Sunday, October 22, 2006

Clunking Overhead & Likes and Dislikes

The noise and vibration of something clunking overhead has followed me to three of the last four residence locations, the only exception being where I had a top floor apartment for seven months. Even at the latter location, the perps put on at least a dozen "repairmen" scenarios where they had an unerring knack of pounding the roof exactly overhead of where I was in the apartment at that moment. Another variant was that they had someone stomping on the roof, with the sound and vibration diminishing as the "person" stomped away (decaying noise, a familiar noise assault charcteristic). Never mind the fact that no one in their right mind would tread so heavily AND exactly overhead; the entity the perps think they are fooling doesn't pay attention very much.

And moving to a concrete construction building didn't change the noise scenario very much; the overhead barrage started up again, and they introduced new noises, one being the improbable floor/ceiling squeaking as well as the intermittent pounding overhead, usually with a body zap mixed in to piss me off all the more. And so it is here, with Mr. Eviction Fiction and the noise assault from above, even timed in the dead of the night when I "happen" to be awake.

Another nightime event the perps like me to see, at least four times per week, is their unusual light show, mentioned before in these blogs. It is the "grainy look"; as if I was looking at a low light condition photograph shot with a high ASA rated film, >6400, say. I read somewhere recently that is what light would look like if it were slowed down, if it could be. Anyhow, it is one of the more benign events and is all over inside of 20 seconds or so. They want me to have a look at their stunts it seems. And sometimes they will wake me up again shortly with normal lighting conditions, as if some kind of comparison test is being conducted. More of who cares, just get off my computer and get out of my life sentiments, as always.

1500h A day of putzing on the web so far, even if I will be going to the parents later. I am wearing a yellow-gold colored shirt today, what I suspect is the piece de resistance, one of their more difficult colors to remotely assay and energetically model . This observation is based on how little they plant this color, or anything like it, around me, usually in the form of parked vehicles. Though I noted they parked such a similar ugly colored Toyota in a metallic finish outside this location yesterday.

And it seems to be that there is some kind of fundamental energetic distinction between my "visceral reaction", (likely a deep neural response) to a color if seen, versus one that is proximate and not seen. Hence all their games of peekaboo and hiding moving oncoming vehicles from view (when in a file) and then it suddenly being revealed as it comes closer. Only a few minutes ago when I got up to make tea, I noticed an ugly brown colored Ford pickup in the adjacent parking lot, with more ugly violet colored plastic garbage in the box. Within a minute, someone thug-like, came to drive it away.

And this is not uncommon; if there is someone with ugly wirey hair near me at a concert, they get the hook within five minutes. All my predilections, likes and dislikes are the territory of the perps in their endless game of jerking me around. As mentioned before, they like to gain some leverage from things I like, and then plant things and people (by look), that I don't care to look at. The past teleportation of an ugly flab faced cuss among three blonde women in a staff area after a acclimatization duration is an example. Interestingly, the ugly flab faced cuss insertion games stopped after that.

And the perps are also doing this by degree; excessive obesity is not what I care to look at. So, what do the harassment assholes do? They plant lesser obese people around me, and if there is still a visceral repugnance, they will plant even lesser obese people. They are experimenting with all sizes of flab, and also, by gender, as well as by profile; side versus front etc.

This makes for some very unlikely scenarios; the >250lb overweight "cyclist" yesterday, in black colored fleece (the new MIB style in hikey-bikey country here), who then "happens" to ride his bike on the crosswalk, then the sidewalk, coming from behind, and then leading ahead of me until I take a differing route. This in one of the most bicycle lane oriented cities in North America, which may also be an accessory to the harassment operations, as there has been a considerable amount of vehicle lane moving and shifting in the past three years.

Call it "obesity placement", all to get a psychic rise out of me, and possibly to the point of "repugnance fatigue". That is, they keep resupplying more obese people, usually of one gender at a time, in the hope that I will somehow become "viscerally fatigued" at the profusion. So far, they have tried both a streaming supply, say every 2 to 5 minutes, and batch mode, 3 at once two days ago when at the laundromat.

The perps latest planted item obsession, it seems, is planting "granny panties"; large sized women's underwear. My mother's happens to be sitting out and visible of late when I have stayed there overnight, and again at the laundromat, where there were some drying on nearby racks. The more I study the current traits as to what the perps are up to, the more I understand myself, in an oblique way. As mentioned before, I have no idea why I like or dislike something, and whatever my choices are is of consuming interest to another party who plants likes and dislikes in my proximity, or for me to see, in a carefully ordered sequences and combinations. And they have been at this for all my life, and likely created the traumatizations and other off-putting scenarios in the first place. Now it is an apparent problem for the perps, given their rabid games in setting these stunts up, time after time. It is NOT MY PROBLEM; I am happy with my own predilections no matter how I came by them, go and fuck someone who really needs the "help".

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