Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Moving (Brown) Boxes & Plasma Assaults

There is nothing like a move, specifically moving brown cardboard boxes, that the perps like better. Leaving the once-per-supermarket-visit stocking trolleys stacked with brown cardboard boxes in the aisles just doesn't cut it anymore. Even having two per visit, one on each side of the store wasn't enough for placing brown objects near me.

So... what is a sick-minded perp organization to do? Why have me move my boxes and furniture (brown colored also) out of storage and to my pile at my brother's house, and additional ones to my parent's house (crawl space). Both my mother and brother were lobbyists for me to save the $70/month for storage, and have these items moved. Don't ask me why saving $70/month was worthy of their "concern", as the usual behavior pattern is benign neglect. And as it "turned out" the timing was such that I could supply my 14 days notice and get out by the end of October.

My brother stepped in to "help" me, and we moved some items yesterday, and then finished the task today. In the latter case, some of my storage locker items went to his place, some went to my parent's and additionally, some items stored at his place went to my parent's. That is, in the perps' world, a bonus as they get to have all bases covered in terms of the energetics study they seem to be doing.

There were the "usual" hassles; the storage locker elevator was in use and we had to beg to use it for a small single load, which was OK except for the delay. And I got the stare from one of the movers for no reason whatsoever, as if I am radioactive, and that may look the case, but all the regular players have been studiously avoiding that observation.

On the way to my parent's place the perps pulled a further brown (color) stunt; they slapped two 4" diameter brown splats on the windshield in front of me, under the guise of happenchance bird shit. I have been birdshitted before, both personally, and my vehicle some 30 times in the past 4 years of overt harassment. Anyhow, I thought it was amusing that here they are with this 50 year old problem about me and the color brown (i.e. energetics), and these are the kind of stunts that go down. Even if my parents put on their best brown clothing and gangstalk me at their place. And regular readers will note that I suspect the color-reaction problems that the perps have, and are actively harassing me over, was created by the their own activities that resulted in early childhood deep neural traumatization reactions that I am unaware of. See post.

More of my brown boxes were moved out of my brother's white van, as well as a yellowed table, and a black desk. But this time the perps pulled some never-before bizarre plasma games, almost to the point of debilitation. They had the green grass modified in color to be brightened up, and added red tones into it as well. Then when handling the yellow table, they put on a yellowish plasma glow around it, and then had some 1.5' diameter plasma flashes sitting some 2' away, leading ahead of me, as I was handling the table. Normally I only get momentary flashes of plasma activity, subsecond duration usually, sometimes barely discernable. These plasma assaults were for 20 or seconds or longer, moving with me to stay in my same visual area. Other blue flashes also followed from the dark areas of the crawl space. Then they applied some additional plasmic distortions to my visual field; a vortex of light was emanating in central vision as if the objects that were there had been spun in some way. It is very hard to describe, and not having ever taken hallucinogenic drugs, I suppose it may have been comparable. This vision assault went in its various incarnations for at least 15 minutes in the course of lugging boxes, furniture and related egress.

More than once I complained to my brother that I was getting a "plasma assault" and he didn't say anything. Then at one point he mentioned that it was "a rush", having restored vision after being bent over in the dim crawl space and out it the sun again; I said it wasn't that, it was an "outrage". Then he did the usual go-quiet act, and didn't respond. At another juncture in all of this, I said that he could see these plasma flashes himself if he had the gumption to mention it, and again, he pulls the go-quiet act.

There were some other feints and minor jerkarounds as part of the moving as well; having me finish the box lugging, and after having taken my shoes off, he wanted more moved as he claimed that he wanted "airflow" around the boxes and that his instructions were incomplete. of course he was the one who put them there in the first place, but I wasn't allowed to point that out to him.

As always, when he joins me and assists in moving or otherwise drives me, there are significant concentrations of red vehicles; some 20 at the first intersection of a two lane thoroughfare and a side street. At least 8 were parked around the intersection and the remainder passing through or turning. Even he admits, when I force his hand by counting them all up, that this is an inordinate concentration of the same colored vehicles. When we departed from the storage locker's parking lot, there were two scarlet red vehicles with two burgundy red vehicle behind them, all parked in file on the nearest side of the street we were entering onto.

Enough of the coordinated coughing and other noisestalking that is going on while this is being typed and edited for the myriad typos that are forced upon me, and call it a post.

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