Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fruit Flies as Maser Surrogates

Things continue to get stranger than ever before; this one has been going on since I moved here in early September. It is the conventionaly mysterious proliferation of fruit flies and their unerring knack for repeating their flight pattern within minutes, sometimes three passes in succession. And even more improbably, there is no source of food for them, not even the garbage. And another unconventional trait is that they can come flying out of the refrigerator, where it is too cold for them to fly, applying conventional thinking again. All too often they inhabit the very space that I am about to enter into; walk, reach or view.

But on the last count, vigilant readers (I am being hopeful here) will note that this is the very same trait as the masers that continue to dance and move about my single room abode (a cell more like). In brief, the masers come in a number of varieties, the most prevalent being the "zingers", small fuzzy greyish blobs that zip around in formation, in pairs or triples, often in combination where one is stationary and the other two "fly" about together in parallel. Anytime a new activity is undertaken either in my room or outside, they will be placed in front of me, or anytime I am about to enter a new location. These maser types also appear more often during activities where the perps seem to exert greater efforts and sabotage while I am performing them; e.g shaving, shower (application of shampoo and conditioner it seems), eating chocolate (that brown color "thing" again). (Yesterday's sudden request, and my agreement to it, by my brother to assist in moving my belongings from storage before I had the chance to shave and shower was an unlikely coincidence IMHO).

Within minutes of arriving at a bus stop the masers will plague my visual field and often sit between me and specifically colored vehicles for example. The masers will also zig-zag side to side staying within the bounds of an object, usually a narrow vertical one, coming closer and closer. And at times, the zinger variety has the knack of sitting exactly where my eyes are focussed, in central vision, and can become extremely annoying. Another trait of maser movement is for the it to travel along the very edge of an object in central vision.

Another variety of the maser assaults is the clumping of the zinger type into a group that occupies more visual field, and then proceeds to drift about at slower speed and limited trajectory. These are less common and invasive, but will "show up" for no known other associations except as those described above, e.g. new activities and my movements.

A third maser type is a whole visual field filled with strings and wispy trails of greyish "debris" as the best analogy I can think of. This has the appearence of being embedded in my eye, as it travels wherever I look. However, with a bit of evasive head turning and/or eye turning, this turns out not to be true, it is just that the entire debris field of this wispy clutter travels together somehow, and follows where I look. As I write this, such a maser field is in my visual field, but usually it does not annoy me enough to change my activity. Yesterday's whole vision field plasma assaults defined a new level of visual annoyance for me. Oftentimes, the maser activity will be coordinated with the noisescape; a coughing and hacking noise of "resident" of this seeming rooming house will be simutaneous with a zinger arcing across my vision. Coordination with farts would be another common simutaneous association.

Anyhow, what do fruit flies and zinger masers have to do with each other besides the same likely perp controlled source? As it happens, a new game has become evident; a fruit fly will enter my visual field, and within less than a second, before I have even focussed on it, there will be a zinger maser in its place, emulating the fruit fly's trajectory and flight behavior. From the perspective of this TI, this is not too unusual, and is only an escalation of another game that goes on all the time; the planting of the mouse pointer on exactly where I want to clean up the forced typos that seem to be caused by blatant mind-control, IMHO.

It would seem that the perps are after some kind of object association energies that are attributable to the object itself and not what I am seeing, hence these substitution games and mouse pointer planting. Very often an added noise will augment these sustitution events, often the overhead "resident" hitting his floor with a hammer, as it is not a noise of feet moving. And too, a little body zap can be thrown into the mix of masers and managed noise.

Anyhow, enough to call this a blog posting and provide a view on the TI's world.

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