Friday, January 01, 2010

About Me; Over 1200 Character Version

MY New Year update plans go awry; this is the version that didn't fit in the blog header, as I found out that it cannot be over 1200 characters when I attempted to insert it from a paste from Notepad. Updated 01-01-2010, 1800h.

I am surveilled, harassed and gangstalked everywhere I go 24/7/365.  Most of the city's population and all its civic services appear to have been co-opted in supporting this depravity. Mind control research is part of this activity, but not all. As an example, I was controlled to drive down the wrong direction of a one-way arterial street where all oncoming traffic was rerouted. All my experience, knowledge and judgement were temporarily hijacked and subverted from a remote location.

I am kept in a densified magnetic field, measured at 1600 Gauss in 2009, once 200 Gauss in late 2002. No doubt the constant barrage of maser and plasma beams, both magnetically controlled phenomena, that I see in significant quantity in my apartment residence is part of this ongoing nonconsensual human experimentation in a supposed free country, Canada. Most, if not all, interactions with others seem to be scripted with compliant and complicit individuals. This includes my family who are in total denial, and from my determinmation, are fully involved in this atrocity given their unrelenting propensity to play dumb all the time. My parents and two younger brothers are whom I call the First Feral Family in this blog.

Other interesting snippets from the past are that by age five I had lived two years in Montreal, as my father finished his PhD in geology at McGill in 1959. I remember nothing from my second stay there, 1958-59, and no one in my family ever mentioned this second residence term. I only now know about it (as of 2009) from finding a family photo and could place the date from my three years younger brother, that of myself and the ice sculptures. But I have a smattering of recollection of Montreal when there 1956-57 when aged two years old; one was that the snow disappeared overnight. Which of course didn't happen, but obviously I had been somewhere else where I couldn't update my environmental recall. And for those who know of psychiatric abuse as practiced in North America then, my time in Montreal was coincident with that of the infamous Dr. Ewen Cameron of his never published "psychic driving" (aka brain trashing) program at McGill University, subject of a successful lawsuit against the CIA.

I am often gangstalked and gamed by Scottish accented gangstalkers and shills, and Dr. Cameron had a strong Scottish accent. The constant plasma beams in lurid colors, both as flashes and enahncements of lighted objects in my apartment, may be an emulation of LSD experiences, as Dr. Cameron was also involved in this as part of this CIA supported program. By way of invasive and extra conventional technologies, as enabled in this densified magnetic field I am kept in, there are suggestions of other abusive facets from this era, though I have no explicit recall as to what exactly happened.

Nearly all of my conscious recall seems to have been blanked out from 1956 to 1960, save above mentioned snippets of early formed memories. The present day ongoing public harassment presentation includes clinical themes (white coats and clothes, and such personnel closing in on me), black colored vehicles, wheelchairs, the plasmic LSD colorations mentioned above, male crotch grabbing, bald male heads, large beer guts, negroes, electroshocks, coordinated coughing and other freakish appearances and perverse public behavoirs. As this has been so consistent for the past 7.5 years of harassment (as of late 2009), I can only assume that some of it is designed to re-enact events of subconscious recall that my harassors cannot yet access.

A second significant component of my travails is that I deal with extra-conventional gravitic harassment all day long, and anywhere I go. Teleporting crumbs, dog hairs and lint are 100x/day or more events, and objects can move by themselves, often in my visual field with no apparent causality. I am not always allowed to do the most basic of things; my fingers will fly off the light switch without it moving, book pages will stick together, my hand will somehow slip and drop what I was holding even with no intention of relasing anything, the extraordinary number of typos that "happens" defies some 35 years of keyboarding experience, and other litanies of ongoing applied abuse all day long. And too, I get teleporting operatives arriving from nowhere, or else disappearing in my proximity. This senseless and insane extra-conventional remotely applied gravitic abuse is the second major reality disruption I encounter all the time. The is nothing my tormentors like to do more than enrage me, and as one can detect, it can be easily accomplished by full time and real time applied methods of manipulating the physicality of my existence.

And don' t tell me to see the doctor; the last two said I am being persecuted, and that should be enough reason for the First Feral Family to exert some objectivity, but they won't.

This is my journal of all things irregular and of harassment proportions from an observational perspective, and I attempt not to weave this into a larger conspiratorial matrix, but it would be easy to do when one considers the timing of these events as they occur for me, and if one adopts the notion that nothing that ever happens, or has happened, in my life has been a coincidence.

Those who find this blog and are not a TI are best advised to read the Essential Introductory Postings (above) first to aquaint themselves to the extra-conventional reality that I deal with every waking moment. It is so highly unlike anyone else's outside the TI (Targetted Individual) community, that assimilating the facts takes effort in smaller digestible pieces.

Now that this is in a blog posting format the temptation is to make this longer, but I will refrain for now as there has been plenty of concurrent noisestalking as I wrote this.


Anonymous said...

I find your blog amazingly interesting.. keep writing!~

AJH said...

I write plenty as I have the time, being classified as disabled and the employer community not replying to my applications in any significant way. I would add more pictures but my version of Blogspot is missing the needed buttons to invoke the upload, something that "happened" a few weeks ago.

Thanks for writing.

PS, I added an extra paragraph to this About Me posting since you read it.