Monday, July 30, 2018

Fire Season

Some very hot and sunny days this past week, and if one has followed this blog over the years, they have come to know that this invites wildfires. And with an unforecasted lightning storm (ahem) late yesterday, why, we have 400 strikes and now 22 wildfires burning in the Okanagan Valley.

And a flurry of aircraft overhead in the vineyard today, nearly non-stop. Many were wildfire related, but others weren't. And lo, only a half kilometer away, someone started some kind of fire at a farm that poured out thick black smoke, as if burning tires.

The perps like a good fire, and explosions even better, though the latter are usually reserved for war time thankfully. I don't know quite why they have such an interest in pyrotechnics, apart from a catchphrase I picked up, fire being a "space time ripper", whatever that means.

And for the last two days the perps have had me in a high vexation state at work, attempting to get these wretched Tapener tie down tools to work. I hated them from years ago, most vineyard people hate them, but for "some reason" the boss man was enamored with the thing, and purchased one for me to tie up the now growing floppy vines we planted last year. The tool must feed tape, staple and cut and operate in an alternating mode, something too difficult it seems, even if they have made these since 1971 it says on the box. Finally I gave up on this POS tool, and hand tied the tape instead. No efficiency there of course, but hey, at least we got the TI victim infuriated while significant air traffic and road traffic kept up the noise.

More vine training, tying them up, and again, overhead fire fighting traffic again, given that seven wildfires are still burning in the area.

And more invoked berserk levels of enragement again; finger fumbling, -a severe onset immediately after my first break (having eaten something) and then again after lunch. Nothing new, except the severity and duration, at least 90 minutes each time, and intense swearing at the assholes for pulling the supplies out of my hand just as I was to tie the knot for the tape.

A blood test this morning, the technician invoking the term, "...abuse you...", in jest as to taking a blood test. How bizarre, and I don't find such a term ever to be humorous, and especially since all this extra-conventional abuse began 04-2002.

Continuing aerial traffic in the vineyard, helicopters and aerial tanker aircraft overhead.

Saturday, and I worked at a new vineyard part time, leaf plucking. The owner is interesting, and we ended up in a 1.5 hour conversation about healthcare, each airing our issues and perceptions. He was in an automobile accident a few years ago, and is still going through the recovery process. Even with a straight ahead injury complex such as his, his doctor was doing shit until his wife started attending his medical consults, and only then did the doctor start him on tests and rehabilitation initiatives. Interesting, and cause (again) for me to ponder just what is going on; do doctors have a script from someone ahead of time for their patients and work from that? I know this is very conspiratorial, but it just seems that all too often they take patients sideways and engage in diversionary activities like blood pressure evaluations, etc.

More vineyard work at the part time site. And continuing overhead fire fighting tankers, helicopters and single engine aircraft. Not unlike last year, where the site I worked was on the Penticton Airport approach path, and too, it was a big fire fighting season. Not that my regular vineyard gig is far from the action either, as the closest wildfire is across the lake (Okanagan) almost. It would seem the perps wanted me closer to the airport again, like last year until I left in mid July.

I have been very busy at both vineyards this past week, usually doing a few hours in the evening at the part time gig.

Monday, and the part time gig ended yesterday in the sweltering heat. Today was to be 38C (100F), but there was enough haze in the air such that getting a good tan was much reduced. All part of the sunlight diminution games it seems, this ongoing nonconsensual research "issue" for the perps to constantly mess with sunlight levels, and adding in hot weather as well. Regular readers will recall dense smog from wildfires last year for at least four weeks straight, but so far, there is much less smoke in the air.         

And a minor skin burn that "happened" a few weeks ago; "somehow" the plunger for the French press coffee pot got stuck (when it never does), and I was pushing on it, and "somehow" it went sideways, and "somehow" hot coffee blew back out and splattered my chest area with hot coffee. It was a little sore, but having lifted my shirt off and put on a new one, I didn't notice much. A few days later, I notice that I had a skin burn on my left nipple and that the skin was rejuvenating. So now we have a four way skin color test: regular skin and nipple colors, and rejuvenating regular skin and nipple colors. Well done perps; it just wasn't enough to arrange the impossible event of having hot coffee blow back from a lidded French press pot, but it also "happened" to land on a two tone skin region and then cause another two adjacent skin tones to result. When is this brown color testing going to be over?

Note (for Google censors and their absurd anti-nipple campaign evidenced in their auto-nipple removing software in Youtube) this is a male nipple.

 Anyhow, I am at least a week late in getting this posted due to working two jobs these days, as it seems the regular one only has two weeks remaining.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Back From the USA

An eight hour drive to get to Bellevue WA, and a six hour drive to get back. The reason for the differential was the I-90 was going at 20mph at best for a long stretch, from the 970 junction to well west of Snoqualmie Pass. All that Sunday holiday traffic returning to the big city it seemed, though there were some road works and perhaps a lane closure. I hadn't been back that way since 2003, and while I didn't get to Seattle, Bellevue seemed similar with the huge array of tall buildings that weren't there then.

Whole Foods is now in Bellevue, and I went there to grab some road food for the return trip. The stalkers were all over my ass, the parking lot was full, even if it was Sunday at 2000h.

The ADD clinic doctor seemed to be legitimately interested and foccussed on attaining a solution, a total turnaround from the shit storm of stupidity and high belligerence from the last four shrinks who ignored the 2001 brain scan that trumped their ridiculous hypothesizing, akin to "throwing darts in the dark" as the clinic founder has publicly stated. I got my Rx filled too, and suffered major sticker shock for a generic ADD Rx. (Later, I took the bottle to the local pharmacy and they keyed it in and told me that it would of been $60CA instead of the $410CA I had paid for it in Bellevue). Hopefully I can get the Rx script rewritten here next time.

My daughter finally called three days after my birthday; busy etc. Some general talk about this and that, then she asked me if anything else was going on. My answer was "no", as she would certainly serve as a ready information conduit to the rest of the First Feral Family and sabotage, or at least denigrate, my new ADD Rx, per above mentioned clinic visit. Been there, had it done to me, so the First Feral Family can go fuck themselves as they have been pointedly unhelpful in all this, if not fully participating.

What is it about me that the perps find so interesting that they need to hound my ass in the supermarket, with all of 10 customers? The constant repeating stalkers who keep showing up just where I need to go next, and then repeat, as in a gangstalking reprise.  Put the Fuckwit on at the front, in aisles, at back, at the cashier, and then in the parking lot. Give it a rest.

Then too, they stepped up the Fuckwits who just (repeatedly) "happen" to be located at the very section I wanted to visit. I call them "sentries", whose main job is to then cause me to redirect my intended path, now well tuned for maximum efficiency as I buy the same foods all the time. So, no good habit goes unsabotaged (in perp mind think), so have the victim walk a longer path all over the place avoiding these sentries until they move on.

Then the parking lot fuckery was also ramped up for no reason; two more vehicles around me in this huge unused parking lot. And they weren't done yet, as a third Fuckwit in a Ford truck, the same paint color as my Ford Escape, pulls in to my driver side after waiting for me to enter my vehicle, headlights on of course. Not only do I get an extra obvious pit-lamping at my vehicle when entering the driver's side, he then pulls in beside me just before I departed. Like WTF; again, a huge unused parking lot, and the Fuckwit "needs" to pull in beside me. How stupid, if only from the safety perspective.

A rain in the morning prevented an early start in the vineyard, ensured my first ADD Rx intake in15 years was begun at home; 0900h seems to be the presnt self-assigned intake time. I didn't get to the vineyard until 1200h, and even then the rain was off and on, and when it finally relented, the vine leaves were still wet and flicking water about.

Sunny in the vineyard today, though I only worked until 1300h. The leg waxing imperative took over, which is normally scheduled for weekends, but as they are short staffed of late, it is only what I could get. As to its prescribed timing on the heels of coming back from Bellevue WA, and now two days on my stimulant Rx, I have no idea. The Rx is giving me a mild lift, in that I don't feel so fatigued, though last night's sleep games seems to be mighty peculiar, though I don't know why.

After work yesterday, I "only" had a 45 min. nap instead of the "usual" 120-180 min. (aka nap attack), and so I thought I had it made in terms of having a regular night's sleep. But no; I was awake for four hours before I could get to sleep, getting some 3 hours rest in all. I even got to work early by 15 min, an unheard experience all of this year until this morning.

A 3.5 hour dental surgery job this afternoon. It is called a "sinus lift" where they drill into one's jawbone and then push a membrane (sinus) away from the teeth and then insert bone graft material to then cause bone to grow in this new cavity. Which is a prerequisite for then growing sufficient bone for inserting anchors for implants once the bone graft has taken in some six months or so.

A long time horizontal in the dental chair for sure, with two people hovering over me, and also planting their knee or thigh up against me as well. (The assistant was a white Caucasian woman, and the dental surgeon was an E. Indian male). And too, wearing their funky sunglasses with blue lenses instead of my regular glasses. And why did this even attract so many fuzzy maser balls zinging around in my vision, often between me and them for the whole time? It just never let up, and after some year's of relative infrequency, the perps went berserk with this kind of invasive harassment. Sure, the Naugahyde covered chair was brown colored, and the multicultural event (one white, one brown) was also interesting from the perp perspective, or was it that human bone tissue was inserted into the cavity? And whose bone tissue, or is it an amalgam of many? Who knows, but one can be sure the perps had this one covered given their incessant games of having ambulatory couples split apart for me to walk between them, and the careful procession of selected stalkers.

Two such stalkers were a pair of negroes doing some kind of pointless troll through the drug store, crossing my path twice and paralleling me down the next aisle. I had just picked up my four Rx for the dental surgery post-operative recovery, and these, plus at least three other parties were all over my ass then. Like WTF; why is picking up an Rx such a gangstalked event? It cannot just be the post-financial transaction timing, as surely we have been through so many of these in so many circumstances for the past 16 years of this abuse-athon.

As to why this confluence of disruptions this week, and during the working day, I have no idea. Monday, all day, I was in Bellevue WA, then drove back for six hours the same day, so one day down. Then the rain came on Tuesday morning, so only a four hour work day. Then Wednesday the wax appointment lopped off 1.5 hours, and then today's dental surgery took three hours off my work day. The latter three subsequent to taking my new ADD Rx on Tuesday. And as it "happens", I am to take Friday, Saturday and Sunday off for post-operative recovery. This one was planted on me after the dental surgery today, and wasn't mentioned in advance, done like a real doctor. Full disclosure means nothing to them because they can have the medical assistant deliver the news for them. So, a totally messed up week, and I was totally screwed in thinking that I would get to make up work hours for the next three days. Well done, perps. One very expensive week, and then the screw me out of work days as well.

I saw all six episodes of Netflix' Wild, Wild Country, about the Rajneeshee takeover of Antelope OR, and the rest of the cult's aggrandizing games. One part that I don't understand is how the main operators, the Bagwan, and his right hand woman, Sheela, got off so lightly. In the latter case she was sentenced to three 20 year terms for federal offenses, and was out in 29 months. (A plea bargain deal for sure, but the evidence was very strong). And she was wanted on charges in Oregon, but when she got out of federal prison early, the federal authorities somehow "forgot" to mention that to the Oregon authorities, and by then she had scooted from the US. How convenient.

One of her criminal acts was the largest bioterrorism incident in the US; some 751 people in The Dalles were poisoned with salmonella that was cultured on the Rajneesh property in their lab. The evidence was strong, so WTF. And the bitch had the gall to say, probably after her jail time was over, "so some people got sick, people are getting sick all the time". What a huge irony it is that she now owns and runs two hospices in Switzerland. And of course she was promoting her care giving abilities in the final episode that covered her post Rajneeshee life. As to why the interviewer didn't skewer her with this monstrous incongruity I don't know. And why do the Swiss authorities let her run nursing homes with that kind of criminal background (mass poisoning), I have no idea. It just doesn't add up, but perhaps there are other legal machinations I am unaware of.

With some 5,000 of the members of the Rajneesh wearing red, maroon or pink, surely that had to be of perp interest or oversight, as they cannot get enough of clothing colors and its bioenergetic effects. Though to be fair, (with a few exceptions noted above and following) I didn't see any unconventional events or circumstances that would of tipped their hand. You know, those arranged "coincidences". But it was clear that someone gave Sheela and the Rajneeshis an excuse to arm themselves to the teeth with semi-automatic weapons and guards. Apparently, an Islamic nutter (same old story), set a bomb off in the Rajneeshee hotel in Portland OR (no one killed, ahem), and Sheela took this to be the work of the hostile locals (who she antagonized to begin with), which served as the rationale for the armament efforts.

My two main complaints with this six hour episode; what exactly were these teachings of the Bagwan that captivated so many well educated people. And also, why didn't the documentary interviewers ask questions about the incongruities of their behaviors versus their teachings? Giving an open microphone to that ever prevaricating and dissembling chameleon, Sheela, for so much air time was absurd. Ditto for Stork and Tolkes, the lawyer for the Rajneeshees. One episode should of been devoted to the experience of the followers, as it seems, it was more about separating and isolating people, and the few children there didn't fare well either.

I could go on, but the current documentary style of vapid interviewers, (if that), who cannot call these actors out on their past treachery seems over indulgent to say the least. The Rajneeshees got off lightly in this documentary; there were prior criminal activities of prostitution rings, drug running in India, and the former in California too. And the financial backers didn't get full mention; Sheela's family, heiresses of two major corporations in the US as well. Plus, the Bagwan had plenty of nasty things to say about Jews and Hitler; likely not part of his "teachings" I am sure. And too, the ALCU backed the Rajneeshees in their claim of being harassed by government authorities, also not mentioned. A good binge watching documentary, but missing some vital details, and as mentioned, there was too much ass-kissing of the perpetrators (of the day) who got obligatory crying time, a perverse high water benchmark of accomplishment in journalism these days.

Another irony demanding further inquiry that should of been directed at Jane Stork, the Australian woman who came under the Rajneeshee's and Sheela's spell, was that the cult dissuaded members from having children and called for abortions and sterilization. So Jane Stork arrived in Oregon at the Rajneeshee's commune with two children, and fully participated in the cult's organizational ambitions,intimating that she at least distanced herself from her son on more than one occasion. (As well as articulating the strident and militant Rajneeshee message at public hearings). When she finally rejected Rajneeshee-ism some years later, she stated in the documentary that the re-acceptance by her parents in Australia meant all to her, and it proved that family was all important. Quite the turnaround, which begged for some kind of interviewer question to bridge the two. Again, another case of giving the perceived victims/perpetrators too much unfettered air time gives the impression that the documentary was over indulgent, not unlike the Oregon newspapers of the day.

Five good days of solid sunshine, including three for my post-operative recovery. I laid around outside yesterday, getting tanned as I haven't had a chance for a few weeks. Now Saturday, and lo, if the assholes didn't blank me out of going to the Farmer's Market downtown, something I had been planning to do.

And they didn't let me sleep at all last night, pummeling me with imagery of their imaginary characters, two of the main three having died now. Lots of funeral "footage'. And another theme that got new prominence is that the remaining character is now into managing a firm to make sea-shell material artificially, in sheets and blocks and custom shapes, quite the feat as it has never been done. And too, turning this into products with all the essential promotion that would be needed.

Also, I was pummeled with imagery of my body hairs close up, short ones that are in need of shaving or plucking. This got so invasive that I had to spin my head from side to side to eliminate them, which it did every time

Now afternoon, and I am much reduced in activity due to no sleep last night. Even these "split shift" sleeps, where have got nailed with a 2-3 hour nap attack around 1600-1900h, of the last six months, always allowed me to get to sleep around midnight. But not last night for some strange reason.

I did some reading outside in the shade of the tree, and besides these incessant maser balls flicking around, they kept grinding me with overflight noise, one single engine aircraft came over at least 6x, easily the noisiest kind of them all. Add in intervening HD noise in adjacent streets, plus a scooter that really needed to turn around outside the gate, it just seems that someone was up to their usual noise inundation games. Alternating sources of internal combustion engine noise, (from air, from the ground) is nothing new.

I did my usual hike today, even if it was a little on the energetic side for post-operative surgery instructions. Yesterday's lying around was sufficient incentive, abetted by no prior sleep,  been aided by other unconventional means. That meant sky clad tanning too, as I was off-trail with no one around. The "usual" (read, imposed) too-late start to hiking again, which absolutely infuriates me. They had me get up late after an almost decent night's sleep, and then get motivated to clean up the shower stall. By the time I got to the trail head it was 1200h, at least 2 hours later than I wanted. They just keep pulling this particular shit and it absolutely pisses me off.       

The trail gangstalking was on the low side, save for one couple who came down the regular trail and took the route at the junction I was on. (I was outbound, so they should of just followed the route back). It was a first, but the real question remains is why do they keep showing up at trail junctions? Same old, same old; changing direction of travel is a huge deal to the perps.

Anyhow, I am too wiped out and getting too much typo sabotage to continue. Enough for the week.

Saturday, July 07, 2018

Pit Lamping Predominance

And why is the gangstalking becoming more understated, and the pit-lamping (targeted headlights (or other light sources)), becoming more predominant of late? Can I not turn a corner, be it in ambulatory fashion (say, when working/walking in the vineyard), or when driving, and not get beamed with headlights? All these Fuckwits just sitting in their vehicles, "happening" to have their headlights on. Yeah right.

Tonight at SOF supermarket, the "usual" games, posting dithering Fuckwits at places where I want to go, to which I respond by changing my route and coming back later. Which is game for getting mind-fucked (remotely applied dithering) out of returning, something else they like to play. I just don't understand why they need to post these Fuckwits ahead of me, have me change my route, (usually with extra back tracking), all for the same groceries I buy every week. This played out three times tonight; at the hot chicken counter, the deli counter, and then the chocolate section. In the latter case, one of the male Fuckwits saw the need to scratch his crotch, another gangstalker specialty I have come to know. And for the record, I go grocery shopping around 1900h to reduce the stalking count.

At least tonight, there were none of the typical babes, who then have dudes planted beside them or in front of them as part of the couple gangstalking vignettes they so liked to plant around me. This is it, there isn't any high end grocery stores in this town.

Speaking of headlights, they had me install a new pair of halogen bulbs in the Escape last week. Then yesterday, I had to go to the Ford dealership to get the new turn signal bulbs installed, because it requires body panel removal, and I don't do such complex tasks anymore because things go "wrong" far too often. So I sat there for 30 minutes and waited in the customer waiting area, among a constant flux of gangstalkers. The friendly service counter woman of past visits was decidedly distracted this time; no chatting and no broad hints, e.g. "I don't have a boyfriend". She did pass by and wave at one point, so it wasn't quite a full "pretend not to know me" stunt, but she was decidedly made too busy for casual banter while I was there. And so what is about the perps that they engage people who later go emotionally AWOL, or otherwise pretend no to know me, time and time again? I don't know or care; just leave me the fuck alone.

The vineyard boss man was exceptionally terse and uncommunicative today, and as it turned out, in a rather bad mood. I learned from the woman crew member that his girlfriend left him a few weeks ago because he was hiding his drinking problem. He told me via text that his girlfriend "broke it off" a few weeks ago, but I didn't know about the latter drinking issue.

Which might explain his sudden behavior change today. He grumpily stated we were missing shoots in tucking, so we had to do vine rows individually, not doing two at a time by walking the aisle and going back and forth between two rows. Like WTF; we weren't missing shoots as I was looking at the others' (two) work all the time. Anyhow, we just spent two weeks doing it the way he prescribed, (two rows from a single aisle) and now he invokes this ersatz BS as a reason to change the tucking method. Well, if we were missing shoots for the past two weeks, why didn't he mention it for crissakes? I don't buy it, and see this as an exercise in berational fuckery. Back to walking on eggshells again, as in heightened anxiety, a situation the perps just love to create.

Regular readers will recall one behaviorally errant and unpredictable co-worker who had this same effect last year, and after the fourth such unprovoked stunt (July 06, 2017), I quit to join the place I currently work. And now within a day of a year later, we are back to walking on eggshells again with another co-worker, the boss man this time. Woo-hoo, haven't we had enough of this? The ex was also good at "charging the home climate" with her behavioral variances, to put it mildly, and now we get to do this again, and again. And Ms.C, the perp plant who was taken to be a girlfriend at the time, 2000-2003, was also known for her senseless confrontational drama queen tactics.

And on the re-tread trail, this long standing fuckery over income tax deductions. After working at the above mentioned outfit for a year, they finally get it together to issue pay stubs. Not issuing them is illegal, as there is no statement of earnings, but hey, even with a certified accountant in the role of vineyard owner, these things can be arranged. The deal is simple: I pay an extra $50/check in tax so I won't get screwed for more when it comes to the following year at tax time, so I have a refund, instead of tax payable. Because if I don't, I will end up having to pay some $600-800 in taxes, and usually don't have the cash on hand. It has worked for the last four years, but this year I find, after getting a pay stub for the first time, it turns out that this isn't been done. I ask the accountant to increase my tax payable each check, as he says he never got the instructions. Like WTF; why is it that someone has to screw me over this for? Just paying tax like a prudent law abiding citizen isn't allowed in Fuckover Land.

Back in around 2006 I also had to pay US taxes on US income, and had an accountant to handle the US tax matters. So what "happens"? Why, he "forgets" to make the quarterly payments (which I didn't know was required in the first place) and I had to pay a fine of some $400US or so. This constant fuckery over paying tax, when is my avowed practice to keep my nose clean and comply with the law and make prudent choices to prepare for taxes is just not allowed by the Fuckover Assholes. It would be interesting to hear from other TI's as to their tax woes. As I said before, and often do out loud; every good (prudent) practice must be sabotaged (from the perps' perspective). A variation on "no good deed goes unpunished", perhaps a perp sponsored agenda theme as well.

A special birthday today; I am 2**6, that is, 2 to the power of 6, (or, 2x2.. six times), =64. Perhaps a numerological diversion for us IT folks, that is all. The last binary exponent birthday, as I really don't expect (or want) to get to 128 y.o. No cards, and the feckless daughter didn't even deign to call. Nothing too unexpected. My mother did though. The dentist and yoga center sent me emails at least, so I am not totally anonymous.

The boss man settled down to his usual taciturn self today, and was even making conversation by day's end. And as it turns out, the 3 day/week summer student, all of 19 y.o., is going to be laid off after next week. I miss having someone to talk to in English, having worked with E. Indians and the like on past vineyard jobs. He is a good kid, and I try not to sound like a obsessive crank on issues he knows not of. Which is what I do always, but in his case I make the extra effort. (That is, I don't get into the alternity topics, nor do I discuss the Great Capers, like cancer, wars, and other Deep State subterfuges). Not too much conversational ground with him, but at least he is keen to learn about vineyard work and I tell him what I know relevant to his questions.

As for my other co-worker, Ms K, she can be conversationally avoidant at times, and prefers to flake out on the grass at lunch time, should our lunch times coincide. She did fill me in on the aforementioned boss man's drinking issues, and later told me he was trying to date her last year, even if she had a boyfriend at the time. And she said the boss man's evening time texts (in profusion) were "inappropriate", and that he was getting shit-faced (drunk) every evening. She also said she wasn't trying to lead the boss man on, which I can believe. Being cute and female can bring on a lot of woe I am beginning to understand.

Saturday, and I worked for 6 hours, just to get more hours in for the two week pay period. I met the vineyard owner and chatted briefly. He seems like a good head, and offers appreciation for my vineyard work efforts. None of the typical "treat me like a freak" vibe I get from most folks.

Perhaps the gangstalking is becoming selectively applied of late. Today's after-work visit (always a high stalking event) to the alterations shop brought on the obvious gangstalking. A "couple" of sorts, was on duty, leading ahead of me and then following me out, and neither of them had any particular dealings with the woman at the counter. The woman was inside the alterations shop when I arrived outside, the dude was exiting his vehicle to lead-ahead stalk me inside. I followed, and I thought the dude, (and the woman I saw for the first time) would be served ahead of me, but no. I got my repaired coveralls, paid the $10.50, while this couple just stood around. Only a minute later at my vehicle, they exit without any alterations in hand, and the woman had a bag of nectarines. Like WTF; here they were ahead of me, and didn't get served in some kind of pre-arranged dodge, and then virtually follow me out, without any apparent purpose of being there. The "couple" thing was also fudged; she seemed to be old enough to be his mother, but wasn't, so what was that all about in putting two disparate individuals together? And do the perps put on selected Fuckwits just to loiter around while I engage in a financial transaction? Yes, and they have consistently done this since all this shit came down, 04-2002.

Which wasn't unlike a visit to the bank the day before; I wait in line for US$, and the massive fat guy ahead of me moves to the next available teller. Meanwhile, this agitated woman of 30 y.o or so, was ahead of him, but stays behind. She is now in front of me, leaning on the teller counter, and is twisting and turning, lifting her foot so I get to see the sole of her boot, and acting agitated. Then when the next teller calls out, she moves ahead of me, leaving her sweater at the counter where she was. So she hung back for some reason, acted like a drug addict, while the teller staff ignored her, and her leaving her garments temporarily behind. Like WTF; surely the tellers are trained on security issues and yet they do squat.

I am off to the USA tomorrow, hoping for a better crossing than the last time. A two day trip to Bellevue WA if all goes well, but we shall see.

Enough for a posting and I will catch up on the subsequent news next week.

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Skipped a Week

No, I did not lose a week, though that can happen. I just found things a little too boring, and was no doubt demotivated to boot, therefore, no posting for the last week. (In terms of losing time, my experiences have been few since this harassment began 04-2002, but it is in the order of a few hours where I have no clue as to how the time passed).

I got my kick start after yoga tonight. For the last three weeks there has been 4-5 yogis (class members), a rather low turn out these Monday nights at hot yoga. No matter. Then tonight, about 15 show up, all new to me, no yogis from past classes. Most peculiar. And some yoga tourists too, including the dude with the fugly tats and wearing a ball cap through the class. Another first in ridiculousness, in that he really hadn't been to a class before, but hardly the last. And just where do they draw all these characters from, as I never see them around town in any capacity, save the odd one. For a town of 35k, I would expect to see a few more. So just what is the point of arranging this high turnover at yoga, which is even getting more so this past year? I have no idea, but it continues in its own orchestrated fashion.

And the blonde lady at the Ford dealership two days ago was ever more chatty, and revealing; "I don't have a boyfriend" this time. A while ago it was, "I don't have a husband or children", in justifying the attention she devotes to her dog which was there at the time. Another one with tats down her arm, and there was a few others in yoga tonight.

A rain-out at the vineyard job today; the thunder had started, the clouds were closing in and I decided to call it off, as I had two others in my care. And a good thing too, because after a 10 min. drive home, the heavens opened and intense rain and hail pelted down. Inconveniently, it came on just as I pulled into my lane parking, and before I got out to go into the house.

Last night there was a severe thunderstorm and power went out in many communities here-abouts. Which made for wet vineyard work this morning, and wearing rain gear to work. All in keeping with the ongoing game of water source exposures I suppose; weather, then imbibing irrigation water, and then the intense rain storm later. In between we had sunshine, enough for me to wear sun block, and then the clouds rolled in, with prior spitting rain.

I attended a wine industry social event last night, uncharacteristically for me, but then again, I hardly get such invitations. About 120 folks there, and I didn't know a soul; I met a few, and then we were divided into teams, and went to various stations to perform team tasks. All good fun and all, and lo, if our team didn't win and we each received a bottle of wine and a pair of flip flops. The latter didn't fit as they were a woman's size, but I gave them to the woman at work.

Three from my work did show up finally, but at least halfway through, and by then I was in the team doing our tasks, and I didn't get to speak with them. I have never seen so many overweight young women in all my life. I am quite unfamiliar with so many young people being obese, though I get quite a few such stalkers, though both old and young. As in the gut strut, I call it. And I felt cognitively clobbered last night the whole time; what in the fuck are they doing to my recall now?

Going back a few days when I was at the vineyard with the winery. Why is it that I cannot visit the bathroom and not have a (gangstalking) entourage? I went to the winery and no one was there for the 40' that I traversed, including passing through the tasting room. Upon my exit, why, the owner, the tasting room supervisor, and some other visiting dude (also witnessed (aka stalking) in the parking lot a few minutes ago when I was at my vehicle), all clustered together to block my egress at the doorway, post piss. Like WTF; from no one, to three of them, all pretending that they weren't blocking the doorway and collectively taking their time to allow me to pass through. Who arranges these ridiculous vignettes, and why are people, especially in clusters, so fucking rude?

Back in 2015-16, while at another winery, I had just taken a piss and the boss lady arrived just as I exited, looking obviously contrite. I just don't get it; why relentlessly hound the literal piss out of an innocent victim for 16 years on top of a prior 47 years of covert surveillance?

I saw Lindsay Beaver and the 24th Street Wailers last night, and what a great show it was. A three piece band, with the lead singer doing stand up drumming at the same time. The guitarist was sensational, even doing a song (competently) with the guitar behind his back. The bassist wasn't quite so flamboyant, but was every bit up to the task. Lots of humorous banter among the musicians and audience too. It was rock and roll, and electric blues at its best, and I had no complaints. One of those shows to remember for all time. And they even let me purchase a CD this time, unlike the performance last time where the clustered the sales desk and then pissed me off enough that I hightailed it out of there.

The stalking there was low key this time, no one slamming into me while I was seated at the back wall like before. And the attractive and delectable breasted waitress wasn't there either thankfully, she of the grim countenance and a massive chest tattoo. She did plenty of "see me" stalking last time, even if she wasn't my waitress. And no pronounced staring at me from the stage performers either, another trait that seems to "happen". In fact, last time, the lead performer had me lined up for a protracted stare while she was initially approaching the stage for crissakes. Like, how did she "happen" to single me out from 40' away, and wasn't she more interested in getting to the stage anyhow? As it "happened", she was dead opposite me once she took her stage position.

Mostly cloudy but warm these past three vineyard days. Pleasant to work in, and no major sweating and inconveniences of insects biting me.

Canada Day, the equivalent of July 4 south of the border today. I worked in the vineyard again to catch up with my hours, and add a few for next week as it will be punctuated by various meetings and appointments which I shall detail in due course. One such takes me south of the border for the first time since 2003, and has begot a lot of angst these past two weeks. Again, all will be posted next week.

And lo, yet again, I switch to a new block of a different varietal (Gewurztraminer to Pinot Gris in this instance), have lunch for 10 minutes, then start tucking vines on the latter, and the boss man arrives. I was working all by myself until then, not unusual for weekend. This is about 1230h, but hey, it is a national holiday on a Sunday for crissakes, and that is just fine. But the timing, per past and consistent gangstallking and orchestration, is impeccable. So just what is it about switching working from one varietal to another that so interests the perps that they send in someone, or arrange some kind of skit or event? I don't know, but it has been so consistent that I have mentioned it past postings. And sometimes what happens in other vineyards is that an odd off-varietal vine somehow escaped being pulled, and while doing one varietal for, say, a week, a single different plant instance occurs. Or another variant of the varietal switching is where a single row switches from one varietal to another. This was true in the 2015-16 vineyard, and I could always detect the difference in the leaves or plant form, and then suddenly I somehow missed the change, and thought I was working in one varietal when it was the wrong one.

I know, the above ramble on switching from working in one vine varietal to another and the consequent orchestrated hijinx sounds a little botanical and/or academic, but guess what? This same shit erupts when I switch from one clone of one varietal to different clone, say, Clone 115 to 777 of Pinot Noir, which is the case at this vineyard. Is there a botanical "vibe" for each of species, (e.g. Vitis), genus (e.g. vinifera), variety (e.g. Pinot Noir) and clone (e.g, per above), that the perps want to detect between me and the plant, for either situation of witting (knowing about the change) or unwittting, where they make me clueless about the change in mid-row of vines? It just seems that way, as this shit show with respect to vineyard work (and coincident stalking and interuptions at varietal and clone changes) has gone on for 6 years now. By "vibe", perhaps it could be elaborated upon, and describes something like: a fundamental energetic organism interaction between humans and plants to each respective phylogenic classification (taxonomy): Kingdom, Division,... Family, Genus, Species, Varietal, Clone, not only in name, but to the actual organism. Anyhow, any outside speculation about this topic is welcome in the Comments section.

Enough for the week, and onto another of being a prisoner in disguise. Who knew such a song title would describe my, and other TI's plight so succintly? Or would this apply to everyone on this bio-lab called planet Earth?