Sunday, October 14, 2018

The Most Pointless Doctor Visit

Finally the anticipated "big nothing" came down to just that. It was this requirement that I be subject to a sleep study by the Bellevue doctor that I do a sleep study back in August. And lo, if there wasn't a good facility in this part of the world, and I got a referral from the walk-in doctor. And all this started when I resumed my ADD Rx, as I wasn't getting a consistent sleep on them. I met with the local licenced sleep doctor, also a shrink as it turned out, who I thought was a limp fish of major proportions. But I played along, and did the study, going to Kelowna and sleeping overnight in the facility there with all the wires attatched to my head, neck, chest abdomen and feet.

So today, I visited the limp fish doctor for the results, and yes, there is some hypo-apnea, not full blown sleep apnea, and I don't snore much either, but no significant clinical issues. She wanted me to work through this one page sleep remedy page, full of good practices and all that for 2-3 months, and I told her it was ridiculous for someone with ADD to stick with something that doesn't mean very much, especially while they were sleeping.

I told her the biggest problem for sleep interuption was these painful leg cramps in the night, as they not only cause me to wake up, but I also need to get up and walk them off. She was no help on that, and while she suggested magnesium cream, she couldn't prescribe it, because as she said, that was the job of my GP. I told her yet again that I don't have one, cannot get one here, and that I go to a walk-in doctor when I am such shape that I need to suffer a 2 hour wait in the office. (Read, unlikely to happen).

Along the way, she said also that I wasn't getting enough deep sleep, and I said that it was likely neuro-hormonally governed (read, dopamine) and there wasn't much I could do about it. Still she insisted that going through the supplied worksheet would help. A few more back-and[-forths on related issues convinced me the doctor was a stultified twit, operating from her script, that wasn't any bit validated in the real world, especially for those with ADD, even if she was a shrink. (Sleep problems are endemic for those with ADD).

But to her credit, sort of, she told me that the half-life of the ADD Rx I was using was 12 hours, and not 8 as I had been led to believe. And furthermore, what I had known, was the effect had totally dissipated after 8 hours, and wasn't a half life. So.... it seems, that two doctors, her being one, had "failed" to inform me that the ADD Rx has a much longer treatment window than I knew, and that this whole sleep study was a bullshit show from the get go. And besides, I worked it out over the past four weeks that if I take the ADD Rx before 1000h, I can get a good night's sleep, which was exactly what I had been doing.

Anyhow, the appointment was over, and she showed me to the medical assistant, and then greeted the incoming patient(s) -a couple, and didn't have the decent grace to say goodbye, and thanks very much. So not only was she a stultified twit of a doctor, but a fucking rude-ass IMHO, as I didn't absolutely nothing to piss her off. I sought her knowledge on getting to good sleep habits, especially with these excruciating nighttime leg cramps, and she had nothing to offer.

So what was that bullshit all about? Well, it would seem, having me sleep with electrodes attached to my head, neck, etc., perhaps 12 in all, for an overnight sleep in another town. And guess what, we did this bullshit back in Seattle where I lived in 2001. The then doctor wanted me to do a weekend long EEG, so I wore all this crap on my head all weekend, and there was no need for it then. I have ADD, and showed this doctor my brain scan, and still this doctor ordered all these unnecessary tests, the EEG being one. (Sleep habits weren't an issue then). So it would seem that the perp assholes wanted yet another needless EEG event, and concocted this latest ridiculous shit show that was "caused" by two shrinks in succession who somehow "failed" to know the half life of the ADD Rx I am taking. Go figure.

And no points awarded as to why I fucking loathe psychiatrists, the archetypes of clinical techno-lies to send you anywhere their masters dictate. And don't ever forget that is their true purpose, which is why they collectively resist quantifiable data practices like getting a brain scan. Never mind the sick-assed criminals like Dr. Ewen Cameron of McGill University, and his staff of 20 or so, who trashed countless patients, some of whom died from terminal surgeries (Duplessis Orphans), from 1948-1963. And he was the instigator, if not founder, of the World Psychiatric Association no less. No crime went unrewarded for this crowd.

And still heavy pit-lamping everywhere I go, especially when making turns in my vehicle, parking or pulling away from from my vehicle. Add in the twits sitting in their vehicles, headlights on of course, everytime I pull into a parking lot, and it seems like this odious gangstalking practice has increased of late, and is being kept at this elevated state for at least six weeks now.

And then at the construction site where I am still employed, but perhaps for only a few weeks more, I am getting constantly hounded in similar, though ambulatory, circumstances. Anytime I turn a corner, exit a room, get on an elevator etc. And also, keeping the jabbering Punjabis around me seems to a continuing priority as well.

Another construction job gangstalking site of high coverage is the polyethylene sheet "doors", where they erect a sheet of clear polyethylene, often with a zipper in it, as an ostensible means to control dust (or building airflow). But as it "happens", the Punjabi drywall crews have abandoned this practice, and now create dust as they see fit. The rooms where we are allowed to cut wood and MDF boards are also bounded off with polyethylene sheets, and I am a regular daily visitor to clean these rooms up. My work mate does most of the cutting, due to his "need" to take over this function in some kind of territorial predilection, so when he returns to the room we are installing chair rails, he has exited the polyethylene doors, often more than one set. (In the meantime, while he is cutting, I am drilling holes in the walls to mount the support strapping for the chair rails).  I have long given up on the perp's need for "plastic stalking" but it does reach my awareness on some occasions. Likely whenever they want me to be aware.

Saturday, and a in keeping with having multiple appointments in close spacing, I had my hair cut and got my vehicle tires swapped, following on from the above mentioned "most useless doctor's appointment" from the prior day. Getting my tires swapped is a big deal, given the perps interest in rubber, and all things rotational. I have been 16 years into knowing about this one, and am largely inured as to even being aware of it.

The hair stylist was attractive, even with some tasteful non-natural color in her hair (scarlet red),  but didn't say much. They usually have these hair stylist students practice customer engagement skills, but not this time. No big deal, and my getting my cut was relatively stress free.

Another week passes, and one has to wonder why two needless EEG tests, 17 years apart. These fuckers never give up.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


That would be Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. No work this long weekend, and of course, no overtime. And no invites to the vineyard I helped out last year, worth $200/day for my grape picking efforts, not to mention one day of running the forklift for them. I also was supplied with dinner out of the deal, and as I am on good terms with this former employer, I thought that there would be a return invite, as in prior years. But no, and if I have it right, I would assume my manipulators have their own reasons for keeping me house bound this long weekend.

The perp assholes have been pulling door thumps on my residence each evening of late, only one or two each day, and often coincident when I come to some realization, usually from a thought process that is idling in the back of my head. It is a single thump, not a knock, and of course, there is no one there. Not that I look, as I have been conditioned to regard these unconventional noise/vibration intrusions as "its the Thems again".

Another week of construction laboring passed, and it was relatively OK. The usual increased flux of dudes around me, often when I just get to a room to do work, or else when transiting hallways and turn a corner. The elevator egress is also fraught with games too.

Though the E. Indian workers (cleaners and dry wallers), are a particularly "sticky" bunch, meaning that they always seem to be hanging around me, and made themselves little more annoying this week. Not only from their jabbering when around me, and being particularly frequent in my proximity, but also distinguishing themselves by being particularly rude. Not only do they not communicate, or even engage in opening doors or allowing passage in tight places, (normal for all other construction workers), but they seem to come on in surges around me. As I see it, I have done my "E. Indian time", listening to them all day long when working in vineyards, sometimes for months, though never  a full season. And so, here they are again, a particularly featured stalking subpopulation for whatever perp reason sits behind all this. (Perhaps because my brother married one?)

Today, as I was handling a pallet in the hallway of the construction site, where the egress was constrained by the pallet where my co-worker and I had been working and just completed unloading, why, an E. Indian threesome of males "happens" to pass by, and one of them collides with me and keeps on going. That this crowd doesn't do "sorry" isn't news to me, but as I see it, you either fit in or go home. Anyhow, having stalkers run into me isn't new either, but having brown skinned ones go this rude on me is a new one. And of course, any time I am handling pallets begets extra flushes of dudes around me, but this time it was the E. Indian's turn. So go fuck yourselves, all the stalkers for that matter. And for that matter, civic manners should be part of the citizenship test, and if they fail, they go home. Same for learning English. I don't know why we have to put up with this seditious government sponsored nonsense.

That this same crowd had the elevator stuffed with four step ladders for one of my trips down from my working floor to the first floor later in the day didn't surprise me. I don't know what the deal is about the perps and step ladders, or any kind of ladder for that matter, but it was a signature stalking prop from the get-go when all this shit rained down on me, 04-2002. As in the perps, who had been surreptitiously following and arranging my life suddenly went berserk/overt and made it known that they considered me a Prime Victim and introduced me to their unconventional technologies and malevolent and relentless abuse.

And I suppose, one of two of them strutting around on stilts in my proximity for drywall work was also part of the plan, as the perps just love to have their stalkers at a different elevation from me, often by using stairs or like.

The disposable booties work place wearing requirement is still going on, though running out of steam. They went through 5,000 pairs in three days and haven't been able to keep up, putting bins up at the exit doors, where one can re-use booties placed there from others. Never mind that these retread booties are in terrible shape, and it also does cause me to wonder what the management is thinking when they want workers to fish through the bins to find pairs that can survive being put on, never mind re-use.

The owner of the millwork firm for whom I work came to visit the work site for two days this week; he seems like a decent guy, and not one of those relentless hard asses that I so often meet. He even took us all out for drinks and dinner at a nearby pub later. I chatted with him for a time, about the business and related matters. Gosh, I was treated like a normal for once, and not given the usual looks of dread and tension I get.

And the reason for a missed yoga class the prior week came into focus; a new yoga instructor. I believe it has been an everytime event now; whenever a new instructor comes on, (usually unbeknownst to me), they have me miss the first class. And after stalking my ass in yoga with tattoo cases of other yogis in my proximity, why, they now have this new instructor plastered with this fugly body mutilation. All over her arms no less, and quite a gross-out. At best, past instructors had a little tattoo on their foot or something, but this is quite the unavoidable tattoo show.

The new instructor has a more demanding tone and is less inclined to be chatty or relaxed. It has been apparent over the last five years of yoga that they have, in prior years, pulled such instructors in short order and replaced them with more friendly ones. It would seem that this instructor is returning to that fold they were testing me out in prior years; the tone and nature of the instructor's verbal delivery also seems to be a big deal for the perps.

And too, the yoga class underwent a major re-population (same class, same day and time); hardly any of the recent regulars, and to my relief they seemed to have dispensed with the E. Indian that was hounding my ass for the last 8 weeks. I have never figured out how the yoga class gets populated, apart from the Unfavored specimens being injected, as it seems there are hardly any regulars beyond 3 months.

Anyhow, I am late in getting this posted, and I shall cut the news off for now.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Get Yer Booties On

 Monday, and for some curious reason I got screwed out of yoga tonight. Normally, if there is such a thing, Mondays are good for many statutory holidays through the year, e.g. Labor Day, and therefore, classes get cancelled. For whatever reason they didn't want me there, and had me "misread" the clock, and also get consumed with hair plucking, and by the time I was allowed to figure it out, it was too late. Well done assholes, but what is the excuse this time? Maybe they wanted to put a freak, aka Unfavored specimen, in my exact location of my mat, without me there. They have no compunction about sending in someone early to occupy my usual mat location to force me somewhere else, which isn't a big deal, though this time it seems my presence wasn't desired. So it goes in this arcane and insane choreography, never more evident by the gangstalking Fuckwits that need to cross my path, ahead or behind in such close timing, or else stand where I stood, say in queues.

And at the construction job, we are now to wear disposable booties; I caught it in the ear because they weren't on right, then later, when wearing them outside (I did not plan to enter the building with them on).

The disposable bootie requirement is now running at 200 pairs an hour project wide, and especially for those trades that need to go in and out of the building.

This was a situation I was in, along with my co-worker as we had to move cabinets on a dolly from the parkade into the building, which was at least 8 trips for the pair of us.

The assholes pulled a big finger cut on my L index finger, as the cutting knife "somehow" skipped off the plastic pallet strapping and into my finger. It was of such a degree that I had to grab it right away to staunch the blood flow, and attend to it at our office and use the first aid kit. It was a ten minute job to clean it up, as well as anything else I came into contact with. Well done assholes. And haven't we been through enough of this "blood sampling"? Apparently not. Last week my co-worker was cut, though much less, and wouldn't put a band-aid on.

And true to form, they then use this injury to turn me into a bigger klutz than I am already. This "habit" goes back decades, when finger cuts somehow made me more clumsy and fine motor skill impaired.

Another favorite jerkaround is that they like to aggravate a healing wound, which they did the next day. For "some reason" I placed my injured finger near the collapsible dolly mechanism and it got momentary pinched at the wound. It could of been a lot worse, and at the end of the day when I re-bandaged it, there was only a small bleed from this follow-on episode.

A day I would of gone hiking, but no, the rain came on and so it turned out to me a mellow day at home mostly, save a trip to SOF supermarket.

And it seems quite plain that the "herding" has reached greater proportions, not just today. This is where they obstruct the location I intend to go to, or else, stalk my ass and force me along different routes than the direct routes I usually take in the same stores I frequent.

And to add insult to injury, the assholes have given me a cold, my first in years. The cold and flu fuckery ended back in 2012 when I began a once per week tanning habit. And as it turns out, tanning generates dopamine as well as the more known vitamin D. On with the echinacea and vitamin C, and we shall see what happens this week.

The sleep issue has diminished significantly from 08-2018; if I take my ADD Rx before about 1000h, it isn't a problem. The Rx is a time released design, and specified to last 8 hours. But "somehow" the sleep interference problem persists for much longer, such that I get no sleep all night if I take it later. I have no idea how it could possibly happen in conventional terms.

Anyhow, enough for the week and to see what the next brings.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

In the Sleep Study

The sleep study "thing" is over, though it wasn't the ordeal that one might read into it. More like a hotel stay in another town, but with all manner of electrodes attached. The "ordeal" part of it was that I was wondering if I was going to actually sleep, or end up fitfully tossing and turning (as in recent months), but with restrictive wires attached. I managed to sleep mostly, and a few awakenings, and we shall see what all this data will say in a few week's time.

In fact, my sleep has been fairly consistent for the past two weeks, as long as my ADD Rx are taken before 1000h. But as I didn't want to reduce the risk a sleepless night in a sleep study (a waste of time), I backed off on the ADD medication for two prior days.

And lo, the assholes pulled a dream invasion stunt in the middle of my wired (attached to electrodes on my head, chest, neck, and even a pair on each calf muscle), sleep. And too, a microphone for snoring detection. Now, its fear and trepidation over my results, as I don''t need another fucking ailment to deal with, and all the Rx contingencies etc. As well as the excuse to take me off my very useful ADD medication, something the assholes did in spectacular form back in 2002, and kept this up until this year, when I needed to get re-started because it was roundly apparent that the radiotherapy that finished 12-2017, was causing further dopamine deficiency issues. On with the never ending medication/ailment continuum, aka, nonconsensual human experimentation with a emphasis on dopamine physio-dynamics and function. As if taking down people for 100's of years with Parkinson's Disease wasn't sufficient.

The assholes also pulled a couple of small leg cramps in the night, though not enough to cause me to need to get up and walk them off. This has been standard fare for about 2x/week for the last two years, sometimes to excruciating pain levels, and a lot more of  the defeatable cramps as well. The latter can be ameliorated by me pressing my foot onto the wall while in bed and thereby relieving the cramp without getting up. Just in the last week, by way of a tip from a co-worker, the ionic magnesium (liquid) seems to be working in reducing nightime leg cramping. And the ADD Rx is also helping in that regard too. So with peculiar night time dreams (encountering Dr Amen for crissakes) and then minor night time leg cramps, one could say the perps did a good job of putting on a typical night time sleep.

It was interesting that the sleep study technician was neurologist, one who had emigrated with his family from Mexico, but couldn't practice in Canada as he was unable to afford a five year study regimen to qualify here. We engaged with some minor chat, and I briefly mentioned my dopamine-is-a-hormone thesis (based on scientific literature research), and per usual in the medical profession, he said squat. No discussion, no debate, nothing. Every one of them has done the same, now about 14 so far, an amazing "coincidence".

Yoga a few days earlier, 09-17-2018, and a near identical repeat of the choreographed freak show of the prior week. Same as the prior week, about 10-14 yogis filter in, some with serious fugly tattoos, and some serious fugly dudes included, and leaving a single open mat location to my immediate left. And in keeping with the standard freak show (Unfavored stalkers) choreography, the most significant freak arrives at the last minute, just as class is about to begin, and lo, it is this same very dark skinned E. Indian dude of the prior week. The exact same dude and exact same spatial and temporal arrangement as last week. Hard to call that random assemblage, by any stretch. Except this week this dude "decided" to take his shirt off about 15 minutes into class, in keeping with this absurd male "trend" which has erupted in the past two years. Only the perps would know why I need to be exposed to brown colors all the time, and brown skin colors especially, and this was no more exemplified by the now shirtless (first time) E. Indian male who has the knack of arriving at the last minute the same open mat location that was left for him by everyone else in the room. Said dude sat down on the couch beside me and briefly chatted with me after yoga class twice in two prior visits, but not this time. I suppose he had exercised his freakishness (Unfavoredness) to the maximum, however that is determined by the perps.

And plenty of dude stalking action at the construction job site, each work day this week. The time worn convergence stalking routine again, whereby they individually move toward me from different directions for some reason, though passing by the elevators is a good excuse. (The main route to upper floors, especially with tools and supplies, is by way of the elevators). They even went one more, by having a negro dude step into my intended path, he some 8' away with his head down and pretending to be clueless as to me about to pass through. At this point, other dudes started to move around in some kind of choreography to then confine my intended path to where the negro had stepped forward (for some curious reason), and who had now vacated this spot by stepping back to where he had been. (Normally, I would change my path and go around the whole lot of them). In other words, a totally pointless forth-and-back move, all while waiting for the elevator, the main access to the floors. (I could see this stunt making more sense if the elevator had just arrived and the negro and the other dudes then converged on the open elevator as I "happened" to be passing by. But no, make it look stupid and obvious, all to have me walk over the very ground the negro had momentarily stepped upon.) And how many times have I mentioned this path crossing stalking stunt, the converging stalkers (usually males), senseless back-and-forthing, and also the "herding" games they so like to pull? Probably 0.001% of the occasions these orchestrated stalking stunts play out when out in public.

And plenty of other negro stalking at the construction site this week, almost like a selected different one per day who is the assigned "dog me" all day long stalker. The one with the mini-dreads and the hang-dog look was especially busy on stalking duty one day, no matter what floor (of six) I was working on.

And too, the pointless "just stand there" stalking by one construction worker at the corner of the steel mesh fence around the SW corner. I 'happened" to pass by this corner on my way to the cafeteria, and lo, he was still there 20 minutes later when I returned, still looking as stupid as he was when I was outbound. Geez; give the guy a cell phone for crissakes and thereby furnish him an excuse for extended loitering, a common perp stalker tactic. (Having vagrants in public locations serves the same purpose I came to know early on in this game).

Another extra obvious stalking stunt was having a woman worker (this time) sitting on the concrete stairs waiting for the elevator while on her cell phone, and who then gets up and follows my ass out the door as I was passing by. I suppose the "just been sitting on concrete" energetic "vibe" act, having just been color and/or EMF calibrated by way of cell phone, needed to tail my ass through the poly sheeted doorway. (They use poly sheeted temporary doors while they are working on the real doors, or else to block off the passage of dust from the designated rooms for cutting wood and other materials).

Just as obvious is the extra pit-lamping coverage I am getting, especially when I get out of my just-parked vehicle. If I sit and wait, the dude who has pulled in behind me does the same thing, and if I get out as soon as I have turned off the engine, why, someone is timed to arrive as I am at the rear tailgate scrambling to get my work gear. One time they put on a motorcycle coming down the loose ground and weedy"sidewalk" on the R side of my parked vehicle, with a following sedan to arrive immediately afterward. And if there isn't someone pit-lamping my ass from 8' away, why, they are there across the street doing much the same, you know, the protracted parking excuse.

Back to the sleep study, with an ironic turn; after I drove home, a 50 minute drive arriving at 0730h, I had breakfast and two cups of coffee, and lo, if they didn't pull a three hour nap-attack on me thereafter. I was not sleep deprived at anytime this week, and it was totally unwarranted. Anyhow, they turned my Saturday into shit, and I ended up doing my usual chores, e.g. laundry, well into the afternoon. Changing up the timing of my usual activities is another perp specialty.

Enough for the week, and time to get this posted lest it lapse for another.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Work Boot Sabotage; Round 6

Up a half hour earlier today, as we now start at 0630h as of today, and lo, such a difference in morning time routine has brought on a round of my most loathed noise, HD motorcycles. The owner across the back lane could of just fired it up and departed, but I suppose in the minds of the noisescape engineers, it just wouldn't do. So.... 15 min. of HD motorcycle throbbing and senseless rpm variation with the headlight aimed at my E window, even if was closed with a venetian blind. Never had this particular timing before.

But then again, the pit-lamping with headlights has increased, and couldn't be more obvious when I park my vehicle for work, a whole 5 minutes drive away. It seems every time some shit drives up behind me for on-street parking and then keeps their headlights on while I attend to my gear on the rear deck of the Ford Escape, rear hatch opened.

I got sufficiently pissed with this the third time this week, and out-waited the dude who pulled behind me, walking away from his vehicle while with the headlights on. (I wasn't going to tell him that). Or at least that is what I thought, but no, his missus was sitting in the vehicle with the engine running, still in the passenger seat, staring at her phone. Like WTF; if it was a shared vehicle situation, why did they park behind me and not swap drivers two blocks closer to his work site, the hospital construction site? Go figure.

The work boots I purchased new in 2010, and wore all of three weeks (total) prior to this current construction gig of 3 weeks have now delaminated, yet again, at the sole. Prior to this gig, they were in the shop more than I ever wore them, and were repaired at least five times at various shoe repair shops. I even delivered them to Kelowna twice, a 50 minute drive, to wait four weeks in each instance, and STILL they "failed". As in the sole delaminating today while walking to work from my vehicle. Twice today I applied some serious glue to them and got the L boot repaired enough.

Then tonight I separated the soles from the uppers, sanded them with a grinder, applied serious glue, and screwed them. We shall see how this works out tomorrow.

Needless to say I am totally and fucking infuriated at this relentless and insane sabotage over these composite toed safety boots, the first such pair I have had. I have had enough footwear sabotage to last 5 lifetimes, and now, I have had five rounds of repairing these little used work boots. Just what is the matter with the perps that they need to fuck with these boots to such a degree? They don't mess with my steel toed rubber boots which I have worn considerably more, some 3 months/year for the last five years. Yes, I know, this is a totally differently constructed boot, but in all the full gamut of footwear sabotage, the perps have gone utterly berserk over this particular pair of work boots.

More dude rush/convergence at the hospital construction work site while I was handling the pallets again; about eight in file this time. Well, I suppose they could of all been from a single firm/subtrade and were coming in from a break. But still, the number of times the stalking show erupts when I handle pallets has been absurd.

I suppose it isn't enough that I am working around pallets all the time on this gig; removing the packed millwork (cabinets), and moving them to rooms for the installers to then install them. Then I take the empty pallets to the elevator and to the garbage, which is when the dude flush erupts, usually around a corner. The perps tell me that their interest in pallets stems from the fact that everything (nearly) is packed on pallets, and that the wood energy of the pallet is also infused into the items on the pallet, and of course, our dear perps need to sort out what energies come from where and how they dissipate (assuming that they do). As to all of this, I don't care; just leave me the fuck alone and quit using me as some kind of experimental fodder for figuring out this energetic event. No doubt they have plans to put me into this hospital in the years ahead, and then I get to energetically interact with the same palletized items, cabinets in this case, while recuperating; as in being kept in place. (And same flooring etc.) Again, leave me alone; I hate hospitals, and don't ever want to be a patient in one, not for a minute. (Been there, had it done to me, and was totally gangstalked by the "patients").

A most strange elevator event today; a full house of dudes heading to their respective floors to work, and one with a red backpack backs into me. And don't I know this stunt, as they pulled this a few months ago at the SOF supermarket while I was at the self-checkout. (That is, one of their very favorite place to stalk my ass, while about to make a financial transaction.) But the weird thing was that this backpack wearing dude then shows up at the elevator at the next floor up, and gets on. This time he had more room and didn't back his back pack into me. Like WTF; there was simply no way this guy could of ran up the stairs as the stairwells are at some distance from the elevators. Soo.. here we have a teleporting perp masquerading as a construction worker so he could twice stalk my ass on two floors in short succession. (In my estimation, they leave the unconventional activities to the real perps, where the hoi polloi (trades workers in this case) get to mill around me in a pre-arranged choreography).

And a small job to do at the old (extant) hospital; and lo, if it wasn't about shift change time, which supported all manner of staff passing by in the corridor. And if that wasn't enough, why, they put on a fugly negro woman with big dreads, who was preceding us hauling out pallets etc. In the usual fashion, I averted my gaze, and attended to something else, which should of given her enough time to leave the building and be out of sight. But no, she changed direction and was then coming at me again. The next day when heading into this same building for the coffee room, why, there she is again.

And too, negro male trades workers seem to be in greater quantity than normal for this town. And too, the E Indian cleaners also seem to be hanging around me like a bad smell, even from floor to floor. One even sits on the cabinets that we just delivered to a room so she can natter on her cell phone while at work.

A laundry day, and even if early, I got a major weird stalker there; a Fuckwit with tattoos up his neck and halfway onto his cheeks. Fucking awful, and I couldn't look at this freak for longer than it took to set off my internal "freak" warning alarm. And they didn't keep this guy lingering, posing, or doing reprise stalking either. Usually they have the Unfavored specimens, such as this, wander around so they can be seen from different angles as well as inside the building and outside. Not this time; he was pulled from the freak show immediately and wasn't there on my return trips.

A new pair of safety toed workboots had to be purchased today, given the constant bad luck show with the aforementioned pair. The ones that seem to defy repair, though I would posit that the boot repair guys were compromised to force this jerkaround. And this time, I got a good pair, which meant splashing out much more than I ever wanted to. Insult to injury over this fucking insane sabotage campaign, not to mention yet another hole in my pocket that I don't need.

Sunday, a whole day off, and the notion of doing my twice annual vehicle waxing came on, as isn't too hot these days. I got sucked into starting the project by procuring the automotive wax that I prefer, and lo, the tubby blonde cashier was friendly and smiled at me instead of the usual stricken and pained look I get. She attends to the purchase, then departs the cash desk momentarily and checks the same product on the shelf, returns to the cash register, and when finishing up she gives me this stare and flicks her eyes upward. Like WTF; first a friendly look and then when done, she gives me this weird look for no apparent reason. And afterward, I check the invoice and she gave me a discount even if I don't have an account there. Nice of her, and I would of thanked her had I known at the time of purchase.

Onto getting the vehicle cleaned at the automotive cleaning bays; all went well, and I took the vehicle on the highway for 20 minutes to dry it off. And it "happens" there was at least 50 motorcycles ahead of me, two abreast, one per lane, in some kind of major organized event. No big deal, as well as the ones coming from behind to join the pack. I haven't seen such an array of motorcycles in my whole life, so who know what that was about.

And then after waxing the vehicle's roof, why, the dark clouds roll in, spitting rain. Nix the waxing for a time, and have lunch until this disruption passes. It does, I get more of the vehicle done, and another rain comes on, so another wait. Then I got to finish the job on the third pass. The peps are nuts over this activity too, adding a thin coat of a colored wax which buffs out to be transparent. More color games for them I suppose.

I was finally allowed to get into a regular sleep habits again, even with taking my ADD Rx, as long as it is early in the day. No problem, just let me sleep normally, just like I always did, and when on these same medications previously.

Anyhow, another week done, and onto another and all the vagaries of being a nonconsensual human experimentation subject in situ.

Saturday, September 08, 2018

Labor Day

Labor Day here, or more accurately, Labour Day. A mellow one too, after getting a hike in yesterday, though not a taxing one. What was taxing was a trip to the SOF supermarket and enduring the gangstalking hordes. In particular was the obstruction fuckery, as they laid it on thick. Obstructing the avocadoes seemed to be a big deal, and too, the shrink wrap. Three times I wanted to get to the avocadoes, and a Fuckwit had arrived ahead of me, and was obviously lingering there, and fondling the fruit for some obscure reason, and not selecting any. Kind of like "warm ups", where the Fuckwit does the same thing in advance of me at the same location I intend to, but doesn't go all the way and put the items in their shopping basket. I don't think I have a name for this variant (fruit fondling in advance of the victim selecting the same fruit items for purchase), though I have reported the arrivals of the Fuckwits just ahead of me for "just standing there" duty, aka obstruction.

Then, with a 5 minute interval for waiting (shopping elsewhere) for the apparently pondering woman Fuckwit to stop obstructing the shrink wrap section, she was still there, pondering. Finally she cleared out and I got the new 152m size and got out of there. I just don't know what it is about shrink wrap that so obsesses the perps, but in retrospect I should of not of been surprised. I suppose the former 90m size (plenty enough) got too tired for the perps, and they had it removed from the inventory and now it is a 152m for $4. I am quite convinced they control a lot of product packaging to create small variances in whatever energetic properties that confers among their test subjects. (Which by extension, could be all of us).

The Fuckwits were also on my ass when I entered the store, a Fuckwit pinch-in, with them coming at me and attempting to get closer to me together from different directions. Just what is it about the assholes they need to close in on me in public all the time?

And before the masers got too invasive I was reading a book outside when it was sunnier. And just what is it about this particular single engine aircraft that it needs to make 8 noisy passes overhead over a 1.5 hour duration? Add in the HD motorcycle noise next door, the lawnmower and a few others, and lo, we have a noisescape of successive internal combustion noise sources while reading a book. And not to forget, the intake of knowledge is a big deal for the assholes, a highly stalkable moment in victim harassment.

The fuzzy maser balls arrived in increasing numbers while reading my book, eventually pairing up in parallel and delineating the line I was reading at that very moment, and then following me in bounding the next line down when I read on. After a minute of that, I gave up and put the book down.

A week of work without interruptions (doctor's appointments, workplace shutdown etc.) last week, and of course, with 400 guys on the job, plenty of opportunity to plant Fuckwits upon me. The most obvious was when I was handling pallets, another special "need" for them to send in hordes of dudes, often in file (6 or 8), just as I turn a corner (another perp "special moment") with the pallet when carrying it to the elevator to dispose of it. I also get lots of unexpected help with pallet loading and handling from dudes I don't even know.

I went to the Dream Cafe for a show on Friday, Aug. 31. A good show, and I was placed in the front row, 8' from the performers. And not the usual stare-at-me event from the performers, save the one time the female singer was bending over to look at her gear sideways and shot me a look just as I was looking at her. I have had this kind of "coincidental stare" events before, even before all this shit rained down on me in 04-2002, though in this instance it was difficult to tell if it was orchestrated. But as it "happens" just about every time, I doubt that it was a random event, even if I was close to the stage.

A visit to the sleep doctor, who also "happened" to be a shrink for crissakes. I hadn't met this doctor before, and most of the discussion was around my disrupted sleep that began  01-2018. On the occasion that the consult did veer into ADD and dopamine, she seemed so flaccid and terse and disinclined to tell me anything. And she even suggested that I was "focused" on it, though not over-focused (which would of pissed me off). I also thought it was absurd that she suggested "non-medical interventions for ADD" (but I did not challenge her on this one). She referred me for a sleep study after a brief in-mouth examination, and it was me who had to ask her whether I should be taking my ADD medications or not at that time to facilitate sleep for the study.

Chalk another one up for finding yet another weird shrink, this one inadvertently. In 22 years of attempting to get my ADD professionally attended to, the count is now 3 normal (helpful and progressive) shrinks to 11 weird shrinks (obstructive idiots who somehow "failed" to marshal all the facts, as well as ask the appropriate diagnostic questions). On the face of it, that's a 79% failure rate to diagnose the obvious, never mind the ones that got it totally wrong and jerked me around, assuming they weren't being directed to do so. And too, never mind that I told them what the diagnosis was, and why, and I still got blown off. Never has a medical specialty failed so miserably for so long to such a trail of living human wreckage. Bring on brain scans and more science to back it up, and dump that DSM committee bullshit at once, and by extension, all the downstream poseurs.

And just to think, that the psychiatric (sic) medical specialty, (I am loathe to use the word "profession" in this instance) got it totally wrong starting with Dr. Haslam who imposed a psychosis (or like) diagnosis on the twice declared sane, James Tilley Matthews in 1797 who died while incarcerated for a condition he didn't have in 1814. What was the real situation? He was a TI victim! Read the book, "The Air Loom Gang", since renamed to a prejudgmental "A Visionary Madness"  by Mike Jay. To have over 200 years of advance planning to pollute and discredit a medical specialty takes a lot of planning IMHO.

Friday, and a work day at the construction site, with a mixed up start. I had a fasting blood test to do, which meant going into the lab at opening time, 0800h after having no breakfast. But as work begins at 0700h I figured I would go into work until 0900h, take the usual 30 min. morning break by going to the lab, and then go back to work. And all too often, "elaborate" plans get blown up; the boss man wasn't to be found for 20 minutes, and when I did find him, he obviously didn't have enough for me to do as he was distracted by other issues. I proposed to go to the lab and get the test done, and come back. However, while on the construction site and before I departed the seeming gangstalking workers were all over my ass, especially at every door and/or turn I made. Like WTF; who told them I was fasting and to turn on the gangstalking all the more?

And when I arrived at the lab, I parked in an adjacent public parking lot that was empty, about 50 stalls. And lo, when I get back, why, two same colored blood red vehicles parked on either side of mine. Well done; going to the blood lab can initiate (somehow) the strangest of events. Related to this, was that there were only two other patients, when past experience was there would be at least 10-12 at this particular time for the blood test lab (other fasting patients).

Will the PTB (Powers That Be) continue to harass innocent citizens, especially if they have ADD? Why of course, and a long read is at this link, written by a medical student who was run out of Dalhousie University in the last months of his physician medical training. I have no claim to being harassed by universities while there (long ago in my case), but it seems plain to me that someone decided that they didn't want him as a future physician and set up the scenario whereby he got hit with a low grade on his residency by a cooperating doctor, which then precipitated the student's formal complaint to the university administration, and then the gloves were off. But re-casting ADD into "delusional disorder" by the administratively appointed shrink is a familiar practice to me. The student, a Canadian, ultimately relocating to Ecuador. And so it goes; the Fates decided you aren't one of them, and will run you out of town (or your chosen profession).

I am getting dithered to be slack and less attentive to this blog that I have been over the past two months, and am wondering what (more like who) has come over me. Or more accurately, who is doing this and what does it portend, and what is the next chapter in all of this?

And I have spent many hours over recent weeks pondering this question, as it "happens" they are having me "forget" more often, and especially that now infuriating process of getting out the door. (The door to outside, usually when headed to work or on errands). It is plain that no end of things "go wrong" at that juncture from broken shoe laces, to discovering new marks and tears on my clothing, and of course the long running, and now much more frequent forced "forgets", usually after I have passed through the gate at least (20' away), and then remember something I intended to bring on my way to the vehicle. My read on this has always been that I am transitioning from one energetic situation (inside my residence) to a different one, outside, transiting lawn, gravel and asphalt to get to my parked vehicle in the lane on the other side of the fence (45' in all). That I meet gangstalkers passing by with great frequency in the lane before I get into my vehicle hasn't gone unnoticed, usually with the dog walking excuse, which gets them more dwell time. The Psychopaths even put an ambulance on, "happening" to pass through this back lane when I was at my vehicle when they never do, save emergencies, which wasn't the case. I have long complained of "ambulance chasing", as in prominent vehicular gangstalking, but sending one down a back lane takes the cake as far as over-obvious orchestration goes.

Transiting the said lawn from my residence to the gate has also taken on a new dimension, with the underground sprinkler head failing to do its usual full 360 degree duty, and the landlord not doing anything about it, curiously. I end up walking over lawn that is irrigated from the sprinkler head, and now, a portion of lawn where it has "failed". (It was uniformly irrigated until 06-2018). Given that the sprinkler was installed in my walking path last year, it is most odd that it has now partially failed. But given my perp abetting mother's erratic sprinkler systems at her place, and the perp's long standing interest in water supply, which pipes, what materials, what sprinkler heads, faucet valve types their materials etc., having a malfunctioning sprinkler head, and unevenly irrigated lawn that I traverse daily isn't too much of a surprise to me.

Anyhow, my recall dithering has been slightly escalated of late, and not just when exiting my residence. Even when removing items from the fridge I get temporarily dithered and wonder what on earth caused such a momentary notion loss. And to complement that, I am now getting plenty of planted notions on what it will be like to be older; impaired mobility, cognitive function etc. I don't know and I don't want to go there, but it seems that geriatric diminution of one's faculties is the next long playing take-down here in Perplandia. As to how to duck this one I have no idea, as any effort on my part can be readily thwarted, by of course, more things "going wrong".

More on the increased masers (coherent magnetic radiation), those (usually) fuzzy or filamentous black blobs that keep erupting at every turn, even if I were to make a decision, even the most pedantic choice, say over which item I would purchase in a grocery store. ( I mentioned above the fuzzy ball masers bouncing along in pairs, above and below the very line of text I am reading in a book, tracking the very words I read at the very same reading speed as me). How does one get more obviously invasive than that?

And too, it would seem the perps are at it with packaging changes for the very same item inside the package, in this case, the wart remover that I was forced to purchase yet again. (The fourth time in succession). I got rid of a R foot wart last year, and decided to take on the L foot one that suddenly (yes) arrived 04-2002, the day they invaded my apartment in Seattle and initiated this onset of terror and abuse (perp beserkness) that I still report on 16 years later. Just when the latter wart is about cured, why, the perps spring another plantar wart on a toe on my R foot, necessitating another fucking round of wart treatment. But this time, they changed the packaging for this relatively obscure product. They simply cannot have enough to do, or else they are so mired in contingent energetic interaction research they cannot pull their collective head from their ass. Ergo, this picture of the packaging differences.

Anyhow, enough of this protracted slackness, and to get this one posted for the past two weeks or so.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Four Weeks of Big Smoke

Now four weeks of smokey conditions, visibility is about 6 blocks or so. It looked to be getting better today, but instead, got worse. All part of the sunlight diminution and manipulation games as I see it. And too, having the tan start to fade in August, instead of being able to pour it on.

And related brown skin games; there are a whole lot more of brown skinned workers around me at the construction site of late, but then again, perhaps this is normality as I don't know these kinds of jobs well. And too, plenty of dude surges, and dudes popping out behind corners and adjacent doors, as well as up on ladders, usually arriving when I am repeatedly transversing a route, making multiple trips to deliver cabinets to the correct room. Or sometimes, on my return visit to a room or corridor, a ladder just appears and no one uses for the hour or two that I am passing by.

back to split sleep shifts again, the assholes have kept me off my ADD Rx for the past two weeks and counting, owing to a absolutely needless intervention by the pharmacy, and so a doctor visit had to be also scheduled. The pharmacy indicated over the phone, to me, that under 6mg of xxxx is Ok with medication yyy, so just what is reason for the fucking hold up?
That I predicted the Psychopaths would pull this stunt may be even in a blog posting four weeks ago. After all, medication yyy has been very successful, and since they went all out with an apartment invasion, unconventional weapons and physical material changes, gangstalking, and punishing electromagnetic pain (which could be out run if running is appropriate in the context of where one is), as well as a barrage of fuckery that never let up until 01-2003, when it "magically" was turned down, but not off, even at present. Said intense and insane abuse also served to deprive me of my successful dopaminergic medications for over 16 years, and after whacking the shit out of with radiotherapy for prostate cancer until 12-2017, (which I doubt would of happened had the assholes let me take my ADD medication as dopamine is a hormone that mediates the immune system), I had to do something in 2018.

After the absolute local (and loco) whacko shrink visit of late 2017, I went to folks who did the 2001 brain scan that diagnosed ADD, something that four prior shrinks seemed fundamentally incapable of doing, even after me telling them exactly what the problem was. Given that this particular doctor is in the US, and that US medication prices are absolutely ridiculous at 7x the price in Canada, I had the Rx re-written here this time. And lo, if the pharmacy didn't find a "reason" to interject, and hence the above mentioned hold-up. And if that weren't predictable based on past perp behavior over my state of dopamine, it would of been predictable from the general perp operations dictum/principle that I have come to know all too often;
"nothing that works, runs or fits well (e.g. clothing), or is preferred, or anything  that is convenient, efficacious, economical (some or all), will be allowed to continue without disruption, usually in the form of deniable sabotage".
Regular TI readers will also be familiar with supply chain disruptions; the most useful size of package, of food say, will suddenly be unavailable everywhere, and so one must go with smaller or larger packages. Presently, I have had a pissing match for two months with the assholes over the size of packaged coconut chunks I regularly buy; the 500g package, which I prefer, is only available in fits and starts, and supply is now only in 180g packages at almost the same price. Another example at the same store, is the elderflower syrup to add to my drinking water, but that too is supplied in fits and starts, or else, the assholes have me "forget" to look when there. One day, this same large chain supermarket was totally devoid of any eggs whatsoever. I found that unbelievable.

I also think one can apply that above quote to organizations as well; all too often they are running on all cylinders, doing their work well in terms of supply of services or products and customer care, and yet "somehow", they lose their way, and in the worse case scenario, the jerks take over, and the reductive ad absurdum bean counters begin their ascent, and the whole outfit becomes a shell of what it was.

Now that my ADD Rx intake has been sabotaged for two weeks now, many of my ailments and medical complaints are coming back. Again, I predicted this based on my research that dopamine is a hormone with widespread influences in one's body. The split shift sleeping dysfunction has come back, with a whacking 2.5 hour nap attack this evening, my muscles are stiff again, my L hand stiffness has come back, the night time leg cramps have returned and I feel generally limp after moderate amounts of exertion. Well done assholes; you have surely fucked me enough, 64 years worth in fact, of which 16 have been unbearable (overt abuse-athon), and yet you insane assholes continue to disrupt my medical care when I know exactly what the source problem is, and there are means to fix it, which you are obstructing yet again. Go fuck yourselves.

And so the Great Dopamine Fuckover continues, and I think I can apply that to humans at large; drug addictions, alcoholism, depression, learning disabilites, dementia and last, but not least, ADD behaviors, which Dr. Amen reckons costs the US some $    ... billion dollars a year.

A visit to the doctor to deal with the ADD Rx problem, something the pharmacy seemed to concoct with the lamest of excuses. Even the doctor apologized on their behalf. At least I had an appointment this time and wasn't put through the mill of waiting as a walk-in clinic basis. Apparently he has sent the paperwork back with

Earlier in the day, more construction work; moving millwork around, my assigned task . "Millwork" is the term for cabinets and counters I have come to learn, though it does make me wonder who concocted this term, as dimension lumber (for house building) also comes from a wood mill. And the opening date of the new hospital (the construction project) has been pushed back to Dec. 15. When the elevator operator mentioned this scuttlebut to the assorted workers in the elevator, one guy said "no effing way....", abbreviated here of course. I don't know what trade he was, but perhaps he has a good perspective on what is really going on.

I worked with the boss man for four hours this Saturday morning, getting 8' pallet loads moved to the first floor of the parkade, which then was take by a "zoom boom" (a rough ground large forklift that can project a load some 40'). Some of these long pallets took two pallet jacks to move inside as the load will still drag on the ground unless supported. Sometimes putting someone on the load to counterbalance it works too, while another person pushes it with the pallet jack. Very often the pallet jack wheel is off the ground, making it very problematic to steer the load.

And I accompanied the fork lift as it was driven up and down the two floors of the parkade, doing spotter duty. And I took pallets off and on, and heaved them into the garbage when empty. Yet again, there were hordes of dudes around me when handling the pallets; I just don't know what is so important to the perps about pallets that they need to swarm me, but they do. And how long have I been actively handling pallets,standing on them (for weeks of work days), and the rest of pallet movement/hauling/contact activity, and yet the assholes still hound my ass over this.

And I am sure that the bricklayers and their coincident pallet handling as I passed them by (many times) wasn't a fluke either, and we even helped them out by moving a few of their  pallets with the forklift. This was in exchange for them lending us their pallet jack as ours had "disappeared" in the first few hours of the work day, before my boss got there.

No smoke today, but the weather is overcast, essentially replicating one grey overhead situation for another, save there is more view in the latter situation. After four weeks of smoke, that is, close-in grey sky, it clears. And what do we get? More grey sky. Talk about a summer weather rip-off; all that sunny weather was nixed.

More work today, this time with my former employer of 2015-16; she needed help with putting up nets on her own property's vineyard. She seemed much more relaxed and personable rather than when I worked for her before. Perhaps selling her larger vineyard and winery last year was a good move.

Anyhow, enough shuttling between worksites this weekend, and time to call this one done for the week.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Construction Work

Started today (Tuesday) on my very first construction job, save that gig of three day one a couple of years ago, which might have been called de-construction, as I was involved in a major renovation, (read, interior demolition) of a certain fast food franchise.

Like all new hires on this site, I had to attend a safety orientation first thing. It was an hour of a video and a half hour of the site safety coordinator speaking. And what on earth was with the guy next to me, surely doing the perp's deed by getting in my way constantly, leaning his chair toward me (his back facing me), and causing me to move my chair away from him. By the end of the show he was leaning his chair back over where I had been sitting. Then he seemed to have prior permission to exit the session in the last 20 minutes, all to return again. And too, straight from the Perp 101 manual, constantly get in the way, or partially so, of the victim's view, in this case the video. I looked around at the other 20 some guys, and every one of them was concentrating on the video or the speaker, she of some considerable butt girth. So what was with this guy, and just why is it, yet again, of having the "bad luck" of sitting next to the one hyperactive Fuckwit of some 20+ guys, who was executing standard perp disruptive functions that I have come to know and loathe so often?

And too, the construction site safety rules call for a day-glo (high-viz) clothing, a vest in this case. A hard hat, and safety toed boots. The latter have been a long running concern, as I bought this pair in about 2009, and they have been in the shop more than I have worn them. The boots kept falling apart, often after a day of use, and I kept fixing them. This would be the first time they have been in use for more than three days, so who knows what the perps got planned for footwear sabotage on this gig. With the now "usual" bad luck, they will likely sabotage them about 80% into the job, and force me to purchase another pair, knowing as they surely do, this is the only safety toe pair I own.

And yes, with some 400 workers on site over six floors, there will be all manner of dudes mostly) around, but yet again, it just seemed that there were no end of them popping out from corners, turning corners when I was going in the opposite way (contraconcentric turning, mostly known with vehicles), and just plain busy-ness around me. Not having worked on such a construction site before, I don't have a pre-harassment reference (notion of normality) as to what I should expect. But if I apply the now usual standard logic of everything is arranged, (since 04-2002), it just seems yet again, the perps are going nuts from the get go.

The guys I work from seem like regular folk, and it seems they are easy to get along with, including the foreman.

Another perp stunt, usually infrequent for vineyard work, but they jumped me early on this gig; the forced "forget" in taking my drinking water, even if the bottle was right where I make up my lunch. As to how I could do this on my own I have no possible explanation.

And continuing pop-outs (stalkers, aka, arranged events) from every doorway all day long.

A dental cleaning appointment for 0800h  this morning. All in keeping with the usual job start disruption games that routinely "happen". Last year it was the plentiful doctor appointments that seemed to plague me when I started at a new vineyard with a crew of six.

Dinner with the landlords; they had extra pizza dough and invited me to help finish it up. As part of this seeming informal get together, (a first) they gave me a vacuum cleaner that they seemed not to need. I don't know what it is about vacuum cleaners, but the perps do like to run them in my vicinity; as always, I am circumspect about gifts anyhow. And of course, the perps go silly with extra stalking when receiving or giving gifts, e.g. Christmas.

It was not enough to shave 2.5 hours off my day yesterday due to a dental cleaning appointment it seems, aka, disruption games. With Monday off (seeing the doctor in Bellevue WA), and yesterday's dental appointment, the perps (as I see it, were up to it again).

Today, no one at the construction site got to work, because a jumper was on the roof, and even though he had been there for six hours before work started at 0700h, this person wasn't communicating. The police had the site blocked off, and so it was that some 400 construction workers were held up from working, me included of course. A whole hour's work for showing up before the foreman called it off, just like some of the other trades. Not a high work hour week by any means, but a very typical start to a new job in this too long abuse-athon.

And to no surprise, the assholes are at their games of medication disruption again. I just wasn't enough to fuck me out of my ADD Rx for 16 years with outrageous, illegal and unconventional interventions, but after a month back on these very useful meds, why, I couldn't get to the walk-in clinic doctor for a Rx re-write because they close later in the day when their daily patient limit come up, so to pay Canadian Rx prices (7x cheaper), until today. And lo, a four day hiatus wasn't enough either: I get a call from the pharmacy over a drug interaction, and it is quite clear that it is no problem given what the respective doses are, (they tell me) but they "need" to phone the doctor anyhow. [Which has now extended over the weekend, as I write this, so at least a week's hiatus and counting]. Just what is it about my fucking ADD Rx that the perps are so insanely entrenched with disrupting and otherwise running abusive interference? Its all about the dopamine obviously, but for crissakes just leave me alone on this one. I have just had fucking enough, even on this one alone.

It has been smokey all week, as it has been for the prior three weeks, but today it seems extra smoke was called for.  Saturday was the long scheduled leg wax, and then two hours later, a haircut at the same place. Though the assholes started off with a forced wallet "forget"; so I had to make an extra trip to retrieve it. This after plugging the meter, and lo, if that particular stall wasn't occupied when I got back 15 minutes later. Well done assholes; fuck the victim, and fuck the victim again immediately following. Merely riling the victim isn't sufficient; it has always been one of their longstanding stunts to then get the victim again after riling him up. Sometimes for four or five successive iterations. I suppose the extra busy vehicle traffic could count as one more jab at the victim while on the wallet retrieval run.

And just what is it about planting people outside my vehicle while it was parked downtown  today? With six exits or returns from/to my parked vehicle along the same stretch of a short block, (per above) why would Fuckwits be posted there each time? Not the same ones, but the same method of having them stand in the middle of the sidewalk, making themselves out to be oblivious to blocking egress.

A cleaning day, and trying out my "new" vacuum cleaner. More powerful, and the rotary carpet cleaning head can be turned off while using the hose, unlike the last one. I even got serious, and mopped the linoleum. A purging of vineyard work if you will, as my clothes and boots were also dusty. And as part of that, I cleaned my gummed up Felco secateurs (hand pruners), and put on a new blade. Doubtless a big moment, and one to come, as the perps go silly over new cutting blades, and anything I cut with them, which includes knives, scissors, razor blades etc. And true to form, just when I figured was finishing the job, why, something else comes up and/or goes wrong and it takes another half hour. I have never, ever, known a task to complete early, as the assholes always have something screw up as I am closing in on completion.

Enough for this first week of construction, as disrupted as it has been, and to get this posted.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Smokey Skies Again

Back to atmospheric smoke haze days again, but not as dense as last year. We have done this three years of the past six, and as the perps just love foggy or hazy conditions, I am not surprised. I suppose inhaling smoke particles could be part of their research agenda, but they also like to dampen the visual scene for whatever reason.

And if that wasn't annoyance enough, they have pulled the "sunscreen in the eye" stunt again, now twice in two days. I ran out of the usual kind, the the replacement sunscreen seems to be unusually more painful. This erupts near the day's end, forcing me often to drive with one eye open, ever serving their games as to what I see with one eye, versus the other. As to how the sunscreen somehow creeps up my face and gets in my eye, I have yet to find an answer, as I never, ever, put it on my forehead.

And what is with the perps being on the rag this morning when making breakfast at my residence? And this evening, after work, they are at it again. While at work in the vineyard they were relatively calm, and not riling me up so intensely. Just the "usual"; flipping items out of my hand, proprioception interference such that they ram my hand into something I would ordinarily miss, planting messes on my counter, sending me to the wrong kitchen cupboard or drawer etc. I must of yelled at them at least 15x for these transitory incursions this morning, but getting me pissed off once just isn't sufficient for them.

And more infuriation this evening, looking for a pair of safety glasses. I had two pairs, one of which was used this winter as ersatz ski goggles as it was so cold some days, but they too have gone missing. All part of my PPE for my job interview tomorrow morning.... as to why I didn't think this one through and get a new pair on the way home I have no fucking idea. I spent at least 1.5 hours going through all my tool and gear bags, but to no avail, though I did re-organize all this stuff I had long "forgot" that I had in each bag.

Friday, and my last day of vineyard work for 2018. Next week I start my construction job for two or three months. Hopefully all will go well, and I earn some decent money for once in the 16 years (and counting) of this harassment gig. The vineyard boss man even came around with a few beers and we chatted for 30 min. And we chatted about the same duration earlier at my lunch time.

Monday, and and a seven hour drive back from Bellevue WA to see the ADD doctor. Just when I thought I was getting all things ordered to re-start my ADD medications, he is taking me sideways, and wants a "sleep study", where one wears a headband with electrodes which is connected to a device to record the various wave types. I said it sounds expensive, because I would have to pay for it out of pocket, US prices. He said he professionally must conduct such a study for continuing care to cover the scrutiny he expects, being certified in three fields of medicine. He said he would forward a letter to my regular walk-in clinic (Canadian) doctors to request a referral, and I said that was fine. But if they don't buy into it, or blow this off with some kind of rejoinder like, "its just a CYA US healthcare demand", then it might be the last I see of the Bellevue doctor. Said Bellevue doctor, friendly last time, didn't seem so disposed today, and walked with a distinct limp and with a cane. I asked him about it, and he said he had old injuries flaring up. I sense he must of been in some pain, given his more terse style today. I just don't know what it is, but it seems that good doctors aren't allowed to last; that is, something comes up and I exit their care, entirely due to professional issues. Save my regular GP in 2003 (from 1980), who flat out said he didn't want to see me any more, invoking some BS excuse.

Last night at the hotel in Bellevue, there were some very loud arguments in Spanish coming from two doors down, and the hotel security came the second time and all was quiet after that.

And what was that dull glowing device on the ceiling in the hotel? It was in the center of the room, over the middle of the bed, about 8" square with a plastic panel and a dull white light glowing from it. It was wired from the hallway, with the covered wire raceway attached to the ceiling after running down the corner of the wall and ceiling. It wasn't a smoke detector or CO2 detector, as those were separate devices.

A seven hour drive today, and it was considerably more smokey today, from Snoqualmie Pass to Penticton. I see they had some big brush fires along I90 near W Columbia River gorge, with even guardrail posts burned to the ground in some places.  Some smaller ones along Hwy 97, N of Wenatchee too. In either case, if they had been raging during my trip, it would of been considerably more congested along any detour routes.

Yoga this evening, and lo, after some 3-5 yogis for the past four weeks, why, some 15 of them came for my class after today's seven hour drive. The weather hadn't changed much, and hot yoga on a hot day hadn't been a big seller until today. Perhaps it was the line of three dudes who just "needed" to take off their shirts for crissakes, back to that again. One being a E. Indian with dark brown skin, the last one to come into the practice room. As always, I haven't figured out the why and wherefore for these seeming arranged configurations of yogis; usually about 80% new, and 20% ones I recognize from past classes, even if the same class every Monday. One time they had dancers from a regular group come, and the instructor thanked "all those who came on short notice, especially you guys" (pointing to the dancers). They looked rather pained at being identified, as well as being associated with the apparent prior organization of the class members. Well, at least it has been confirmed once.

Anyhow, enough to get this posted for the week.

[A note to the TI person who left a comment, that requested it be deleted (not posted), which I did:

it is very possible you inadvertently mentioned in our conversation some items that are particular sore points with me from the initial intense harassment onset days (2002-3), when I was dealing with the succession of criminal doctors and the wretched First Feral Family, all spouting the same ridiculous nonsense that just didn't add up. And that your questions were entirely of  innocent origin and intent. (As is stepping in metaphoric "cow pies" that you didn't know were there). If so, I humbly apologize for my reactions as stated in my earlier blog posting. Yes, I do claim to be heavily mind controlled, and too, this all could of been yet another wedge driven between TI's, something that is quite common. Though this would be the first instance in my case. And please feel free to talk to me about it on the phone at your convenience.]

Sunday, August 05, 2018

The Perception Deception

I met a TI today with whom I have had phone contact for perhaps a year. She was stopping by on the way up north. We didn't see eye to eye on the phone, so to speak, but anyway, a seeming legitimate TI.

But just what is it about those I meet, who deny my experiences? The First Feral Family quislings were the first lot, and I roundly trounced them on the details, and all I got was silence, not any kind of further engagement, validation or further interest, let alone empathy as to this tyrannical abuse that I experienced then, somewhat less now. And now, I have met a TI, who suggested more than once in today's personal encounter, suggesting "perhaps it was your perception that ..x... occurred". NO, and NO fucking way. If a 10" square of stiff sheet mu metal crumpled up in my hand as I was holding a corner of it, unbidden by any action on my part, then that is exactly what fucking happened. End of tune. (I could not of crumpled it myself anyhow, even with two hands, because it was too stiff and I would of cut my fingers up). That I was challenged on at least four other unconventional events I experienced and conveyed, answered with the "perhaps it was your perception" line, leads me to think this meeting was one elaborate perp ruse. It is the same line as those wretched sick assed perfidious shills called psychiatrists use, and I am sick fed up of ANYONE telling me that my perceptions are different from my reality. And don't give me this holographic experience bunkum either. All this while the parade of noisy HD motorcycles transited past. Woo hoo.

Another annoyance coming from this TI was the sideways allusion to what I experience daily in the realm of plasma beams, and their repeating patterns, as well as masers, just might have something to do with my ADD medication. NO and NO again. Been there, had it done to me. The Psychopathic terrorists invaded my apartment in Seattle in 04-2002 with a large number of unconventional weapons and exposition of forces, and then later ran me into hospital where they took my very useful (and hard won, no doubt arranged too) medication away and this whole "light show" of electromagnetic phenomenon has not abated since then, and still persists, ADD medication or not. Some 16 years of being forced off my very useful medication, culminating in prostate cancer, which IMHO would never of happened had the assholes left me alone as dopamine mediates the immune system, means that this whole shit show of constantly been kept in maser beams and/or having plasma flashes flitting about proves beyond doubt that it is externally arranged and has nothing to do with any medication whatsoever. (Even two shrinks said I was being harassed).

Just to be clear; my ADD medications (prior to 2002, when all this abuse rained down (or reigned, if you prefer) on me) have absolutely nothing to do with any visual abberations that I see, usually in the form of of plasma beams and masers. After a 16 year long hiatus from them, and only now resumed for only four weeks at a low dose, these electromagnetic light phenomenon have continued, and increased over this 16 year duration. And too, it might well be related to the fact that I am kept in a densified magnetic field, last measured in about 2008-9, when it was 1600 Gauss, when the normal magnetic background field is around 0.5 Gauss. A very large difference.

Hint to all you empathetic wannabes (if there any); if you want to exhibit basic decency to a TI, do NOT ever attempt to deny their experiences, nor make any allusions or insinuations as to it coming from other sources than the TI identifies, and in all likelihood, has spent years experiencing and analyzing. Especially that "all in your head" or "its your perception" bullshit.

As to why I didn't identify and denounce these particular intrigues while speaking with the TI indicates to me that this was a result of externally imposed mind control. As you can tell, I get incensed when I get this denial line, especially from those who don't want to explore the details and do their own analysis. And the extreme lack of analytical interest, let alone thought, is the universal characteristic of all those who somehow have unfounded alternate suggestions or explanations. Hardly a coincidence.

And speaking of masers, those blackish blobs that are aimed at me, the assholes have resumed another of their rarefied idiocies. Every time I use the toilet paper, a maser blob emanates from underneath the paper that I have pulled, perhaps from the roll itself, and passes through the single pulled sheet, and then continues to nail me in the eye, though without harm. They were pulling this particular stunt in the winter this year, and have now resumed it. I have no idea why they are so fixated on ass wipe, but they have been from the start of this abuse-athon since 04-2002, and passing masers from the roll through a single pulled sheet (just before I am about to break it off) is just the latest in this epic and relentless insanity (theirs) that I have been cast into.

For the record, even in 2003, I complained to the shrink during one consult that I am being dithered (not allowed) to break the toilet paper off at the perforation, as there was nearly always a tear into the sheet. When before they struck in their apartment invasion of 04-2002, I had absolutely no problem in separating toilet paper on the perforation. As to why a billion dollar budgeted outfit with alien-like extraconventional technologies has to harass the living piss out of me over my use of ass wipe (as one example of thousands) for over 16 years, I have no idea. Just leave the fuck alone.

Sunday, and a hot weekend day off, reaching 36C where I went hiking, and tanning. As "usual", the perps messed up my morning so I didn't get to the trailhead until 1130h, a long standing piss off that has gone on for these past 16 years of this abuse-athon. Before they struck, I was nearly always at the trailhead (anywhere) at 0900-1000h. Now, it is nearly noon for crissakes and it just riles the piss out of me that I am not allowed to keep my own good habits. Which of course, messes up the whole tanning schedule I had planned, as it was an hour hike to my particular location.

And I see they put two 1" slashes in my portable cot that I packed in. "Somehow" these appeared underneath me while on the cot, and should they have been caused by a rock, I would of surely felt it. This constant need for the perps to trash, damage and defile any object that I own, especially ones that I like or find useful, goes on unabated.

I am going to call this one done and post it for the week, short as it is.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Fire Season

Some very hot and sunny days this past week, and if one has followed this blog over the years, they have come to know that this invites wildfires. And with an unforecasted lightning storm (ahem) late yesterday, why, we have 400 strikes and now 22 wildfires burning in the Okanagan Valley.

And a flurry of aircraft overhead in the vineyard today, nearly non-stop. Many were wildfire related, but others weren't. And lo, only a half kilometer away, someone started some kind of fire at a farm that poured out thick black smoke, as if burning tires.

The perps like a good fire, and explosions even better, though the latter are usually reserved for war time thankfully. I don't know quite why they have such an interest in pyrotechnics, apart from a catchphrase I picked up, fire being a "space time ripper", whatever that means.

And for the last two days the perps have had me in a high vexation state at work, attempting to get these wretched Tapener tie down tools to work. I hated them from years ago, most vineyard people hate them, but for "some reason" the boss man was enamored with the thing, and purchased one for me to tie up the now growing floppy vines we planted last year. The tool must feed tape, staple and cut and operate in an alternating mode, something too difficult it seems, even if they have made these since 1971 it says on the box. Finally I gave up on this POS tool, and hand tied the tape instead. No efficiency there of course, but hey, at least we got the TI victim infuriated while significant air traffic and road traffic kept up the noise.

More vine training, tying them up, and again, overhead fire fighting traffic again, given that seven wildfires are still burning in the area.

And more invoked berserk levels of enragement again; finger fumbling, -a severe onset immediately after my first break (having eaten something) and then again after lunch. Nothing new, except the severity and duration, at least 90 minutes each time, and intense swearing at the assholes for pulling the supplies out of my hand just as I was to tie the knot for the tape.

A blood test this morning, the technician invoking the term, "...abuse you...", in jest as to taking a blood test. How bizarre, and I don't find such a term ever to be humorous, and especially since all this extra-conventional abuse began 04-2002.

Continuing aerial traffic in the vineyard, helicopters and aerial tanker aircraft overhead.

Saturday, and I worked at a new vineyard part time, leaf plucking. The owner is interesting, and we ended up in a 1.5 hour conversation about healthcare, each airing our issues and perceptions. He was in an automobile accident a few years ago, and is still going through the recovery process. Even with a straight ahead injury complex such as his, his doctor was doing shit until his wife started attending his medical consults, and only then did the doctor start him on tests and rehabilitation initiatives. Interesting, and cause (again) for me to ponder just what is going on; do doctors have a script from someone ahead of time for their patients and work from that? I know this is very conspiratorial, but it just seems that all too often they take patients sideways and engage in diversionary activities like blood pressure evaluations, etc.

More vineyard work at the part time site. And continuing overhead fire fighting tankers, helicopters and single engine aircraft. Not unlike last year, where the site I worked was on the Penticton Airport approach path, and too, it was a big fire fighting season. Not that my regular vineyard gig is far from the action either, as the closest wildfire is across the lake (Okanagan) almost. It would seem the perps wanted me closer to the airport again, like last year until I left in mid July.

I have been very busy at both vineyards this past week, usually doing a few hours in the evening at the part time gig.

Monday, and the part time gig ended yesterday in the sweltering heat. Today was to be 38C (100F), but there was enough haze in the air such that getting a good tan was much reduced. All part of the sunlight diminution games it seems, this ongoing nonconsensual research "issue" for the perps to constantly mess with sunlight levels, and adding in hot weather as well. Regular readers will recall dense smog from wildfires last year for at least four weeks straight, but so far, there is much less smoke in the air.         

And a minor skin burn that "happened" a few weeks ago; "somehow" the plunger for the French press coffee pot got stuck (when it never does), and I was pushing on it, and "somehow" it went sideways, and "somehow" hot coffee blew back out and splattered my chest area with hot coffee. It was a little sore, but having lifted my shirt off and put on a new one, I didn't notice much. A few days later, I notice that I had a skin burn on my left nipple and that the skin was rejuvenating. So now we have a four way skin color test: regular skin and nipple colors, and rejuvenating regular skin and nipple colors. Well done perps; it just wasn't enough to arrange the impossible event of having hot coffee blow back from a lidded French press pot, but it also "happened" to land on a two tone skin region and then cause another two adjacent skin tones to result. When is this brown color testing going to be over?

Note (for Google censors and their absurd anti-nipple campaign evidenced in their auto-nipple removing software in Youtube) this is a male nipple.

 Anyhow, I am at least a week late in getting this posted due to working two jobs these days, as it seems the regular one only has two weeks remaining.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Back From the USA

An eight hour drive to get to Bellevue WA, and a six hour drive to get back. The reason for the differential was the I-90 was going at 20mph at best for a long stretch, from the 970 junction to well west of Snoqualmie Pass. All that Sunday holiday traffic returning to the big city it seemed, though there were some road works and perhaps a lane closure. I hadn't been back that way since 2003, and while I didn't get to Seattle, Bellevue seemed similar with the huge array of tall buildings that weren't there then.

Whole Foods is now in Bellevue, and I went there to grab some road food for the return trip. The stalkers were all over my ass, the parking lot was full, even if it was Sunday at 2000h.

The ADD clinic doctor seemed to be legitimately interested and foccussed on attaining a solution, a total turnaround from the shit storm of stupidity and high belligerence from the last four shrinks who ignored the 2001 brain scan that trumped their ridiculous hypothesizing, akin to "throwing darts in the dark" as the clinic founder has publicly stated. I got my Rx filled too, and suffered major sticker shock for a generic ADD Rx. (Later, I took the bottle to the local pharmacy and they keyed it in and told me that it would of been $60CA instead of the $410CA I had paid for it in Bellevue). Hopefully I can get the Rx script rewritten here next time.

My daughter finally called three days after my birthday; busy etc. Some general talk about this and that, then she asked me if anything else was going on. My answer was "no", as she would certainly serve as a ready information conduit to the rest of the First Feral Family and sabotage, or at least denigrate, my new ADD Rx, per above mentioned clinic visit. Been there, had it done to me, so the First Feral Family can go fuck themselves as they have been pointedly unhelpful in all this, if not fully participating.

What is it about me that the perps find so interesting that they need to hound my ass in the supermarket, with all of 10 customers? The constant repeating stalkers who keep showing up just where I need to go next, and then repeat, as in a gangstalking reprise.  Put the Fuckwit on at the front, in aisles, at back, at the cashier, and then in the parking lot. Give it a rest.

Then too, they stepped up the Fuckwits who just (repeatedly) "happen" to be located at the very section I wanted to visit. I call them "sentries", whose main job is to then cause me to redirect my intended path, now well tuned for maximum efficiency as I buy the same foods all the time. So, no good habit goes unsabotaged (in perp mind think), so have the victim walk a longer path all over the place avoiding these sentries until they move on.

Then the parking lot fuckery was also ramped up for no reason; two more vehicles around me in this huge unused parking lot. And they weren't done yet, as a third Fuckwit in a Ford truck, the same paint color as my Ford Escape, pulls in to my driver side after waiting for me to enter my vehicle, headlights on of course. Not only do I get an extra obvious pit-lamping at my vehicle when entering the driver's side, he then pulls in beside me just before I departed. Like WTF; again, a huge unused parking lot, and the Fuckwit "needs" to pull in beside me. How stupid, if only from the safety perspective.

A rain in the morning prevented an early start in the vineyard, ensured my first ADD Rx intake in15 years was begun at home; 0900h seems to be the presnt self-assigned intake time. I didn't get to the vineyard until 1200h, and even then the rain was off and on, and when it finally relented, the vine leaves were still wet and flicking water about.

Sunny in the vineyard today, though I only worked until 1300h. The leg waxing imperative took over, which is normally scheduled for weekends, but as they are short staffed of late, it is only what I could get. As to its prescribed timing on the heels of coming back from Bellevue WA, and now two days on my stimulant Rx, I have no idea. The Rx is giving me a mild lift, in that I don't feel so fatigued, though last night's sleep games seems to be mighty peculiar, though I don't know why.

After work yesterday, I "only" had a 45 min. nap instead of the "usual" 120-180 min. (aka nap attack), and so I thought I had it made in terms of having a regular night's sleep. But no; I was awake for four hours before I could get to sleep, getting some 3 hours rest in all. I even got to work early by 15 min, an unheard experience all of this year until this morning.

A 3.5 hour dental surgery job this afternoon. It is called a "sinus lift" where they drill into one's jawbone and then push a membrane (sinus) away from the teeth and then insert bone graft material to then cause bone to grow in this new cavity. Which is a prerequisite for then growing sufficient bone for inserting anchors for implants once the bone graft has taken in some six months or so.

A long time horizontal in the dental chair for sure, with two people hovering over me, and also planting their knee or thigh up against me as well. (The assistant was a white Caucasian woman, and the dental surgeon was an E. Indian male). And too, wearing their funky sunglasses with blue lenses instead of my regular glasses. And why did this even attract so many fuzzy maser balls zinging around in my vision, often between me and them for the whole time? It just never let up, and after some year's of relative infrequency, the perps went berserk with this kind of invasive harassment. Sure, the Naugahyde covered chair was brown colored, and the multicultural event (one white, one brown) was also interesting from the perp perspective, or was it that human bone tissue was inserted into the cavity? And whose bone tissue, or is it an amalgam of many? Who knows, but one can be sure the perps had this one covered given their incessant games of having ambulatory couples split apart for me to walk between them, and the careful procession of selected stalkers.

Two such stalkers were a pair of negroes doing some kind of pointless troll through the drug store, crossing my path twice and paralleling me down the next aisle. I had just picked up my four Rx for the dental surgery post-operative recovery, and these, plus at least three other parties were all over my ass then. Like WTF; why is picking up an Rx such a gangstalked event? It cannot just be the post-financial transaction timing, as surely we have been through so many of these in so many circumstances for the past 16 years of this abuse-athon.

As to why this confluence of disruptions this week, and during the working day, I have no idea. Monday, all day, I was in Bellevue WA, then drove back for six hours the same day, so one day down. Then the rain came on Tuesday morning, so only a four hour work day. Then Wednesday the wax appointment lopped off 1.5 hours, and then today's dental surgery took three hours off my work day. The latter three subsequent to taking my new ADD Rx on Tuesday. And as it "happens", I am to take Friday, Saturday and Sunday off for post-operative recovery. This one was planted on me after the dental surgery today, and wasn't mentioned in advance, done like a real doctor. Full disclosure means nothing to them because they can have the medical assistant deliver the news for them. So, a totally messed up week, and I was totally screwed in thinking that I would get to make up work hours for the next three days. Well done, perps. One very expensive week, and then the screw me out of work days as well.

I saw all six episodes of Netflix' Wild, Wild Country, about the Rajneeshee takeover of Antelope OR, and the rest of the cult's aggrandizing games. One part that I don't understand is how the main operators, the Bagwan, and his right hand woman, Sheela, got off so lightly. In the latter case she was sentenced to three 20 year terms for federal offenses, and was out in 29 months. (A plea bargain deal for sure, but the evidence was very strong). And she was wanted on charges in Oregon, but when she got out of federal prison early, the federal authorities somehow "forgot" to mention that to the Oregon authorities, and by then she had scooted from the US. How convenient.

One of her criminal acts was the largest bioterrorism incident in the US; some 751 people in The Dalles were poisoned with salmonella that was cultured on the Rajneesh property in their lab. The evidence was strong, so WTF. And the bitch had the gall to say, probably after her jail time was over, "so some people got sick, people are getting sick all the time". What a huge irony it is that she now owns and runs two hospices in Switzerland. And of course she was promoting her care giving abilities in the final episode that covered her post Rajneeshee life. As to why the interviewer didn't skewer her with this monstrous incongruity I don't know. And why do the Swiss authorities let her run nursing homes with that kind of criminal background (mass poisoning), I have no idea. It just doesn't add up, but perhaps there are other legal machinations I am unaware of.

With some 5,000 of the members of the Rajneesh wearing red, maroon or pink, surely that had to be of perp interest or oversight, as they cannot get enough of clothing colors and its bioenergetic effects. Though to be fair, (with a few exceptions noted above and following) I didn't see any unconventional events or circumstances that would of tipped their hand. You know, those arranged "coincidences". But it was clear that someone gave Sheela and the Rajneeshis an excuse to arm themselves to the teeth with semi-automatic weapons and guards. Apparently, an Islamic nutter (same old story), set a bomb off in the Rajneeshee hotel in Portland OR (no one killed, ahem), and Sheela took this to be the work of the hostile locals (who she antagonized to begin with), which served as the rationale for the armament efforts.

My two main complaints with this six hour episode; what exactly were these teachings of the Bagwan that captivated so many well educated people. And also, why didn't the documentary interviewers ask questions about the incongruities of their behaviors versus their teachings? Giving an open microphone to that ever prevaricating and dissembling chameleon, Sheela, for so much air time was absurd. Ditto for Stork and Tolkes, the lawyer for the Rajneeshees. One episode should of been devoted to the experience of the followers, as it seems, it was more about separating and isolating people, and the few children there didn't fare well either.

I could go on, but the current documentary style of vapid interviewers, (if that), who cannot call these actors out on their past treachery seems over indulgent to say the least. The Rajneeshees got off lightly in this documentary; there were prior criminal activities of prostitution rings, drug running in India, and the former in California too. And the financial backers didn't get full mention; Sheela's family, heiresses of two major corporations in the US as well. Plus, the Bagwan had plenty of nasty things to say about Jews and Hitler; likely not part of his "teachings" I am sure. And too, the ALCU backed the Rajneeshees in their claim of being harassed by government authorities, also not mentioned. A good binge watching documentary, but missing some vital details, and as mentioned, there was too much ass-kissing of the perpetrators (of the day) who got obligatory crying time, a perverse high water benchmark of accomplishment in journalism these days.

Another irony demanding further inquiry that should of been directed at Jane Stork, the Australian woman who came under the Rajneeshee's and Sheela's spell, was that the cult dissuaded members from having children and called for abortions and sterilization. So Jane Stork arrived in Oregon at the Rajneeshee's commune with two children, and fully participated in the cult's organizational ambitions,intimating that she at least distanced herself from her son on more than one occasion. (As well as articulating the strident and militant Rajneeshee message at public hearings). When she finally rejected Rajneeshee-ism some years later, she stated in the documentary that the re-acceptance by her parents in Australia meant all to her, and it proved that family was all important. Quite the turnaround, which begged for some kind of interviewer question to bridge the two. Again, another case of giving the perceived victims/perpetrators too much unfettered air time gives the impression that the documentary was over indulgent, not unlike the Oregon newspapers of the day.

Five good days of solid sunshine, including three for my post-operative recovery. I laid around outside yesterday, getting tanned as I haven't had a chance for a few weeks. Now Saturday, and lo, if the assholes didn't blank me out of going to the Farmer's Market downtown, something I had been planning to do.

And they didn't let me sleep at all last night, pummeling me with imagery of their imaginary characters, two of the main three having died now. Lots of funeral "footage'. And another theme that got new prominence is that the remaining character is now into managing a firm to make sea-shell material artificially, in sheets and blocks and custom shapes, quite the feat as it has never been done. And too, turning this into products with all the essential promotion that would be needed.

Also, I was pummeled with imagery of my body hairs close up, short ones that are in need of shaving or plucking. This got so invasive that I had to spin my head from side to side to eliminate them, which it did every time

Now afternoon, and I am much reduced in activity due to no sleep last night. Even these "split shift" sleeps, where have got nailed with a 2-3 hour nap attack around 1600-1900h, of the last six months, always allowed me to get to sleep around midnight. But not last night for some strange reason.

I did some reading outside in the shade of the tree, and besides these incessant maser balls flicking around, they kept grinding me with overflight noise, one single engine aircraft came over at least 6x, easily the noisiest kind of them all. Add in intervening HD noise in adjacent streets, plus a scooter that really needed to turn around outside the gate, it just seems that someone was up to their usual noise inundation games. Alternating sources of internal combustion engine noise, (from air, from the ground) is nothing new.

I did my usual hike today, even if it was a little on the energetic side for post-operative surgery instructions. Yesterday's lying around was sufficient incentive, abetted by no prior sleep,  been aided by other unconventional means. That meant sky clad tanning too, as I was off-trail with no one around. The "usual" (read, imposed) too-late start to hiking again, which absolutely infuriates me. They had me get up late after an almost decent night's sleep, and then get motivated to clean up the shower stall. By the time I got to the trail head it was 1200h, at least 2 hours later than I wanted. They just keep pulling this particular shit and it absolutely pisses me off.       

The trail gangstalking was on the low side, save for one couple who came down the regular trail and took the route at the junction I was on. (I was outbound, so they should of just followed the route back). It was a first, but the real question remains is why do they keep showing up at trail junctions? Same old, same old; changing direction of travel is a huge deal to the perps.

Anyhow, I am too wiped out and getting too much typo sabotage to continue. Enough for the week.