Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ramblings for 10-15-2006

No spectacular events today, though plenty of events to suggest that I am meant to notice all the gangstalking action. These "oversights"/notice-the-perps events were once rare, now there is at least two per day in addition to their usual gangstalking and unconventional physics fuckery.

In the latter camp, more brown crumbs were planted on the (white) fridge in the night; it is a bar fridge and its top serves as a work surface. Also, more white crumbs and plastic pieces "arrived" on the brown carpet floor. My suite is the only one where there is a 5 to 10 pieces of white crumbs/litter etc. outside the door in the hallway.

The runny nose stunt is still playing out, especially when I am dealing with anything brown colored; coffee, chocolate, cereal etc. And they strike when I have both hands occupied about 80% of the time. I do not have a cold or anything that remotely resembles one.

It was a Chicken Run today; the event of buying a hot cooked chicken and having it as my protein source for the next three weeks. And I was covered with lead-ahead gangstalkers for 3 blocks, andsix more congregated around me at the drugstore location I went to in advance. At the next stop, the grocery store, some (>15) were on my tail. And when returned to my cell/suite, and removing the skin and fat from the carcass, four more came to "loiter" and chat outside my window. One woman of them had the most ghastly red hair dye job going.

Along the way to the store, the chinless Mr Passport Tosser "showed up", playing in-street romance with a redhead woman twice his age, both dressed in brown coats. He was at least more respectable today with a white ball cap on his head instead of the idiotic do-rag he had two weeks ago. There is also an emphasis on gangstalkers with rectangular glasses frames these days, and she was one of at least two on this shopping trip. I also got a three blondes gangstalk at the drug store, all standing there looking rapt in shopping when the real reason is to be dead still, like a sentry.

My shaving razor handle has taken to clicking all the time when I shave, which is highly annoying, and cause enough to buy a new one. But, I got skunked; a big time drug store chain was "out of" 2 blade Gillettes, and it seemed the entire purpose of this feint was to plant a plethora of blonde (women) and other gangstalkers. And still, the perps planted at least three more parties to obstruct the aisleways before I got out of there. And I got my stare job du jour, a woman looking behind her at me, while walking forward. Simply amazing.

Though I should point out the above act of spine-twisting/looking is a common gangstalker trait; they turn their heads, doing the over-pretending look, and looking at absolutely nothing of interest. And they will often do this when walking around a corner, like little automations. The men have been doing most of what I call this hyperactive "head spinning", but it seems that they have now instilled this method on their women gangstalkers now. Not unlike the waddling walk act as well, now playing for more women gangstalkers.

Last night's gangstalkers outside my window in the pouring rain were also on the street later to gangstalk me taking the garbage outside to the dumpster. Seemingly, one of them wanted to go down beside the house again, where they were before, and one said, "don't go, they don't want us down there". Given the highly secretive covertness of the perps over the first 47 years of harassment and surveillance, that was a total 'gimme'. As in, designed to be obvious, which suggests that the perps are after the energetics of being harassed; what I deal with all the time.

And I am now back from a visit to my ex-wife and daughter, with three other family members, two of them children. True to form, the perps had me "forget" the children's names immediately in advance of meeting them. That act has been playing out for decades and I am never that forgetful or unprepared. It just pisses me off that I am not allowed to be me. Tonight I felt totally bozo-ified; clogged and fogged in thinking and making a laborious effort to speak. The perps must of been running me 100%. There were masers on me most of the time there, as well as the usual plasmic hash in the air. Also, the odd toroidal pulse from the cupboards while there, reduced from the plainly obvious ones that were coursing through on past visits and dinners.

It is likely that one of the perp's big events was having me take (red) wine to my ex-wife's house, using the bus as my transport. There were as least 50 deep red colored vehicles to gangstalk me from my place to the bus stop (3 blocks) with red wine in hand, wrapped in brown paper. And the perps put on an gangstalker in the same color coat as mine to follow tight to my ass when in the liquor store. The bus trip was the usual Caucasian then Asian then a final East Indian rotation of passengers. (A new route in recent year for me).They put on at least two young blonde women en route, one getting off at the same stop as me, with a short travel duration. Many of the bus passenger travel durations, entrance and exit locations don't add up to who they are, their trip duration, and where they exit.

And more of the job talk from my ex-wife; an ATT contractor in town pays $12 per hour for telephone support and they are actively hiring. All my past attempts to submit an online web application to this firm were met with the page freezing up, or else it not displaying. This time, there is a job fair in town, something totally uncharacteristic for this city, but perhaps this is part of the "slow build" association that the perps want me to follow. It is so fucking tiresome to be reading into what the script is and not having a life unfettered by sick assholes playing games with me, 24x7.

Here is an example of the daily sabotage abatement I must deal with. This is to order Primus Talk Broadband service where the "submit" button was missing entirely from four successive web pages and I had to hunt and find it by clicking on the blank space and eventually having it respond, by dint of "fluke".

I want to sign up, but the web page is frozen up or else my version of the web page is missing the button for "submit". I want to have the number, 250-598-xxxx, my old, as of a month ago, telephone number.

My cell phone also won't work in navigating the phone menu options as well. I seems that I am being totally sabotaged in ordering Primus Talk Broadband service.
Anyhow, assuming my cell phone will work, if you could give me a call at 250-884-xxxx, I may be able to sign on for this service.

John Hughes
Eventually, the order went through, clicking on blank spaces and "somehow" finding the submit button. Even at that I was obligated to send a second email as one item wasn't selected that I wanted in all the constant jerking around that went on. It is so fucking tiresome this to be sabotaged for anything whatsoever, even in executing the perps agenda.

And as it 'turns out", my ex-wife has recently moved hers and our daughter's cell phones to a new carrier because of a repair "fiasco". Sound familiar? Not a coincidence by any means in this dissembled existence.


James F. Marino said...

John, your writings much improved when its not inhibited by the federal aspect.

As for buttons on the Web not being where they should be, I am familiar with it. Also the partial loading of a page which prevents me from filling out information, as well as the barrage of perp inserted ads that I deal with everytime I am on the Web.

Even accessing my e-mail accounts takes several tries and I am constantly getting knocked offline
when these miscreants are in a pissy mood.

Years ago this was not the case.
The only time I saw ads was if I clicked on them or if they were on the borders of the pages I was viewing.

However, now they "drop" right into the middle of the page and at times are difficult to get rid of.

More perped psychopatic psychology.

Writing about our experiences is what keeps us sane, so keep up the good work and don't let these "sadistic bastards" get the better of you.


AJH said...

Try Firefox -an excellent browser, and once done, download the AdPlus extension as it is about 90% effective in removing the frenetic ads which I cannot stand (you too).