Saturday, October 14, 2006

Mr Eviction Fiction's Visit

More tales from the suddenly and inexplicable netherworld that continues to evolve around me. I have previously detailed in prior blogs about the new noisescape "features" that have been added to my new residence, a virtual cell in a rooming house. (Since 09-08-2006). And one of the more annoying noises is the upstairs (putative) resident who has the unerring knack of knowing where I am located in my 8x10' room, and hitting his floor (my ceiling) with a hammer or like object. It cannot be in any way construed as normal foot traffic as the noise is too transient and penetrating. It is highly likely that a mild zapping is added into the mix, as the sound is highly annoying to a deep level, one that surely must me augmented in some non-sonic manner. This has been the pattern in past locations, usually with a stronger and definitive zapping. This same noise has occured in my last three residences, even in steel-concrete constructed buildings.

Within a day at this new residence, the hammering and clunking noise started up, and the next door manager also heard it, and seemingly, spoke to the offending resident. This scene played out most days for the next week, and eventually the manager said that the resident would be evicted. But it won't take place until 10-31-2006, so still one and half months worth of floor pounding to go.

It had quieted down, and then started up again over this past week or so, and in combination with the zapping, and my mind-controlled yelling (reaction) at the more egregious noise assaults, this show has become more intrusive. And the pattern is still unlike how any human would walk, behave or otherwise do.

So, after one of these floor pounding, and me yelling at it sessions this morning, my putative upstairs neighbor introduces himself (dark red jacket note) and tells me he doesn't know where these noises are coming from! So says the putative person who is to be evicted over it. And of course I wasn't allowed to "remember" that in the course of our brief conversation, but it only "struck me" later (read, mind-controlled inhibition of association of known details at that moment) as totally bizarre. The very person who was deemed to be responsible for perturbing noise causation, and accepted an eviction order over it, now claims that he is totally innocent one month later.

Call it the "poltergeist defence", and one can assume it is related to me, as it has been following me over four locations in three years. That might mature into a cover story yet.

Anyhow, I am quite certain that the noise is not attributable to any human, and comes from the perps' god-like abilities to project any sound from anywhere. They did this in my first ex-hospital residence, a basement suite, and the sounds would emanate from a location where there was a large living room table overhead. (Having been invited upstairs, it was clear that it could not be anyone standing there).

Just one more bizarre tale, and the perps like to keep a certain amount of this going, where clearly the cover story doesn't hold up.

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