Sunday, July 30, 2006

Chicken Run Time Again

This is obviously a huge perp event; acquiring my once/2 to 3 weeks cooked chicken at the grocery store. They put leading gangstalkers (walking ahead) on me, lined up four grey dressed gangstalkers with one red dressed one, had one right on my ass when buying coffee like last time, a checkout holdup stunt where the tortillas got mysteriously green (faux mold) between me picking them up and being handled at the checkout. The extra checkout helper went back for substitute but took her time, and still couldn't find them and had to ask me where I got them from. Meanwhile at cast of color coordinated gangstalkers passed by while the perps held me at the checkout for a whole five minutes, post transaction.

The checkout is one of their big locations for gangstalking; and it may be due to factors other that me pulling out my wallet and paying for my groceries, these being when they close in on me and/or schedule noise at the very moment of transaction. I suspect the color of the denominations is also giving the perps problems, hence at least 6 wallet stealings in the past decade, one very odd as to how it could have been lifted.

And a common technique now is the ambulatory gangstalkers to make repeated passes; outside the store, one or more sections inside, at the checkout and outside again. Sure enough, there was plenty of that, especially with me held up by the green tortilla stunt, another seen-before stunt of smaller dimension in this apartment. And sometimes a same colored plasma flash from the tortilla in the fry pan to emulate their green games.

Anyhow, the perps have me in a harried and grim "mindset" as I do my shopping and suffer the planned starings and aisle blockings; I don't have any choice to be breezy or casual about this continued stalking.

2150h. Something wierd is going on; I cannot get it together to put a coherent blog posting up; two are in draft, and "I" (the mind-controlled me) cannot apply myself to create a single readable posting. There is always plenty of detail as to the games that go on, but any attempt to write about it is getting dithered. This happened once before when the perps dithered the hell out of me putting a resume together. I find resumes difficult to write, but this situation was totally hopeless. I gave up, and haven't attempted another since. Later, one doctor "happened" to broach this subject and I told him the story, but I am positive that this was read as a statement of mental health condition and the "was dithered" provisio was quietly disregarded.

A Feral Family dinner was held tonight, and there were the usual extra tasks; my mother wanted me to drive as she is uncertain about city driving and that is a relatively normal request. Next, their vehicle was low on gasoline, could it be filled up? Yes, and my father who had no need to get out of the vehicle, came a stood beside me as I filled it up. A total gangstalk and then he was on wandering about duty while I was the only one in the vehicle at that moment. The constant game of entrances and exits, rotating gangstalkers in and out of my orbit in various combinations and permutations. It never ends.

And I have been through this particular gangstalk stunt before; there is something about the gasoline or the color of the filler hose that the perps cannot figure out. Most filler hoses are black, this one was red. As were a considerable number of gangstalking vehicles around us; a custom 1950's Ford Meteor with a deep cherry red with large metal flake paint was one prominent gangstalk vehicle beside us in traffic. And while filling up, the perps put on a siren show again (ambulances are red and white here); another "family experience" they scheduled. And real motorcycles too, for their noise value as this same racket goes on all day at the apartment.

Anyhow, I am getting dithered, as in directed deleterious energies being applied, and will leave this posting as is. The vision impairments are also highly annoying tonight.

JM; what was the flight number of the 757 that (supposedly) crashed into the Pentagon in the 9-11 disaster/attack? I understood this one to be the the most suspicious of the lot, and now Flight 93 that crashed into the field also has suspicious circumstances.


James F. Marino said...

It was flight 77 that was supposed to have crashed into the Pentagon.
Here's an interesting article on it

The sirens that you speak of are common place for me. A Police car with two blasts of its siren went
down the road earlier -- nothing but street theater -- there was no emergency. The local cops are used by the feds for this nonsense all the time.

The ambulances with their lights and sirens going that you speak of
are a constant when I leave my home which is hardly ever -- have not been out of the neighborhood in months. These vehicles are a common tactic used by the feds and these stalking groups.

Due Process of law in the USA no longer exists. When you can have the NSA and FBI spying on you every nanosecond of the day for 25 years, attempting to entrap you, using synthetic telepathy to manipulate your actions, and coerce your own family, friends and neighbors into these attacks you know that your Government is nothing but a LIE.

The street theater today abounds with SUV's running up and down the road -- note that I have recently
mentioned the use of SUV's by the perps and there has been an increase in such traffic since that time.

What can you say for a Government that spies on you in your own bedroom and bathroom and then LIES about it?

The only thing that makes sense -- that your Government and all of the corrupt people running it are
guilty of treasonous crimes against the American people and should be held accountable.

Many sociopaths make for great politicians. No conscience, therefore no guilt. FBI sgent Raymond Migliore is a textbook example.

A fungus that grows on all humanity..

AJH said...

That link is getting blocked (02-13-2007) and I will give it another try.

Re 9/11 What I find amazing is that the Pentagon has protective anti-aircraft missile batteries around it and they never fired anything when this aircraft was making a 270 degree arc of approach to "find" the section that was empty due to renovations. Can we say excessive coincidence here?