Thursday, October 12, 2006

Morgellon's Disease; Some Commonality With Past Harassment

It is called Morgellon's Disease and I had never heard of it before. A good link is here and another here. I was struck by how similar the symptoms are sometimes applied to Targeted Individuals, me being one. With the usual provisio of this blog maybe entirely written while mind-controlled, it is very interesting to note that this rare condition has only recently, <5 years, has come to be known to the Center of Disease Control (CDC). I do not suffer anywhere near as much as these people do with lesions, itches, skin irritation and the mysterious embedded fibrils, seemingly of abiotic origin, that occur.

But I have experienced the "creepy crawlies" under my skin that arise from no known cause, and I can attest that they are highly annoying even in small doses as they are not relieved by any scratching, and in my case, will persist if the perps deem that to be so. I have never had the lesions thankfully, but the "creepy crawlies" would occur sometimes 20 times per week, and as I saw it, it was a perp force play to have me scratch myself for their ongoing energetic research which is criminal harassment as anyone would call it. This occured in the first two years of overt harassment, and I rarely get that form of harassment/intrusion now.

Another interesting component of Morgellon's Disease is the skin embedded fibrils that occur and which can be pulled out for partial relief. They are barely visible, but as the site author suggests, a good pair of tweezeers can pluck them out. Presently, the medical community is puzzled as to what these are as they appear not to be of biotic origin. The fibers are often clear, slightly brownish or less common, red or blue colored. Well it "so happens" during the acute terrorization period of this harassment in 2002, that I became aquainted with brownish thin fibers, but not projecting out of me thankfully. In my apartment at the time, the perps would begin this faint grinding noise multiple locations. Within a half hour, there would be very small holes in a visible cluster in both plaster and a wood door. I thought it was one more of their senseless pranks, or was led to believe it by mind-control.

Later I saw, more than once, very thin brownish fibers hanging out of these holes. Upon seeing them, the fibers would rapidly retreat back inside the hole. Later, red, blue or white point source light would appear from these holes, and I assumed the fibers were some kind of optical fiber that they were playing with. I also saw some of these fibers in my vehicle as part of the harassment drives I was doing at the time. Little did I know it was the precursor of a constant barrage of plasma and maser beams that go on as I write this.

My supposition is that Morgellon's Disease is a subcutical intrusion planted by the perps in their quest to understand all the energetics of the human body and mind. They are at the 99.99% level in the latter case in my experience, and are currently touching and nudging me with energy fields or like intrusion. It is my suspicion that the perps don't yet understand all the energetics related to human skin, given the daily harassment I recieve over shaving activity. By embedding a foreign substance into these sufferers, the perps hope to extract more energetic data, especially around the colored fibers.

Perhaps even the brownish toned fibers have some part of the brown color related harassment that goes on every day in my so-called life. Also, it is not surprising that the perps have embedded at least one patient with fibers in the lip (in the scan picture at the above first link), another minor battleground of my body the perps have revealed by causing me to "mishandle" my food and run it into my lip "by mistake". That translated means mind-controlled, as I haven't had this behavior/problem for over 50 years. Infants don't even make that coordination error for long.

It is my highly speculative theory that Morgellon's Disease is created and maintained by the perps to further their skin energetics research agenda and is not a true disease. That is coming from one who has seen these very symptoms/phenomenon applied in other non-clinical situations in the constantly harassed life I live. Not that I can offer any relief, but if there is some temporary shielding availible, it would be interesting to see how this disease would would play out. (As a possible shielding, try a randomly changing magnetic field.)

And I sincerely hope that this blog posting is taken as speculation, though with significant personal daily experience in unknown phenonmenon of no clinical origin.

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James F. Marino said...

John, article on teleporation which you may find of interest.

I don't bother to read your fed inspired columns any longer (a complete waste of your writing talents -- which are considerable),
however, I said months ago I would continue to furnish you with information that I thought might be of interest.

And of course teleportation would be of interest to anyone. I do find it disturbing that the FEDS were able to so easily infiltrate the MC community in regard to my harassment, but I am not surprised.

Migliore is covering his ass for the crimes that he has committed against me under the color of law, and the FBI can't afford another black eye in what is certain to be one their most embarassing situations yet.

Time will prove that I am telling the truth about what they have put my Family and me through because of this cowardly federal prick.

You can't toss someone's Civil Rights out the window and claim to be supportive of democrative rule, which the FBI does routinely.

Just take a look at their Website if you don't believe me.

I doubt that it is the FEDS who are involved in your harassment because it appears that they allow you to access the MC community without actually poisoning them against you -- something that they do with those whom they target.

However, what I still find of interest is the sheer number of people who are involved in your harassment.

You are one of only a few people who have described such intense
harassment of both organized stalking and MC. And the local cops and fire department seem to have an interest in you as well, which is not that common.

Even Janis Lanham is most likely being harassed by the local cops while the local FBI office sanctioned it. If the FBI was really looking to harass her she'd never have been able to stay within the MC group this long.

They would have poisoned enough people against her to have gotten her 86ed by now.

I still think that what she is being put through is a disgrace, but her communication has not been cut off completely which shows that the FEDS are not interested in isolating her, but instead just harassing her.

If the FBI had made their harassment of her personal she'd be unemployed by now, homeless and completed severed from her family, friends and community.

They don't screw around like the local stalkers do. They can destroy your life very quickly anytime they want to.

It's clear that the FBI is just toying with her to see what info they can get by way of V2K.

As I have said in the past, beware of Gunderson -- he's not what he appears to be, and imho is doing what he does to gain the confidence of most the TI's who associate with him just so he can learn as much about them as possible.

I wish I were wrong about this guy but I'm not. You can't take part in COINTELPRO operations without being a cold hearted bastard.

So a word to the wise..