Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Fruit Fly Follies & Tax Return "Forgotten"

The tax return I thought was stolen was found (per mind-control planted notion) in my file box, having being a continuing issue when I moved. And it so happens that all the associated events leading up to its (planned) misplacement were also forgotten. That is, for the fourth year in succession, the tax authorities have "re-assessed" and disallowed my claim of spousal support. And each year I send them the same documents, and they then reverse the disallowed
deduction; as in, I won, they lost to be blunt. Next year I suspect they will find something else, as I did not pay spousal support this entire year. And maybe they won't dither me so I can fill out my own tax return for the first time in six years, something they haven't let me do. All that jerking around to send me across town with all the gangstalking to come up empty over a memory fuckover by remote means.

Assault by fruit fly is what today is amounting to. I am being kept off fruit for some reason, and yet these fruit flies have increased. They magically pop out of thin air in front of my face (2" away) and circle me, sometimes as often as three times in five minutes. Two "arrived in my face as I was about to take a shower, so it would seem that the perps use them as surrogates when all their maser and plasma action just isn't good enough, or might exceed their guidelines of the moment as being too obvious. And my batting average is still low because they also have a "habit" of disappearing in my hand as soon as it closes over it.

A banking day, of only a TI kind; a six block walk downtown amidst the gangstalking throngs to get $350 cash from the bank to save $50 on rent. A perfect setup for that junket again. The most obvious stunt was to have two young blondes both in white jackets in the front window lounging on the bank's furniture, and when I entered, they and two males all stood up together and crossed in front of my path on my way to the teller line. Like clockwork, or The Clockwork Blondes perhaps. And there was at least one MIB tight on my ass, 2' behind me, all circumstances totally planned with precision.

And it tells me that the perps don't understand the energetics of toilet paper and I am their test dummy for the next x years on top of the past four. Fucking sick and depraved that they are so gutless to undertake nonconsensual human experimentation by only remote means. The best they can do is send in gangstalkers, fruit flies, maser and plasma beams, all the while they think they are fooling someone.

A whole evening spent on Firefox 2.0- upgrading, and with all the fabulous features availible in about:config (in the address bar), it has an extreme degree of customization. And lo, if "I" didn't discover a tweaking site and mess with that and get into a bind and have to dig my way out. All of that high attention activity conducted with the noisescape of firecrackers, sirens, vehicles with loud mufflers etc. (window open all the time), it strikes me that this too was another mind-controlled tour de force.

In the past I have been noisestalked when doing software loads or upgrades, but this "coincidence" of high attentiveness and high transient noise was a once per year event. More evidence to suggest how rabid the perps are about keeping up the pretense of no one "noticing". And too, anytime "I" shift in my seat, move, complain over a keystroke jerkaround, etc., firecrackers will also go off. Sometimes they will even lift my hand with the mouse up off the pad, and script a firecracker for that moment. A made in perpland special, and for them, it is better than Christmas.

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