in 2003 after they broke the one that I had, also 15", and the perps make sure that there is plenty of horizontal scrolling to disrupt the visual continuity of web pages. It is likely that this is more of the above mentioned partial visual obstruction games again, just a different delivery method.

I can only assume my heightened alertness over the FireFox upgrade/feature degrade and attempting to reset it back to what I had before was of intense interest, as the above mentioned noise eruption was timed while I was messing with the presentation and display. At first I was alarmed that Adblock Plus wasn't installed, leaving me subject to all the wild gyrations of the Flash and advertisements that I had long blocked. But it seems that FireFox isn't tuned to reload the add-on updates, and once I got that figured out, I installed the latest Adblock Plus version, and hopefully will remain free of the frenetic displays and other visual perturbing annoyances that now come with web pages.

And it was interesting to read that one of my TI confreres, Gangstalking World, has had an epiphany after due dilligences, begining to tie in other covert actions to the grand design of the perp objectives. We TI's get a ringside seat to all manner of orchestrated events, as our own harassment is typically an microcosm of the bigger world picture. Of course we don't gain any credibility out of it, and I rarely go into the string of possible associations that I might detect in world events to that of the Gestapo Posse that has me so contained and controlled. Or, if you think I am being too conspiratorial and reaching in my observations, let me know directly via the comments.

The reason for that I am being cautious about how much I attach to the global TI agenda, is that Rachael O., a TI whom I feel has one of the most perceptive emotional readings on TI experiences, has indicated to the TI community at large that there is getting to be too much conspiratorial assumptions, and writes;
A plea to all activists posting info ... try to remain reasonable and not go conspiracy nut...I also try to illustrate my points when I can and show proof...In order to get anyone to listen to us we have to act like we are already in a court room...When you are writing a piece just pretend that the enemy is right beside you...
Yep, they are right beside me, and in my head, and have even dropped the notion that the juxtaposition of the above two TI links just might be another arranged coincidence. Enough, she said...

Getting rid of bookmarked links that have been hanging around; a scattershot of passing interesting links.

A wrongful conviction investigation report concludes, and what happens, they blame the convictee's (now exonerated) activist mother for delays in the wheels of justice. I have had a few wrongful accusations hurled at me, mostly Before Overt Harassment began in 2002, but that these occur often does cause me to wonder if it doesn't serve another party, the one flipping the hem of my underwear as I write these very words. The report reads in part;
The commission calls for the federal government to create a new independent body in Canada to review allegations of wrongful convictions.
And of interest, there have been past calls for such a permanent independent body to study these cases, and it hasn't happened yet.

And is there a defacto police state in the US? This is from over a month ago at the Republican convention, but the story is one of beating down the protestors weeks before they got out to protest.

Another recent piece by Naomi Wolf, citing the "Palin-Rove police state" concept, and drawing from her experiences that were conveyed to her by;
Bruce Fein of the American Freedom Agenda, a former Reagan official, warned me three years ago that the Bush team went after a Republican who had crossed them through cyberstalking: they messed with his email, messed with his phones and I believe messed with his bank account -- he became a cyber-pariah, unemployable and haunted. With modern technology, there really is less place to hide from the state than there was in East Germany in the Cold War era.
More daunting is the "cyber stalking" she describes among some of her colleagues;
Almost everyone I work with on projects related to this campaign for liberty has been experiencing computer harassment: emails are stripped, messages disappear. That's not all: people's bank accounts are being tampered with: wire transfers to banks vanish in midair. I personally keep opening bank accounts that are quickly corrupted by fraud. Money vanishes. Coworkers of mine have to keep opening new email accounts as old ones become infected. And most disturbingly to me personally is the mail tampering I have both heard of and experienced firsthand. My tax returns vanished from my mailbox. All my larger envelopes arrive ripped straight open apparently by hand. When I show the postman, he says "That's impossible." Horrifyingly to me is the impact on my family. My childrens' report cards are returned again and again though perfectly addressed; their invitations are turned back; and my daughters many letters from camp? Vanished. All of them. Not one arrived. Try explaining that to a smart thirteen year old. Try explaining it in a way that still makes her feel secure and comfortable.
I haven't experienced such rabid intrusions myself, but the shear impunity of these crimes upon a highly respected and influential journalist is appalling. Read the article at the link above, and it seems there is a darker undercurrent that some are tapped into and are wilfully promoting. The big question is, can Obama turn back this seeping tide, or will he end up in a box like the last president who resisted the dark forces, often said to be over initiating the Vietnam conflict? Too conspiratorial? If anyone can provide an reasonable answer as to why the US went into the Vietnam conflict, and have repeated the no-rationale exercise in Iraq, and also include a reason for the noisestalking as I write this, (overhead pounding of 12" of concrete floor/ceiling), I would be much obliged.

Time to call this one done for the day, and this blog posting ended up way different than I had planned.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lint Attack

The new towels had a lint explosion in the washing machine, worse than the ones that they replaced, and at greater cost, and with the saleswoman's assurance that these ones wouldn't lint. And of course I was dithered out of any cautionary experiences to launder them separately at first. The most linted clothes are on their third round of laundering, and it may take another two washing machine cycles before they can be rid of the lint inundation fuckery. I went through this same exercise in July with the new towels, which continued until I took them back, only the day before I left for the week away. After a week's "fallow time", the new towels were used with any hint of a lint problem, and have now exploded with lint for their first laundering. Just another day with the assholes who manage these events for me, the masters of depravity.

Each time I put the laundry load on, a background Asian chatter erupts in the hallway. It seems that the exercise of starting and re-starting laundry "needs" to be noisestalked with background voices, but without any verbal cognition. As a harassment augmentation, the perps are having me wear the deep green earmuffs to ameliorate their in-apartment noisestalking, and then arrange green dressed gangstalkers in the hallway when making these multiple trips to the laundry room, without the green earmuffs on.

I am on the fourth washing cycle to rid the lint off some of my garments of the first laundry cycle. Some items were put in the dryer and came out fine, but the black, navy blue and mid-grey clothing all have lint plastered tight on them, and still defy conventional logic which is that lint never, ever erupts in the washing machine, only the dryer. So, if anyone knows anything about lint eradication on clothing in the washing machine I would be most grateful.

Still no success in removing lint during the washing cycle, and so I moved onto a dryer cycle to see what happens. Past experience is that this too can be messed with and wil somehow fail to rid the lint.

Enough for today, I will be visiting the First Feral Family within an hour, and consider this to be enough dulldom for a posting. Onto more nonsense later at their place, likely the First Quisling will be parading about in front of the TV again, laying on the apparent cognitive dysfunction extra thick.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Three Degrees of Brown

My gangstalking freakshow was all over me for the 10 minute return trip to the supermarket. The excitement might have been that I had three brown colored food items in the shopping basket; tortillas, coffee and chocolate. (See my brown color posting if unfamiliar with the "problem" that I have been immersed in). That I had a newpaper and olive green tapenade was likely part of the plan, though I have sensed the perp color games are getting more complex of late; e.g. placing brown colored vehicles between a red one and a green one, and engaging in endless games of peekaboo, having the vehicle immediately in front offsetting from the centerline to display the brown colored vehicle directly, and then moving laterally close to the center line such that the brown vehicle is totally obscured by the vehicle immediately in front, say red. I was re-familiarized with vehicle peekaboo last week while driving my parents on a tour. This activity was constantly around me when I had my vehicle until 2006. These games were also apparent the odd time Before Overt Harassment began in 2002, though the perps kept them below the radar of being detectable and nonrandom.

As part of my gangstalking posse, the perps put on an Asian dude in the elevator when outbound, and another when inbound. In the case of the latter, he was standing 3' from the curb in midstreet and in mid-driveway to a parking lot, engaging in chat with his female pal, and then suddenly broke it off to tail me into the building on the heels of another gangstalker, a woman in a motorized wheelchair. I cannot stand the sight of wheelchairs, and so it "happens" that they put on extra ones. That was the third wheelchair for the 4 minutes of total street time, one only 2 minutes earlier had the "big hat" act, a wide brimmed bush hat that spells tourist, or did, until it became de riguer for gangstalkers.

And during the whole four minutes of street time, I had another fucker staring at me purposely, and then I stared right back at the weirdo, and he then turned his head some 180 degrees so I would then see the other side of his face. I was making a 90 degree turn at the time, just getting off the crosswalk (on ashphalt) and onto the sidewalk (concrete), and I am sure that this was part of the fuckery as well, as street construction substances hold no end of fascination for the perps who relentlessly invoke stunts in some association with their fetishes. An example being the above mentioned Asian standing on the ashphalt street, and then bounding across to "join me" in the elevator.

I had other followers in the supermarket, the most absurd were two on-duty firemen with their fire truck parked outside the building in the public parking stalls (taking at least three of them), and here they were posing together, doing the "look at nothing" stare (not me this time), with their shopping baskets in hand. This is not the first time that two or more have "decided" to disembark from their yellow and white firetruck and go grocery shopping, but it is getting absurd as to the frequency, now the fourth time in 2 years at this store. I suppose it was all about me seeing these fuckers in their navy blue uniform, having just travelled in a large yellow vehicle. That I get no end of gangstalking parked vehicle passengers loitering around their vehicle, often with the doors or trunks open is likely related occurences, just smaller vehicles. And too, the perps will put on large mass vehicles if they are attempting something bold, say, remote interaction of colors between individuals, me and the gangstalker of the moment. That includes clothing and skin colors of course, but also includes recent past color exposure, e.g. recent egress from a vehicle, floor or ground cover, and even includes the lighting, direct sun or shade.

While at the checkout I managed to get the cashier with the large and fugly tattoos; exposure to this kind of skin mutilation seems to be a big deal for the perps' Unfavored exposure agenda, and I have no reason to account for why they need me to see this fugly self mutilation. But that wasn't enough action around me going by the perps' later stunts. The customer ahead fo me at the checkout was packing her own bags and taking her time and was essentially loitering while I was still in place next to my groceries and the white jacketed and faux throat clearing chinless dude behind somehow "needed" to pass behind me in advance of the one event the perps go crazy over, (e.g. yesterday's coincident screaming kid act), financial transaction. So I had three of them packed around me while using my debit card (magnetic stripe in use), and then some extra background commotion erupted while keying in my password and transaction acceptance. Regular readers will know that the perps go silly (noisestalking, plasma activity) whenever I purchase something, either online, by mailed check, or debit card transactions at ATMs, bank tellers and point-of-purchase locations (e.g. stores).

A day of doing squat is what this has amounted to, another common harassment objective if the long past employer sponsored work slowdowns (i.e. no work, but no layoff) weren't a tip off. The outside noise has been incessant, at least three loud mufflered vehicle noise events per minute, and then augmentation with voices from the street or hallway. The earmuffs help some, but if they want to get a noise through to my ears, they can somehow bypass the hearing protection that I am wearing.

The knee torquing torture has been increased tonight, likely to force another PC shutdown in the evening and get me off my office chair. The senseless amount of enforced restlessness I am made to experience just isn't enough disruption for the assholes.

The big planted notion that the perps are laying on this weekend is what might be the next paying gig. I still didn't quite dig myself out of the negative balance of my line of credit from the summer's daffodil bulb picking work, and it was clear that the perps didn't want me to put in any more than three successive days of work. And of course it was the perfect job for that, as one could show up whenever they wanted, no questions asked, as it was expectable. It was also clear to me that the perps wanted to keep mixing up where I was working and who with; in the fields, in the warehouse, with Punjabis and negros. I can't think of how they can replicate that variety of working situation within one in-town job. Obviously a desk job won't be suffiently disruptable for the assholes.

The masers and plasma beams have been thick today, so much so, that they nearly always interfere with what I can see online, on this LCD panel as I type. They even put on a special kind of plasma/maser, where this blob of black-silvery shimmering substance was suspended in mid air and then disappeared, visible for all of two seconds. The location of this blob was interesting; it was inside the central plastic basket of my Bodum glass teapot. Regular readers will know (I think this has mentioned before) that the perps are obsessed over tea making and drinking and having me present during the color change of the steeping tea. And too, that the perps are obsessed over the energetic properties of plastics in all their varieties including their widespread pollutant form. I just don't get it, six years of being harassed by remote means, a more problematic method, over the energetics of making and drinking tea (among other things and colors). It is fucking bizarre as it is plain nuts that a covert organization of boundless turpitude lacks the gumption to fess up and get on with expediting this depraved agenda with my cooperation.

Some escape for a short time; music listening to my current fave muse, Jill Barber. Back to reality and call this day done, also hoping for no night time games, noise stunts, imposed dreams etc.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Locked In or Out

The absurdities just keep on coming; the lock on the front door to this apartment block is not working. Both the key in the door lock and the relay lock mechanism from the intercom panel box are not functioning. I learned this while a gangstalker was on my ass at the front door, a wizened granny in yellow, another "newcomer" to the building it would seem. No notice on the door of course, or in the elevators, and after a minute of the two of us fiddling with two locks, an outbound person opened the door for us. I thought we did the "no notice" stunt yesterday with the unannounced change in the yoga classroom, but this one tops the onset of the garbage chute shutdown stunt, (still in progress) another "no notice" event some months back. All part of the FUD, the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt mandate the perps routinely deliver.

My big outing for the day was to walk outside for a block to the mail box and post a letter, and then to LD to get mouthwash. The freakshow was all in place for this 15 minute outing, with the strangest one being a gangstalker walking past the mailbox some 5 seconds after I had mailed the letter, holding an envelope that was folded in the middle, at orthogonal angles. And she didn't even post it, but kept it in hand as she cruised within 12" of the mailbox, presumably as some kind of reference/calibration item, for its color (white) and material (paper). Or call it, parallel action stalking, doing the same thing as I am, or close enough. Fucking bizarre, and another "never before" event.

I had my posse waiting for me at the LD store, this time in the aisles that I needed to visit. I was to get dental floss, but there was a fuckwit gangstalker standing over that section, with his mouth hanging open, as it was the rest of the time he tailed me to the checkout, and back and forth while I was there, and then he takes off, to leave another male gangstalker to arrive. And at the moment of keying in my password for the debit card, a kid screamed from outside, and then again. The gangstalker male had this odious British accent, and made a joke about the screaming, saying "we need a spot of murder". Hmm, the "murder" word is a favorite one to be noisestalked when encountering the term online, so I can only assume he was fulfilling the script. Other Unfavored demographic group representations were vagrants, stand around biddies, waddling obesers, hoodie acts and suits. They also put on five motorcycles outside the store for me to walk through, a ridiculous number, especially at 1130h on a weekday.

And that just might be the most exciting event today, given this week seems to be one designed as a "study in situ" after being away last week, and not unlike the week in advance of last week's excursion. A seeming pre and post away time containment of sorts. Even my email responses have been neutered today.

More online time has passed since the sirens went off for tea and chocolate, and then again after doing the dishes and sitting down at my desk. Now a train of loud mufflered vehicle noise has replaced the sirens in part, also aided by extra squeaky brake noise as well as some chirps which have erupted from nowhere. Just a regular dull day, never mind being rendered into a blah and demotivated state.

The perps planted the notion of Morgellons Disease in mind first thing this morning, and lo, if I didn't encounter this interesting article on the topic. The unfortuneate sufferers are finally getting some respect with the Center for Disease Control. And lo, if the medical establishment isn't up their hoary classifications of "delusional parasitosis" as their avoidance diagnosis. When the identical detailed symptoms/observations happen to two or more disparate individuals, it cannot be psychosis. This is what a doctor told me who has identified harassment as a cause of ill health among some of his patients. That it took so long to get the CDC to look into Morgellons is a tribute to clinical denial, and the power of being able to persuade one's political representatives. Thankfully, I don't have these symptoms, and the only reason I mention this disease, is that I have seen these very Morgellons fibers of a brownish coloration being remotely manipulated and pushing through channels drilled in my apartment walls, and then dangling down the wall. They have also been inserted into my vehicle among the floor's pile carpet. The perps also used them as fiber optic carriers, a little point source of light was aimed at me from the end of a fiber. I even found the fibers in a pot lamp housing that was immediately overhead, this being in a vertical standing tanning booth. Which is a long way of saying that these unfortuneate Morgellons Disease sufferers, over 12,000 in the US, could be the subject of remotely applied biological harassment. Nothing provable of course, but it does interest me that the perps took measures to ensure that I saw and even handled their fibers, and have likely guided me to see websites that describe similar fibers inserted into people as a possible planted disease. Why would they do that I wonder, exposing me to yet another prop of their depraved stunts, all arranged around the fact that they won't declare themselves and their human experimentation agenda. Beats me.

An earlier stunt by having me log off for no reason, all to stop the knee torquing that was imposed upon me at the time. This became a "need" for a nap, but 15 minutes worth of lie-down time did not bring sleep. Then a phone call, with no one to respond, and so onto other activities. Making tea and having chocolate for the third round of the latter today was the next activity. The stainless steel sink got extra scuzz on it while I was away, and so a round with oven cleaner "solved" that problem. I am sure there is some advantage for the perps to have this substance on hand, and occasionally used to clean their messes up, but I don't go too deep into their curious ways, and resign myself to the fact that they have it all figured out, right down to the (somehow) missed spot in the sink, every snort of oven cleaner I got up the nose, as well as imbalancing me at specific intervals.

I have been put through at least 10 unrinations today, all of them timed with respect to finishing reading a web page, finishing email, finishing up on a category of bookmarks, and before I headed out. It is all too odd, and I don't really need to pee all that often, perhaps 3x per day. More strategic pissing, something noted in past blog postings, and no doubt, of increasing importance to the third party making clunks overhead as I type this.

Time to call this day done, and ponder the night's interuptions. Last night it wasn't imposed dreams so much as imposed erections, something they get considerable mileage out of for whatever reasons, and it is not associated dream content, as there are no dreams during these episodes.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Onto More Suck Jobs

Another vacuum cleaning has just erupted in the hallway outside my door. These hallways are rarely cleaned, and so it is a mystery as to why two cleanings in two days. Regular readers will know that vacumming cleaning activity has a very high likelihood of "erupting" anywhere I am, and it would seem in this pre-dinner and pre-dusk time frame that they are putting on a big suck job. And why are vacuuming jobs so frequently scheduled where I am? I have no set theory, except to note that many advanced thinking physicists refer to the ether as being full of "torsional energies", and hence, something that localizes some torsional disruption is a good thing if you spend the time to investigate these in the proximity of a victim you are presecuting. That is, if you are a perp/depravee/abuser of course.

I also suspect that the perps gain some benefit of having coils of electrical wire around me, and all the better that it is wrapped up in a yellow plastic jacket it would seem. The outside cleaning is still going on, and just no cleaning activity, say, movement of the suctioning hose or of the vacuum cleaner itself. Nothing new there of course.

It was a yoga day today, and I had my usual elevator and street accompaniment. The dude in the elevator did a little sideways head cock as he saw me approaching the elevator doorway, and also had a big grin on his face. I thought he was trying too hard to put on the subtle nutzo act, though I was assured that he wasn't the only one as it turned out. I had a full block running gangstalker, in city wear, and then he stopped immediately on the other side of the crosswalk, and then walked across it at the signal. I thought it odd that he was running for no seeming reason, and that the crosswalk "somehow" caused him to slow his pace. These running fuckwits have been increasing of late, and given that the perps are on a green color binge of late, I suppose it was no surprise that this gangstalker was also dressed in green.

As part of the walk, I had my weekly run-at-me stunt while on the crosswalk, the gangstalking routine where they are making a left turn and "need" to get their vehicle as close to me as possible, and so they block the oncoming traffic, (illegal) and then rev their engine and drive up to the crosswalk and sit and wait in the intersection until I am out of the way (usually). My understanding of the traffic rules is that one is not to drive on the crosswalk at all if there are pedestrians on it. Anyhow, I get one of these a week in this town, and I never had anyone doing this anywhere I have lived, and especially here until the overt harassment started up, then all kinds of strange and highly coordinated driving stunts erupted.

The yoga class was moved on me, again without prior notice, and seemingly to have me walk the length of the building to then call in at the desk and find out where it was. All other class relocations get notices on the wall, but "somehow" the yoga class does not. And of course I won't get into detail as to how the perps like to have paper notices pinned on the walls, especially if there is a message inked in with a felt pen. Nor will I detail the fact that these pieces of paper always flutter as I go by, and are seemingly extra kinetic.

By way of the re-location of the classroom jerkaround mentioned above, the perps somehow arranged for me to late for yoga, though I suspect there was some other fuckery with my watch as part of it. I hate being late for anything, and that might be because they often had my parents as latecomers to events, and it plain pissed me off then, and still does. And, another party knows this, and incorporates this into the harassment games, and thereby ensures that my choices where I sit are limited. In this case it isn't a big deal, as there was enough room for all, but it was interesting that the one place that remained was next to the piano, the same configuration that was arranged in the earlier room. Anyhow, not a big deal, and I had some relative freedom in a public space, save the masers and plasma beams flitting about all the time, and some crumb generation fuckery as well. (The crumbs "arrive" from nowhere it would seem, either as greyscale colors or brown ones).

And what does the dishy yoga instructor start out with while I am unfurling my mat; she says she would like to talk about "mind control", a quieting of the mind while doing meditative yoga she elaborated. That she uttered those words with interspersed faux throat clearing noise was also scripted IMHO. I thought it interesting that the term came up, and it would seem that there must some advantage/objective the assholes need to evaluate me for. Not unlike eating your own dogfood, a Microsoft expression used to apply to in-house software developers that must use Microsoft software in the course of their software development duties. So it would seem that the perp assholes need me to hear the term "mind control" (what they are doing to me), as well as write about it in this here blog posting.

What could the harassment excitement be now? I identify extra noise barrages as the moments that the perps are most interested in, along with any other phenomenon like plasma beams, "coincidences", transitory vision impairments, typo sabotage etc. What I had been doing was reading another TI's blog where she rightfully corrected me in making a comment. As a consequence I replied, and then later reflected as to how I got it wrong, which must be the same reason I now get so many seeming facts "wrong"; that there is a mind dithering third party that likes me to get it totally wrong, and then get it in the ear from an aggrieved party. No wonder the overhead rumbling noise started up as I read the reply to my initiating comment. I must refrain from making blog posting comments on other TI's sites, as I have been burned by this same stunt as before. The perps are very interested in the TI to TI communication, and I had better stop now as the overhead noise is getting too predominant, along with the string of "motorcycle moments" from outside (loud motorcycles or the sound thereof).

Or could the current noise flurries be over the fact that this is the post-dinner digestion period, and as I had some new food in my diet, it just might be the thing that excites the small minds that continue to plague me. I had a peach after dinner, one of the five that I bought when on an excursion last week, purchased at a fruit stand. The perps created my "allergic reactions" to peaches at least 12 years ago and I have been hesitant to eat them ever since. But lo, if we didn't buy a whole case of them for my brother last year when doing the same junket in the same regions, and after eating one, no "allergic reaction". So, I bought a small quantity last week and am eating them at lunch and dinner. This too, might signal perp progress as to determining why I don't like the color yellow, as it would seem that eating yellow colored pills once per day for six years isn't enough. And I did not take any yellow pills last week because of a forced "forget", so this "yellow pill intake onset" period just might be all too exciting for the perps, especially when arranged with yellow fruit consumption. Not my problem; so why do I have a phalanx of fuckwits around me parading yellow colors? If I only knew how complicated my life was and why. But that will be at least two years away by my estimate of the associated fuckery (noises, vision impairments, plasma and maser flashes) and my coincident action at the moment; attention shifting, thoughts, deeds, or the instant I see an Unfavored demographic subpopulation member.

One incident at yoga today indicated that I was being monitored for seeing Unfavored sights; a curly haired reddish brown dyed hair woman was bowed over in her yoga pose, and the instant my attention was (needlessly) directed to see the top of her head, a noise went off. She is a genuinely nice person, and hasn't been anywhere as aggressive as other gangstalkers, but her hair has this horrible reddish glow to it, what I surmise is from hair dye. Once she even combed her hair down with a gel so it was close to her scalp (no apparent curls) and darkened, and she told me about meeting Andy Warhol at a party in Denver. I thought her story was interesting, and could readily surmise why her face caught the attention of Andy Warhol. Anyhow, I suppose this was a perp arrangement to separate her look from her normal hair style and color, and extend the engagement time with a conversation, one of perps long-observed games of incrementally reducing the look of the Unfavored characteristics on otherwise Favored individuals.

The evening teatime has ended; the perps seem to have made this new "need" a daily item as they have upped the brown food consumption once more. There is nothing that pisses me off more about the perps imposed diet than eating 200g to 300g of chocolate everyday for some reckless fuckwits who traumatized me over the color of brown in my developmental years (seemingly), and now this subconscious association appears to be a problem for them. Not only that, but this imposed chocolate "habit" costs me $200/month when I am on a fixed income disability, thanks to the same assholes. There was a few weeks in late 2002 that they had me turned off chocolate so much that I could not stand the smell of it; since then, it is a "must have". There are other color traumatization associations, red, yellow, orange and purple, and again, I have no recall as to how this occured. Though it would seem that another party knows more about this than I do, hence all this beserk color arrangements around me, never mind the pounding of the ceiling through 12" of concrete overhead as I write this.

Now the hot rod noises have started up, and then a stinging pain in the head, so obviously I have thought of something the assholes did not plant, hence this applied vigor in "stimulating" me through directed pain.

And I am being made to be especially annoyed tonight, as it may seem that I will be forced to resign from being a Professional Forester. I have been on a leave of absence for three years now, and I found out for the first time that this was the maximum permitted duration. The story keeps changing of course, and this too might come to pass. But as the perps like their victims to experience dissolution of their professional and personal associations, I would not be surprised to find that the perps desired outcome is to force my resignation. Surely they had this one planned long ago, and I will see what happens. If I get to take a baseball bat to any perp, the one who scripted this piece of fuckery will immediately follow the fate of the sick motherfucker who planned the electromagnetic beam hunting and attacks in Seattle in 2002.

I have learned of another TI who makes the harassment activities plain, and has a number of stories to tell about it. I don't know much about her, but it would only be fair to give a TI some "air time" on this blog about covert harassment and experimentation. Her name is Suz LaBoeuf, and she even approached her Congressman, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, normally a champion of the trodden upon, and he walked away from her. Surely an interesting tale, especially that he must of known something about the issue in advance, and yet wouldn't touch it. Normally one is first curious as to a new issue, and then decides what to do.

Though I have had the odd politician gangstalker, pimping themselves in my proximity more than past frequencies, they seem to know what to do. Some have been lowly backbenchers in the opposition, and I suppose I could count shaking hands with the Prime Minister in about 1994 when there was an election. All of course unprovable, but it does seem odd to me that there have been more politicians in my orbit since overt harassment began in 04-2002.

Overhead hammering and pounding has erupted while I am reading about the Bush family here. There aree some fascinating tales that I was unaware of, but it does make me wonder what my tormentors association is such that mere reading is noisestalked so obviously.

More reading about the Bush family fortunes, though I do not profess to understand all of it as it is so Byzantine. Enough of a dull day, and time to call this one done and ponder what annoying dreams I will be subject to.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Prediction of a Dental Appointment

The outside noise now emulates the sound of a dentist's drill, without the vibration and smell of it of course. Not that there seems to be an actual source on the street or adjacent buildings, but it has that high pitch wailing sound that varies by speed, and has been going on all morning. My prediction is that I will get a call to visit the dentist soon for dental cleaning which will bring on this same noise while being applied to my teeth. Just a prediction, and they can be terribly wrong of course, especially when the same party that plants the idea in mind is the same one controlling the script of what happens and when.

A rain has come on today, and this looks to be a shut-in day with the grocery shopping done yesterday, and no other compelling errands to undertake. I don't know what the story is for the perp's applied "renormalization" after a week away, but I suspect that they will force a dull at-home week after my return, much as they did in advance of my excursion last week. (The had the crew bus shut down prematurely it would seem, as it was promised until the 19th, and stopped its service on the 14th without prior notice.) Now it is back to troving through part time work ads to dig myself out of the financial hole again, as they had me clean up on workwear while visiting my brother in Kamloops, largely because I got a 40% family discount (he owns the store), which the local franchise is loathe to grant me. Besides, he has a better selection at this Kamloops store, and even makes trips to China to have various fabrics and garments made up in smaller lots that his parent chain stores don't sell.

So, these "needs" for work related clothing over the last month now include safety toed boots, two jackets, Blaklader workpants, and extra thick socks. My abovementioned brother visited some two weeks before we visited him, and I told him about "my" (read, planted thoughts) interest in attempting construction work, and acquiring some clothes and safety equipment to prepare myself. He said he had all the clothes and equipment that I was interested in, and to send him an email to order it from his store, which I did. When I got there, he had handed this order off to one of his staff whom I contacted, and she hadn't arranged any of it for varying reasons, one being that they don't carry some of the items that my brother said they did. When visiting him in Kamloops last week, I went shopping at this stores myself, and it was true, he was bullshitting me on the safety gear that he claimed was in stock. Anyhow, I got some clothes and gear, but it was interesting what the perps stopped me from getting by way of recall depletions; a half mask respirator, insert kneepads for the Blaklader pants, and composite safety toed rubber boots. (The latter item may not exist, but getting the alternative steel toed rubber boots did "not occur" to me). Don't forget the perps had me keyed up to get these items, and I was researching them for some weeks in advance. As always, it is difficult to divine what the perp motivations are; applied adversity, imposed provenance of acquisition, imposed combination of items and their colors in the shopping bags, imposed "fallow time" for items to sit around in close proximity in my apartment, or even a broad "hint" that the construction work notion isn't going to happen and that all these aquisitions are an elaborate exercise of pissing my money away. Another who knows jerkaround for sure. My brother also chimed in at one time last week, saying that "construction work is too difficult". Of course he didn't reconcile this with allowing me to buy construction work related clothing, nor any interest as to what might be the best kind of work for me, or any vocation interest whatsoever. Just more of the same, being kept in the void, or FUDworld, (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt).

One of the disrupted routines of last week's excursion was my morning shaving. Normally, I not only shave my face, but all my frontal hair, a "habit" that erupted nearly exactly a year ago when returning from last year's similar junket. But as I was sharing the bathroom facilities with my parents while travelling, I opted to shave only my face to expedite shaving. And so it was a partial return to form yesterday to shave my frontal hairs in the shower to readily drain off the 1/4" long hairs, but "somehow" I forgot to do my underarm hairs. The latter were attended to today, after a round of harassment with the cut-off hairs behaving as if they were still attached, projecting from my skin by way of a mysterious force. The perps had me do a nout shave last night in the bathtub, and then proceeded to make all kind of elevator noise, and likely movement, as they seem to like stretching steel cables in my proximity, even if some 10' away through two walls. Regular readers will know that the perps have a fetish over shaving, and regularly sabotage such activity, especially following a disruption of routine, e.g. last week's travelling. Anyhow, shaving should now settle into the dullness of routine again, and that is a good thing for all the harassment games that "erupt" over shaving.

My earmuffs are still on to block the drilling-like whine noise, and occasionally, an overhead clunk erupts that somehow penetrates the earmuffs. I am sure that it is the green plastic that is so interesting to the perps, along with the grey accoustic foam iside the ear cups.

A two hour nap just finished up with the usual grogginess afterward, dispelled in part by having tea. Perhaps the accompanying chocolate helped too, though there was another evident party who has a greater interest in chocolate, and all things brown. they created many crumbs that would spring from the chocolate bar, or that would land on the plate from nowhere. Teleporting crumbs is nothing new to me, though they didn't get serious about this until this year, it was always discreet before. I had a 9.5 hour sleep last night, and that should of been plenty of sleep, but "somehow", these naps just take over and I am toast until they wake me up.

There was some dream invasion last night, one round early after going to bed and having me wake up to then yell at the assholes for this imposition. Then just before waking up this morning, the perps planted a very bright yellow color in my dreams for whatever reason, though post-traumatic stress association may be the root cause, much like the freakshow parade I get when outside.

And this past week was a yellow color testing week. I took my yellow and white colored medications with me for the excursion but "forgot" to take them each day, the identical situation of last year's junket. There were plenty of yellow cabbed trucks on the road, and also, yellow dressed fuckwit gangstalkers about as well. So it doesn't surprise me that during this transition from last weeks abnormal routine (travel), to this week's routines, that the perps are pulling yellow color games. During last year's near identical junket they put on extra yellow colored vehicles toward the end of the week. And I see that they stationed a flashing yellow light from the streetworks below, the light exactly placed to flash from below an intervening balcony of the apartment tower across the street. This went on all morning, so I surmise that this was all about continuing the yellow color games now that I have resumed consumption of my yellow and white pills (capsule), with a white colored tablet. Neither is a heavy duty medication, and it would seem that the real goal is for the perps to have me take them because of Rx colors; I noted no difference in me while not taking them for a week, same as last year.

Another predominant color the perps were testing last week was a burnt orange color. My parents started that one out by "finding" a burnt orange colored tent fabric to "place" over top of items in the rear cargo area, so this would serve as an onboard color reference to the many fuckwit gangstalkers dressed in the same burnt orange color, not to mention the many vehicles of that same color that "happened" to pass by. Not a big deal by any means, there have been many depravities far worse.

Yes, it has been a shut-in day, and not wholly unexpected as this is a long standing trend, having me "chill out" so to speak. I get to go out to yoga tomorrow, and I am sure it will be a mighty gangstalking as it will be the first class since coming back from a week away, a big deal as I have indicated in the last two days' blog postings.

And I was allowed to eat garlic tonight, the first time since 2004. It was a regular item in my diet, that being the enforced diet of course, but somehow, it just faded out and I didn't buy any more. Fine, I thought, no big deal, and I never really missed it. But when shopping at the Okanagan fruit stands last week I cam across some local garlic, I "thought" (read, planted notion) why not. And tonight was the first time since I got back that I had to cook, as there was leftovers in the fridge. The garlic added a little zing to the flavor, but nothing too strong. I don't know what the perp's fascination with garlic is, but it could be like wine, in that it is sourced from many different geographic sources and the perps want to somehow detect this (the provenance associated energetics) in the food and in me, once digested. In 2004 when I had garlic as a regular food item, the perps would plant the dry garlic skins in varying locations the apartment, much like what they do with their brown crumbs at present. I will soon find out if this juvenility erupts here, though it does beg the larger question after this summer's work activity with farmed daffodil bulbs; what is the perps fascination with bulb plants, the dry skin that peels off and edible bulbs (garlic, onions)? It wil be a long time before that gets an answer if they can plan for a four year imposed absence of a food item from my diet, and then resume its consumption.

Time to call this one done for the day, and ponder what infernal dreams are the assholes going to plant on me tonight?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Duelling Suck Jobs

Back to the routines of apartment existence after a week away, but I notice that the disruption games are still in play, though to be fair, are muted. A streetworks project began early this morning about 0800h in time for breakfast, and they are still at it, up to some kind of steam/suction from a manhole at the intersection my apartment overlooks. And as part of this morning's rounds, I walked past it, and wondered why the gormless dude as the flagman "happened" to let a vehicle pass by under the noses of the pedestrians on the crosswalk, crossing with the signal, while this fucker in a silver-grey SUV made a sharp left turn to insert his vehicle between the dayglo orange plastic lane markers. Said flagman did absolutely squat, save hiding behind the service vehicles that are blocking one lane. Other dayglo orange coverall clad dudes were also "walking along", aka gangstalking, after I departed the grocery store. They even tied up the top portion of their coveralls to reveal white T-shirts underneath, and made sure to take off their hardhats and run their hands inside them for some curious reasons.

Another suck job, a hallway vacuum cleaner, ran for over an hour of cummulative time on three separate jobs, presumably to complement the abovementioned streetworks suck job. I "happened" to meet the apartment manager in the elevator when returning with my grocery shopping, and he also "happened" to be going to the same floor to continue to deal with an apartment renovation, the same one as last night's "repair noise" opposite the laundry room door. He claims to have evicted the dwarf woman, one of the gangstalking themes of late. I called the apartment Common Room #2 as there was such a varied collection of gangstalking fuckwits circulating from that apartment, and I am sure this "tenant turnover" won't make a stitch of difference in the hallway gangstalking scene. (While travelling the fruit growing country of the Okanagan last week with my parents (First Feral Family), I noticed my mother twice baited me to say the workd "dwarf" with respect to the new varieties of fruit growing on trellises. I wonder what the dwarf thing is all about, as they put one on when they circulated a freakshow around me for some two hours in a faked takedown in a computer store in Seattle in December 2002).

After breakfast I did a now three time routine; went to the ATM, went to the opticians for the third time to replace the mysterious greening silicone pads on my glasses ($10/pair), and then to the grocery store to get goat milk and hot cooked chicken. I have done this same beat three times now, using the same route, and had the usual heavy gangstalking scene on the street, a totally absurd situation for 0930h. The suits, the hoodies, the lard asses, the tattooed, the waddlers and other aimless gangstalking vermin from the Unfavored were doing their feigned shopping and transiting. The attraction seems to be that I have got new silicone nosepads on my glasses, an every two month event now. I had my usual irrigation PVC pipe bearing truck to stop at the intersection when traversing it, and the perps even pulled a totally illegal parking job next to the yellow line so the gangstalker/driver could run his red vehicle some 1' from the curb where I was waiting. I haven't seen anything quite this blatant, but I am sure the perps will have figured out their harassment escalation games they like to introduce to "welcome me" back from being away.

The woman optician put on a valiant bullshit string about how body oils are causing the silicone nosepeices of my eyeglasses to turn green, and I gave her some pointers to suggest that this was not the case at all, as this green goo emanates from the bracket that holds the silicone pads and then mysteriously oozes onto them, and "somehow" inserts itself inside the nosepad so it cannot be cleaned off. Neither of my parent's glasses have this "problem", so it seems like it is a big game to have green color reference at my nose. And the perps have been green color crazy over the past week, and even today. The abovementioned optician woman was doing her song and dance wearing two colors of green herself, and holding my glasses with her green clothing visible through the lenses. Some 10 minutes later, my gangstalking thuggy dude who followed me through the grocery checkout was wearing a bright green shirt. The often-but-not-always chirpy cashier was on duty today, she being blonde once at a grocery store I frequented some miles away until I disposed of my vehicle in 06-2006. Then she relocated here as a cashier. Her unfriendly stints have taken place on early morinings on the street when I was setting off to the crew bus waiting location, and in each case rain was threatening and she was under an umbrella with her face darkened down extra with some plasma games the perps routinely put on. They like to create huge variations in the lighting of what I see, be they faces, vehicles and other objects. I suppose it was her turn, being a decidedly Favored demographic subpopulation member. I sense the cute cashier (Favored) and then tuggy dude (Unfavored) in green was one of the predictible juxtapositions of opposites the perps like to arrange, the etheric penumbra games.

Other major events so far were to have a single acrobatic aircraft (or the noise thereof) fly over low for one or two passes; they were here two days ago, and put on a single aircraft early to join the abovementioned suck job noise.

A constant idling motorcycle noise has been arranged while I have my earmuffs on; revving at the same speed outside for at least 10 minutes now. It is simply stunning as to the new juxtapositions of noise I get and from what source and time of day. I haven't had anyone do this, and I suppose the perp's plan was to to sneak the noise in, as I had been wearing the earmuffs in advance of its onset, and as a consequence of some squealy on-off faux neighbor water usage noise.

Earlier, a three hour nap was scripted, taking out my afternoon altogether. It was preceded by this strange urge to log-off and lie down, even if it wasn't a sleepy sensation. It was like all pre-nap instignations of late (last six months), a planted "need" to bail out of online activity and lie down. That set the timing of teatime, and then later, dinnertime, back some, as I didn't finish up on the latter until about 1830h, at least a hour later that usual.

Like many TI's, I have an highly acute sense of what news events might be related to perp games, as I experience various associating incursions all day long. I also see the perps go beserk sometimes in having their fuckwit gangstalkers stand exactly where I had been standing, likewise, they have them walk exactly in my track, and playing left-hand drive pedestrian games on the streets. I am always noisestalked at the moment when reading about deaths in the news, whether it be apparent accident or war related. (The sirens and overhead pounding noise just erupted). And so, like many TI's, I feel that there are news items that are arranged, and it can be gruesome at times to think that some directing and controlling assholes have snuffed someone out all for their games they like to play, such as their geographic or provenance associated research interest that I have blogged about in the past. And so it is again, most tragically, there is another school massacre, this time in Finland, and I suspect the perps' hand is in this one. I don't know why they cannot get consensual experimentation subjects, instead of arranging another tragedy, but it seems far beyond the norm to have so many school massacres at the begining or end of a school term. (September, December, January and May/June). There is something the perps want to learn about the energetic interaction of a person and the location that they live/work in, and also the changes that take place after an absence, the summer vacation in this case. Readers can be assured that I contain my conspiratorial notions for the most part, and don't routinely engage in attaching a link from news events to that of my own circumstances, however, these school shoot-ups and their amazing tendency to occur a specific intervals noted above just grinds me up.

That the above event has occured at a high disruption period of harassment while I settle in after a week of being away isn't likely a coincidence, and I have no idea as to what exactly the perps are looking to learn from me after a return after a week absence. I also was wondering if the US banking and financial crisis that is topical might not of been arranged while the First Feral Family was driving about on an excursion. It was no holiday, I can tell you that. There is always increased gangstalking when I have my parents or other family members with me, and there is something about financial activity/transactions the perps want to learn about, most evidenced by the noisestalking that goes on when I am partaking in such activity. Yesterday, after humpfing around Ikea with my parents, I noted they suddenly "flaked out" and needed to rest after purchasing the items, and left me to shop alone in the food section, now placed after the main checkouts. My take on this was that the perp assholes wanted them to make a transaction for the selected goods, and then have me do this at the food section immediately following. That there were inexplicable delays, dipshitting and buggy pushing mothers with infants arriving around me while waiting for these delays/obstruction games to complete did not surprise me in the least. And once done and in the parking lot, there were gangstalking fuckwits still cutting through our party with their fucking shopping baskets. And then some brown and copper colored vehicle movements erupted around my parent's vehicle before we reached it was also not a surprise. The fuckers go into rabid gangstalking mode when I am with the First Feral Family in public, and especially so after partaking in an activity they have an abidding interest in, that being anything financial related. And as I recount this, I am getting the on-off faux water usage noise and overhead clunking. An exciting moment for a sick mind, and there should be a motorcycle noise erupting any minute now.

No motorcycle noise as it turned out. It is time to call this one done, and I am disappointed that I didn't get to detail the rich harassment experiences of last week with the First Feral Family on the road.

Monday, September 22, 2008

An Exasperating Excursion

Ah, the tapping of "building maintenance" in the hallway at this hour no less, all to welcome me back to my abode after a week away, and continue the high level of disruption that has greeted/been arranged for me since I got back about 1630h today. New events make for great precursors to harassment and disruption, and arriving from a week away with a number of shopping acquisitions from Marks Workwearhouse (my brother owns a store in Kamloops, and we visited him and family), and Ikea this morning when in Vancouver, would suffice as elevated "disruption/harassment worthy".

In the case of the latter shopping destination, I was allowed to acquire one of those vertical under-the-kitchen-counter plastic bag storage devices, one that my parents "happened" to leave behind when cleaning up my apartment in Seattle in 2003, and one that I got skunked out of being able to use as the last residence location had an too-short vertical cabinet dimension. It wasn't a big deal to acquire such an item (again), but as the perps make no end of fuckery out of all things of plastic composition, and as this represents a return to this kind of same arrangement I had over six years ago, it just may be "evidence" that the perps are finally getting a handle on one of their "plastic problems" they have involved me in by way of their abusive nonconsensual human experimentation.

The list of disruption to routines and my apartment so far have been;
  • having me relocate the absurd extra under-counter extra kitchen shelf 8" lower on the cupboard base to accomodate the above mentioned Ikea plastic bag recepticle which included removing the contents of the shelves and the temporary removal of a cupboard door,
  • having me install a new cuphook that had to be bent straight for the Ikea window cleaner wiper that was acquired today (after having the sliding glass door smattered with some kind of strange scum that the rain somehow deposited, even if the window is sheltered 5' back from the building perimeter),
  • having runner beans from my parent's garden, picked today when we got back to their place, before dropping me off (beans were good, but the perps don't ordinarily let me have green vegetables),
  • having me clean new dishes tonight, a saucepan with a glass lid in particular, the same kind of glass lid used at the two hotel stays over the last four nights,
  • having me do laundry tonight, alternating with a woman also doing hers, and she being equally unthinking as to how to arrange our laundry to optimize machine availibility, and thereby have me store the wet laundry on the laundry room counter while waiting for the dryer,
  • forcing me to take a shit with some extra cleanup fuckery (enough said),
  • creating ongoing hoarse/loud mufflered vehicle noise, running at about 5 per minute so far tonight,
  • the apartment manager starting the vacuum cleaner outside the laundry room as I put my dryer availibilty delayed laundry in the dryer and started it up,
  • the manager verbalizes a "hello" (again) after I exited the laundry room over the noise of the vacuum, which he augmented with a friendly head nod gesture as I had no idea what he said, or why he said anything to me (being made momentarily clueless as to what was said or why is a long running perp harassment/scripted stunt),
  • having me take the garbage out earlier (via the elevator, per "damaged" garbage chute), and arranging a tow truck operating near the dumpster, with the directional assistance of the manager, to remove a black pickup truck under the building overhang, and lo, if the same tow truck and towed vehicle didn't "happen" to be seen through my sliding glass door when I got back to my apartment just as I "happened" to cross the room,
  • having a "bread stalker" (gangstalker packing bread) stand in the doorway of the apartment (sliced bread loaf in hand, the loaf in the clear store (plastic) packaging only, not in a shopping bag), and giving me the fucking stare for no reason, when I was exiting with the garbage, and then when returning, said "bread stalker" was exiting the same elevator that I took to get back to my apartment,
  • screwing me into "not observing" that I bought chocolate with embedded hazelnuts at Ikea today when I wanted pure milk chocolate, and which "happens" to coincide with the acquisition of 5lb of farm fresh hazelnuts yesterday (and carried into the apartment at the same time, both now stored here).
But I haven't said anything about how the week long excursion went with the First Feral Family went, and I think I will leave that for tomorrow, and keep tonight's blog on the blow-by-blow details of the action on tonight's return. I was not allowed to take my paper journal (a forced "forget"), and it may well be that I will get my recall purged and/or pissed with such that the extent of the exasperation in dealing with an Alzheimer's act (father) and a Power Ditz (mother), both who took extra measures to exasperate me with their elevated and relentless instances of verbal;
  • extra frequent and extra wholesale misunderstandings,
  • getting it totally wrong (as to what I said),
  • don't hear what I said that was spoken with adequate volume, to then play "what-what" (they say "what" again while I am repeating my statement in response to the first "what", all to create a third round of "not getting it"),
  • talk over while I am talking (usually in response to their query),
  • totally ignoring what I said, often to result in many rounds of pointing and repeating.
They both ramped up the number of these verbal "gaffes" seemingly to piss me off, or more like, arrange for a rationale for the perps to script me to get irate sooner and faster than ever before. For two "verbally impaired" individuals to coordinate this together and in greater frequency takes coordination and orchestration IMHO. They did not do much of this last year when making this same junket, so why this year? Like anything else the perps do, pissing me off, infuriating and exasperating me is their number one play, and has been utterly consistent for six years of this abusive and depraved life rape. Nothing new there, and of course I was not allowed to see this coming.

This wasn't all the vexation on the week long excursion; my father had an unerring ability to put on the restlessness act and "happen" to position himself exactly where I wanted to go, plant himself at a constriction (typically a doorway), and could do this with exceptional frequency. One example was pulling this off in three separate instances inside of one minute. He also did his pacing and "sentry" act, parading around behind me, from left side peripherial vision to right side, and if I wasn't scripted to blow up at him, he would retrace his beat, all to escalate my infuriation. And he could also lay on extra "cognitive impairment" acting as needed; one fucker parked his vehicle 12" from my door on the ferry so I couldn't exit via the driver's door. I had to exit via the front passenger's door, my father being the front passenger. So...., what happens? Why he gets extra "ditzed", situationally escalating his feigned befuddelement, opening the door, closing it, opening it again, "forgetting" to undo the seatbelt, on and on, taking at least a minute to "figure out" how to get out of the passenger door when he had been doing this with relative success all week.

And as it "so happened", the vehicle that parked so close to me in another never-before instance of ferryboat parking "ineptitude", was a light blue color, and from Washington State, where I worked for 3.5 years BOH, Before Overt Harassment, 04-2002. This significance of this, beyond the "getting close" excuse/fuckery, is that the light blue color is usually the "starter color" after being sampled with the greytone colors, black, white, silver-greys, mid-greys, and that this might represent an attempt of the perps/abusives to introduce a color association with vehicles of other geographic origins. As I have mentioned in past blog postings, color and material composition have everything to do with every harassment objective. As an example, the perps will gangstalk me at the entrances, doorways and exits to all buildings, and as part of the exercise, they will utilize "bread stalkers" (per above), Unfavored subjects (negros, Asians, East Indians) all in varying clothing colors, as well as the thuggy males, gut-strutting males (plenty of them on this week away), shorts wearing males, skinheads, hoodie wearers, and other fuckwits of the Unfavored. As there is an geographic or provenance objective to the harassment fuckery, it would seem that this objective/perp intention is being "colored", that is, having an out-of-state/province vehicle park extra close for a 2 hour ferry trip, in a "starter color" (light sky blue, once a 15 year long family vehicle color). And of note, the perps had hosed down the steel ferry deck for no apparent operational reason, and had also delayed the ferry loading by some 10 minutes.

Astute regular readers will note that this same wine country and family visit junket last year also suffered two "never-before" driving/parking behaviors on the ferryboat deck. One asshole parked so tight on my bumper that I could not access the Ford Escape's tailgate to get my newspaper, In the opposite travel direction, when the ferryboat had begun to sail, two next-lane silver grey sedan vehicles in file, after bizarrely leaving 20' of vehicle lane space ahead of the lead vehicle (no one does this if there is space), were each started by their respective single male drivers and proceeded to drive ahead together at the same time (in file), and then stop after consuming the availible lane space, and then both single male drivers exited their respective vehicles making themeselves to be unknowing of the other's duplicate driving activity.

Anyhow, enough of today's doings, and time to post this one. The comments are now viewable, moderated of course. Perhaps Anonymous (aka TiDBunker -get it?) will leave us all alone to detail and speculate as to the intent and purpose of all that is anomalous in all its intensified and abusive orchestration. I haven't yet caught up on the TI news for the last week, so I hope all my "regulars", the TI bloggers I read most days, are all OK and haven't suffered any further depravities and debasements.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Offline Posting #3

This is the last scheduled posting until I get back, 09-23-2008 or so.

Taken 08-23-2008, 1650:27h. A wide angle picture of the closest intersection to my apartment, and taken from the balcony. White vehicles predominate; one on either side of the intersection and five on the crossing street from the bottom to the top of the frame. Of the five, three are parked on the left side of the street, two on the right side. As is so often arranged, the red vehicles are preceded and followed by white vehicles, in this case, parked in file on the left side of the street that runs from the bottom to the top of the frame. In this case, there are three red vehicles are parked in file on the left side of the street. Behind the foliage of the tree in the lower right corner, there is yet another silver-grey vehicle behind it.

Taken 08-23-2008, 1650:36h. A zoomed in version of the above picture, nothing too new from the above

Taken 08-23-2008, 1650:42h. A more zoomed in view of the picture above, better showing the arranged white and red vehicles. A lead parked white vehicle, then three red vehicles, and beyond the driveway, two white vehicles with a white and red motorcycle parked between them. The arrangement of scale is also a big deal for the perps, keeping the colors the same and arranging for more disparity of scale between adjacent vehicles.

Taken 09-02-2008, 1631:12, a different day than above, but still with white vehicle symmetry, (three parked in file), this time on the opposite side of the street, right side of street that runs from lower left to upper right. There are at least three blue vehicles in the mix, and plenty of added blue colored "reflectance" (plasma fuckery IMHO), the pond on the courtyard being the most curious of all.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Offline Posting #2

Composed 09-13-2008

The great teabag sachet caper, still going on. This is Stash tea, Chai selection, and there has been a curious trend in the topmost corners of the sachet, specifically these white and black markers for lack of a better term. I suspect they are more greyscale color marks for the perps' color games and related fuckery, but of course I don't know that for sure. Perhaps someone could contact Stash and have them explain why there are frequently changing this part of the sachet graphic.

Taken 07-24-2008. The black and white markers are one on each side, and in fact, the black backs onto the same corner of the white on the opposite side, back to back.

Taken 09-13-2008. The current box of Stash tea has the black and white markers adjacent in one corner on the same side. No doubt there is more inanity to follow on this theme, and I will add more variants for lack of anything better to do that chase down some deranged asshole's trivial pursuits, which includes trashing my life and sending red-orange plasma beams over my hands as I type this.

Taken 08-22-2008 1607h. A Where's Waldo test; find the anomalous symmetric details;
  • three white vehicles abreast, the police vehicle passing between two white colored vehicles,
  • the irrigation services truck with a ful load of 20' PVC pipe that has no adjacent project to suggest that it is on irrigation business, but more likely, to deliver some PVC to the locale,
  • The two silver-grey vehicles in the intersection, one partially obstructed by the tree foliage, one proceeding straight ahead, the other making a left turn,
  • the perp's most problematic color, brown, in the form of a vehicle sitting among four white vehicles
  • three black colored vehicles on the left side of the road, one mobile on a pit-lamping drive by
  • and at least two same blue colored vehicles with plenty more augmented blue "reflections" among the parked vehicles.

Taken 08-22-2008, 1856:50h. A total gimme for me to entice me out on my balcony again, this time two hours later. And note that they even put on the outside night lights on for me at this time, something they do so frequently, often all nightime lights in parkades are switched on in the day in my proximity. The red pickup truck, second from the right, even has some foliage in the box, consistent with the perps' obsession over exposing me to foliage, cut foliage mostly, everywhere I go, including outside my apartment. They have been consistent on this from the get go, back to the 04-2002 attacks.

Taken 08-22-2008, 1856:55h. And it would seem, they needed a mid-grey vehicle to pass by the red colored vehicles with one white pickup between them, again as it would seem, a white color reference. And lo, if they didn't sneak another red colored vehicle on the orthogonal street, in the top left of the picture, yet another pickup truck. Amazing, arranging all this all the time, and then baiting me with this show.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Offline Posting #1

Composed 09-2008, Sept. 13 & 14, and intended to be posted later in the week while away, offline.

The first copy of this blog posting got deleted by someone other than myself; this is the second round, and hopefully the last.

The plasma beams that find me games again, as if I haven't bored you with enough of these pictures. The plasma beam "reflectance" always comes to find me in the late afternoon and early evening and is targeted onto this apartment, no matter what floor the beam is coming from.

Taken 08-14-2008, 1750:48h. The light is brighter when observed, the camera somehow reduces the intensity of the beam when photographed. The shadow on the tower is the shadow of the building I live in.

This is what it is like on the inside, and invariably I pull my curtains as the beamed light is distracting. This is an E. facing apartment, and it would seem that some asshole needs to shine more light on me for their ongoing dusktime fuckery.

Taken 08-22-2008, 1607:17h. This one is usually first to "beam me" on a cloudless afternoon/evening, again directly into my apartment. The "source" is six condo units on two floors, all with their venetian blinds arranged the same, an louvres fully down and oriented in the same direction. Amazing consistency among these folks, as there are many more of these same pictures that regular readers can attest. This "reflectance" is toned down from what I usually see, as this is at least twice as bright as I see it in realtime, though that too can be dithered, and the camera may represent what anyone else would see.

Taken 08-22-2008, 1607:06h. More symmetry games; two silver-grey vehicles, one behind the foliage again, and a mid-tone grey pickup. The street that stretches to the top of the frame is nearly normal in vehicle and color composition; the ever-projectless irrigation truck with the PVC pipe on its roofrack being the most anomalous, more from the number of times it "happens" to be there. Yesterday (09-12-2008) it was parked in this same location and I noted that it might have been there for outside PVC reference, as I brought home a new shower curtain yesterday, packaged in a clear vinyl pouch.