Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Public Gangstalking Family

1000h Today I join the fossils, aka so-called parents, to drive some 20 km to Sooke to tour a woodwork show. Every now and again the perps have the three of us go totally public in being gangstalked. The last time a similar event was July, some kind of ethnic days, and we took home brown food, baklava to eat at their place. And from what I can tell, this will be another brown show. There is the wood objects of course, and there will be plenty of brown and deep red colored vehicles in this sick-minded free for all. One TI/perp helper (it seemed) whom I spoke to on the phone, asked me why I consort with the two assholes that foolishly sold me into this nightmare at birth, and even got screwed over royally in my father's case, and my reply was that I was mind-controlled into aquiescing. If left to my own judgement, I wouldn't have anything to do with these sickos who stepped way out of their league and signed up for this First Feral Family Fuckover (as I see it).

I already got plenty gangstalked by the assholes (perps) when I went to the grocery store earlier today, and I am not looking forward to the event out of town. But the fossils do like me to drive (legitimately) as my father cannot, and my mother has never been driving savvy. Both my parents have been long time tenuous drivers, not having grown up with this freedom in their native Britain. It is something their benefactors could of fixed decades ago via their sorceric methods, but didn't help any. In my mother's case, she has been brighter and more capable over the last four years than before, and she has not taken any medication (or other action) to account for this cognitive awareness boost she exhibits. Meanwhile, it seems that my father has slipped into age-related senility, though he is a dutiful gangstalker whenever I am about.

Enough of them. And still no place to move to yet, and I am still totally dociled about this, and not getting fussed about it, which is totally unlike me in any respect.

2015h A day pass in effect. I drove the fossils to Sooke to an art show on a fabulous piece of waterfront property with a view of the Olympic Mountains of Washington State, and watched, if not prodded along, by the gangstalking action that was set up for me. There were plenty of reds, burgundies and pink tops or shirts, then onto lime greens and dull yellows. And the limitations of egress were the terrain, as there were buildings and rocks and none of the usual city conditions of sidewalks and streets of the current majority of gangstalking activity. The ambulatory gangstalkers keep attempting to pass me on my right side (as if left hand drive), opposite of the usual pedestrian habits. Now that I am very obviously vibrating (or color pulsating) in some energetic way, I am sure no one could miss me there, as I must seem like a lighthouse to those whose vision hasn't been buggered by these irradiations.

I picked out one possible former friend morphover, but that was it. For all I know that could of been some 100 people who each knew me well, but were morphed enough that I couldn't recognize them. Anytime I can detect a morphover is a "gimee", or bait, for my recognition skills to be usurped my the perps. And there were plenty of red and burgundy vehicle colors on the route, but a very slow introduction of red; some 20 km had elapsed before they had introduced three red vehicles in file on my tail. Then a line of parked vehicles on the side of the road in the same color configurations which we walked beside as there wasn't a sidewalk out there. There were quite a few silver-grey vehicles, my former vehicle's color, as well as the seeming calibration colors of black, white or grey. the usual few dumb-shit parking attempts and/ 180 degree turns in mid-road ahead of me. Naturally I couldn't do any evasion type driving with the fossils on board and it is their vehicle afterall.

With the 8 miles of 4 lane highway driving, the rest city or two lane roads, I would estimate the vehicular gangstalk numbers to be 1500 to 1800 vehicles, round trip. The perps kept the traffic as busy as they could but still maintain >50mph average speeds on the highway portions. The usual formations of dark colored vehicles, then lighter colored ones, with red vehicles often embedded in the center of the pack. Absurdeum as nauseum yet again.

From the perp's perspective, I would surmise today was an important event, as they don't get the three of us out in extended traffic conditions very often. For me, it was just another ludicrous round of gutless banality; why won't the perps seek cooperation? That is, pay me (plenty), instead of the scum that they plant around me in the enormous quantities in their elaborate plans every minute I am out in public.

Then later, at their place in the garden when having tea and scones, my father who is supposed to have dementia, went over to a nearby landscape bush and crushed dead leaves of the plant to contribute crackling noise for the perp's noise assaults. He had no cover story to do this, and dementia patients rarely, if ever, think of some unusual and odd thing to do for no purpose. As I have written, he makes obvious gangstalking ploys all the time, and does a good job for someone with dementia. Nothing ever adds up with the fossils and their behavior changes over the past four years, especially in consideration of any "discussions" (elicitations really) of what the harassment facts are. And today, with 10 days to go, did they ask about my moving and relocation efforts (such as they are)? Not a bit of it; totally wierd. But my mother knew enough to offer the newspaper to me to take home.

And when driving back to this cellblock, a Sunday evening, there was about ten times the normal traffic out. The same deal; silver-grey vehicles, then building up to red vehicles about me by way of black, white and grey and the odd navy blue colored vehicle. When I pull in to the curb to allow my mother to drive back, what happens? Some dude does a mid-street (no curb pullover is good enough for him) stop to let out a woman passenger who then gangstalks behind me into the cellblock. Not wishing to make company, or being mind-controlled more like, I take the stairs at the building's east end to the fourth floor where my apartment is. And as I was going up the last flight of stairs, who pops out into the stairwell, but this woman again, this time going down the stairs. It is at least the second time some asshole gangstalker has pulled this stunt where one of us takes the elevator and the other the stairs and we "cross over" again on the third or fourth floor. What is going on, and why are they getting so blatant about it?

Enough for a post, getting out of here, even if gangstalked, is a relief from doing squat.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Remotely Invoked Dithering and Zombie-ification

This is the second attempt to write this blog posting; I got the "sudden browser shutdown" and lost what was typed.

The perps were up to laundry capers again; both the nearest washing machines were "busy" at 0900h and so off to the 9th floor to get it done. And then they delayed the washing machine cycle by 6 minutes so an extra trip to the laundry room was made just for the pleasure of jerking me around it seems.

Nothing too scintillating otherwise for today's activity; extra conventional physical forces provocations and consequent ranting at the perp's extreme juvenility as suggested by these pranks is the new "normal". There has been a resumption of chocolate melting games. This time the (planted) chocolate crumbs landed on the back of my left index finger and when I attempted to remove it, they flattened the crumbs out for more skin contact. All their previous chocolate crumb melting and smearing activity had been on my finger tips, so it seems they are working it all over, for whatever difference that makes to them. Just like yesterday's news item where a chocolate factory worker fell in a vat and couldn't get out for two hours, why don't the perps come clean and pay me for that? What is the big objective they are after and why does it mean they continue this outrage of psychopathic "pretend" all the time?

And still no place to move to yet, and a resumption of the perps dociling me about it, as if in an altered state and possibly ready to be blindsided by them. What else should I expect? After yesterday's blatant set up and jerkaround, they made sure I was truly pissed by it so to not be keen in resuming my efforts. Rest assured, they always have a plan and I am the last to know.

There is more evidence to suggest that they can mind control me all the more and not even know about it. When pouring the milk into the cereal bowl this morning, I (in the mind-controlled sense) did not realize what I was doing until partway through this activity. In other words, they zombie-ed me via their remote mind-control technologies and then brought me back in mid task. I am still pissed at that, because it means they can mind control me to do anything at all, and I wouldn't be the wiser unless they decided to let me in on it. Frightening to say the least.

In another example of above mind-control, they had me "forget" to put on my glasses and I didn't realize it until well into the task that they were not on. And that too, could of been managed by the perps.

My "coincidence meter" abilities have also been broached and are controllable by the perps I came to learn yesterday. This had been one of my prime perp activity detection methods; to observe irregular events with what else was going on; e.g. the application of noise when I handle the olive oil for example, the association of the perp's pranks with visual or written words about war, death and destruction etc. Yesterday's stand-there gangstalker dressed in the same colors as the 5 tonne truck he was beside "wasn't noticed" until many hour later upon reflection (or more likely, planted thoughts and images by the perps). This represents a serious blow to figuring out what they are doing and why as I conduct myself in all matters that I deal with. Now this can be selectively dithered by the perps to their extreme advantage. And by extension, everyone else, though it would likely be back tested upon current TI's first until they smoothed out all the jerkaround routines with it.

All the time of noticing excessive numbers of red colored vehicles, swarms of gangstalkers, various odd behaviors by bums on the street (disappearing) etc. can now be controlled so one does not "notice". It is very fightening to me, as I know exactly what these assholes are up to and a major piece of my small remaining defenses has been broached for all time.

That is about all for today's blog posting; the perps ability to make me misspell words and not correct my errors is getting extremely annoying. Three or more attempts to spell a word I could manage handily in grade one. As usual, the spell checker isn't working in this configuration, so what you see it what I managed to find out through either detection that they don't yet control, or errors the perps created and let me in on.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Dociling as Strategy

1100h Yesterday evening the perps finally relaxed some of their dociling mind control as "I" (in the mind-controlled sense) got somewhat animated about this impending move for the first time, and no where to move to. Of course it wasn't out of goodness in the perp's hearts, but a in-apartment walkabout and having me investigate and relocate items in this apartment with respect to a moving strategy is just what they like. No end of energetic correlates for the weeks of doing nothing but putz on the internet.

Then I find out that the boxes I was supplied are 1.5 cu. ft. instead of the industry standard 2.0 cu.ft. Another possible created glitch, but at least planted in mind as a consideration. I find that the perps like their victims to be "FUD-bound"; that is, to be consumed with Fear, Uncertainaty and Doubt, an IBM term I believe.

But some humor for once; I have often remarked on the perp's obsession with the color brown, and their planting of people and objects proximate to me in that color, (clothing and/or skin) and even having gangstalkers at the checkout wearing brown clothing on either side of me, what I termed as the "brown sandwich", a technique often used in vehicular gangstalking. Related to this, there is one food item that the perps decidedly control for my craving/consumption is chocolate, and I get plenty noisestalked anytime I eat some, often twice per day, 100g per sitting. And today, I read in the news that someone took a spill in a tank of liquid chocolate, which if not for its humor value, just may have been in support of the perp's quest and its interaction with human external energetics, what they seem to be hounding and harassing me for 24x7x365. This unlucky person spent two hours in a vat of chocolate; a long enough duration for anyone to be doing service for the perp's color and substance energetics obsessions. Perhaps after this they will stop smearing chocolate on my fingers each time I eat it, a new-this-month eruption.

It is tempting to paint every sparrow that falls into the perp's harassment objectives, and as a rule, I don't get into all of them in this blog, and I have limited it to the Other Objectives postings(Part 1, Part 2), where there has been consistent life long and/or overt harassment long (four years now) connections. But it seems that their objectives are so varied and broad that they have a huge initiative to connect something about me (and everyone else by extension) to these various themes (or obsessions, trigger words/concepts) that encompass much of anyone's life. I just don't get it, being screwed over for 52 years isn't enough, nor is 99.9% mind control. This insatiable sadism must stop. It has got beyond nonconsensual human experimentation and into self-feeding vindictiveness and juvenile venality as the plague they inflict upon near-randomly selected individuals, save whistleblowers who seem to be a targetted group. The police and politicians are complicit in my experience and by that of many others. As I said before, we as a civilization were further ahead in 1215 AD when the Magna Carta was signed, preventing wanton potentates from terrorizing their subjects.

1540h The perps are still causing chocolate to melt prematurely in my hands, so whatever benefit of someone falling in a vat of it appears not to be of much value.

Another trip to the storage lockers was made to furnish them with post-dated checks, and the same blonde woman who "happened" to be there yesterday, was back and of no determinable activity though it became plain in short order. She was gangstalking me in follow-mode down the hallway, on the street and then on the crosswalk. As I walked faster so she did until Mr. Blue with the trademark smirk took over and was criss crossing my path on the street and then encircling me in part when I waited at the next crosswalk. Anyhow, to make a detailed story short, I was tightly gangstalked while getting moving supplies and journals at the stationary store. The store staff also come out and gangstalk me while I am looking for my supplies before serving me from behind the counter. A single sentry backpacker dude gangstalker stayed in place for all my back and forthing when in the store, even if he didn't have much to look at. Some of these asshole gangstalkers are becoming very familiar to me, something they like me to notice sometimes.

Eventually, I got back to this cell of an apartment through all the various gangstalker color variations of clothing and other stunts they put on; e.g. big feathers in hats, shopping basket trolling (for pop cans I assume), paired similar colors (yellow variations together, then lime green variations) as well as racial and clothing color combinations. As with yesterday, the blonde women were on initial ambulatory gangstalker duty, though interestingly, from a further distance, some 60' ahead or so.

1720h I got set up to convey my story over the phone in as brief form as I could to answer her questions as to my current tenancy and why I am moving. True to form, I got the dumb-fuck act; being asked the same questions over again as if the person has a hearing problem. And make no mistake about it; the perps like me to use the vocabulary of this purgatory and noisestalk me as I convey my story as much as what their other objectives are. Once the repeated question was answered she didn't ask anything more enlightening. This is the curse of being constantly cast into elicitive conversations, no true dialog occurs.

In the decades past, my father was always asking "what", "what" and seemed to have some kind of cognition problem he never had before. He came to be known as What-what, my name for his highly irritating act (or at least I think it is one, though I am not entirely sure in his case). He would get louder and aggresive about not being able to understand my answers, and he always reserved his most inquisitional scenes for me. Even now, I am not sure if he was being "run" and abetting, or just abetting. I cannot think of another abettor who got screwed the most in my evaluation of all the perp's personnel. He was no actor so I cannot imagine him faking it for as long as he has. And he is one half of the fools that cast me into this, then later takes on a resentment that he applied to me. Go figure, as I don't care anymore. All I want is an honest answer to the question, "why did you do this to me?". (That is, casting me into perpland at birth and effectively sharing parenting duties with them, never mind abetting these assholes all the time).

2215h The horrendous mototcycle noise has started up tonight; even with hearing protection it comes in as if 20' away and yet the distance to the closest road, 90% blocked by buildings is 60'. In the netherworld of perpland, reality is formed to suit the harassment objectives in all their secrecy and multiplicity. At times, 2 to 5 events per minute of loud motorcycles "seem", as in noise thereof, are passing by. Then the sirens came on at the same time.

I was reading about these extensive internment camps on the web, though I didn't find the kind of well researched site I like to pass on. (I was on a TT Broown quest at the time). I was looking at the pictures that someone had stealthily took, and some internment sites had signs in other languages and vehicle speed signs in kph no less. When I was reading about the guardtowers, I got zapped as I read that very word. This means to me, that the perps do have an interest in these structures somehow, and would like to extract some kind of psychic energy about this concept. Scary.

My Second Wacko Theory if you prefer, but I get quite an education on the validity of what the perps are up to by being zapped and noisestalked, sometimes simutaneously. This is true also for the above linked Other Objectives (besides 100% Mind Control), they essentially telegraph their interests by consistent actions over these (trigger) themes.

Time to post; LCD panel emanations are getting very strong (as in excessive brightness).

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Into Storage

I arranged the storage locker today, and it so happened it was the last one at that location, but nothing can believed from any perp source. It is close by, and will be likely on the tight side. By month's end I will have my belongings over two locations at least; my brother's and the storage locker. This is looking to be a duplicate of the 2003 situation where I had to arrange storage in Seattle when I was in Victoria.

I got a white 245 Volvo gangstalk first off, one parked, then 2 minutes later, one passing me by one block away, headed in the same direction. This city has a lot of Volvos, but rarely do I see two identical models and colors in such a short time span. Not a big deal.

The storage arrangements seemed to have the dark hand of the perps upon it; it was managed by an East Indian with whom I have no problem with, though for the perps it was a brown skin gangstalk situation that they so assiduously covet and create. There were the usual extra back and forth trips along the hallway where I was mind-controlled in looking for his office at the wrong end of the building and for some reason "I" (in the mind-controlled sense) didn't go back in the appropriate direction. Also an interuption to separate him from me for a minute or so "happened" per gangstalker arrival (a blonde woman, the benchmark calibration gangstalker, IMHO).

At at one point, the perps organized/mind-controlled a minor situation where he turned back momentarily as "my" hand was in motion to attend to my briefcase, and in doing so, my finger grazed his arm with no scratches or adverse outcome. Another one of those "just happened" inadvertent touch events to join the myriad of others. One of my brothers is married to an fine East Indian woman, the other has an on-off relationship with a Native Indian women. One could surmise that the perps seem to be keeping up the "brown pressure" on the family as surrogates for myself, though no one but me has suggested that. But I was the one who was warped with the perp's irradiations in all my developmental years, so how can they be precise surrogates? In the perp world, with full family consensual participation, me excepted, close enough is good enough it seems.

In the adjacent parking lot the perps arranged a 5 tonne delivery truck and some activity at the rear of the building. It had a white box, some 15' to 18' and a soft green cab. When I had another look at the truck in the course of the storage locker arrangements, the perps put on a gangstalker standing at the rear of the box with white hair and the same soft green colored sweater. Fucking absurd, coordinating gangstalking truck and operatives in the same color.

The perps have an obsession about putting on white haired gangstalkers proximate to me, and it may relate to their past depredations during my developmental years when my grandmother visited when I was about 4 years old. She had white hair and wasn't the most pleasant individual and I may have taken an visceral loathing for that color of hair on anyone since then. The irradiations may have caused improper neural development over the sight of white hair. I say, leave me alone, I am fine as it is, and don't care enough to be fixed by anyone in all their juvenility and pranks. Of course I have no say in the matter.

And true to form, my checkbook "happened" to be depleted of new checks and I had to pay cash, which necessitates another trip there to give him post-dated checks (no debit card pre-arrangements there). It is a very common perp stunt to "arrange" repeat visits, often the next day. Nor was I permitted to examine how many bank checks I had before I set off, though "somehow" I remembered to take a lock there. And I thought it interesting that the manager didn't scrutinize the cash I gave him, but gave me a reciept for it all the same. Fucking absurd are the levels to which the perps will go to govern my existence (it is not a life).

I stopped at the grocery store on the way back, and the perps were ready for me bigtime; a swarm at the entrance and then at the stack of shopping hand baskets, and later repeat male gangstalkers in bright blue doing their assigned head rotations and getting in the way of me getting out. This was the fruit section where I bought blueberries, which also turned into a much bigger gangstalk event than I expected. Then I bought chocolate (think brown food) and when I got to the checkout I was arranged in a "brown sandwich" (brown dressed gangstalkers either side). The brown-sweatered man ahead was in those infernal Medichairs (deep metallic red color), and the woman behind me had a tight brown top. He was buying some kind of cooking oil, a perp theme for me.

As usual, the waddling male gangstalkers were on the street when I finished at the checkout and set off to return to my apartment. One was wearing brown with a brown toque (on a summer's day no less), and then stopped and pulled the faux tourist stunt and took out his map after leading ahead of me for 60' of sidewalk. All these "cool dudes" wandering about on weekdays with no apparent source of income. The number of pedestrian stop/start events around me has increased considerably around me of late; at least one per outing, no matter how brief.

There does seem to be a preference for the perps to plant female gangstalkers around me at first, then males, even if these working age men look absurd (in quantity) shopping on a weekday. And too, the males seem to start with blue colored clothing after an initial round of black and white (not technically colors). And it so happens that blue is one of my favored colors, so that may have something to do with it. Only minutes earlier a portly jaywalking elderly (and almost didn't make it) gangstalker had on an aqua blue shirt and light brown shorts.

And size of a gangstalker is important as well; I get quite a few lard-butts on the job, and one of their two "girlfriend" plants of 2000 to 2002 was oversized. Another common feature of the male gangstalkers is baldness, no hair at all, only a bright reflective scalp. These go under my vernacular of "skinheads", and there are quite a number of them in this city. I wonder what the perps pay for this hairstyle on top of gangstalk duties.

The perps have taken up a new harassment method of late; turning on Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I have never had this complaint and it has erupted in the past six months. It is now an everytime event as a prelude to taking a crap. Usually they put it on for the day until I have unloaded, but sometimes it is over two days. And it is highly annoying having this sensation of needing to go but not quite. I had no idea as to what this condition was like until my perp invoked situation. And as an auditory and vibratory prelude as well, the perps put on some rhythmic pounding noise/vibration overhead with a simutaneous musical droning. As always, they know more about what is coming than I do. New conditions for the depraved perp's quest, whatever it is.

Another new harassment annoyance is the "dead leg" syndrome. Now that the perps can manipulate perceptions directly, they cause me to "think" that at least one of my legs "isn't there" because of the lack of sensation brought upon by the perp's sorceric methods. Beyond that circular description, I cannot explain. But it is highly annoying but can only be effected when I am sitting or lying down (not using the leg).

The irradiations are causing my eyes to blink substantially and will likely be very red tonight. Enough for a post.

Blogger to blogger Communication
To James Marino; blog of 08-17-2006
Thank you for your supportive thoughts about being jerked around over where I am to live. Your later thesis suggests that we are resisting and not driven nuts by the perps' venality. They have in the past (2000) reduced me to a near suicide state and given their progress they have made on mind-controlling me since they went overt on 05-2002, I am quite sure they could reduce me (or anyone) to a babbling and drooling care case for the rest of my life if they chose. There is enough replicability to what they are doing to be nonconsensual experimentation, and much of this gangstalk activity is consistent enough to see their intent; e.g. in my case, blonde women gangstalkers then color stalking leading through a progression. And no, I am not excusing them in any way.

I will maintain, like you, their actions are sadistic and depraved. Any of their operatives, shills or other cohorts are despicable and utter trash in participating in this venal exercise that renders us into virtual captives in a so-called free country guaranteed by a Constitution (or like- Canadian Bill of Rights). I have a notion that even Pres. Bush could not get us out of this infernal purgatory, that is how powerful these interests are.

As for the Lyme Disease, it is very unfortuneate indeed and could be perp invoked (with a cover story likely). This won't cheer you up any, but there is a good chance that the perps know how to cure the disease if Tom Bearden and his biological energetics theories are correct. And in my experience I think he is fundamentally correct. There were often suffering individuals posted around me, or my surrogate spouse, in pre-overt days; macular degeneration, HIV, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Tourette's, Multiple Schlerosis etc.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hanging Chads and Other Ruminations of My TI Life

One item that has occured for all the four years of overt harassment is chads, a term that came into wide usage in the 2000 US Presidential elections in Florida to describe the hanging pieces of partially punched paper ballots.

To describe a nonstop regular feature of the TI existence (not a life by any measure), I have expanded the use of the term to describe any hanging or dangling item, whether it be food (very often), plastic, fabric fibers (loose threads), etc. This perp method has been consistently used in any related activity; preparing and consuming food, laundry etc. One item that now comes "pre-chadded" are the everyday plastic grocery bags. They now come in this city with extra tabs hanging off, handles that are shredded appearing (but still serviceable) -all created at the source. And there have been at least 150 occurences in the past year of plastic bag portions lying in the hallways, outside the elevator, in the laundry room in the elevator and outside on the street.

I surmise that some kind of energetic correlation is being attempted in having me pass by this managed litter, and likely too, between me and the plastic bags that I use or store. Many of these plastic bag portion deposits stay in place for days in an attempt to cover major lighting differences, and even for whatever nightime variances there are in the energetics the perps seem to be assaying. Also important is the backing color; what color of carpet, or other surface that sits underneath the planted plastic. The 4" long fragments are invariably white, and are often placed at strategic locations like corners, under the sweeping door when opened etc. What I can take from this though, is that my grocery bags have likely been selected in advance; type of plastic, what goes in what bag, color of plastic etc. The surfeit of ambulatory gangstalkers about me with plastic bagged groceries (sometimes other types of bags) are simply known at the "Plastic Bag People".

And to the grocery store today to be public gangstalk bait; a flush of women at the checkout (four) at 0900h, then once I got out of the store, a flush of men gangstalkers, about the same number. One did a walk toward me then about face and walk ahead of me gangstalk move, the first of two like this today. And also, no ordinary path he took . When I was headed to the store there was a faux bum sitting on the sidewalk with a small paper cup for donations. Then when I finished shopping and was outside with my groceries, the "bum" had disappeared (a >50% chance in my experience nowadays) and the reverse direction gangstalker then proceded to walk where the "bum" had been sitting, with the coin cup still in place, effectively doing his reversal with the paper donation cup as the center of radius of his 180 degree turn (about face). What bum would ever leave his money sitting 2' into the sidewalk even if temporarily? From what I can surmise, the reverse direction gangstalker was attempting to interact with the "bum's" residual energy (of his ass sitting there) as retained by the sidewalk concrete (in various colors). And in doing so, the about face gangstalker would be acting as an energetic assay intermediary for the "bum's" energy to be correlated to mine. That is my theory, or read if you will, on the perp's objectives and why they are doing the strange things they are doing.

And true to form, the perps made sure I was heavily covered by gangstalkers when placing ground coffee in my shopping basket. Instead of one ambulatory gangstalker appearing from nowhere and climbing up my asshole, I got three rushing along 3' away in the through aisle. One dressed in black and white leading two more men "shopping" on a weekday at 0900h. Totally absurd. For the remainder of my shopping in the aisles they only put on two additional gangstalkers which is on the light side for them. But they made up for it on the street, in the above tale.

Later, when back at the apartment, I was leaving the laundry room and a woman in brown clothing was coming the opposite direction. She then did a 180 degree reversal and then I was in a position of following her down the hallway to the exit. Then instead of going to an apartment, she does another reversal at the stairway door and then glares at me. More everyday wierdness, though I am beginning to suspect that they are putting it on to then test me as to how I recall these stories. It is my understanding that memory of events move around in the brain for the first two years, and as I blog, I am being monitored in realtime as to how I recall the above events some 10 hours later. My perp abetting mother asks me needless questions, and often repeats them an hour or two later.

And I am getting dynamically impaired as I blog this; the perps have a method to purge me of my intended topic, only 30 seconds ago. Finally, I am allowed to recall. The rage-free existence since July 01 has been broken for a second time. Earlier the perps had planted two brown crumbs on my fingers and wouldn't allow them to come off, nor allow me to take other ameliorative measures. Then they mind-controlled me into a rage over this, when I wasn't that incited in the first place. Instant rage, on demand, remotely applied. Now at three evictions in succession, when I never had any such problem pre-overt harassment days, before 05-2002, The Day of Infamy. Fucking sick the perps are, not to mention the quisling abettors, and no one will be forgiven who had any part in this until they have done their time in my shoes.

And no, I don't know where I am moving to, but I finally have movers lined up after being jerked around for two whole shut-in days. The next step is storage, which I must arrange independently, a major detail the mover didn't mention on the phone. Another JIT (Just In Time) fact that could of been addressed four days ago. I have an 08-21 doctor's appointment, so he could concievablely snag me in for a hospital stay then, and I save on room and board. Not ideal, and it largely depends on what they are going to do to me, as they are working for the perps, not for my health. Or, the perps could wind me up for a big rage show, and then I get hauled in by their constant companions, the police.

An example of in-your-face wrong headed health care is giving a dopamine blocking agent to this Attention Deficit Disorder patient (me), when the condition is because of a dopamine deficiency. And I have leading edge SPECT scans to back up my claim about my ADD condition, which was politely ignored. Go figure. They have done this twice already and I don't contemplate a return visit. And all the more so when I was gangstalked up the asshole by the so called "patients" who always knew exactly where I was so to plant one of their own behind most corners most of the time.

As best as I can tell, this apartment is the best of conditions for their irradiations and remote energetics assay activity. It is small, and I assume, colored appropriately for their games; brown and more brown and brown buildings in half the view. Though I have known them to readily jettison what seemed to be useful conditions or acquisition of props (I pay), when it somehow didn't work out. The perps prefer older concrete and steel buildings (which this is), as it takes some time for the electromagnetic properties of the steel to stabilize, perhaps as much as 10 years. And the perps like to energize the building itself which they have done. Past readers will recall how the hallways and this apartment are constantly vibrating energy, emitting plasma and masers. Today, they even put a little plasma fog on inside the apartment for 10 seconds or so.

And the perps have been highly diligent in securing me minimal contact with anyone else, and that includes "neighbors" as there isn't any. Yesterday they put on some skinhead thuggies/gangstalkers in the elevators, but mostly this apartment block is devoid of life purposely. Yesterday was an at-dusk stunt with brown boxes and that might have been the reason for extra gangstalking (four others in the elevator when the average is zero).

And a "forget" on posting this when intended for 08-17-2006.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Managed Depravity

1100h A 10 hour sleep last night; it is two hours beyond normal, but I have given up on attempting to define that term anymore as it gets perverted and sabotaged like so many physical and transactional things.

Still no mover visit as promised as a make-up from yesterday's no-show, and even this kind of arrangement is getting sabotaged for no rational purpose (as I see it). And nowhere to move to either, though that is secondary to maintaining ownership of my belongings. But in this netherworld of relentless assaultive depravity, right down to how I handwrite and what I see or hear at any given microsecond, anything goes. This eviction stunt then being dociled over securing a new residence takes the cake for disruption to date. Past stunts of not letting me into the US to collect my belongings were an outrageous affront, but were at least solvable at significant expense. But being dithered and dociled as I speak, as well as evicted is another outrage upon countless ones in the past four years.

1430h Still no mover, and I could only leave a message. This is "normal" perp depravity; forcing a move, then sabotaging getting it done and the rest of the disruption resolution. The perps have me on a strident and angry mood level noticed when I deal with their PC sabotage like dithering keystrokes, e.g. four attempts to key a two letter word. Only in Perpland as a TI. And a new stunt, pinching me in the dick while taking a piss. Again and again, excessive juvenility and god-like means to apply it with no risk to the perpetrators whatsoever.

And more voice morphing as I respond/complain about these assaults. If they are planning what voice I am to use then they are extremely confident as to me saying anything at all, as well as the tone I use. Alway read any "I" or "me" advisedly, as it is very likely a planted notion of the perps. I cannot think of any episode in the past three years that wasn't perp managed, even if I thought I wasn't at the time. Hindsight is about the only time that one can be certain as to the desired outcome vis a vis their objectives.

The perps have started up a jackhammer job about a block away, and while the "road maintenance" appears legit, it has the touch of one of the perps's methods, having the sound get fainter and fainter over an hour. When I had my vehicle, there were endless "road repairs" on my various routes. A big one is road line painting, once per year is very common, extra paint dribbling for a mile or two (not truly maintenance!), repaving, new drains over five blocks,- the in-curb kind which are uncommon here (until now), pipe work that entails digging, re-working traffic lane lines, even one foot over, then again by another foot, moving sidewalks 4' for four blocks etc. It seems there is something very fundamental the perps do not understand about the earth's energies as it relates to humans and their vehicles that they want to solve. They are plying this city with plenty of money to do so, and even seem to have a decision making ability as to what gets worked upon and where in timing with my activities. I know that they had at least one operative on the design comittee of the public pool that was built in ~1992 or so.

1530h Another "assault"/prank of late is for the perps to plant hairs in all kinds of places, even on this keyboard when I began to use it. They especially like just-cleaned surfaces, and in one notorious bathroom cleaning job they planted >40 hairs as I was cleaning. The hairs seem to be planted as if from me, though I have never "shed" as much in my life, and would not have any eyelashes remaining for all of those kind that "show up". Hairs can be found in the refridgerator, high and low cupboards, in the sink while shaving, in my bowl while eating cereal etc. They don't stop at one event either; in the last most mentioned example they have placed a hair in my bowl nearly each day for 10 days now. Having one in my mouth was another prank they pulled just ahead of shaving yesterday. On the scale of annoyances, that is very low, but serves as an example of the ceaseless juvenility applied to innocent citizens for reasons that are beyond comprehension or rationality.

Another prank gaining frequency is the application of a mini-wind about me. Explained, a putative cause such as opening cupboard doors, front doors, walking on the street etc. serves as a "cover" for the wind to be set up around me, with no correlation to the climate or likelihood of conventional causality. Again, another minor annoyance, but taking defensive measures such as walking slower, opening the cupboards less quickly has not resulted in any abatement. Considering I never had a problem with this in the first place all my life, why are they starting up this now?

2115h Finally my mover comes for an estimate and the brown boxes. As does my brother independently. Its an easy one to figure out as it was dusk, or failing light conditions, when the perps go squirrelly over gangstalking. And of course, brown time; as in the flattened moving boxes coming in for the move at month end, and the packed storage area boxes being moved out with my brother's help only ten minutes later. And when it was all over, why, "I needed" to take a shit. More brown time.

And gangstalkers accompanying the aforementioned activity; doorway sentries and "happen-bys", Asians in black and white dress, and a pair of thugs placed in the elevator ahead of me getting in. One in a vile orange color, also a plasma color that "happens" in my peripherial vision quite often. A blonde woman in the elevator on the first trip up. One of my Seattle gangstalkers "happened" to be passing by, now the third time for him in Victoria. At least three red colored vehicles placed around my brother's vehicle for street parking. It was simply amazing how "people" could surface at this time, and not anytime else.

Time to post this one; the PC emanations from the LCD display are quite strong tonight, possibly to complement the aforementioned goings-on earlier.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Stir the Pot

1000h The perps were hard at annoying me this morning; and succeeded as they control the nature of my reaction to their extra-conventional physics assaults. It is very predictable when they will do this, usually when other gangstalker events are planned for the day. A moving estimator will be arriving later, and possibly more apartment showings to prospective tenants.

Currently the zinger maser vision impariment stunts are on, not to mention the nearly always keystroke dithering as type this. On the noise assaults they have backed off over the morning and now ply me with faint sounds of seagulls and vehicle backup beepers.

Only two awakenings in the night; one to hear the on/offing of (faux) neighbor water usage, and another to see a grainy black & white photo look to this place. It is a bizarre plasma "paint job" and has been consistent over the past two months, always when dark. It is difficult to describe and I don't know of any other TI's who have experienced this particular stunt.

For the past week the perps have been giving me back pain in the morning when I get up; I have been debilitated in the past from these very same remotely invoked pains, though this is nothing like it. As best as I can figure is that they want to impair my bed making activity, having just got up. Why? No idea, except to mention that it's colors of yellow, blue and some read need to be ordered in a certain way, and they don't want me to mess up their plans.

1300h Another of the same-as-always-lunch, the tortillas made up, with two slices for reheating tonight. And as always, per the extra-conventional forces actions, handling Cling Wrap was a battle everytime. The perps modify its properties so it doesn't cling, and this ends up in an pissing match as I try to get it to behave as it should, or some facsimilie thereof. This particular stunt goes down every time I have used this product since they began overt operations over four years ago.

And more integration of stunts as well; when doing the dishes the perps had water droplets fly out of the sink and perform a lateral over to the table, 2' away. This kind of thing happens all the time, usually with the putative cover of it happening while I am actively cleaning dishes. But there is no way that my actions are causal to these "hyperactive" water droplets, especially now that I am very cognizant of these games. This time however, twice in sucession, they caused a temporary vision impairment in both eyes simutaneously with the flying water droplets. Not a big deal, but it goes to show how highly managed my environment is.

No question they have me riled up today, and it is quite common that harassment gets notched up on Mondays. As if to set the tone for the week or some such, though they usually don't let me remember their train of venality at any given moment, only during relective moments such as blogging or journalling. The loud 2 cycle motorcycle noise has been cranked up outside as I am typing without hearing protection, so time to logoff for now.

1550h No mover today, and she didn't see that she had to let me know either as I found out by phoning her. All this hanging around to be stood up. A shut-in day so far, not that there was anything else to do; perhaps another "dashed expectations" (even if low) stunt courtesy of the perps who never let up in this game of pretend-while-we-mind-rape-you and line the streets with our largesse (literally) while you, the TI, are on disability payments for income. Something like that.

The perps are putting on a lot of red plasma displays, usually small, 2" to 6", very brief but detectable and even in central vision and often attendant to some other action going on. The zinger masers have been active today as well, along with a collection of wispy black lines that travel together, and can be quickly re-established if I look away. But the perps have enjoyed heating me up to sub-sweat levels and keeping me there for an hour or so. Its none too comfortable, and opening any apartment windows will earn me a bigger noise barrage than I normally recieve.

The perps also do some red "fill-in" inside of Windows; some of the standard grey background will fill in with a reddish tone, then revert it to grey again. Which suggests that they have direct access to modifying Windows code. And I always did wonder why so many I knew at work jumped onto Microsoft shares in 1991, when the vexations of 3.0 were upon us and yet they weren't fazed with by our complaints one bit. Back in 1991 it was too early to know if Windows was going to be a near universal platform, and yet so many were "well placed" to know.

Other strange Windows behavior has been going on for months; forced shutdown of the browser, annoying extra persistent dialog boxes, dropping browser sessions, search sabotage, select buffer depletion before chosen "paste" action, wrong session displaying than requested, etc. Same stunts all day long, but not enough to give the activity up, just for timing my breaks.

Perhaps this week is another round of perp enforced austerity measures; even more limited contact, and nothing pleasurable to eat like their usual brown food item of first resort, chocolate. There have been times when I didn't want to look at it or smell it, so my interest in this food item is totally governed. Not even the apartment showing interuptions today which is remarkable. See how the perps like me to have it all wrong? I thought (or they planted the thought) that it would be a busy day for in-apartment gangstalking and I was dead wrong.

I am being rendered into a semi-sleepy state as I type this, and these odd naps, or near naps, seem to be an enforced priority of the perps of late.

2230h A wrap for the day, and a total shut-in/do-nothing day, partially created by the waiting for a no-show this afternoon. There is an escalated frequency of coughing of late, usually with food in my mouth. I never choke on my food, so it must be the asshole perps again at ~6 times per week or so. As I have mentioned, they have their operatives spit, hang their tongues out, suck on pipes, spoons etc. in the course of their gangstalk duties which suggests they cannot get a reading on my mouth, and the colors that contribute to the brain energy IMHO. They are also scripting a whole lot of more dry mouth these days, that is, drying me out, especially when faced with a lot of talking. And a lot more food particles are "staying behind" these days, especially blueberry fragments.

Anyhow, the late day emanations from my PC LCD display are on high, so that is it for now.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Musings on Loafing, Feral Family Dinner & Causal Attribution

1100h As past readers may know, my athletic activity has been slowly reduced to zip; once a twice per day runner and swimmer, then down to hiking twice per week, and now without the vehicle, nothing but dysthymic coasting (aka loafing); and I loathe doing nothing, especially for some other party that requires it, and mind-controls one into uncharacteristic torpor. But this too is a perp managed state, as I have had jobs where there a confluence of conditions where there no work can be done, and no one seemed to want to ameliorate this condition. Unemployment is another area of significant perp interest for whatever reason.

And to be very clear, it has nothing to do with any clinical condition, as there has been no correlation with it and any medications. When a remote party governs when one farts, e.g. when turning off the LCD display at that exact moment the switch is contacted, then there is not a single notion, mood, thought or action that isn't overseen and governed by this unknown party. And this is likely true for a number of other people, it is just that they don't know it. Only TI's have that knowledge, for which they are cast into a living purgatory 24x7.

With over 550 stories on Mind Control Forums that are astonishingly similar, it is about time someone in a position of responsibility woke up and understood this significant reduction of one's freedoms by stealth incursion is a moral outrage. Even if there is no evidence to show for it. A jailed convict has more priveledges that this state of depraved micro-governance by venal juveniles.

I came across (assuming it was me, and not being guided by mind-control) a reasoned write up of a story with much commonality with mine yesterday at this link. The author also rationally describes known and patented mind-control technology of the 1960 to 1970's on this page. and in summary form as follows:
  • Neurophone (US Patent # 3,393,279. July 16th, 1968),
  • Psycho-Acoustic Projector U.S. patent #3,566,347, (23/2/71) A device/weapon which can actually deafen the target.
  • Methods and Systems of Altering Consciousness US Patent # 5,123,844. June 23rd, 1992
  • Microwave Weapons A hearing system" U.S. patent #4,877,027, 31/10/89. Wayne Brunker & A hearing device" U.S. patent #4,858,612, 22/8/89. Philip L.Stocklin.
  • Silent Subliminal Messages: U.S. Patent #5,159,703.October 27th, 1992. Inventor - Dr Oliver M. Lowry.
Personally, I would not make his claims as to satellite technologies as none have been publically documented, but these above devices for direct external and remote control of some of the brain's messaging are documented. Yet the paper trails stop cold, and seemingly, there are no successive improvements that one would expect. It is another game of delusion, along with the perps, abettors and gangstalkers who will not answer fundamental questions as to what is going on. Meanwhile, they collect significant rewards in doing so. The golden trail begins behind me.

2030h Back to blogging after a Feral Gamily Dinner (at my perp abetting parents place). At this time of year, I take the bus there and they drive me back. They are not keen on nightime driving, so it is likely that this arrangement is for summer months only. I only have to take the bus to be reminded as to how nutty the perps are on gangstalking me, and they aren't going anywhere soon. They keep planting the notion in mind that they are about to ceases hostilities, but I have been through about 50 of these little deceits and all I need is a trip to the grocery store, or a bus ride to be reminded that they are looking for some huge payoff/outcome which can only be detected if they keep playing pretend.

The bus was at 1730h and on a Sunday, and unusually, was packed. Standing room for a time. I thought last week was absurd with 30 passengers, but today it had to be 50 or more. At that time of day that bus route runs every half hour. And it was another Asian exposure trip to be sure. In fact, two immediately in front of me were wearing the identical color of top, an aqua blue. And in front of them, a Caucasian woman also wearing an aqua blue top. Anyhow, the same musical chairs-like atmosphere and a lot of "stories" (dress, age, on & off stops, carry-ons etc.) didn't add up to be typical bus passengers. And when I got the navy blue dressed woman moving in front of me where the aqua blue Asian were formerly, with her black backpack, I soon got the maser/laser sting in the toe, a regular harassment feature that often coincides with noisestalking, keystroke blundering, Windows select, cut & paste operations, web page display changes, transitory vision impairments or any other subtleties the perps deem vital. So it would seem, the perps are bringing their full in-apartment harassment act as close to me as they can. The zinger/masers in my vision started up withing a minute of me sitting down at the bustop, last week it was at least 3 minutes reprieve.

As usual, there was the energized/vibrational look to the bus, passengers, and me especially. It is hard not to notice when one sits still and observes. The same goes for my parent's place and the television.

The theme color was yellow while visiting; a 18" x 7" x 3" thick foam gardening pad was posted facing the fron door when I came in, my mother was in a yellow sweater with a salmon colored one over top, for extra garishness/contrast I suppose. Yellow sponge cake for desert, yellow ladders (4!) on a dark green gangstalking vehicle and a yellow driving lighted vehicle, deep red in color, tailing me 90% of the trip back, lights aimed at my eyes via the mirror of course. The dusk lighting conditions is when the perps put on considerable effort, especially with red colored gangstalking vehicles. And they put on a 20' x 3' horizontal plasma flash 8' above the ground between two landscape trees when setting off in my parent's light brown Ford Escape. My father was in the front seat, and he would of seen it, though he didn't say anything. Normally I get these large outdoor plasma displays rarely, but they also pulled them at the bus stop today and last week, green both times.

And it was interesting to observe my father get ready to leave early, when nothing was said to him and he having dementia supposedly. Somebody is telling him something or else he is being "run". And as always, the feints, entrances and exits to create more (needless) activity, not to mention the seemingly important walk-in-front-of-the-TV time. It is the same every week, or any other time I see them.

And a new trick over some kind of "attribution/continuity energy" that the perps appear to be seeking: there was a (white) golf ball on the sports news, and the perps had a house fly track it's trajectory and then beyond the hole on the television. This "happened" more than once, and they have done the same with zinger/masers in the rare moments I see motion on the LCD display (PC sourced). That flying insects take unusual trajectories around me is quite common.

The perps have pulled this "continuity association" or "causal attribution" off in other ways in the past; once my ex-wife was at my back, and she had (was scripted and rehearsed) a hold of the back belt loop of my pants in some kind of agreed upon arrangement. I couldn't see her very well as I was occupied with something facing forward. But oddly, "she" kept this sensation of the pant's waist being tightened for much longer than I expected, some 20 seconds or so, and when I turned around to look, she was long gone. In other words, she departed, and yet the perps kept up this sustained pressure on the pants without me detecting any transition as to the causal party. I surmise from that artful and complex coordination that the perps want to detect some kind of "causal energy/attribution" that would of been apparent once she ceased and the perp's sorcery took over.

Similarly, they have redoubled their efforts in placing the zinger/masers over the precise location where I am focussed to read, as I have complained about in past posts. Another variant of this is them placing the mouse cursor exactly where I want to clean up spelling mistakes (created through mind-control; my spelling has never been as bad as this, ever). In a similar vein in the past, the perps have set me up up for an public announcement, then dither the sound or me such that the key piece of information is missed no matter my attentiveness. Any thoughts as to what all of this might mean would be appreciated as I am throwing words about in an attempt to name the common thread in all of this; causal, attribution etc.

A similar tactic of what a politely call "dashed expectations" is likely part of this theme. In my vernacular, I call it "Suck and Fuck"; that is, raising expectations of some kind of favorable event outcome, and then dashing those expectations with some kind of unexpected intervening event, scripted by the perps of course. One of their favorites being mentioned above; planted thoughts on cessation of hostilities and when the day arrives, nada, same old gangstalking, noisestalking and the rest of the harassment. And sometimes they will even back off a few days beforehand to give the story more credence.

Another past example was me, (or more correctly the mind-controlled and set up "me"), thinking that I was going to get hauled into hospital on July 31, the day of my doctor's appointment. I was wrong bigtime, but there had been a long train of analysis and supporting thoughts as to how it would suit the the perps perfectly. Guess what, they are at it again with a doctor's appointment for Aug. 21, when this envisioned scenario could yet again occur, or "I" could be wrong again. One thing I do know, is with the eviction notice hanging over my head, there will be something very different Sept. 01 as I must be out of here by then. No imagined event that.

Enough musing; the emanations from this LCD display panel are getting very strong.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Designed Cluelessness

As a diagnosed/documented Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) sufferer, a measure of cluelessness goes with the territory with the major deficits being in emotional intellingence. But such individuals catch up, and become close to normal in this respect.

I submit however, there is an addtional and highly managed component to this condition that this TI claims is created and sustained by the erstwhile perp agency that controls his very being by way of mind-controlling irradiations. Being clueless is part of their "needed mix" of managed impairments and has got worse in the past year. Some of it is innocuous; e.g. about two years ago the perps stopped me reading newspapers by dithering me at the time, and making the exercise pointless. There goes being informed and in its place, a created cluelessness that is further enhanced with more skullduggery. "I", in the managed entity sense that I claim is happening, rarely read a local paper, and have little knowledge of city events. This is very unlike how I used to live.

Instead, I read the news on the internet, which is partially perturbed by skipping any articles that are proximate to frenetic moving ads, which I cannot stand, and I scroll downward to escape them. This means another round of cluelessness has been attained as I invariably catch the news item in mid-story, without getting the introductory summary to it, and who are the players and what do they represent. I can live with that, and if truly a problem, I will brave the advertisements for a few seconds of reading time it takes.

That is still not sufficient harrassment in the minds of the perps though; most of my web pages come "splayed" out horizontally no matter what browser settings I have, necessitating the left-right scrolling for which I am (and this maybe a planted trait) notoriously lazy in doing. Hence end of sentence truncation, less reading of the entire story, ergo, more designed cluelessness.

Added on top of this is the designed "forgetting", a long established practice for which recent advances in mind-control have made worse. That is, "I" (in the mind-controlled sense) can look an object and not remember what to do with it, say from a stack of dirty dishes that need to be cleaned, one by one. It used to be, as of two months ago, the very item would at least serve as a prompt in the context and "remind me" that it needed to be cleaned too, continuing the above example.

Now this isn't good enough for the perps keep hammering and dithering what I know. They now deplete me of knowledge and introduce the thought of the item and associated action at a location and time of their choosing. An example would be going to the grocery store and getting a cooked chicken, my top priority on the grocery list, as it serves as my major source of protein for the next three weeks. I was some pissed when I was in the store, and I looked at the cooked chickens and for a second or two, "I" didn't know what to do. The perps had purged me of knowing of my primary intent as to going shopping, and furthermore, also purged any contextual reminder (visual image of the product). This is the scary shit that goes on all day, every day, and gets worse as I serve as their testbed for their latest way to corrupt, debase or deplete one's thoughts.

Another is predictable routine email blocking, specifically the more relevant group sites such as Mind Control Activism. Another dead TI named Nadine was recently found, and there had been no mention about her until a offchance remark (read, my permitted entre) caught my attention. This same unfortuneate event happened 8 months ago to another TI, and the MC Activism group email banter was replete with many daily mentions of this event over a three week period. This time, I get put in the dark. A similar event happened that discouraged a non-TI from aiding this cause,and yet I have no idea what transpired. More of the same all the time, as if ADD for a lifetime wasn't enough sufference.

Make no mistake about it, the perps knew long ago there was an ADD condition and exploited it to the maximum. I am pissed over a number of these set ups in the past, and the elegant timing of the precursor conditions (read, "developmental cluelessness") is a dead giveaway as to the Dark Hand of the Perps ripping up my life, self-confidence and all that goes with it.

And with the latest round of vision perturbances, itemized in yesterday's posting, there is even more opportunity to render me clueless as they control what can be "noticed" in one's field of view. Dynamic impairment of what I read, and how much comprehension happens is a given. Most often they will let me read early in the day (some), but with lesser ability later in the day.

Call it informational sabotage; ensuring the subject is allowed to read a very small amount of what he is able to, and reduce the informational content. I have a sense though, especially given the fawning press over the Iraq War and the lacking 9-11 events analysis, that managed cluelessness might be the wave of the future. My dark thoughts of the day are now concluded.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Vision Attacks & a Trigger Concept Example

As I write this I am under highly annoying vision impairment of various kinds which should be itemized by kind for the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with the Targetted Individual (TI) so-called life. They are:

  • floaters, zingers but technically masers of some kind that travel together with an additional veil like verticals,
  • ghosting by way of plasmic replication of seen objects including parts of myself,
  • plasmic beams of no relation to seen objects,
  • generalized transitory degradation; an overall blurriness, one or both eyes, often with simutaneous noise, head turn or Windows web page change or combinations thereof,
  • "trailing hairs"; hair like visual perturbations placed in the same location of one's peripherial vision, no matter how short one's hair is or other ameliorative measures such as sweeping hair out of the way,
  • white light sources flickering or strobing in peripherial vision,
  • point sources of light, usually blue-ish white, which I take to be a axial view of a maser, which are normally grey when seen from oblique angles,
  • full vision strobing of color plasma, usually red, sometimes under the cover of blinking one's eyes, other times a blatant and debilitating strobe for some five seconds or so.

For whatever reason, I don't feel that I am myself today; a stoned-like wierdness has usurped my sense of normality. Perhaps I am being totally "run" today, instead of partially. Certainly the lassitude over getting a new place is an example of totally uncharacteristic behavior. Call it enforced docility.

Anyhow, I finally did make contact with a moving company as to booking a "mystery move"; as in I don't know where to, but possibly storage. The perps have put me through at least 30 lifetime moves, and always like it when I throw things out in the process. And I noticed, with guiding mind-control as part of the event. As an example, they had me throw out an unfinished woodwork project when I could of stashed it in my parent's crawl space with the rest of my rare woods. As it was of rare-ish Pacific Yew with enough supply to make two end tables. I am still pissed with this venal intervention of three years ago. I was never allowed to get the design complete in the 15 years the project was begun. Only the table tops were glued up, and they looked real sharp with sapwood edged creamy white wane with the red brown heartwood.

A Trigger Word/Concept Example

I am sure I am serving the perp's trigger word objectives in discussing this very issue, but I am attempting to give an example of the exhaustive trivia that is put upon a TI over these perp's "obsessions", fetishes or whatever one wishes to call it. I t would be more likened to a trigger concept than a word. The trigger concept is "copper", as in the metal, and its characteristic color. I have no idea as to why, and have no more experience with this metal than the average person save the odd rewiring job in the days when I was allowed to own a house. (I have copper or copper plated cupboard and drawer pulls in the kitchen of this apartment.)

For two months earlier this year the perps had me conceptually design the ideal fast PC from components that could be sourced from PC suppliers. This was to be a fast and quiet machine, and as part of it, it was to have CPU cooling. The current CPU cooler designs are largely configured around heat fins and heat pipes, often in aluminum or you guessed it, copper. Some are a combination of both metals. The PC esearch was exhaustive, but invariably there was a new CPU cooler design on the market every week that deserved an examination as it offered to meet the often divergent criteria of quiet and efficient.

I thought the exercise was a time waster as I did not have the money to proceed with a PC build, and furthermore, it would require paying someone to do it. (I cannot make or build anything of substance as it will be surely sabotaged, especially something new). Then somewhere in all of that there was a mention in another context of the word "copper" (as in copper beech tree) by someone in the family (of perp abettors), and then it finally dawned on me, this was all about a "trigger concept" exercise, this PC building activity.

Once I figured that out (or was led to it), the activity over this trigger concept diminished, but very now and again, it comes up in the "news" (as it is fed to me), and does even currently; e.g. copper miners strike in Chile, using copper surfaces for hygeine in Africa (wierd to say the least), and so it goes. As inconsequential as this seems, this is one of hundreds of trigger concepts or themes that the perps keep playing in their victim's lives, or through their thoughts mostly. It is simply exhausting to be dealing with their garbage as well as attempting to fend off or parry their venal intrusions. Most times I don't really care about these trigger concepts as there are so many and cover all aspects of one's life. Rarely do the perps blatantly mention a trigger word/concept directly, with the exception of the last two visits to the housing office where the same headcase/yapper "happened" to mention one, each per two visits.

1700h I am getting the sleep-while-in-my-chair-in-front-of-the-PC attacks again, and I surmise that this might have something to do with reduced cognitive and visual function while being monitored for other activities that the perps are exploring. Earlier there was a combination of exercise bike-like pounding overhead with accompanying loud music. This racket went on for at least 40 minutes post tea and chocolate, and I assume it had to do with attempting to determine all the energetics of digestion. The perp's interest in my digestion has been there from the get-go when all I knew was harassment. For over a year I could not understand why they were so fanatical about this until they revealed their mind-control objectives. Four years later the mystery remains as to what else they are after and why cannot they come clean and buy a cooperative subject instead of everyone else, e.g. doctors, hospitals, employers etc.

Enough for a post, the noise asault is on high, as is keystroke dithering.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Gangstalk Gauntlet

1100h A second trip to the housing services office I was at yesterday afternoon, and the perps laid on some of the same overacting headcases today, as yesterday. And the same yappy dude touched another trigger word/concept that is hot with me, which is, not knowing where I am going to move to, three weeks short of the move date. As usual, they put on blonde women gangstalkers at first, then later added in the ever increasing fleet of "workless" men of working age who appear from nowhere it seems. And they are making it over-obvious as well. So it would seem that the perps will likely want extra walking time at the next location wherever it is going to be.

It is all too common to make a repeat trip to the same location at a different time of day, the next day for the ever recurrent "forgotten" item. This technique goes back decades under the cover of Attention Deficit Disorder.

There was an overnight rain that filled plenty of puddles enroute, and the streets and sidewalks were wetted down, one of the perps favorite weather conditions for having me gangstalked. The post-rain events are sometimes set up for exiting a store only, but dry on entry.

The perps put on more painted crosswalk lines, all along my route. I have seen road line repainting at least once per year on my usual route when I had my vehicle. Now, it is no different for the walking routes; newly painted white, yellow and bustop red zones.

Red ball caps were playing big on the male gangstalkers enroute to the housing office. One backpacker inside the office was wearing one, and was doing the coffee routine (waving it around, spilling it, and putting himself between it and me) and another was dangling off his pack. There were other red ball cappers on the sidewalks, and a black woman in a red T-shirt was planted too. Not a big deal by everyday standards, but there are relatively few black people in this city, and I constantly wonder why I see so many on my few travels.

Blonde women abounded though; one was on standby duty, i.e. no ostensible cause, and standing with a cup of coffee, dressed in black and white. Others were at the office, one suspiciously like the blonde woman I met and conversed with at length yesterday, looking older only. When I sat down I could not see behind the corner, and while waiting there, four gangstalkers emerged one in a medichair, all of whom I would of seen earlier. Anyhow, "sudden parades", though never seeing their origin, are not new in the life of a TI. I also got an in-room gangstalk with a grey and deep red Icelandic sweater wearing woman, and when I got outside (when she should of been long gone), she was in the still-stance position facing me; feet about 12" apart, arms at her sides with her hands 3" off her body and staying stock still momentarily. Why anyone would be wearing a thick wool Icelandic on a day like today is yet another unanswered question.

Also occuring while waiting at the office was a plasma ghosting of me, offset by 18" in front of me. This happened twice and yet none of the overacting "headcases" said anything.

Being the center of a freakshow means that the perps have no compunction about laying on other freaks about the TI (this one anyhow). That includes 1960's style bright orange pantsuit outfit on a woman who timed her doorway exit to cross my path as close to me as socially permissable, on the ruse that she was headed for a taxi, blue and white colored. This was a little pinch play on a narrow sidewalk portion, as a darker blue medichair was also "parked" there unattended in a another credulity testing arrangement. She had a navy blue jacket over her orange pantsuit blouse, -it would seem that the perps were attempting to leverage a navy blue color response and then determine what the other planted proximate blue colors were doing (to me, neurological energetics-wise IMHO) as well as the masked orange color.

One routine that the gangstalkers are engaging in, almost to the point of caricature, is head turning for no apparent reason. Or as a substitute, they gaze upward as if something was there. (There usually isn't, and I have long given up attempting to verify this coordinated dumb-fuck routine). Usually it is the male gangstalkers, some of which also "came from nowhere", one doing the bendover stunt, and seeming to be at a loose end as to what his cover story was. Another was waving and pointing, the technique is mentioned at length in this blog posting.

The white hair act also gets added into the freak show, this one putting on the white brand new runners as well. The perps have an obsession about ensuring that I see/react to white hair as well as red hair. Or else it offers some kind of color interaction calibration. Another strong trait amongst the male gangstalkers and operatives is to go bald, "skinheads" are what I name them.

And more long distance alignment of "peas-in-a-pod" (green colored) gangstalkers, some 80' away, aligning themselves and then splitting apart. Yesteday this identical event played out in dark red, walking in the same direction.

The medichair (motorized wheelchair) gangstalkers are also getting more time in the freakkshow; they carry the torch in as far as bringing deep metallic red color close in to me. And as mentioned above, a rare blue metallic one was left on the sidewalk for the pinch play the perps put on. And the perps like to use the medichair's batteries as an energy source; I have seen beams emanate from them and zap the hell out of me in public.

The vision impairment jerkarounds are becoming more public now; they were once an in-apartment only harassment event, so now it seems that the perps can use this technique outside with the expectation that they can obtain similar results. Often they will "happen" when I am turning a corner or looking in a certain direction. The zinger masers that once passed for what the optometrist called "floaters" are also occuring in the street now. These obnoxious fuzzy black "self-propelled" objects have a nasty habit of sitting exactly where my focal point is, or pairing up, and sitting one on each side of it. (This is playing as I type, so time to logout).

I got two simutaneous gangstalks on the last leg; on the opposite side of the street a male in a brown fleece jacket. Plus they put a female gangstalker 8' behind me, and no mean feat as I was walking quite fast and she somehow stayed behind me. She in a black pantsuit with a fuschia blouse. I didn't know she was there until 2/3 of the block had been walked when a leaf crackled behind me. This is at least the third time a gangstalker has been on my tail (<8' behind me) and I don't "discover" it until the latter third of the very same block in the same direction. And furthermore, this street is not that busy , having only two residential towers and the back end of a car lot. I cannot figure out how the gangstalkers arrive with such precision and little warning in any conventional sense. It is uncanny, and if it is teleporting, it always happens when I am not looking, 100% of the time.

My theory is that the blonde women gangstalkers in black are the calibration standard, and whatever energy/emanations they create in me, is what the perps are attempting to replicate in other colors, brown being their biggest problem. Also of interest is that the perps created a "shaving bleed" that self healed, but enough to be spread upon the white towel. This is not unusal, and at times they dispense with the shaving cover story and created a spontaneous bleed on my nose for the same effect.

I came across a viable description of the NSA's surveillance activity and what they are likely doing, and in my experience it is very credible. The web site author has since stopped posting as he has had his life threatened he claims.

But living in Canada is no different, and the perps are likely an organization for which Canadians are unaware of. The perps can flit across the borders and on one occasion, an operative at the INS inspection lineup, threw his passport on the ground in front of the INS officer so he could then bend over in front of me to pick it up. And curiously, the INS officer found that to be funny. I assume it was all part of the coordinated laughing, coughing etc. game that goes on around me much more than it ever did before.

This post is a disjointed ramble, and for that I aplogize, but I am getting more interference with my grammar rule knowledge than I ever did before.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


0900h As I begin this a siren show has erupted, a common noise assault method as the actual emergency vehicles never materialize on the half-assed thoroughfare that I can observe through an alleyway portal. And this portal is where the perps place their parked vehicles for color gangstalking purposes; the silver-grey, white, red and sometimes a green or a brown vehicle. Anyhow, the sirens also have a particular flavor that I have never witnessed anywhere else before; call it siren-interuptus, where the typical cycle of the decaying sound is stopped suddenly as if switched off. However, they often resurrect the sound 10 to 20 seconds later, only to do this again. With a multiple siren cascade (two or more sources for the same "emergency"), this combination can get quite silly. On occasion the European style klaxon emergency sound will erupt, and sometimes, that 1960's version of mechanical origin. All for digging deeper into my neurological make up for realtime monitoring of the last 0.01% the perps don't already control IMHO.

And the "emergency" frequency has at least doubled in the year that I have been in this apartment, along with "neighbor" ructions, especially ones that can penetrate my hearing protection. More nightime awakenings again; once to hear someone talking, once to look at the plasma/maser show, a grainy black & white appearance to everything at that moment, and one more for reasons I won't divulge. All three events have been very consistent each night over the past two weeks, and before being life-sabotaged four years ago, I never awoke for anything.

And a catch up on yesterday's recall blocking; there were more what I have termed "peas-in-a-pod" gangstalkers. This is where two ambulatory gangstalkers are wearing green shirts/blouses/jackets usually a few green shades apart, and then one stands in front of the other. One of these erupted on my parent's street as I was driving their vehicle with them in it three days ago. The only two people on the street, putative neighbors as the set up, were each wearing green shirts, a shade different, and doing the peekaboo game of one standing in front of the other. In this situation I am captive as there is little I can do when driving the parent's vehicle with them in it. And the perps like to repeat these exercises in changed circumstances; the aforementioned peas-in-a-pod stunt was visible through the safety glass of the windshield, and yesterday's equivalent was directly visible, no intervening objects.

As I have often lambasted the perps in my enraged oratories, here they have a multi-billion dollar research operation running totally illegally (nonconsensual human experimentation), and they are playing these juvenile games they could of sorted out in weeks with cooperation instead of four years of venal psychotorture. I have yet to understand the reason or the mentality of that thinking, let alone as to why they are able to convince so many individuals and businesses to comply, aside from cash or rewards in kind. And make no mistake, anyone with whom I have had substantial contact with is amply rewarded usually when I/they move on. New wings of at least three schools, ditto for university faculties, and 15 station geographic information systems at my former employer and so it goes. New vehicles for once-friends, new jobs, new houses or major renovations; I have a wake of rewards behind me, most of which I have no idea as to the ultimate size or nature. The compensation organization part of the perp's operations has to be sizable in itself to keep everything straight, and as promised for the value, however that is determined. No doubt freelance gangstalkers will swap notes, and they don't want any grumbling after the fact.

1600h I am back from the housing people, and got to tell my story even if there was some plasma beams crossing the room (no one said anything). The detail of standees outside was there too, doing the coffee break and cigarette routine, then coming inside the office when I was about to depart. There is no break in the quandry as to where I am moving to and when. Subsidized housing is possible, likely a group housing for income situation (read live-in gangstalkers).

And the same shadow flashes there as here, where a momentary darkness flits across the room, usually six or more times per day. The perps also put on extra exuberant "head cases" (read, operatives) in the waiting room for me to listen to and drop a trigger word/concept that they alone knew to get my interest. They also had a gangstalker sleeping on the ground in the hot sun act at the entrance, there for my egress in both directions.

And the perps had my voice extra strained and stressed to go with my story of being harassed and gangstalked. A vehicle was parked outside that happened to add extra glare to my face through the dark tinted safety glass of the office. Outside, the gangstalkers walked back and forth, momentarily intercepting the light reflection in my face. As usual, a parade of vehicles went by in color coordinated droves, with a deep red metallic parked vehicle 30' beyond. The perps are decidedly after a distance dependent model for the color red, as they put on ambulatory gangstalkers wearing red at 100', 150' and 200' further ahead, and then had them align at times.

Another stunt was to put a snake like piece of garbage on the sidewalk and when I momentarily reacted as if it were one, they hit me with some kind of head noise that is all too coincident with other activities around here.

Anyhow, the depressing news to me is the the perps are going to likely contain/constrain/harass me for another year at least, given that I will be moving at month end. With this town irradiated and cooking with whatever they are doing, and a town full of compliant shills, not to mention the sick family quislings, they aren't going to let me off the hook for anything. I heard that Rumsfeld and Bush talked of a two year more commitment to Iraq, and I take that to be another two years of harassment as these affairs have some inordinant shared circumstances that I have detailed in past postings. And I don't think they were blowing smoke on this one either.

And one can see a blackish-grey trailing wispy flashes/waves emanating off buildings and even the roads. Time to call this a post, the perps are lacing me with the zinger/masers in my vision and carrying on with the noisestalking.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Back to Reality

1000h A four block walk to the downtown ATM, and it was color coordinated gangstalking all the way, both vehicular and ambulatory. The (parked) red vehicles thing again, how about four in file at the meters, a break and another three in the same block and side of the street as I was. The "plastic bagmen" (or women) were on me as soon as I set off, as a newly opened recycling depot opened up as the cover story for that one. And too, 20 - 40 shopping carts outside as well, another gangstalker favorite for all the metal surfaces I would guess. And the glass bottle crashing noise is heard through the windows of the apartment even. And to make sure I wasn't out of earshot of that noise, a curbside recycling truck was making the same noise at my destination. I suspect that the vibrations of the banging glass also provide some analysis information for the perps. They once hounded me relentlessly in a liquor store where my brother was in on the gangstalking too. Later, another round in the same circumstances with my mother as the "reference" gangstalker. Also, having kids pound on the store's windows as I enter is another gangstalk stunt. Smashing glass near me, or better yet for them, having me smash it is another perp stunt/energetics assay method.

The perps put on a police "light show", the term I use to describe their flashing lights usually a faux emergency event, sometimes without any other contributing vehicles. Another police vehicle came to turn a corner in front of me waiting at the light. Having these assholes on show is another "priveledge" in being gangstalked.

Another intended destination to acquire packing supplies was closed, oddly, but they appear to be doing renovations. All too often, the set up (e.g. intent to go to a specific location, acquire something etc.) and the letdown, even if it is inconsequential. I wonder what the perps get out of that as they have been working on this stunt all the time in the past four years of overt harassment and surveillance.

The perps pulled another mandatory nap on me after lunch, with the usual recovery time. And they are making sure there is precious little relief from boredom; they won't let me read a book for > 10 minutes, and online reading gets sabotaged too. And should I not have ready internet access at the next residence, then what? I try not to think too far ahead even if it is allowed. The perps like me to be clueless about my next move, plans etc. Hence the ADD & LD (Learning Disabilities) cover story all those decades.

2200h The day is winding down; I devoted some four hours in the Firefox Bookmark Manager to clean it up of frames type bookmarks which are nonspecific and not a whole lot of good for ready or programmatic retrieval. All that select/cut/paste time which the perps love me to do, and at their very favorite research time, dusk. They couldn't of had it any better. And plenty of masers in the line of vision or emanating from the LCD display itself.

It has been like this since they began their overt operations, their interest in the word "the" is one. For bookmarking film titles from IMDB, "I" (though mind controlled), select the definite or indefinite article (e.g. A or The), cut it from the title, and place it at the end with a preceding comma and space, much like libraries do in their cataloging. To make a long story short, I have an incredible number of film titles, more than I could view in a lifetime, and this is all about the perp's fixation with having me select/cut/paste this same grammatic construct again and again. This method has been applied to all my bookmarks, so the perps have a huge number of occurrences, some 30,000 or more I reckon. Not all are bookmarks, but in searching, the same or in reverse is also performed. I asked the Mind Control/Covert Harassment Forum group if anyone else had experienced this form of sabotage/surveillance, and as far as I know, I am the only one.

More food flicking by the perps today; their fixation with guacamole drove them to flick a knob of it 8" laterally onto the counter instead of the fry pan immediately underneath the container. And more noisestalking each time I poured the olive oil into the fry pan. And some olive oil splats "appeared" on the kitchen floor as well. It is worse than having infants, as they soon grow up, whereas the perps appear to regress.

The perps have pulled a few near rage level stunts/mind-controlled reaction today. In other words, the month of "good behavior" I was granted is now being violated. More ugly mood days ahead I suspect.

Anyhow; I had some more pointed remarks to make of today's perp harassment, but I sense that they have purged them from recall which they can do readily. When this overt harassment began in 05-2002 all I knew was that it was harassment, and was totally unaware of the mind control quest behind it. At the time, I always wondered how it was when seeing the doctor that "I" would "forget" some of the most compelling nonclinical examples to convey to the doctor. In other words, I wasn't allowed to defend myself adequately. Now I know why.

Tomorrow is a big day; I see the housing people and find out where I can live on $985/month, my so-called disability payments.

Monday, August 07, 2006

More Ramblings

It is a public holiday in this part of the world, and not a whole lot is going on, save excitement like doing laundry. Written tongue-in-cheek as the perps find this aspect of my existence endlessly fascinating and have once lined up five gangstalkers to "stand by" me extracting it from the dryer to my basket. There is something they want to understand about garments and their energetics as they come from the laundry. My brother bought a commercial laundry about a year ago, and it is very likely he is my surrogate in this respect.

It is a morning of the usual provocations and rants, maser/zinger action in my field of vision, and a few other "crumb jobs", usually brown colored to add variety to the brown colored foods that may already be present (e.g. peanut butter, chocolate, cereal). And true to form, the perps cause my nose run when eating chocolate and/or peanut butter about 80% of the time, and I do not have a cold nor any allergic reaction. They want some finger-at-nose action for whatever purposes they have in mind, and it is so consistent as to be only a chore, not worthy of ranting about it.

The facial asymmetry is back, so the trend of symmetry (like my face was) was only a temporary state. The perps are also allowing me to turn off light switches without redirecting my fingers to slide, miss or fumble about everytime. Not what I call progress as obviously I never had the problem in the first place before all this depraved hell came upon me.

And from yesterday's minor discussions with the so-called parents who cast me into this purgatory and continue to abet it, there was a "suggestion" that they want me to discontinue my internet access in the next round of being poor, at the next place to be, wherever that is. Also, and not unexpectedly, they gave the broad hint that they don't want me to return to their place and live, but the feeling is mutual to be sure. And it would be more so if I had any control over my life circumstances. Since I left home all I wanted was to be independent enough to stay out of their clutches of their blithering ineptitude and chaos. Now I am cast back into that pit again. Visiting then is a constant bad dream even if it weren't for their blatant gangstalking.

The noise assault on sorting my laundry came on just before I headed out the door. A combination of overhead rythmic pounding as if a exercise machine was in use, human voice humming, and an on-off noise of a guitar being rapped on its back. As I write this the zingers are going mad, so this must be an elevated noisestalking moment.

The perps gave me a 40 minute nap after lunch; ordinarily I have no need for them, but I have long learned it doesn't take much for them to create the "need", hoping it will be a close-to-normal experience. Some of their longer naps "leave me" (read perp created) feeling trashed for the remaining hours in the day. And likely too, the nap was scripted to coincide with the 12" of sun falling on the end of my bed. In this way, they have my feet in the sun, and the rest of me in shade.

This could be to "examine" my new (old) shoes while heated and illumated differently from the rest of me. I have been wearing black Ecco's for 4 years straight, and the perps even took the plastic heel stiffening insert out of them, which are embedded between the inner and outer leather. Quite the feat, and not even the cobbler cover story. That is, the perps creating one problem with the shoes, having me take them to the cobbler, and then the perps trash/modify them in some other way at the same time. But suddenly, as of two days ago, the soles on the black Ecco's became worn through, and other pieces were falling off. They had even packed some dark red glitter in some gum on the base of the soul to simulate one of their problem colors, deep metallic red. Worth framing I should think.

In the course of my brother (strangely) helping me store my boxed possessions last week, we created access to the remaining boxes, one with my brown Ecco's. They still have the heel stiffeners in them, and I will soon find out if the perps can handle that or not. Moving to brown shoes represents a big step forward in the perp's games, so they might well have been making progress on all things brown. I am getting seriously noisestalked/spooked so another login/post paragragh for later.

And said brother is leading a mysterious life; when I asked him about moving the rest of my boxes he said he would help. I asked him if was going anywhere in August as that is his traditional holiday time, and he said no. A week later my mother says he has gone for a week to Bella Coola, a remote town on the British Columbia coast. Then yesterday my mother talks about him coming back next week, making it two weeks away. She backpeddles some and says maybe 10 days. Then when I learn about his route, he "happens' to be following my footsteps in my forestry summer work days in the Caribou region. This is the second time he has done this; two years ago, a trip for which he wouldn't explain (but had to name drop) took him to Powell River and Texada Island, more of my stomping grounds from the past. He had no prior association to that area, and was disinclined to say why he went there. No big deal, just another Feral Family mystery, and no authentic explanation that bears scrutiny.

And at the risk of sounding too conspiratorial, my ex-wife and my daughter are spending a month in Europe travelling. They are visiting relatives in the UK and will push on to continental Europe via the Eurostar train travelling in the so-called Chunnel, something we did as a family some 10 years ago. Anyhow, their present holiday does cover a lot of the same ground, and others from my own Europe trips in 1976. And to be fair, they are visiting Tuscany, an area unknown to me.

The 10 year ago trip to Europe was remarkable for two things; my then wife being an extra colossal idiot and a rude travelling companion, and that the perps, in their "quest of the brown", had me take a crap in the Eurostar (train) toilet while travelling in the Channel Tunnel at some 150 km/hr and 450 feet below sea level. And here the perps are 10 years later, still ragging me every time I take a shit, and even scheduling a 500 gallon septic services truck to park outside my apartment "on a pump job" for a building that is on sewer, twice in two weeks. And two other septic service truck stalkings when walking for groceries.

Anyhow, my then wife's behavior continued to become more erratic, which was the script for divorce later. It was my last vacation, and I still haven't recovered from it in many ways, because it was no rest. And no, I won't ask them if they took a shit in the Channel Tunnel for the perp's operations.

If anyone cheerful has any ideas of a parody in being a TI, I have a suggestion to get started; call them agents of SMIRK , one of their orchestrated acts they put on. For TI's, there is very little humor, being the butt of juvenile sickos with god-like tools to mess one around all the time. Or at least be on guard for it.

I see my links are restored, one of those self-remedying problems that TI's sometimes experience.

And the sickos pulled two enraging stunts today; that is a provocation and then "me" screaming at them. This marks the first time in a month they have mind-fucked me into that response, but I had a suspicion they couldn't keep their mitts off the #1 jerkaround harassment stunt. And since they broke the ice on that one, what is coming next? Back to constant non-stop all day provocation and enragement? Stay tuned, more ugliness is overdue.