Friday, October 06, 2006

Online Again; From My Cell

After absurd delays of the past week over motherboards that were "availible overnight" and later "backordered" without telling me, and a host of other over-obvious delaying feints, I have my computer back with whole new electronics, all in the same case. A Foxconn 945 motherboard, an Intel Pentium D Dual Core 805 CPU, and one Gb of OCZ premium Gold DDR2 dual channel memory. The excuses, always exploited by the perps, of slow refreshes and long hang times are over, but doubtless they had that planned anyway. For the seven week PC-less stunt/investment, I wouldn't be surprised if they take this out in a week or so, for "repairs", as this is more common than not. But it is clear that they wanted me in my rooming house 8'x10' cell as I call it, for an "acclimatization" duration before the PC arrived. And it is no surprise the noisestalking has increased as I go about my activities on the PC for the first time here.

The coordinated coughing seems to be the rage, with many variants;
  • people coughing inside, then others immediately following from the outside the building,
  • precise concurrent timing with repetitive mouse and page display actions,
  • precise concurrent timing with me swearing at the perps for the forced keystroke errors they mind-control me into,
  • precise concurrent timing with masers flitting about, between me and the LCD display,
  • precise concurrent timing with specific keywords, such as "maser" which I just typed, etc.
And that is just for coughing, though for the most part one can substitute other rooming house noises and come to the same conclusion of precise simultaneous concordance with my actions, no matter how trivial, to organized and planted noise from external sources. They will also plan farts, throat burps (never knew they existed, they originate in the throat only), transitory vision impairments, hallway walkbys, chatting outside my door, street roadworks (currently a trenching job to lay 12" green plastic pipe with backhoes, dump trucks and backup beepers, and other equipment), and the adjacent parking lot "musical" gangstalking parked vehicles in consistent color patterns, rotation, and order etc.

It never ends, just gets more intense. Anyhow, they have me covered tighter than ever before with all my objects in closer proximity and that I use the same sink for dishes as well as shaving and dental hygiene. There is a shared bathroom, and is next door by dint of expert gangstalking and noise planning. There are, theoretically, 16 residents in this building, one shared bathroom on each floor, and as it turns out, plenty of "residents" coming down the stairs to visit the one next door. The upstairs "resident" exhibits the exact same characteristics in noisemaking as the last two places I had where there was an upstairs "neighbor"; hitting the floor (my ceiling) with a hammer and simutaneous body zaps, squeaking underfoot (even for a concrete building no less), and timing their actions to mine, especially if there is any brown food being consumed, dropped, split etc., just the usual action-at-a-distance games that go on all the time. A new term, likely dropped into mind by the perps themselves, could be, cowards-at-a-distance.

The biggest and most successful method the perps have to assay my energies from a distance, and discover new thought and action signatures that they don't yet control or understand (which is what I think they are doing mostly), is to place their operatives and shills near me, but in such a way that I don't become too familiar with them. This is what their gangstalking is all about of course, and that hasn't let up any, and when I am in my cell/apartment, their method is to plant operatives about me, undertaking seeming normal activities. So it should be no surprise that a rooming house is almost as good for gangstalker placement as the hospital where I was incarcerated illegally twice, six months total.

And also, less things are under my control; the bathroom for one, the external environs and noisescape, as well as the closer proximity of operatives nearby in the hallway and overhead. Noise and vibrations sources can also be crafted for optimum effect; doors that bind and take a slam to close also happen to shake this cell, half the building away, this being a wood frame constructed building.

I am in the same neighborhood as before, only with a longer walk to the stores, also better for longer and more gangstalking opportunities. And the perps make no bones about it, laying on their operatives three blocks away who happen to follow or lead me to this very building. They will also follow me for some 3 blocks when outbound, they "just happen" to be going to the same stores as I am, day after day.

The reason why I think that they are mostly operatives in this rooming house is that they have to make some personal adjustment in pretending to be a resident, at least off and on, something I don't think the garden variety pay-per-stalking shill would be willing to do. And too, these could be operatives that I actually know from college, past work-sites and the swim club, except that they are in morph-over form, and I wouldn't be the wiser as to who they really were.

Very often the perps like me to identify similar facial or body features in their partial morph-over of familiar gangstalker/operatives, but the degree of morph-over change can be adjusted to make the operative to be totally unlike the original being; facially, height, size, age (done to me), weight, voice (which they also do to me all the time), manner of speech etc.

Enough for a post for now, I have still to get onto some recovery from the Windows reload and the applications that got whacked in the motherboard take-out. Overall, "I" managed to save all my important data and recovery it readily with some minor hassles. I say the mind-controlled "I" because they have whacked it in the past, so it wasn't my good practices, but by their good graces.

Notice to James Marino; I tried to send you a Comment on your latest blog posting, our only permitted communications method, and I was blocked. I will try some more, but like all relationships, the perps usually try and disband them before long. Keep up the good work.



James F. Marino said...

John, you're a guy who knows how to play a good game of chess dealing with perps who can barely manage a checker board.

Moving you in to this latest place was sheer cruelty. You'd be a much better asset earning revenues for a corporation then being subjected to this insanity where you are dealing with a form of satanic ritual abuse all day long.

It makes no sense, and shows just how far gone the people on this planet are.

As for the mind control deal, been there and done it for a long time;
much longer than I realized.

This isn't living -- it's existing from minute to minute trying to hold it together.


AJH said...

I agree, this is not a life, merely an existance. And a wide open one at that, if the smirks are related to what they know about my past and how they continue this game. And starings too; at least three per week.