Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Cell Phone Sabotage, Part ?

Fido the cell phone network has upped the harassment ante; instead of taking 10(?) days to reply to my service request, they have cut me off the network! (I have prepaid service and am paid up). The cell phone is charged, but inactive with a 7:00pm time on it, when it is only 4:00pm. When will this fucking outrage over my phone service sabotage ever end? Why does it matter to some sickos in a remote control room somewhere?

And on the broadband front, Primus jerked me around, telling me my old number was availible (by web application), then later it wasn't because it isn't mine anymore (technically true, but it is in the availible pool). So, I got pissed with them, and cancelled my application. What is going on that I am not allowed to have sabotage-free phone service, now 1.5 months of it, and counting?

And of course I threw out all the literature on Shaw's phone offerings, and so it goes. Totally phoneless and Fido hasn't returned my email for >one week. Only one facet of the exasperating continuance of a Targeted Individual's (TI's) life.

And what could it be over? In my case, I look for clues, as in past (mind-controlled) activities or coincidences. And it so happens, that my silver-grey phoneset that mysteriously "failed' to work in accessing voicemail (familiar?) when I moved (05-2005) into my last place, just happened to "surface" in the course of moving this time (09-2006). At the last location the phoneset was replaced with a white plastic phone set, and poof, voicemail worked again. And it maybe that the perps wanted a $200 cell phone to work for only a month or so, and now they want it's electromagnetic field out of here.

The perps do this with metal objects as well; I had a steel cased router, brand new, and it only worked for a month until it "failed", and no matter how I attempted to fix it, it would not work. Then I buy a plastic cased D-Link router, silver-grey and mid-grey color -note, and magic, it worked with no extra cursing on my part. And also of note, the steel cased router "failed" at the occasion of moving into a new residence. Anyone see a pattern here? Like magical electronic equipment breakdowns at a move? Or, in the case of this PC, it "failed" 10 days before a move, and took seven weeks to get fixed. The painful (read sabotage) motherboard and re-build stories are on this site.

The perps have me all cranked up ("thinking") over the job fair tomorrow, and in particular for the call center job. Not that I have any experience in this, but in consideration of today's sabotage and resultant stream of cursing, I don't think I am ready for primetime. That and the keyboard sabotage/fuckery that goes on for every other word I type. Maybe it is a big game of dashed expectations; build it up and then trash it. Though my ex-wife's codified message was that I "would meet some interesting people there". More gangstalkers!

Enough for a post, a bitch of a harassment day, and a shut-in one at that.


gang stalking said...

Thanks for signing the guest book. Looking forward to WDSSH.

Here is a really neat quote.

When you choose the lesser of two evils, always remember that it is still an evil.
-- - Max Lerner

James F. Marino said...

John your writings are brilliantly done. You are able to inject humor into a very sad and difficult situation. But it's your humor that will help to expose these horrid crimes on a large scale.

Keep up the good work.


AJH said...

Thank you for the compliment; it is my major release from the constant "activity" that is arranged for me. Humor is part of it, but there are some moments when I am wound up into fitful rage, all likely arranged as well. There is no more reliable perp habit than pissing me off.

And to also add to the externally controlled thesis, the degree of rage reaction to their stunts has dropped off markedly since July, and has stayed that way ever since with only a few exceptions. No other changes to my my circumstances (e.g. medications) can account for this sudden and more muted reaction to the harassment.