Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Omniplasma Continuum

I cribbed something I thought relevant from the Thomas Townsend Brown Forum:

On April 7, 1984, TT Brown wrote an entry entitled "The Omniplasma Continuum:"
The use of the word "plasma" may be a bit misleading in that it is not the plasma of conventional physics. It is not "hot" in the accepted sense of matter in the 4th state. I use it to imply interacting containment in a kind of "sea". The word continuum implies the infinitely vast extent of that containment.

But the name is appropriate in my understanding of what may be going on. It is synonymous with the "C" field and, perhaps also, the reconstituted "aether"

OPC, as we shall call it in the future, is then conceived as consisting of particles of energy (Perhaps call them minor quanta, gravitons,gravitinos, neutrinos or what have you!) in rapid random motion or agitation. It is essentially present throughout all of space and matter. It exists within molecules, groups of molecules and the regions around and between possibly even to the consistuents of matter. As such, we may well consider OPC to be the re-constituted "Aether."
This, albeit part conjecture, and part observation might well describe the scenario that is imposed upon me; I see plasmic events all day long of many varieties, and it is deliberately controlled for some kind of interaction energetics assay. (That is, measuring the interaction of the subject (me) to attempt to discern further energetic activity not yet understood or quantified.)

As mentioned before, TT Brown was one of the US top researchers of the last century though his work was largely done in secret, though in the least, it had to do with gravitaics and the nature of time itself. I have made past blog reference to him, and I do find the parallels interesting, especially those of the more detailed kind that comprised of his habits. I won't get into them in this blog, as there isn't enough experiential linkage. The major interaction is that I am being harassed by remote means where all manner of gravity games go on, especially routines designed to piss me off constantly.

And the same would apply to the gangstalkers, the parked vehicle musical stalls game, and any other introduced environmental harassment. The latest is to have the 80' distant building painted brown from dark green.

And when the perps get desperate, they put on small groups of children on gangstalking duty; they "found" some reason to hang around outside my window onto the parking lot, and yell their heads off, and the perps made sure that the sound penetrated my earmuffs (hearing protection). That was for 20 minutes or so, then they suddenly took off. This same stunt was pulled when I lived next to a school yard; the children would huddle under the nearby bushes even outside their school hours, especially if I was to be driving off. Once I (or the mind controlled me) asked them if they got paid for doing this, and one said "yes, $20", and another said, "we don't get anything for doing this".

It is one of the sickest aspects of this entire gangstalking and criminal harassment operation; involving their children in the harassment of another human being. What kind of message is that for them? It is OK to harass the living shit out of someone's life, if selected by the sickos? Something like that, depravity as a multigenerational trait.

1600h I did my laundry today, and at the risk of sounding repetitive, this is a high perp interest event. Once at a laundromat, they put on five gangstalkers, all lined up like birds on a wire, outside of my dryer and standing over me while I was removing my dried clothes. When at the last location, the apartment block where there was only two washers and dryers in each laundry room, I still had a regular gangstalker arrival event each time my clothes were transfered in the process of doing laundry.

Today, there were the usual feints and jerkarounds aka "customers" crossing my path outside and then again inside; but today was the move-me-elsewhere theme. That is where they posted a person at my usual sitting location, and then also later monopolize the intended counter where I was about to sort my dry clothes. In the latter case, it was three >200 lb women as a group, who seemingly, came for some kind of business purpose, though it sounded like bumf to me. And lo, if one wasn't in green, and another in burgundy, the top gangstalk colors after black, white and silver grey.

The perps even put on some fresh asphalt for me to cross on my return journey. There was the 1" steel road plate in place when headed to the laundry, and upon my return, it was filled in with asphalt and no paving equipment in sight. And I got the extra gangstalk move at that intersection; a gangstalker leaning his hand onto a nearby pillar, with his arm fully horizontally extended. They also do this on the bus often, usually in front of my face.

A new play/ambulatory gangstalker ploy is to pretend not to notice there are any other pedestrians, especially me, and have the seeming unaware, otherwise engaged, gangstalker run into me. They also do this with street workers, who are running equipment, e.g. leaf blowers are one of their favorites, and have the gangsltalker step into my path, again, putting on the "unawareness act". But it so happens, when I was walking to work in Seattle, there was a regular crew of leaf blowing workers en route, and they were totally cognizant who was where on the adjacent sidewalk so they wouldn't get doused in leaves or knocked over.

The telephone wars are not over yet; the normally capable Shaw Cable has acknowledged my application two days ago, but no forward motion yet. Though this did remind me of the insurance company notice I recieved 09-2006; I negotiated the new terms to apply to my stored items, as they won't insure locations/suites with no self contained bathroom facilities (i.e. rooming houses). There were to send an invoice, but never did. I phoned back and was promised the letter, but never recieved it. Then week of 10-09-2006, I emptied out my storage locker and moved all items to my brother's or my parents'. It seems that the insurance company might have known there was to be a short storage room stay, and wasn't worth it for insurance purposes. (I had no idea that more storage at my brother's would be offered, as he seemed to have no more room.)

I only have to look at how the activities unfold, and see how it all fitted. But it does make me wonder what the purpose is. As part of my insurance negotiation the company indicated that my belongings were no longer covered under the existent insurance policy (because of living in a rooming house). And with my mother asking questions about where the fire extinguisher is, and how might I get out, (jump one half storey to the ground), it does give me some suspicion that the perps could start a fire here. This wouldn't be the first fire they planted on me, though it could be the one that has direct losses. Their last fire was in my apartment block, but not my suite.

And by dint of jerkaround, the fire extinguisher I owned, was "somehow" left behind at my last Seattle residence. Hmm... Stay posted for more online disruption.

The Battle of the Shaving Razor and Handle continues: about 04-2006 the perps caused it to click all the time on the pull stroke. It was a Gillette Mach 2 and had performed noiselessly for at least a decade. It was tossed out, and a backup was used in its place. It then was sabotaged this week and began clicking furiously at each pull stroke. Then I got a new one, and it began clicking right at the outset. So, onto Schick razors and handles and I will find out what the story is there. This could be either a jerkaround to have me not use a Gillette razor anymore, or a sustained effort to put noise at my head while shaving. Or both. And it should be mentioned that the perps are about as rabid over shaving as they are over laundry.

Don't ask why, though it seems there are some energetics properties, aka plasmic continuum energies, that they don't yet know how to fuck with. All my experiences relate to that venal agenda. In fact, I think the entire obsession maybe over the energetics of steel (the metal) and how it imparts energy to skin (i.e. shaving), food (chopped chicken) and anything else that is cut with a blade, knife or scissors.

And there have been plenty of jerkarounds as to what brand of item I will use for anything, so the Gillette to Schick razor jerkaround isn't too surprising. The perps don't like me to have affiliations; they have stolen my classy Ministry of Forests buckle and belt, the Victoria Masters Swim Club jacket, and a few others that don't come to mind. And it may well be that they percieve greater affiliation than I do; I wasn't a Gillette promoter in any sense, but that isn't good enough for the perps; total removal of familiar objects is their goal. The perps juvenile obsession over some minor detail of everyday use, the shaving razor and handle, has all the signature of the Battle Over Nose Hair Clipping, a long storied jerkaround where new scissors magically don't cut anymore, to my extreme annoyance. It wouldn't be so bad if they weren't growing the hairs at above normal rates. More of the steel metal games again. What I still don't get is why to they continue to operate in the shadows and 'fess up and cooperate?

And as part of the drive to annoy me, the manager sprayed the hallways with some kind of aerosol "freshener", and now that it is seeping into my room, I have had to open the window, another object of fascination for the perps, though not as virulent as their other sabotage; e.g. laundry, shaving, shopping, etc.

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