Monday, October 02, 2006

Jerked With Some More

Still no functional PC, this blog being written at my parent's place. The "overnight" delivery of the motherboard didn't happen and I have yet to find out why. This is the second instance in attempting in getting my PC operative that the "availible", or "overnight availibility" ordered motherboard did not arrive from two independent vendors. And it isn't like I am going for something exotic or unusual, both vendors deal with the Foxconn or Asus motherboards routinely.

And there is a certain amount of passivity and avoidance on the part of the vendors that is getting silly, if not unprofessional. They don't seem to be helping much except make promises that are not going to be kept because their overseers have arranged a whole lot of angst for me. And interestingly, I often get noisestalked (simutaneous "environmental" noise) whenever I say or type the the word "motherboard". It is the perps most stalkable word of the past month. And I am likely feeding their sick show in blogging this.

But I am not alone; the perps have taken out my daughter's cell phone for three months through the over-obvious ineptitude of the cell phone service. That they would hold it up for repairs for 3 months when it is always cheaper to replace them is a concurrent mystery. I had my own cell phone "breakdown" within three days of owning it, and it was replaced by a different model after a whole lot of ceremony at the store, gangstalked to the nines with a constant parade of the colored shirts, various races, various combinations of one in front of the other and even by a co-graduate of my forestry class who must be working for them, as it is her third appearence in this capacity. (She doen't work there, so why is she "showing up" twice within a week on a weekday while I am simutaneously dealing with the cell phone acquisition and the later return and exchange?)

My ex-wife and daughter were at dinner last night and this is how I learned of the above cell phone problem of hers. But interestingly, did I even know to say something like "that sounds like a perp stunt", or "that is the same problem I am having with my PC motherboard"? Not a bit of it; only the next day do I "realize" this (am allowed to know about the obvious parallel).

That is called realtime mind control/knowledge governance by remote methods. I rest my case unless anyone can offer any other enlightened alternatives. (That is my challenge to anyone at anytime, and no one takes me up on it. The Open Letter to Clinicians (blog posting in 07-2006) never got any acknowledgement from the doctor).

That blog would of been linked except that both the search and the display counter change (50 to 100) were blocked from functioning. Even the simplest things can be targeted for disruption in the TI's world.

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