Monday, October 23, 2006

Eye, Vision & Personal Assaults

I have had a grit in the eye sensation all morning, some two hours worth, and there isn't any to be seen or removed, and my eye is not reddened. Another of the mysterious changes of physical events that keep erupting around me. The perps increase the sensation as I am reading and use it to curtail the duration of reading any one source.

The perps are upping the ante, while still playing pretend; I got three starings on the way back from the grocery store today; the last one was a mind-fuck stunt with a face to face provocation where the operative grabbed my arm momentarily. Then he proceeded to keep ranting at me as I walked away. The grab was for the same reason as Pres. George Bush's grabbing of Chancellor Merkel, to get a better energy reading on the subject. This time it was 40' from the house, and the perps have always been gangstalking me before and after I enter or leave. Fifty two years of being monitored, surveilled and harassed, and they are still at it, playing games like this. Fucking pathetic.

More tiresome feints and gangstalking at Feral Family Dinner last night; it was the first time in three years that my brother came to enjoin the gangstalk/fuck the victim (me) on Sunday nights. He picked me up at my place, took a circuitious route with many parked deep red colored vehicles at the corners (differing orientations), and had an interim stop and natter with his furniture trading pal.

The perps/Feral Family routinely have me cut up various food items, and ensure the activity is hampered by dull knives. At my place, I am constantly noisestalked each time as I cut the tortilla in four. I read something that there was quantum level object association energies, and these would be reconfigured if an object is cut into sections. Last night, it was the squash, and then later the roast which I was requested to slice. In the case of the latter, the three of them collectively cleared out of the kitchen to leave me be for some reason. It is likely that the squash was the "warm up" object, as I have cut the roast many times before.

More "missing time" games in the order of 2 to10 seconds; pedestrians erupt from nowhere, or cross the street without me having tracked their course. It is very disconcerting to not be able to account for how I spend my time, and these games are upping the freak show ante.

My father continues with the dementia act; but always engages in some directed activity that refutes the diagnosis. Last night he was playing (touching and stroking) his olive drab colored coat about five minutes before I put on my similarly colored coat. Then when it was time for me to go, and with my coat on, he touches mine in a mock act of feigning confusion that my coat was his. That doesn't seem like dementia to me if he is aiding the sick-minded perps in a premeditated fashion. And in the past, he has put on my coat instead of his, even when they are kept in widely separate locations. Another cover story of dementia while operating from the perp's playbook. I suspect the perps were on him into the 1930's, and I cannot think of anyone who got fucked over more, and all the time he thought he was fully abetting the sickos.

Another one of his "dementia" acts was to wipe the windows that were behind the curtains for no sane reason. As the windows are behind me when I sit at the table, I am positive that it was another perp abetting stunt. And I do encounter much more window cleaners on the job wherever I go than I ever did before, pre-overt harassment.

When my brother took me back to my place last night, there were four "false starts" over setting off. This was where he "forgot" something, and had to return to the house before driving away. I was sitting in his vehicle the entire time, having the expectation he was as ready to go as I was. He never did explain why one of the "forgotten" items was a cookie sheet from the house, as he is not the type to prepare much food.

The Victoria Volvo dealership has moved from its location on being adjacent to my walking route. The new location is close to a mile away, at a very new building location. They must of moved yesterday, as I had walked by there on Saturday, and the lot had a full compliment of vehicles. As I walked by the all empty corner lot today, a Medi-chair gangstalker was travelling through in the opposite direction, and was likely serving as an energetic benchmark to assay my energetics with all the Volvos having been transferred to the new dealership location. (My vehicle of some 15 years was a 1982 Volvo 245, and I gave it up in 06-2006 because of the continuing financial screwover that is part and parcel of this ongoing harassment criminality. The perps have an obsessional quest to figure out the energetics of vehicles as they pass over road surfaces, as there seems to be some kind of residual energy that they cannot figure out. For example, the perps have had their operatives walk through my just vacated parking stall.)

2200h The eye grit torture lasted into the afternoon until about 1700h. The eye wasn't red, but the opposite one was. Just another reality distortion in the perp's sadistic netherworld.

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