Saturday, October 07, 2006

Shady Dudes and Other Gangstalking Detritus

The perps are being extra obvious these days about planting their ambulatory operatives and gangstalkers about me anywhere I walk. There are also 400 to 800 vehicles mobilized to vehicularly gangstalk for my three block walk to the stores, and that doesn't count the parked vehicles that also display the same color coordinated patterns. Yesterday the perps pulled off all the meter heads on the long side of a city block where I "happened" to be walking. That side of the street was chock full of parked and color coordinated vehicles, as was the opposite side. There are also cables buried in the ground (sidewalks and roads) and marked with yellow plastic tags to identify their location on some of my walking routes.

The usual pattern for the ambulatory gangstalkers is to have younger, better looking women at first, often blonde, and then later plant waves of male gangstalkers who don't seem to have a day job on week days, except to perambulate in my proximity. The later "shift" of these male gangstalkers will often have physical features such as excessive girth, a waddling walk, a walking impairment, plain ugliness, white hair, chinlessness and a few others I cannot recall. And most often, they project their excess girth in poses that advertise this "feature".

But what is real interesting is that they will often plant the males around the young blonde women, as if there is some kind of "goodness" aura that they are attempting to leverage. In one setup where I was doing driving duty for my mother, perp abettor bar none, we went to a place that specializes in beads for hobbyists called Beadworld. There were three young blonde women on staff in the central staff area, and we had already spent about twenty minutes covering the store, or "shopping" as the guise, and there was an incremental build up of "customers"/gangstalkers in their characteristic reds, greens and black colored clothing. A few men were there, not even pretending to care about beads.

And so, after my mother dealing with one of the blonde store assistants for 5 minutes, and the latter making trips to the store location we were previously at to select a better needle and thread choice, I was deemed to be fully "blonded", that is, being sufficiently proximate to them for an "acclimatization period". Then when I wasn't looking, a greyish skin toned man in a grey coat he was putting on, somehow arrived in the center of the store assistants area without any warning. Poof, there he was, a 60 year old or so, and on the ugly side. He finished putting on his coat and walked out, with the putative suggestion that he might have been the store owner or such. (It was very likely this dude teleported in, though as usual, I did not see it, though I could not figure out how he got there without any noises of approach.)

It was apparent to me that that whole piece of theater was all about landing this ugly dude in the center of three young blonde women, after my "acclimatization" period of being proximate (<15') to them. As it turned out, this face type of elderly males was also "featured" in later gangstalker placements at other locations we visited. Think of this face type as being fleshy and sagging (flaccid), with a seeming corresponding reduction of the facial features size. If you see side by side pictures of Pres. George Bush in his inaugral year, and now currently, you will get the idea.

Another unabashed gangstalker dude this past week was Mr. Passport Tosser; he is now a five times occurence gangstalker, and has shown up in the most unusual situations. He first appeared in 2002, shortly following the high-tech assault; I was making a rare commute by helicopter from Victoria to Seattle. This stalker dude was dressed as if for business as was his colleague, and he impusively jumped the line, and thereby secured his own seat in advance of everyone else. Later, when in flight and just after the announcement to turn off all electronic equipment was made, he pulled out a brick sized electronic gadget from his coat and showed it to his cohort beside him. (Both were immediately in front of me).

Then when the helicopter arrived in Seattle the two operatives were ahead of me in the lineup for the INS inspection, and he took his passport and deliberately tossed in on the ground in front of the INS agent. Instead of being pissed off (as I would of thought) the INS agent laughed, as did all of them.

Only a week or so later the first incarceration stunt of keeping me contained in hospital began, and Mr Passport Tosser shows up as a "patient", and at times, putting on some stupid and blatant complaints with the nursing staff for me to witness.

Some 10 months later when incarcerated again, he shows up as a "patient" again. This is in 2003.

And when doing my laundry at the nearby laundromat last week, he shows up again, putting on a homeless act in concert with the attendant. ("Everyone" seems to know her, like a Cheers episode). Later when I was walking home with the clean laundry, there he is again in his wandering homeless act again changing his absurd headgear some, pretending to be destitute.

What the perps see in this dumbshit over-obvious Mr Passport Tosser act I have no idea, as his "story" just doesn't add up. In fact, it is almost as if this is his intended specialty, to be the plainly obvious gangstalker. I don't get it, and I only mention this particular gangstalker/operative as one who defies the trend, having a semi-legitimate cover story and to not to be recognized again.

Anyhow, I am getting noisestalked more as I recount these tales, and am calling this a posting.

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