Saturday, October 07, 2006

Ramblings on the Noisescape From My Cell

Living in a rooming house is a wide-open situation for plenty of environmental noise for which there is no control. And natually, in the TI's World, the noise is most often (70%) timed to coincide with activities that I am doing, especially the noise and simutaneous vibrations that "happen" half the house away, in my cell of 8 x 10.

One noise that is getting a lot of airplay is people's voices, usually not to a level that I can distinguish words, but as a background "noise". And it is important to the perps if it is males or females, and they schedule them at specific times and locations. The males' chatter is mostly in this rooming house, while the females are congregated outside on the staircase of an adjacent building 12' away. As part of the managed noise activity, the perps arrange a lot of male laughter, and this faux jocularity (the forcedness is discerable) that erupts around me is sometimes at near deafening levels when they pulled this off behind me at an internet cafe two weeks ago.

All my PC and internet activity that had been noisestalked at the last place is getting a new round of it here, where the noises are be planted to be louder and of more variation in sources. I also get noise stalked at every move I make in preparing lunch or tea, invariably with brown food in hand or being used to make dinner. Having chocolate gets a big round of noisestalking from outside and inside this cell block.

All my actions are also augmented with extra noise; the one and only sink is small, and a dinner plate doesn't fit in it, but no matter the caution I take to keep dishes from clanging on the sink, it still "happens". That is, the dish may be within an inch of the sink edge, but a clang and vibration is set up as if it contacted the sink when it clearly didn't. This is another method that the perps use to add more noise, even if there is no traceable cause.

I am further off the normal flight path than the last location, and yet they still continue to add more aircraft noise; none of these can be seen of course, and their timing is usually around their "silly seasons"; specific timings with other noise events, at dusk (failing light conditions) and before meals of lunch and dinner. The perps have also been laying on noise and plenty of maser action when I eat grapes, and the following digestive period. I made wine for 30 years, mostly from grapes, and here they are still at it, hounding me over this food item and its digestion and color interactions with me (internally and externally).

There is an adjacent parking lot where vehicles can park outside my window, wher I am half a story above the ground surface. Yesterday, they put a roof tarring operation next to this house which was intensely loud for two hours. The perps have a bitument/tar obsession as well.

Within two days of moving in, someone put about 20 dabs of tar on the side of my fridge in a swirl pattern. The next day, a paving operation was outside "filling in" (and looking hard to find locations) minor dips with asphalt in the parking lot surface. When I finally cleaned up the mess on the side of the fridge, the ambulatory gangstalkers were more frequent to presumably measure my energy interactions with their tar deposits immediately following the cleanup.

The street has been paved once recently for a digging operation, and now they are at it again, new asphalt (tar) again, as well as the construction activity noise. They are laying in a 12" pipe of a green PVC type, this plastic being another obsession of theirs, as invariably there are PVC bearing vehicles (irrigation supply) on most vehicular gangstalking operations each day. The perps have even laid PVC pipe on the ground on either side of paths that I am going to walk down. This is under the guise of a irrigation project, even if no one is about.

The street roadworks have also brought about the temporary installation of a portable toilet on the street directly outside this house. One of the perps' obsessions being excrement (think brown), and bringing it near to me. Over the past month they have put four septic services tanker trucks near me in differing locations. As I no longer have a vehicle, these are parked or driven; they wait for no seeming cause, with no reason to be where they are, as all this area is on sewer and they often turn these vehicles in midstreet, behind or in front of me. When I was driving my mother (perp abettor) about, they put on a gasoline tanker sized truck of septic contents parked as we went by. I had never seen such a large septic services truck, let alone just sitting there, engine idling and no pretense of legitimate activity.

Now that the present noise flurry has ended; the ceaseless voices, hallway tromping and front door slamming and building vibration as if there was an exodus, it becomes quite clear there is nothing random about how the noise sources are arranged. I have only met a few roomers of this building, one being the manager, and the usual odd/gangstalker behavior applies. Common feints are: the "popouts" (exiting their room when I happen to be in the hallway), the streetside appearences/gangstalkings, the follow or lead me "coincidences" sometimes from 3 blocks away, the behind the door trick ("just happen" to be on the other side as I am opening it) etc. All very tedious to be sure.

A Note to James Marino, blogger to blogger communication

Thank you for the blog mention and encouragement as I return to regular online status (all day often). And I am flattered as to your comparison;
John, you're a guy who knows how to play a good game of chess, dealing with perp's who can barely manage a checker board.
But I would have to say that I doubt that I have outwitted them owing to at least being outnumbered. Any they know more about me than I know, partially because of my remotely applied learning disabilities (perps' notion of brain development interference), and because they would likely store all this in a database, likely structured to ways that humans associate concepts and learned facts.

You are correct to ascribe moral depravity and outright cowardice to the perps (too cute of a name, I don't use it in my written journals). Anyhow, a whole month worth of yours and other like targets need to be caught up on, as I troll through the stories, I am more apalled as to what is happening. The two school shootings of the past week, and the one in Montreal in early September cannot be random, and the perps actually interfere with my attempted thoughts/analysis of what might be going on vis a vis present circumstances.

Thanks again,


James F. Marino said...

keep up the good John, describing the moral descent into oblivion.

Don't let the perps manipulate you.
I am well aware of the stories they tell to the detriment of others. Sadly, I am also well aware that the FEDS are as capable of doing so as your garden variety stalker.

I have heard from others that as TI's we all deserve what we get and that each of us has something to hide.

The truth is that the stalkers themselves are hiding some horrible truths from the rest of the world that they would prefer none of us knows.

You of all people would understand that. Glad that you are back among the cyberusers & hope the perps don't inconvenience you again for a long while.

AJH said...

It is now 02-10-2007 and I have a better perspective on why the perps put me in this hole. They can create noise all around me, get operatives/gangstalkers on three sides (suite, hallway and bathroom) and can play all kinds of toilet and bathroom stunts as the room is not under my control.

It is life in limbo, something that should be for old age only.