Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tar, Stalkers and the TI Goodbye

Onto an non-behavioral obsession of the perps; it is about tar, bitumen, asphalt and other incarnations and uses of this substance. And it does follow me around, usually in the form of roofing jobs (current and last place), paving and a more outrageous stunt, placing it in my cell/room. About 20 dabs of it were placed in a swirl pattern on the side of my fridge within a week of moving in, and the next day a paving job in the parking lot immediately adjacent to my room was active. To be fair, it was a patching job, with at least two 3' patches withing 10', and at least three other patches in the lot.

One month later the street outside is being dug up and that is incurring more paving some 50' away and plenty of excavator noise too. Never mind the blue plastic portable shitter outside the front door on the street as part of the show. And even more absurdly, a "jogger" in a red shirt ran by while I was outside, then doubled back after 20' and then went inside the shitter, even if not a city employee as part of the roadworks activity.

And today, a roofing operation started up at 0730h with all the equipment, noise, talking, vehicular activity and my very own group of GIBs (gangstalkers in black) hovering in the parking lot with their putative pre-work socializing. They of the nearly all-black hoodies were later replaced in my morning routine by two who basically decided to plant themselves immediately outside my window, backs to me, in long familiar gangstalker stance (so called sentry duty). One was a blonde woman in a black sweat top, presumably part of the roofing crew, and the other a middle aged man in a black and blue checked jacket. And it does seem that the checked shirt or jacket is a popular gangstalker garment style, as it has orthogonal directions of the same colors, an recurrent "presentation" of colors and their blending.

Anyhow, a finishing note to mention that I got slagged in a blog and kissed goodbye over something trivial as to the interpretation of the perps intentions and modus operandii. But I will agree with the author's point that I have no idea as to who is writing my blogs; me or the mind-controlled me (via the perp agency's script). My coincidence meter tells me that I am about 99.99% mind-controlled and managed, though this may not be the case at any given moment.

But it does seem that I have been given some freedom to keep up these blogs, assuming they really are on the internet and not some customized (read, constrained) and isolated intranet. Yet again, no intentional slight was intended or anything worse. Nor was there any knowing intention to touch on "trigger concepts" that are unique to each TI where the perps focus on certain themes and related words and usually order the TI's universe to "happen upon them" at a much greater frequency than usual. Needless to say almost, with two TI's on the go, the perp agency can manage them to drop "trigger words" and themes on each other and save on gangstalker activity and other stunts. And ultimately this ensures that one TI falls out with the other, a typical managed-for objective. And so I wish Mr James Marino all possible good things, including cessation of his harassment and surveillance.

In my case, the perps' themes are so varied and many, that I cannot keep up with managing their planned exposures; I report on the perps obsessions as they present themselves usually in the gangstalk and noisestalking realms. There are the various colors of clothing and vehicles, then blonde women, constant noisestalking (this word as I type it), the helicopter fixations, air crashes and other disasters etc. that I have detailed before. I always assume that I am not having a conversation with shills and operatives (excluding TI's) but "elicitations", which has been going on for decades.

I have no idea as to how many people read them as I don't have a counter, or is this a blogsot "feature"?

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