Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Anisotropy of Space & Maser Action

Anyhow, I felt somewhat vindicated that my observations of gangstalkers and their need to change orientation and color combinations in both ambulatory and vehicular form. They are forever turning corners in front of me, behind me, contra turning (concentric and opposite direction), and in varying colors of dress, race, hair color, - all per usual. And of late, the "pedestrian" population has taken to walking in my intended track when on the sidewalk, attempting to pass me on my right side, introducing left-hand drive in effect among pedestrians. Onto the putative science behind my vindication; I encountered an ignored work titled "The Anisotropy of Space" published in French by Maurice Allais in 1997. Anisotropy means different properties in different directions; e.g. wood is stronger in longitudinal directions than others.

I won't go into technical detail because I haven't taken it all in, but the take-away summary of his theory is that the speed of light varies by direction, that there is very convincing evidence that there is an energetic ether, and consequently, Einstein's Theory of Relativity is called into serious question. Maurice Allais is no new wave theorist; he has been a physicist all his working life and has devoted much effort in reviewing other diligent bodies of work (also ignored) that also lead to the same conclusion, those of Dayton Miller. It is interesting to note that Allais is a well-known economist and was the 1988 winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics. Just a coincidence I find this on the eve of the 2006 Nobel Prize in economics being awarded? Possibly.

A regular torture I am getting these days, even as I type, is knee torquing torture. This is where my lower leg is rotated in place, but not my knee, creating an annoying pain which usually culminates in the resident (or a facsimilie thereof) overhead thumping on the floor, my ceiling. Another possible simutaneous event with knee torquing torture is to add a smell into my nose or schedule a coughing neighbor. As always, impeccable timing. As part of this, they turn me into a real crank, ready to unload on the slightest provocation. There is no choice in how I react, it is scripted for me. With over 5 decades invested in me, and all my world being scripted and arranged at a huge cost, these perps are not going anywhere soon.

As usual, the masers also come to "visit" as I write; small fuzzy blackish objects, in formations of two or three, in my vision that routinely appear when I am about to do something new or else move to a new location, even if in a 8'x10' room. I have seen the masers form in the mirror so I know it is not a visual (within eye) aberation. In fact, they will emanate from facial features; wrinkle lines, lips, zits etc. and I then can see them project toward me. Nothing new there, though they have been a near constant companion for the past four months where before they were used sparingly. Perhaps to transition me from the last location to this one.

Time to post this one, as I am getting plenty of masers and noise and it is time to reduce the provocations.

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