Sunday, October 08, 2006

Recent Perp Obsessions & Possible Past Traumatizations

I am going to cover the past week and particular events some of which are in my paper journal, where all the real details are logged, should one think this blog is it. These included two days last week when I was accompanying my mother downtown which is an opportunity for the perps to lay on all manner of extra stunts because:

  • she has her own errands and activities which present new locales and scenarios for new gangstalking/stunt opportunities and
  • she walks a lot slower than I do as she has a sore hip.

This slowed down pace allows more exposure time for their streetside stunts as well as the volumnious (gangstalk) vehicular traffic that is added, and even at a standstill for 10 minutes outside where we ate, due to a bridge opening . As an another example of their black & white color games, at one street corner in busy downtown, they had a woman carrying two 4'x2' black panels who was orienting them in differing directions as well as rotating them too.

Many of their stunts, and one in particular that I will detail below gave me pause to think that the perps may have caused traumatizations in my early life (2 years old) by medical testing activity, very likely in a hospital. I have no recollection of what these events were, but the perps did lay on some odd things last week and I got to realize, (or else it is planted thoughts), that they are attempting to redress these in some way. And not out of charity either, as it seems their ameliorative activities relate more to exploring what they want to attain, which seems to be the effect of color and its energetics on the human body. This would include the color of my organs, blood and other bodily tissues, as well as that of other people on the street as they are constantly stacking one person in front of another, then separating them, then reversing the combination. They do this with vehicles as well; this constant game of peekaboo.

This particular stunt was the same day I met up with Mr Passport Tosser at the laundromat (twice), and I was on my way back. At a pinch point in the sidewalk created by a white paper plate on the ground with a 3" swatch of red ketchup on it (yuk), was a woman dressed as a nurse as if she had stepped out of the 1950's. In an all white and starched uniform, and possibly with one of those funny head garments they wore then, pinned to her hair. She was walking toward me, and we crossed paths exactly where this paper plate was on the ground, which pinched the available space as I didn't want to step on it or over it. (A TI's instinct).

Anyhow, it was all over in 10 seconds or so of actual sight time, and yes, she was blondish, was about 40 something, and wasn't made out to be overly attractive. Anyhow, this began an introspective requerying of my past, and especially with other shills in my life, e.g. Ms. C of the story, who went on and on about how adverse she was to giving a blood samples. I have previously mentioned the plethora of red vehicles the perps plant around me, as well as red dressed shills and gangstalkers in my walking to & from the shops I visit. Now the ambulatory gangstalkers appear to be "stacking" their clothes; red garments under one or more others, all hanging out in visible layers usually over their ass.

When I had the TV working there would be plenty of hyperdermic needles shown in the advertisements, and this theme was also expanded to show clinical staff in white lab coats. Other obsessions that the perps have by way of presenting these combinations with gangstalkers seem to be: red or white hair (male of female), older men with a particular flaccid faced look to them, older women with dyed hair (lighter or soft colors), English and Scots accents, overly large individuals (male or female), recessed chins , men (usually) in a sports jacket or suit (padded shoulders) and likely a few more that may be added later.

(I am leaving out the young blonde haired women for now, as I think they represent the other side of the coin; they are not associated with putative early childhood traumatization directly, but seem to be planted for some kind of "goodness" aura they have vis a vis my deep neural responses being monitored in real time.) See my last post of a pleasant to look at (young blonde women), then an unpleasant to look at (Mr Flaccid Face) juxtaposition.

And I have come to the tentative conclusion that the perps had me in for medical testing when I was in the United Kingdom with my parents then about 2 years old, likely in 1956. And all of the above associations are related to some kind of treatments I must of been given then which left some kind of traumatization that the perps are attempting to revisit in deep neural structures that they monitor in real time.

As indicated, I have no recollection as to what may have happened, though my aunt supplied a clue some ten years ago as to the possible origins of the brown color problem the perps seem to have. In my new place (a virtual cell), the incidences of recent brown crumb planting has gone up, and they even "arrive" overnight now, without benefit of cover story that my food is somehow self dissembling. As mentioned before, this story is very personal and I am not prepared to put this one online yet. And who knows, maybe that is what they tell all their shills to give them cause for this smirking campaign that continues, brothers included.

Anyhow, related to the above tentative conclusions about medical testing in the UK being applied to me in early childhood, are the significant numbers of incidents where they plant gangstalkers with English or Scots accents, usually in stores and banks where interpersonal communication is expectable. And also now, in locations where the story doesn't add up; refined British accents in a laundromat, then the same gangstalker (older female in light red dyed hair)showing up at a bus stop which are usually overpopulated any time I passed them by when I was driving.

The male sports jacket and suit planted gangstalkers are also getting more frequent, and more absurd as to where this shows up. This is not a dress-up part of the world; this is "hikey-bikey" casual country, and it was rare to see anyone dressed in these clothes on a Saturday until recently, especially grocery shopping.

I have read that patients under anesthetic can actually hear what is going on in the operation and subconsciously recall some of the verbal events during their operation. Again, I have no idea if this was the case, though in the TI's life, one recasts a new and darker perspective (e.g. true motivation) on all past events, and yes, there have been some who told me their stories of their anesthetic effects from their surgeries, (e.g. impaired recall).

It is time to call this a post as I am getting dithered to make significant numbers of typos and never-before syntax errors, most of which I hope are cleaned up. And some masers are pissing me off by sitting in my central vision (black-grey fuzzy shapes that zip around).

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