Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Miscellany of Sabotage & Gangstalking Patterns

As I type this, the noisescape has started up, and it has been like this all day; extended noise flurries going on for 20 minutes or so, plus vehicular "musical parking stalls", with the ladder bearing pickups outside my window also gearing into action. And although the cover story is that there is a roofing job in progress, there really hasn't been much evidence of this. The one "roofer" in brown coveralls has this unerring habit of walking into view in the adjacent parking lot when I have brown food in hand. It was peanut butter this morning, and sprouted wheat tortillas at lunch. This is not the first time of his uncanny coincidences with brown food in hand, but it is getting tiresome along with all the other "action"/noise eruptions.

And other planted inconveniences are erupting in greater frequency; my black plastic watch strap pops out of its retaining loop at least 3 times per day, the runny nose routine (I do not have a cold or other normal causal condition) when doing the dishes (all meals yesterday and today so far, 1320h) and when brown food is in hand, e.g. chocolate, my mind-controlled breakfast food item, And this never happened before pre-overt harassment either, this chocolate "habit". And the perps have treated me in the past to short durations where I couldn't stand the smell of chocolate. Highly variable "habits" seems like mind control to me.

Another perp inconvenience/jerkaround is to undo my shoelaces, so far the maximum has been six times in one day, even for the same shoes and shoelaces that never let go before. Sometimes the shoelaces would spontaneously "untie" in my vehicle when driving, or in situations where I was reaching outside the vehicle to the keybox at the last residence.

The perps have also cut me off buying and reading newspapers for over two years by dithering me when reading it, rendering the exercise useless. They would let me read the newspaper at my parents', where they have at least years of study at that location. For two weeks, I bought the weekend newspaper, and now, it seems they are at it again, the weekend Globe & Mail is "sold out" at three locations in sucession.

Ditto for music; the perps would dither the music quality to sound horrible, and so, that was the end of that. Now that I am down to 20 CD's or out of storage considerations, with the remainder packed, they let me listen to all of them, and have again mind-controlled me out of the habit/inclination. They have put me through three pairs of headphones; my beloved (black colored) Grados SR-80 "happened" to lose one channel, and that has been the end of their use, all to fit the perp's sick minded agenda.

For now, only the metallic silver-grey colored (plastic) headphones are allowed to be listened to, and that color has a long history of being the color of first choice when objects are placed around me. My Volvo 245 was that same metallic silver grey, and having owned it for 15 years, it seems that someone was overseeing my interests even then.

I consider the metallic silver-grey color to be the "blonde woman equivalent". That is, the planted color of first resort, a benchmark color, from which the perps expect to gain some kind of energetic assay leverage. Or, call it an optimal "auric interaction color" from which they begin applying comparisons to other colors such as a dark metallic red which is one of their highly favored choices for planted vehicles in my view or proximity for color reactivity (it seems).

Past blog postings have mentioned the same initial occurence of young blonde women as the lead gangstalker hair color and demographic, after which the perps insert other hair colors, then men, and progressively greater variants; e.g. older, fatter, greyer, whiter and uglier individuals in various combinations, races and clothing colors. Meanwhile, if on a shopping trip, the same would be unfolding for vehicles circulating around me; progressively more unpleasant (to me) colors, pinks, bright yellows and browns (and plenty of two tone brown vehicles). Meanwhile, there are plenty of silver-greys, mid-greys, black and white vehicles travelling with them as a mobile benchmark.

And recall the tale of Mr. Eviction-Fiction, and his visitation that still rings of the bizarre; he was wearing a burgundy red anorak type jacket, and had a metallic silver-grey electrical appliance tucked under his arm, as if he was on his way to take it to get repaired. Even the vagrants get the "uniform"; they "somehow" become decked out in a nice deep red Goretex type anorak with black panels on it. All to support their act, which even goes as far as disappearing without their money.

1820h More noise flurries, especially before dinner, when the perps lay it on as well as in dusk conditions. True to form, with brown tortilla in hand at dinner, a "passer-by"/gangstalker; a male with an ugly black flowing beard in a brown shirt comes by.

Sometimes I wonder if the history of the black shirts, red coats, brown shirts, Mao uniforms isn't a manipulation to determine the color energetics of clothing upon the wearers. Just and idle thought.

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