Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sleep Time Regulation, Vortex Power and Other Musings

The perps awoke me at 1000h, which amounts to 11 hours of sleep, a full three hours longer than normal. One way to start the day, pissed off at this intrusion.

Currently there is a sustained noise flurry on; a build-up of gangstalkers tromping through the building, and is also concurently happening outside where this suite/room faces a stairway. All stairway egress has become noisier by twice as much over past few days. And the vacuum cleaning has become more frequent; from none to twice this week, a considerable increase in a building where maintenance isn't a priority. Maybe the 10 -15 white pieces of planted litter outside my door, and only my door, will get sucked up for once.

The perps have significant interest in having vacuum cleaners operate near me; they like to have the extension cord outside my door, laid the full length of the hallway, and have the vacuum cleaner timed for when I will be egressing the building. And too, external "suck jobs", where the hose is 50' or more, and the cleaning device is in a streetside vehicle. The road maintenance suck jobs also have a habit of showing up in all seasons, and even outside my building. Anyhow, all this vortex power, following me wherever I go, spells one thing; have sweepable flooring instead of carpets should I have a choice in the matter. Somehow, I doubt that will ever happen.

The coordinated coughing is still going on, with a new variation; have the operative cough while walking the hallway to provide a decay to the noise, and save the loudest part of it, the throat clearing, to "happen" outside my door while the operative is walking past.

More building shaking is going on, somehow, the front door closure vibration can travel 20' to my room and shake this LCD panel too, even if on furniture sitting on the floor.

Currently "sunshine" games are going on; putative sudden cloud movement and a burst of indirect light comes through the window, extra yellow colored with the cover story that it is reflecting off the nearby buildings. Then, suddenly the light level drops, as if a storm cloud blocked the sun. It can go on like this for hours, and yet this is not a stormy climate here. If I go outside and have a view of the weather patterns, such sudden on/off light conditions rarely happen, as the cover story cannot be setup without patent manipulation being apparent.

Another light condition harassment method is to fire stroboscoping light at me when I am walking under trees in sunlit conditions; the cover story being that it is "caused" by the dappling light through the leaves. But as it so happens, I have worked at length in such conditions in my past foresty work, and have never, ever experienced debilitating stroboscopic assaults. Anyhow, the perps still think they are fooling someone, and maintain this harassment as part of their imposed normality.

The cell phone service fuckover continues; no communication by email as to why Fido cut me off the network, hasn't supplied a new access code for my voicemail, or why they screwed up fixing it the first time. They are another one of those entities engaging in degrading service, and no explanation offered. Same as the stationary company with the initials of OD; I never did hear as to why they refused to send my order, but it seems that they had no intention of doing so.

I applied to Shaw Cable to get new broadband phone service last night, and all I got was a confirmation as to the application. No new phone number supplied of course; the timing couldn't be more obvious. The no phone service stunt seems to be coordinated with today's planned visit to the job fair; no working phone number, quite the handicap for such an event. Fucking sick, whoever arranged that.

As mentioned before, my ex-wife and daughter have both "suffered" bad cell phone service last month, and changed each of theirs to new numbers. All part of the family "infectious events" that have a pattern of spreading, with me getting it worst.

Now the noise flurry has dimished and the pattern seems clear; hallway and stair way tromping noise, then suck jobs and vacuuming, building vibration, coughing and hacking, then the faux male jocularity, and then tapering off with the odd cell phone conversation in the hallway, passing by slowly, as if in deep conversation. And with plenty of overlap between the noise phases.

1700h I went to the job fair and didn't see the business there that "I" was interested in. There were plenty of retail store opportunities, but that just isn't for me. The perps put someone in dark shades and a brown hoodie pulled up to cover his head to trip me before going inside, then he ducks between two grannies when "I" swear at the fucker. This is at least the fourth incident where they invoke vocalizing or body contact before or during, entering a store.

The job fair was one big gangstalk in public event, and with plenty of blonde women on duty at first, then the wandering males without seeming jobs come on afterward.

The perps have me in a total suckdown mood today, especially while at the job fair. This kills any motivation which is what it seems to be all about.

I got my cell phone fixed; somehow "I forgot" the battery popping routine to reset it. If that isn't mind control/selective capability dithering, then I don't know what is. And the Fido idiots left messages on my then dysfunctional voicemail to say that they fixed the problem as it turned out. I suspect the voicemail stunt was all about having a string of Asian accented people leaving messages, as this seemed to be the theme. And the dude that "helped" get the phone and voice mail fixed was a seen-before gangstalker, now in the form of a Fido service rep. It never ends, it only gets sick and sicker.

The ongoing problem with the stationers with the initials OD adroitly moved their contact method to the inaccessible voicemail I noted. Too clever, avoiding problem resolution by switching to leaving messages at a dysfunctional voice mail. All too wierd to be random activity.

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