Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Cling Wrap & Pollutants Du Jour

The Battle of the Cling Wrap continues; it is a perp daily obsession to script/remotely manipulate the cling wrap to fold on itself, be difficult to extract, have the roll hop about in the box, run my fingers into the cut bar, cause it not to cling (everytime) and a few other adversities. It seems that the perps' cling wrap obsession is part of their overall "problem" they have with plastics.

It was no surprise that my mother, premier perp abettor, had an extra extra two rolls of it, presumably more cling wrap mass for the perps to better detect some kind of interaction. Then, only a few days ago, a setup outside the bakery had someone standing there, doing the Socratic debate in the street act, with three large (bakery size) rolls of cling wrap in his arms. I assume I was meant to energetically interact with it or whatever it is that they are chasing me for all over this city of sickos.

And I assume that the perps have problems with other plastics, one notable type being PVC or vinyl. When I had my vehicle, they would script at least one PVC irrigation pipe carrying vehicle per outing to drive by, or oppositely. It "so happened" about then there was an article in the news about PVC pollution, and how widespread it is. I take this coincidence to be their way of telling me if I didn't already know (I do), that the perps are also after some kind of PVC related energetics interaction or whatever.

It is time to rake the perps over the coals on this one; the same supra-agency that has been following me for 52 years allowed the entire PVC pollution to grow under their watch. And they did nothing about it, and are now hounding the living hell out of me trying to figure out its energetics interaction withdeep brain tissue (IMHO). This is the same crowd with near total influence on what governments do, their fingers in all manner of pies, including how much money to piss away. A case in point is the $700 million pissed away by the Canadian government on cancelling a helicopter acquisition program, only to restart it 5 years later. The objective of it seems was to elicit some kind of deep primal energetic response (IMHO), explained more fully at that link.

On and on I could go, and I didn't become a conspiracist until the perps hit me over the head with their blatantly planted news stories, one being the 9/11 story. (And that is a no brainer now that I know that all the steel from the demolished buildings was sent to China for recycling; no pieces left for forensics if I have the facts correctly).

There are other pollutants that the perps appear to bring to my attention by dropping news stories on my regularly browsed web sites, listed to the best of "my" recall;
  • perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA)
  • methyl bromides
  • halogenoalkanes (CFC, HCFC, HFC)
  • phthalates
Not that I follow this problem of the perps too closely, but from what I can discern, these pollutants change the energetics activity, and may have paramagnetic properties at the cellular level. There is a suggestion by planted new story that the pollutants may even have differing properties at the macroscopic and quantum levels.

Only PFOA's, found in polar bears, are actively being addressed to be reduced as a pollutant, nationwide, though the CFC's have been addressed in the past as an ozone depletion agent. Yet again, all this low level cummulative pollution has been known to disrupt the perp's abilities to remotely assay mind/thought energies, and they allowed it to happen. And I am paying the price big time, along with >550 TI's that I know of, and who knows how many other thousands of people they are "running" and surveilling.

They introduced me to Teflon (PFOA) coated frypans thirty years ago in an attempt to determine as to what my energetics interaction was. They failed then, and with all the power in the world to abate pollutants for their own nefarious agenda, the perps continued their rapacious sadistic brinkmanship so they could later harass the living shit out of peoples' lives. Fucking sick.

Anyhow, the above tirade seems to be serving the perp's purposes for all the concurrent sustained extra noise activity that is going on, as if this were a frat house. I even got the idling diesel engine treatment/stalking outside for 20 minutes like I also get at my parents' place (the "neighbor"). Enough for a post.


James F. Marino said...

In reference to the US government's great piddling away of money on needless projects, check out the super collider project that Jorge the shrub
"Bush's old man" diverted for some friends of his back in the early 90's.

HW is an even bigger CROOK then Dubya and had it not been for Charles Schlund's notifiying the FBI about this project Bush would have been able to piss away a lot more on the project before it was stopped.

Sadly, once Schlund was no longer useful to the FBI they dropped him
like a bad habit and allowed Bush and his cohorts to continue torturing him with the cochlear implants that were injected into him one night while he was drugged by some of Bush's thugs.

Decent article for you to read if you happen into my part of the cyberneighborhood is entitled Twelve Things You Should Know About Scalar Weapons by Christi Verismo.

Some excellent info here in regard to the numerous ways in which this technology can be employed.

Keep a watchful eye out on the FFCHS forum for perps. Derrick is a good man, but I wonder about some of the people who are around him.

Mind controlled or not you're certainly wise enough to understand the importance of this group and that it must succeed.

In keeping with the FEDS two theme I have only sent you two posts today and will not again for sometime depending on your living arrangements and how long you are allowed to remain where you are.

However, I will keep apprised of your situation from time to time in the hope that it improves -- even if only marginally.

To think that we are both being spied on by satellites right now
and that every thought we have is being read by AI computers while most of the planet is completely unaware of it.

Orwell must be turning over in his grave about now.


AJH said...

Thank youf for the comment, Jim. I try not to get "too conspiratorial" and am likely avoiding the reality in some cases.

Over two years ago I was in a curious mind state as I was piecing together all the strange events in my life as it was then I was allowed to know (or the notion was planted more like) that the harassment and aruveillance had been going on my life, and not since 2002 when it went overt (to me, outside observers usually can't tell if they aren't shilling). Anyhow, more of the 9/11 improbabilities were becoming apparent, and I din not want to go there as I had enough conspiracy details of my own to deal with. Eventually, when I sorted out my own history and recast it as one of being manipulated near constantly, I came to accept, upon critical analysis, that there was much more to the 9/11 events than the given news stories convey. (And credit goes to you in pulling much together with the thorough links you maintain).

A long way of saying that I have become much more of a conspiratorial thinker as I review history, where my book reading has taken me. I learned that WW1 started with an assassination as the first triggering event where the driver of the unfortuneate occupants stopped exactly where an assassin was posted. This after the vehicle took evasive action on account of instignating bomb blast that did not cause any harm to the occupants.

Anyhow, more of saying that I have qite a different take on world history and event the current news these days.