Friday, October 27, 2006

Phone Line Install Day

Today I get a phone line installed, from the cable TV company no less. I was under the impression that the phone would also come through the coaxial TV and internet cable, but I was flat wrong on that one, per email correspondence. The sabotage and general ineptitude over the cell phone "problems" was enough to "cause me", in a state of mind-controlled reaction, to email Shaw Cable for a phone line. And, I had earlier dismissed their offering as too expensive, and then in the mind-controlled exasperation state over the sabotaged cell service, sought their services. Another competitor on the phone service, Prime, had pissed me off by telling me that my old phone number was availible, and then later it wasn't. It is all very complicated, unneccessarily so, and the entire move/relocation dynamic was such that I had to give up the phone number when it was readily transferred in the previous two moves.

Why my phone service is such an object of sabotage, intentional ineptitude, supplier shopping, a forced number change over the past two months is a mystery to me. I have noted that my ex-wife and daughter's phone services (three phone numbers between them) has also been recently changed owing to some obvious foot dragging on repairs. Too much of a coincidence that, and obviously of some focus of the venal cabal.

Another 11 hour sleep last night; a totally needless extra three hours, the likes of which has never happened before they unloaded on me four years ago, save some severe catch-up exceptions. I surmise this is to have me awaken later for their planned schedule, and serve as a impetus to get me going shopping without making time to internet surf beforehand.

Every time I go out it is a big event for the perps; they had two people sitting in their vehicle outside doing nothing but that, and they were still there on my return, 30 minutes later. This is at least the third such gangstalking this week, and the managed busyness all about me starts from there. The ambulatory gangstalkers are even crossing the street, jaywalk style, to deliberately get in front or behind me. And it was the men's shift again on my return leg; at least 30 of them in various poses and themes; business suits, hikey-bikey types, vagrants and gamut of guises. It is the sheer quantity of them that is so unusual, never mind the above actions to gangstalk me closer by jaywalking to get nearer.

And there are even repeat ambulatory gangstalkers at specific locations and travel directions; the willowy blonde looking purposely detached by looking elsewhere yesterday, was returned to the same location as a brunette today; she northbound, me southbound as with yesterday, same comportment, size, facial features and the look-the-other-way countenance.

The perps are testing more clothing combinations of gangstalkers from further away now; bright yellow anoraks in front of dark red anoraks, and if I attempt to change my position to avoid seeing this obvious alignment, the gangstalkers will collectively counter it by each of them moving latterally to sustain their respective arrangement.

The same thing goes on with vehicles outside the adjacent parking lot; more deep red vehicles are staying in close to my window for longer. It seems that there is some kind of allowable duration after which they got the deep reds, mid-reds and brown vehicles out of there. Even the gas meter head with a 2" wide painted "V" shaped "grafitti" got replaced from the parking lot after two weeks or so.How they know, when I cannot even see the vehicles from where I am typing, I don't know. But there does seem to be some kind of neural correlates that they are monitoring in real time.

The large deep red camper van, debuting some 10 days ago, moved one parking stall closer from its usual position today. Invariably, black, white and silver grey vehicles are posted around it.

And the silver grey metallic color is serving as an entre for pink I noticed. An elderly woman ambulatory gangstalker was in a metallic silver grey colored plastic raincoat (strange enough), and then began pulling her pink umbrella out with the raincoat as a backdrop as she approached me on the crosswalk.

Orange was also a theme, though with minor coincidence level; the stairway natterers 10' from my window had some orange colored clothing, an unexpected letter from Ms. C, a Halloween card, then an orange soap bar "left" in the corner of the shower this morning. There are no coincidences in my life, just feints and venal fuckery I don't yet know the purpose of.

And lo, if the phone installer wasn't wearing a bright orange shirt, and his "trainee" was in a brown jacket. And I was dead wrong about being dead wrong. The Shaw Cable telephone service does come through the coaxial cable like I originally thought; it was the series of emails that suggested otherwise. That is a recurrent theme of the perps; seeding disinformation, often detailed or technical, that is flat wrong, and having me run around with the wrong idea for weeks, months or even decades.

And so I have an additional telephone modem with an on-board battery and the telephone that "surfaced" in the last most move was the one that "failed" at the move before. This phone being metallic silver-grey in color, and naturally its DC adaptor got lost, making the dialling noise rather uncertain. More fuckery over more details that shouldn't concern anyone but me. Anyhow, a new phone service, phone number, and gobs of North America long distance service at a flat rate per month. Not that I phone many people long distance, as that is highly regulated by the perps as well; any call from anywhere is carefully timed and choreographed IMHO.

And this particular phone has a wall bracket under it, which I placed on to stop the phone from flipping around when I am dialling. And so the phone installer noted that, I mentioned the problem, and he then reversed the plastic bracket so the phone sits flat on the table surface and can be used reliably without hopping about. The phone hadn't been used in 15 months.

And it does seem to be a theme of the perps; the orientation of plastics and how they vary over time and the changes to their energetics, or at least, how those energetics interact with me. Other items, e.g. plastic bottles containing shampoo, have been unused for even longer durations, then are "found" at the scripted moment, usually relocations, and are put into use. Even my vehicle has sat unused since I gave it to my daughter four months ago, and will likely stay that way for an entire year. There have been at least 15 plastic bowls or other kitchen objects that appear to have spontaneously melted at my parents' place, perp abettors in full measure.

My tortilla dinner was a 8/10 level harassment situation, and it is always interesting to note the timing of coincident noise as to what I am doing at that moment. Olive oil is a particular obsession of the perps; once when returning from shopping, they jerked the bag containing it from my grasp and smashed it on the ground. Today, they mind-controlled me into putting it away prematurely, and then when I was reaching for it again, the next door "roomer" let out a big hacking sound, even if he doesn't have a cold. (Known by having spoken with him earlier today). Even pouring a portion in the fry pan is often noisestalked in some way. And still the perps attempt to understand my energetics from a distance and won't fess up and seek cooperation to expedite their objectives. There must be one huge vault of gold for them to have an entire city turned over to their cause, never mind how much that has been paid out already.

It is firecracker season with the advent of Halloween; these too have a way of going off at noisestalking coincident events. And fireworks are useful for causing flashes in the night, before I go to sleep as I found out last night.

The arrangement of litter outside my room continues; white plastic bags are now augmented with white book pages. The black plastic bags have also "settled in" for a longer stay and don't dance about in the air as they did. And this morning, the perps went all out by placing a soft blue colored mattress against the opposite wall, 10' away. That was the color of the family vehicle for a good 15 years, 1969 to 1984 or so. My then friend with a silver-grey Alfa Romeo also had his vehicle repainted to be that same color.

As always, anytime I am on the street, I get gangstalked by the "plastic bag people"; and more than once they are taking their groceries to the store that the bag was from. Another "first" since hell descended upon me > 4 years ago.

Another meant-to-mention; my PC fascia had a slot routed in it as noted in this post. And this had taken place in two passes over a year or more, as an example of more long term plastics energetics testing as noted above. When I got the PC rebuilt and delivered earlier this month (10-2006), the perps had filled this 3" x 1/8" vertical slot with a transparent plastic, as if it was a factory built window on the lights they also installed there. Another example of the perps being collectively more crazy than I will ever be, assuming that I am not being irradiated and controlled or otherwise taken down.

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