Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Coffee, Tea or Mind Control? More Questions for Clinicians

I knew this was coming more than two years ago, as the perps were making more progress in mind controlling my actions and controlling my ability to monitor what I was doing. And they have made me do a lot of stupid things that "I" would never do myself. And to be clear, I have never ever done before.

The extreme piss-off today (10-17-2006, 1500h) was to have me assemble the coffee pot and coffee this afternoon when I only make tea then. I have never, ever made such a mistake before. And the truth is, it wasn't me doing this, but the remote mind-controlled "me". They have made me do all kinds of smaller "errors" to date, save another example I will supply below, but to control someone to totally make all the preparations for the wrong beverage is fucking sick, and if there is any justice in this world, I will get to scream in the face of the asshole that mind-fucked me into doing this. One hour minimum.

Another spectacular jerkaround was earlier this year when I was still driving my vehicle. The perps had me driving the wrong direction down a block of a major one-way artery in nightime conditions. I wasn't allowed to "know" this until permitted to recognize the headlights facing me were an imminent danger. (They were stopped at the traffic control). And it so happened that when the perps allowed me to know I was driving the wrong direction, there was a wide driveway at hand which enabled a U-turn, and I then reoriented my vehicle in the correct direction. And also, the block had been cleared of all oncoming traffic; how convenient not to have any other clues and keep it safe for themselves. This was a street I know well, and I was not under the influence of any contributing impairments, save the sick assholes that programmed that mind-control fuckover stunt.

The above two examples are supplied to goad anyone I know, especially in the clinical community, to tell me what could possibly be the clinical cause for these events? Of course they won't read it, let alone mention it, even if these are the two most prominent examples of hundreds of smaller like incidents a month.

The more common >20 times a day jerkover is having me go to fetch one item, but looking at the wrong thing until the last possible moment and then switching my attention back to the object I had in mind in the first place. These attentional bait and switch jerkarounds infuriate me, and I assume, that is my own legitimate reaction that could well be planted on me so I don't have a choice in the matter. The perps like to keep me infuriated all day, and yacking about it as well, if one doesn't know that already from past posts and their mind-control rage-ifications.

More games are being played with my recall as to what I remembered and when; for the first time in my life today, I couldn't (wasn't allowed to know) recognize where I had left off in completing my blogging (or like wordd processing). This would be another incident for the clinical shills to answer; why this now and what clinical explanation is there for it? And note, the perps have been working on this one for over four years, with the most memorable time when they were sabotaging my computer files with my employer's abetting. That ended right quick when I started printing out examples.

(10-18-2006) A wet morning so far and plenty of puddles in the adjacent parking lot. This provides the cover to let the front passenger out 10' to 15' before where they are to park the vehicle. Yesterday's front passenger dude/gangstalker was in a scarlet red fleece vest, and today he was in a moss green. Nothing too diabolical in that, only that it may portend of other clothing color changes among the regulars outside my room. Synthetic fleece is a very common MIB/operative fabric I have come to know; all that energetic absorbancy.

And of late, the parking stall lines are of no consequence, they are now parking willy-nilly. For a two independent user group parking lot, there is a whole lot of coordination going on to ensure all the vehicles are ordered and oriented the precise way that the perps have scripted. And that they can leave in the correct sequence, as there are wholesale turnovers, often before lunch.

Yesterday the perps put on a duet of rotating plastic bags, one white in color, the other black, in the adjacent parking lot. A mini-wind began, and circulated them 4' to 6' off the ground, in a orbital path, as if one were chasing the other. I have mentioned the "plastic bag people" who wander the streets in my proximity, and here was the ultimate in a plastic bag pas de deux brought to my window view.

Later, the perps scripted a grey haired regular gangstalker such that only his hair was in view in the same location as the plastic bag dance.

And it should be noted that a mini-wind is a perp directed and controlled highly localized wind that occurs in one locale, or around a person (me usually) while walking, and is not of any connection to existant weather conditions. If it is around me as I walk, they lay extra abundant ear noise as well.

The perps also script their shills and operatives to open and pour out their plastic medicine bottle contents, the same kind that I have, outside (in daylight) the pharmacy when I am going to pick up my prescription.

They have scheduled other "retakes" like this at other stores; I bought a accordian pleat file box in a teal color, and lo, if the operative wasn't 1' behind me entering the same store two weeks ago, waiting for me to bring my items for purchase, and then went into the staff area and picked up an identical colored file box, and some stiff cardboard of the very same color as the internal accordian pleated file section, and then walked past me with it. No need for an operative to purchase it, and free access to the staff area. Nice benefits.

10-118-2006 1336h
I just got zapped in concert with an simutaneous overhead clunk noise, and I am stinking furious; I was updating my story and this came like a bolt from the blue; that should put an end to the notion that is is because of "human activity". More like rampant sickos with god-like weapons of remote infliction.

The perps let me in on what their problems are vis a vis my teeth and inside my mouth by way of including a web page with the details in a designed happenchance web search result. The dentine in teeth scatters light, which might explain why they yellowed my teeth so bad (to remotely distinguish it), including matching the crowns by dint of some minor miracle. And that also explains why they script so many proximate gangstalkers who are eating, spitting, open-mouthing (often in the faux jocularity scenario), with white or black plastic spoons in their mouths, yawning, drooling (rare, usually a basket case act), pukking (rare, but it included a bend-over job at the same time) or otherwise exposing the inside of their mouths. They need to get a better remote energy reading on my mouth contents, so they concurrently read all their proximate operatives' mouths, especially doing any of the above facilitating (they hope) activities.

And it might explain two front teeth knock-outs; my brothers' and a friend of my daughter's, though juvenile teeth in the latter instance. Another once-friend had all his molars out over some high-faluting concern about it being better than root canals he might get one day. That I could not figure out until now.

And it also explains spittle that "somehow arrives" on the outside of my mouth when eating.

NOT MY PROBLEM, so why am I being constantly harassed over it? Go screw over some one with no teeth instead, and leave me alone. The fact of the matter is they have built a huge industry in this city over harassing and gangstalking me, and it may include others that I am unaware of. They are parasitical, as in a permanent attachment, even if they have this mega-pretend game going.

"I" (more like the mind-controlled me) once asked my brother if they are screwing over anyone else in town (like I am), and he said, "I don't know". A very strange reply from someone who says that there isn't anything going on. And by dint of mind-control, I was only allowed to realize that it was an odd reply hour laters later, and wasn't permitted to extend the conversation down this new avenue. It is always thus.

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