Monday, October 16, 2006

PC Backups of What?

Here is an error message from my admittedly lightweight backup software:
IMAGED4B2E55755582E79\C\Documents and Settings\John\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\rg2rr1cp.default\bookmarks.bak failed to backup, error code: 0x20003209 (0x20004201, 0x004B2E2F, 0x004AF437, 0x004AE492, 0x20003284, 0x200032C9)
It is wrapped, and there were at least ten of these messages, and I have included this one to;
  • demonstrate my profound ignorance of PC file reference syntax, or
  • demonstrate my "evidence" that there is indeed something very strange going on my PC.
One can pick out the normal PC reference to the "C" drive and the hierarchial levels of the file directories (aka folders -hate that term) by the:
C\Documents and Settings
string. But what is all the preceding referencing, e.g.:
It strikes me that I might really be on a computer that isn't my own. If anyone can offer advice as to what this could be, I would be much obliged.

I have about 27 processes that are operative anytime I boot up my PC, which does not count the processes that I start, say, Firefox and other elective choices. As well, I cannot delete these processes as they are in use "by another user", whoever that might be. It is more of the over-obvious schtick, "we are on your PC and you cannot do anything about it". True enough.

The extra "users" have names like LOCAL SERVICE, NETWORK SERVICE, NT MANAGER and are meant to sound official or operating system-like, but as far as I can tell, there are no references to these names in the Windows XP help files or other web literature. All part of the game, and make no mistake, if I blunder into eliminating their operative spyware, the entire system shuts down. There is no question, this is a high intrusion fuckover, and every aspect of existing (aka living) is under someone else's microscope.

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