Monday, October 16, 2006

Ramblings of 10-16-2006

More thoughts on the "suggestion" of taking on a job by my ex-wife last night while at dinner at her place. She said "I might meet some nice people", har, har, har. She is one of the two main "hint feeders" that exist to supply suggestions as to what my script calls for me to do in this mind-controlled existence that I live in.

And if that is true, and the perps want me to work a job again, it would seem that there is going to be a continued duration of harassment and gangstalking. The perps want to gather all they can on the psi energies (or energetics) of having a job, having failed to do this some 30 or more years to date.

And of course they would have to lay off their keyboard finger dithering harassment as well, something they haven't yet done, as endless never-before typos keep "happening" all the time. It is so frustrating to type, and it is all about setting up more rage and vocalizations for their sick-minded objectives. Trashing someone's life for 52 years isn't enough apparently. They constantly noisestalk me over the very moment I type a period/fullstop, and the same for when I am handwriting them. And it builds from there.

If this job "happens" to unfold as a telephone help center employee, another bonus for the perps would be to have a microphone and headset over my head for 8 hours running, and that would be quite a coup indeed. The reason being is that they can readily appropriate any kind of sensor for their own ends, remotely. That is why the regulations on vehicle tire pressure sensors being mandatory in some near future year was passed, IMHO.

Another comment my ex-wife mentioned with respect to a job, is that I "might meet some interesting people". More broad hints as to some other plan they have brewing, which I will not detail here as it seems too outlandish.

Well it so happened that in taking the bus to her place yesterday, on a Sunday, I met quite a few "interesting people", as it was a rarely used route for me. And the perps do like me to mix up the bus routes I take, and even (over)populate them with the same wierdos that manage to resurface again, usually with some kind of prop or vile color combinations of clothes.

There was a young man at the bus stop when I was there, and we chatted a little until his bus came and he departed. Then came the vagrants; one who seemed very familiar as a swim club member was putting on his act, and started talking to me even if I wasn't looking at him or interested in his "war-stories" until "I" (mind controlled me) told him to shut up. Just then, one of his vagrant "friends" "shows up" and they continue the banter, keeping a dialog going for me to overhear. This is a common perp activity nowadays, keeping a background conversation going. Even as I type this, a rooming house "resident" is on his cell phone, pacing the hallway, just outside my door.

The second vagrant also had a air of familiarity about him, possibly being another swim club member who has specifically stalked me in his normal appearance (5 times) and some morph-over modified guises (> possible 4 times). Anyhow, the two vagrants bantered back and forth, and then when my bus came, they split apart, allowed me to walk between them, and then followed me on onboard, which is what the perps usually do, the deferential "you first" move to tail me.

The bus entered downtown, only three blocks away, and the "vagrants" got off, but not before some more wierdness "happened". One was a female swim club member lookalike, same height, build and facial profile, though in blonde hair, standing at the bus stop. Inside the bus, another almost familiar face "showed up" exiting the bus. And as it turns out, he was a lookalike of a former co-worker from the Ministry of Forests, albeit with longer hair. Anyhow, the perps planted me with some notion as to how freakish this all was, (That is, planted the notion and also heightening my "concern"; I don't get too bothered by it anymore if left to my own devices, a rare event it seems). As the bus journey unfolded the perps reverted to their usual rotation of Caucasians, then Asians, and then East Indians in turbans as mentioned in yesterday's post. They put on two turbaned East Indians this time, the familiar light blue (familiar to me on at least three prior bus trips, and possibly the same player) and the other in a yellow turban.

It does make sense that the perps are using swim club members, especially as they would of been gangstalking me for up to 10 years, and with swim suits only on, a considerable advantage given the amount of perp idiocy that goes on over clothing colors, weave, fabric types and all the combinations. Interestingly, the club swimsuits were in black with a white logo, a preminent color combination that seems to show up much more now than in the thought-to-be random days of pre-overt harassment.

The insertion of blonde women gangstalkers on the bus was also mentioned in yesterday's posted blog. There have been times when my clean laundry has a long blonde women's hair trapped in the folds. More of the never-before events in the guise of happenchance. And to be clear, I don't currently associate with any women or men, as there isn't much choice in that, and nor do I seek any either, as they would sure to be a shill at least. Past activites of looking at the personals for this area online have resulted in a "system crash", from a web browser, to make the message clear -don't bother.

Enough for a post, as I watch paired maser zingers flit about in my vision, seemingly betweend this LCD panel and me.

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