Monday, October 30, 2006

Stolen 2005 Tax Return & More TT Brown Musings

Quite the jerkaround this morning: a trip to my brother's place to find out that my income tax return for 2005 was stolen. I take meticulious care and file them in an orderly location, and it was gone. This is the second such incident in 6 years, and as blatant as the first time. The hour and a half trip was a total skunk; the income tax return was gone from its labelled file folder, the adapter for the phone was not where the phone was packed, and the instructions to change the time on my watch were buried too deep. In the latter case, the perps have forced me to take my watch to the jewellers and have them change the time. That was when I had the instructions, and followed them exactly, and yet the perps hacked the watch. Back to that again; fucking pathetic.

And the two-way bus trip was quite the gangstalker gauntlet; the perps even had all the street lights on at 0900h this morning, presumably to add to their assay activities. And three ashphalt exposures; the paving of patches in the street walking my route. I had a shift of a girls' phys ed class gangstalk me, or pass by, and then it was onto the surfeit of working age men on a weekday shift. They come in all ages and guises, though the limping act played at least three times, one being in military uniform no less. And the coughing and hacking act followed me onto the bus, sometimes they occured from seeming disparate sources simutaneously.

This is post second bus trip today, this one to the doctor. He was in bad shape with a real cold, and had an extra low and measured voice. He asks me to tell him what is going on, I do my spiel, and then there are these ponderous silences when neither of us says anything. Then he asks for more details, but never driving down on any one of them to verify the facts. And as soon as I tell him that there are others who can describe 95% of the harassment experience in exhaustive detail, and lobby their congressman to no avail, and there is nothing they can do, he has a caniption saying he wants to know what I am going to do. There is always at least one angst moment per consult (his or mine), and that was it. There is at least one from-outer-space moment as well, as I (with the caveat that it was likely a mind-control planted question) asked him if he had come to a diagnosis yet, and he tells me that is not his job (!). Fucking bizarre to say the least, and at least one every appointment. Thankfully the next appointment is in six weeks time and no new medications/assaults.

Again I had my bus followers, one getting ahead of me at the stop, and in crossing the street, and then he takes a circuititous route to the waiting room so he winds up behind me. This being a 60 y.o. male in a camoflage jacket, and that is a very rare bird in these parts. I was wearing my olive drab raincoat, and maybe that had something to do with it. And at least two more limping male gangstalkers on this latter round trip.

The perps are also increasing the number of furniture exposures; at least two "moves" where a trailer behind a truck was full of wood furniture. I also noted that my brother was working on a door when I got there. An native indian wood carver brought his wood on the bus with him as a some kind of wood energetics test I assume. It could be that the perps are making more progress on their brown color problems, though they did put a blonde woman in brown clothing on the bus I noted. I got at least two starings today.

The sunlighting has been especially strange today; there are few clouds and yet there is a significant backlit appearance as well as a high amount of reflectivity off vehicles. This serves to mask the percieved colors of a person's clothing or of vehicles, or at least until they are substantially closer. The perps like to set up dark navy blues, dark browns and black colors in these circumstances and have one follow (person, vehicle) the other, usually oncoming so the colors are not truly apparent at first. All this is important to the sickos running the show; I don't really care except that I want them gone for good, though no one can really know that, as I didn't for 47 years until they began this overt harassment phase.

And the doctor was ready for the very phrase I often use in describing the loud vehicles that circulate about me with great prevalence. As soon as I said my stock phrase (not repeated here), he burst out coughing. Simply amazing, that I am scripted to the precise words to say, and when I use the (usually) familiar refrain, the shill begins coughing. everything I say or do as such profound significance for these assholes, and believe me, I do nothing exciting with this burden on my back.

As at least intimated, the perps have an obsession with everything brown, and that includes the contents of my bowels. They often cause my bowel contents to move about by remote means; I call it shit shunting as that effectively describes it. These intrusions can "happen" anywhere, and it is no coincidence it is near bropwn colored external objects. And on top of that, they had me scripted for a colossal shit, which was duly noisestalked by the entrances and exits of "residents" of this rooming house, or a noise facsimilie thereof. And never to miss out on fucking me over some more, a blocked toilet was also scripted with a following shower to clean up the mess they plastered on my ass. They had been allowing me to take a normal clean shit for the past three weeks or so, but the perp's juvenility came back, and they needed lots of shit action to entertain their new recruits.

I figure they must rotate crews around; the put some on laundry hijinx, some on shit, some on overall sabotage, some on asphalt duty etc. and then move them from one obsession to another. So, there were at least ten comings and goings plus the S. side bathroom tenant pounding the wall while I was taking today's shit, and given that they must have organizational overhead and backup plans, there had to be at least 50 of the sickos in on exactly when I take a crap. And judging my the overhead pounding on the floor above of Mr. Eviction-Fiction's antics, it is time to leave this topic altogether.

Time to talk about Thomas Townsend Brown for a speculative break. I have been reading his journals posted here. There is no question he is an astute applied thinker of the physics of gravitaics and related electromagnetism. And I have confirmed a few things from these journals, especially if it relates to the perps' sabotage operations. But I am a loss to think how he fits into the entire black operations world, especially when he is only contemplating the existence of the ether, sidereal radiation or gravitational radiation in 1976. In my personal experience, the perps were pulling mind control and action at a distance gravitaic modification (read, stunts, harassment) early in my life, and long before TT Brown came to these thoughtful hypothesizations. Which does blow a hole in my concept of a single malign black operations/secret government agency. It is clear to me that there is a temporal disconnect between where the perps were at, and where he was at going by the content of these journals.

So it could be that these journals are false, planted to have him appear to make tentative speculations as to gravitaics, but it always struck me that he was a leading edge graviatics reasearcher in the 1920's (e.g. the gravitator). His last act was to bundle up his papers and take them to his superiors for "safekeeping".

In journal #1, the following excerpt:

Leesburg VA, Oct. 7, 1955 (a) An announcement has been made both in the newspapers and on the radio (within the last few days) that the contract for the launching gear of the proposed space satellite has been awarded the Glenn S. Martin Co and the contract for the rocket motor to General Electric. This brings to mind the statement of M. K. Jessup in "The Case for the UFO" --- "If the money, thought, time and energy now being poured uselessly into the development of rocket propulsion were invested in a basic study of gravitation, it is altogether likely that we could have effective and economical space travel, at a small fraction of the ultimate cost which we are now incurring, within one decade".

This is attributed to a colleague of TT Brown, M. K. Jessup, though I surmise, and it seems clear in later journal entries, that TT Brown concurrs. I was one year old then, and obviously unaware of been surveilled and monitored, but my hindsight supposition is that they were already on me then, applying some kind of brain developmental impairing irradiation that was evident from test scores in 1960 or 1961. I am assuming that the action at a distance activities would have been equally developed as locating and irradiating some one, and monitoring all their energetic interactions.

My mother tells me that when I was two years old on the passenger liner from the UK to Canada, that "I" lobbed a dinner bun over my shoulder and it landed in an nearby passenger's soup, and it splattered all over his clothing. A fluke; possibly, but in light of everything else that has unfolded, hardly. My ~6 y.o. daughter also did something similar with bocce balls at a summer garden party and it missed everyone. Yet again, same analysis; hardly a fluke when the perps are constantly playing with brown and white crumbs in my presence that are smaller than pinheads.

Another entry is as follows:
Page 100
This suggests that, if a dielectric fluid is present (perhaps ether), it is moved in the opposite direction thru the solid dielectric material. Perhaps a kind of "ether pump"...
with some diagrams that follow. It strikes me that if he was uncertain as the to the probability of the ether, then he was a long way from knowing the perps' true understanding of gravitaic manipulations. Or, at least that is how it seems. Later writings in his journal reflect on speculations on photonic, gyronic and gravitonic interactions. From my rarified view of graviatic harassment, aka action (or assholes, or....) at a distance, it seems that all these concepts would of been fully known in detail to TT Brown if he were in with the same black ops crowd that is fucking me over 24/7. (And pounding the floor overhead anytime I search the term "ether" as I write this.)

So it seems that there maybe competing black operations at that time, and TT Brown was aligned with the ones that were less advanced, or that these journals aren't what they seem. This is speculation on my part, but as mentioned, there is a temporal disconnect based on my experiences at the butt end of it, so to speak.

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