Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Noise Barrages

For the past 40 minutes there has been a sustained frat house like entrances and exiting noise with one incredibly loud slamming of the front door, right through my hearing protection that I often wear. I swear there are flurries of egress activity in this seeming rooming house that are more applicable to downtown retail business on a sale day. And if the direction of the noise source has to be modified, why two goofs show up in the parking lot and start scraping the ashphalt for some curious reason. And funny how it erupts when I began my activity on this PC, as the perps had me wake up at bout 0950h, an 11 hour sleep which was unheard of before they went overt-harassment mode four years ago.

And the amount of masers and plasma activity has increased today as well; slowly they are becoming less bashful about it, and putting longer exposure times displays in central vision instead of fleeting peripherial vision games. And someone flicked some brown liquid on my north wall last night, ready for me to find out when doing the dishes. It was dry, but this is not the first wall spattering event that erupts in the night somehow.

An organization as beserk as what I am dealing with must see a big pot of gold in staying covert to outside purview; I don't understand what their problem is when it is plain to me, and plain to any regular reader, this cannot be any kind of clinical cause. I don't understand who they think they are fooling. And note, I am the only person, save the odd TI's comments, that keeps tally as to what is going on.

I complained to my mother about the four significant harassment actions on my cell phone service in the past month and half, and I was sufficiently "annoyed" (caveat, could be a planted reaction) to get the more expensive landline service just to have a single reliable phone. Then she goes conversationally dead, and says no more. No investigative curiousity on her part as to this being at least the >30th similar themed complaints that I have mentioned to her in the past four years. This is a continuation of elicitations instead of conversations; as soon as "I" say the preprogrammed words the perps have planted, the other party suddenly clams up. And too, they aren't looking at me at that moment either.

A new noise flurry association started up earlier when I was about to shave; the very instant I looked at my reflection in the shaving mirror for the first time this morning, there was simutaneous noise creaking from the floor (I hadn't moved to create it), a slamming noise of the front door, and a third noise that I couldn't distinguish. How could that possibly construed as coincidence, the usual plea of the naysaying sickos, abetting family included?

The perps woke me in the night to hear some of the "residents" comings and goings in the hallway, as well as Mr. Eviction-Fiction's overhead floorboard creaking. Funny how it always happens that way; "he" is walking the floor the very moment I have been awakened, 90% of the time. Never mind that this noise goes on all day as well.

I was to make my usual tortillas for lunch, and I opened the new package of six, and lo, if they all weren't sliced in two, by some magical means, very similar to the last package, bought some days apart. These are sprouted wheat tortillas, my usual choise as the tortilla itself has some flavor to it. The tortilla battles have been going on for over two years, even if it is the mind-controlled choice of the perps. Various methods of trashing them in the package have arisen; they stick together and tear holes in adjacent tortillas when pulling them apart, the edges "fray" and self eject the loose pieces, and now, they come pre-trashed by having them all sliced up. As it was the only package, I was stuck for a substitute and had the chicken with the guacamole on a plate. That made for a quick lunch as there was no cooking time, and less ingredients.

That makes a quick turnaround and back onto my PC, blogging and reading about alternate energies; the equivalent of the Omniplasma Continuum, or ether by another name. I can't think of anything more fundamental that has so much controversy as well as myriad alternate theories. And there are plenty of phenomenon that current physics just cannot account for. This often boils down to new motor designs and the string of bad luck that usually befalls the inventors. Some even end up murdered, such as Eugene Mallove.

Anyhow, a gabfest of male jocularity has erupted in the hallway for the past 20 minutes; I can't recall so much forced laughter as is currently playing out, but it follows the trend of being loud at first and then trailing off. The bullshit cackling and joviality is something the perps must plant via mind-control of their operatives. And it follows me all over the city.

The gabfest and the forced male jocularity lasted until two minutes before I was to leave the building to go to my counselor's session. That made nearly two hours of it, and two too many.

The perps duly frazzled me and had me anxious for no good reason. And I had a swarm of some 10 "patients" at the door, hanging about before I entered. And there are many more gangstalkers putting on, or taking off, garments in my proximity; nothing too revealing as it is fall. Some stalkers are in coats, some in T-shirts, and there are many taking off or putting on a garment, usually outside of their vehicle with the doors open.

I got my usual bus stop troller/gangstalker; while I was waiting for the "Walk" signal one block short of the bus stop, some older white-haired dude made a move to come behind me, then he followed me to the bus stop and another 15' to the mail boxes, then re-crossed the street jaywalking style (usually not done here) and puts on an extra-obvious "just interested " troll on the other side (outside a one non-retail business office building), ambling back to the location where he first slunk behind me. This trolling/gangstalking route was nearly identical to the last time I was at the same bus stop, where someone else was on the same beat.

I got my red wearing wierdo on the bus, inbound. A floppy top hat in a bright red plush fabric was on the head of a gangstalker opposite me in the back of the bus. This isn't the first time this has erupted of late, but it is still too early for Halloween and he had no other costume to match his bizarre choice in hats. And the perps do have a hat fetish, or more accurately, a head covering obsession. Even pointless do-rags on Mr. Passport Tosser, who then made a second gangstalk outside the laundry while I was on the street, this time without his do-rag. The other variation on head covering is none whatsoever; on males at least, bald without any hair whatsoever.

And it turns out I have to do some kind of social service if I am to get any housing subsidy; this will be interesting as it will play into the perps' hands to have many individuals planted around me, and who knows exactly why. Though I do see more stacking of on person in front of another, with varying color coordination.

I had a brown cardboard box beside me for the entire counselor session, and another stack was 6' away. The "brown boxstalking" continues at the grocery store; stocking carts are planted exactly at the locations I want to go for my groceries. The perps are still choking me out of buying any chocolate; the two types of the one brand I prefer, Villar's, has a very erratic pattern of being stocked; plenty one day, none the next, and there is a forced variation in pure milk chocolate or milk chocolate with hazelnuts. And the brown boxstalking continueds most of the day outside my room on the street; a used clothing charity has a "large operation" with a 5 tonne delivery truck parked 40' away in constant load and unloading action of brown boxes, and black garbage bags.

Enough banality for a post.

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