Thursday, October 26, 2006

Laundry Day and Other Musings

A laundry day today, but not before a new variant of the white crumb assaults became known; these white crumbs cannot be removed easily. They stay stuck somehow as my finger rides over them; on my coffee mug (where I sip), and on the work surfaces so far. Totally idiotic, but it seems they want me to rub objects more. For noting that, I just got a room flash on a cloudy day.

Another made-in-perpland "sleep" last night; they kept me awake for two hours when in bed, performing head flipping and listening to the coughing and hacking from other "residents". There was a few awakenings as well, so that I could hear next door bathroom use, and for extra noise, someone kicking the shared heater vent for some reason. That could either be real bathroom use, or a sound simulation; in the case of the latter, the noise pattern doesn't always add up to real world use.

And they also awakened me to see more of their plasma games; one look out at the dimly light window was momentarily transformed into a blue lit scene in its place. They did this the night before as well.

Earlier I did my laundry at the laundromat, and was the recipient of the usual gangstalking show. It was young women first, then older grey haired women, then white haired men, then young men in a final threesome. At least there was Seattle Magazine to read, and it would likely of been planted there to examine my recall and/or response in realtime to known territory which is still one of the perps' quests. This time they wanted me to use the next row of washing machines, and today, I was allowed to use a dryer that didn't need to be pummeled, as the "knack" to accept quarters, which is the only permissible coinage. And it is no surprise that the last laundromat I used had the same problem with quarters in the dryers. More and more idiotic and obvious feints.

And in the laundromat, a lot more plastic bag flicking by the staff member, and lo, if some of the gangstalk rabble didn't have the same color plastic bags in their packs too, as well as rustle and display theirs within a minute or less of the staff member's antics. Ditto on some dude in white hair and dressed in black who came in to purchase a small sized box of detergent (one load's worth). The box was yellow, just as was the page in the magazine I was reading at that moment. Said dude didn't have any laundry to do, he "just" came to purchase a very small sized box of detergent. It was his turn for the extra-obvious stunt today I suppose.

More male gangstalkers are flicking their arms out as they walk, almost like military which is a fair approximation of their organization. This dude was in a brown sweater and an absurd summer hat, and it was at least his fifth appearance in the past three months, even if he doesn't live nearby. He seemed to have the same general appearance and look of another gangstalker I saw twice two days ago, appearing at the same location on both my outbound and inbound leg of my grocery store visitation. The only difference was today's dude had glasses on, not to mention covering his head as much as possible. It isn't too hard to pick out their themes, and if they get to be too prevalent, that gangstalker/guise gets a rest.

I got the the "royal gangstalk welcome" on my return from the laundromat; there were two "residents" that happened to be leaving this rooming house, as I approached; Mr. Orange Vest in his fourth hallway/doorway appearance in two weeks (the only time I see him), and the other guy with the profusion of tatoos who I am at least friendly with, held the door open for me. The same old same schtick; getting close to me wherever they can. All the while, the hallway is filled with plasma so one's vision is impaired, and I look like I am radioactive with these irradiations that I am being hammered with, though in the main, I don't feel them.

I am still rationed on chocolate, almost five days without any, which is a long time for this vice. And having been the past recipient of the mind-control methods that "cause me" to find chocolate abhorent (unbelievalbly almost), the perps have kept me in a "needing it" mindset. All that Halloween chocolate at my drug store visitation today, and "I" didn't buy any. Just to think there are likely hundreds of these concurrent applied behavioral mind-control themes that are being planted on me, and I am only aware of a few.

Post-dinner, I am getting overhead clunks on almost every web page I click on and bring up. That, and nonmind-controlled thoughts get noisestalked too. The front door slamming of 20' away continues, and as part of the stunt, they are shaking this PC, my hand on the mouse, and the windows in my room. Causing my feet to buzz for hours is another long known tactic of the same kind. There does seem to be more frantic arrivals to the bathroom next door, possibly teleportations or just the noise only.

Perhaps the perps are on the cusp of another big discovery, like 100% mind-control instead of 99.99% as it seems to be. And for observing that, I get the wet plaster smell jammed into my nose, one of the signature smells of a residence that is being irradiated and plasma polluted by these venal sickos.

I noted recently that my old high school has a movie crew filming on location. Not that I have had any dealing with it since I cleared out in 1972, not knowing the rest of the class was in on this vile scam. But I noted that the movie crew has setup their lights and equipment immediately outside my old science classroom. They have a 4' diameter lighting fixture on the roof of an adjacent building extension to shine the light through the second story windows.. And it has been noted that movie location contracts are a form of payback for larger cooperating institutions, e.g. the hospital where the assholes illegally incarcerated me for 5 months. I don't have any specific knowledge that Mount Douglas Secondary School (a senior high school) has any cuurent significant role in harassment cooperation, but with the movie shoot going on and that absurdly large light, I am beginning to wonder. Anyhow, it is likely that it is not a coincidence, but I have no idea as to how it may be related to this assault and persecution campaign.

And maybe this is a setup; I was reading Thomas Townsend Brown's notebook online, and lo, if he didn't postulate that gravitaic conditions may change according to the irradiative source (lighting or other radiative frequencies). Gravito-luminescence, to throw in a big word, which explains a whole lot; the reason for this constant pit-lamping and headlit vehicle processions and all the excuses the perps use to cast or change lighting conditions on or around me.

Enough for a post, if permitted.

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