Saturday, October 21, 2006

Coordinated Coughing

There is more emphasis on the coordinated coughing noise again; it is simply amazing how many times these "afflictions" occur with my in-building neighbors. And it can go on for 20 minutes or more, often at a transition from internet surfing and then to bed and asleep (vertical to horizontal position).

There must be some kind of deep brain registry for this noise, as it is being used more frequently of late. And in combination, the perps have the sunlight, indirect lighting presently, cycling like a stroboscope, under blue cloudless conditions as I see it from my west facing window.

The usual adversity this morning, all to keep me vocalizing (complaining, bitching in exasperated terms) over their latest assaults with brown crumbs, white crumbs (on brown color surfaces), flying coffee grounds that lateraled 2' horizontally from sink to dishes mat, and the peanut butter game where it cannot be swept off the knife by dragging it over a clean surface of bread, and so it goes.

And note, my voice is different almost at every provocation/vocalization event; "voice-morphing" is the term the perps must of supplied me. Some 40 to 60 times a day is not uncommon, usually within less than a minute, another provocation, another voice variant. Which strongly suggests that all "my" responses to provocations are planned.

The masers also become extra active during these sessions; the all day exercise of keeping me exasperated never ends, just more technical baggage gets added on. Put that in your clinical hat and find a reason that this harassment is of organic condition.

I used the new Schick razor today, and like every new razor now, it pulls as if dull, and then "sharpens up" with easier pull strokes in the following days of use. This one has three blades in it and it behaved exactly the same as any new two blade Gillette razor. Go figure. The Schick razor doesn't click in use, but instead, has been assigned a chattering noise which I am sure will later increase, lest I ditch it now.

Another piece of shaving sabotage is for the perps to create skin pore bleeding; not cuts, as they are very hard to do with a safety razor in normal use, but a few pores "magically" start bleeding about a minute after the razor has passed over. I call these "blood samples" as that is what it seems to me; and attempt to externally assay blood by causing bleeding. Sometimes I wonder what the real purpose of wars is, as this genteel blood letting is likely not enough for a full body remote energy assay.

Onto a gangstalk shopping trip, where the buildup of noise has been even more marked than yesterday.

Now post outside shopping trip and lunch and tea with chocolate. Another noise flurry has arisen, and may have temporarily dropped off for prime stalking conditions. This often happens with eating chocolate; a noise buildup beforehand and then the whole place goes quiet while I eat it (100g). And when on the last row, they start up some noise again.

The perps put on a public provocation today; the regular bullshit stunt of placing a vehicle in my path on the crosswalk continues; this time the motorist in his silver-grey vehicle (note) didn't appreciate my derisive look as he deliberately blocked MORE of the crosswalk as I was coming toward him, and started a slanging match, doing a little get out of his car routine. All in a day's harassment.

But think, this fits the entire vehiclular gangstalking activity to a "T"; the most used vehicle color (silver-grey), the open door act (at least three per block of vehicular egress), the vocalizations, the driver gets back in, and the fucker was known to me as a member of the wine-makers' club I once belonged to. One decent person turned into a sick fucker. And, no less, he looked as if he hadn't aged a day in the 10 years since I saw him last.

Then, at the same intersection on the return leg, the perps pulled another vocalization stunt by driving a left turning vehicle straight at me as I was walking on the crosswalk adhering to the traffic controls, who then stopped in mid-intersection. I suspect the perps want to have me vocalize all over town, and not just when I enter buildings, Which is roughly comparable as to what they do to me here; create constant complaining by their mind and body action sabotage, such as considerable keystroke errors they are forcing on me as I type this.

And when in the grocery store, they like their operatives to use my vocabulary when proximate to me; as 90% of what I say (vocalizations) is swearing, it isn't very hard to figure it out. And the perps put me in a three way gangstalker swarm, the two Caucasian dudes in brown, and almost in my face, a brown skinned Asian man, doing the "I'm sorry" act, as if he hadn't seen me in the middle of the aisle. And "my" response was of course to swear at him for that bullshit stunt. Never have "I" encountered so many provocations (three stunts) in one shopping trip before.

Another lookalike gangstalker was in place to sweep ahead of me at the deli case, keeping her shopping basket over exactly where I wanted to go. This one dates from University of British Columbia 1970's days, who was selected to be amongst a group of pals who I became friendly with. These seen-before's, once-friends and once-colleagues sightings are also increasing of late.

I also got my blonde woman gangstalker at the pharmacy, my first stop; she dithered and buzzed around me when I was in the Rx line, then a grey haired dude came behind me then took off inside of a minute (a short line, only me and him), then she wandered by again and then stood about, then he came back, and once I got my Rx I got out of there fast enough, as is usually the case. Then after completing grocery shopping and outside the store, per above stunts, the same blonde gangstalker woman is walking toward me, she with bells on her boots for additional sonic signature.

And of some note, it was a warm and cloudless day, and so it would seem that the above mentioned "sunlight" fluctuations when writing the above (1100h portion) were a localized phenomenon, just for "my" benefit.

Last week, I had my lower lid eyelashed thinned out; very regular, one or two at every 1/8" or so. Then the perps allowed the eylashes to grow in after a few days. It is my understanding that there are some very small and beneficial mites in our eyes or eyelashes, so this could of been a stunt to isolate their energetics.

The building noise continues; when in doubt, run a vacuum cleaner, must be the harassment mantra. Never mind that it is happening every day, a curious change of maintenance habit. And even more mysteriously, the floor somehow shook with the vacuum cleaner overhead. And all the more so when I have my earmuffs on; the perps like to punch through them for me to hear, and for them to detect the neural energtics of the sonic or vibrational peturbations (IMHO).

I have heard of this, and cannot recall when it was last performed, but the perps put on a copy-catting act. I was reading the newspaper, my permitted once per week issue, and there was todays' outside stairway gangstalker doing the same thing. He also "happened" to be in place to gangstalk me earlier when I got up this morning and changed into clothes (horizontal to vertical position).

Another tip-off of being harassed is the smell of wet plaster in one's residence. This has followed me to three residences in succession.

Enough for a post.

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