Friday, October 13, 2006

Fortean Events, 24/7

I am amused to some extent that there are many people who take decades to detail their Fortean experiences. The term Forteana or Fortean is sometimes used to describe various anomalous phenomena (from Wikipedia, the listing for Charles Fort). This includes ghosts, spirits, UFO's, etc. My interest was piqued by some of the stories at the Fortean Times, many of which are far stranger than what I have experienced to date.

But there are many anaomalous events which fit within my experiences, e.g. plasma balls moving around in the house. I get plasma activity in some shape or form almost every minute, and this is my current norm. My humor derives from the stories where the author confesses that it occured, say, some two or more decades ago, and are now revealing it for the first time. This is all about being concerned as to any percieved slights to their reputation, as they feel that publicizing their experience would cast aspersions on their state of mental health at the time.

But there are some stories about Men In Black (MIBs) who appear only a minute before a vehicle crash and then disappear. This very story repeating in one location, and the witnesses from a single family. This could be construed as gangstalking a vehicular traffic accident that they had arranged to happen, by mind-controlling the respective driver's actions. And these would not be paid-for shills as gangstalkers, but operatives who are known in exhaustive detail (energetics-wise) and give up their privacy for the benefits of being a MIB.

My experience is that people or pets are used as the best possible sensors of the energies the MIBs/perps are measuring. Hence the spectacular numbers of ambulatory and vehicular traffic around me. In the latter case, on my three block shopping visits, I estimate 500 to 1000 vehicles are deployed for vehicular gangstalking. It is equivalent to another rush-hour for this city, never mind that it is headed in the wrong direction for that time of day.

Whether one buys into my associative logic (above) or not, there are some 550 victims of harassment and mind-control, or non-consensual human experimentation (this site) that are fed up with this outrage that has trashed their lives, mine included. Another likely group of sufferers at the hands of perps IMHO are those suffering from Morgellon's Disease, (my blog on it) who are 5000 strong. There are also significant numbers of alien abduction stories that bear up under scrutiny and have a significant degree of commonality. My point is that there is an extensive worldwide program of non-consensual human experimentation that is going on in one form or another, and that based my interpretation of experiencing some of the Fortean experiences, it is much bigger than we suspect.

Until I sold my vehicle in 06-2006, the perps were rabid about vehicular gangstalking me, and they still do this when I am walking the neighborhood. Among other obsessions of theirs, IMHO, it is about being able to analyse/measure some kind of fundamental energetics about vehicles and their interaction with the road surface, and very likely, the soil substrate. It is still a mystery as to what they are after exactly, though some books posit that there are energies of the Gaii, the Earth's biosphere. This maybe too far out to accept, but given the amount of forced driving (head pain relief) at all hours of the night, all over Puget Sound, the Fraser Valley and eastern Vancouver Island, there is something that varies by geography that they want to know. And I would surmise, should be easier to detect the faster a vehicle travels. (Equivalent to induction of electricity by having magnets travel past each other).

This very blog content and its varied topic threads may well be due to mind-control. "I" started on the Fortean experiences topic, and "somehow" got derailed onto the possible rationale for the vehicular gangstalking, as well as my conclusions over the degree of human experimentation and covert surveillance that is going on. And, to not ever forget, the degree of mind-control expertise that the perps have. In my experience, they had a 60 to 90% level of mind-control when I was 6 years old, going by some odd behaviors that I cannot fathom why I did them.

How many individuals can be controlled at a time is hard to say, but it seems that the level of research that is going on is largely intended to make it easier for the perps to control me from a greater distance. In my experience the perps have made significant inroads to applying their energetics detection and assay activity with fewer artifacts, which would include planted and organized gangstalking activity.

Enough for a post, as I am getting overhead noisestalking again.

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