Monday, October 16, 2006

Adversity of 10-16-2006

This isn't all of the adversity in a given day, just a recap of the main threads that I have referenced in past blogs; specifically that big-box stationers that has the initials OD, and the cell phone company called Fido that hasn't called back in at least five days to supply the second access code reset for voice mail, after it "somehow" got changed by some sick-minded mysterious entity. And it is likely that said entity also thwarted the first access code reset.

Neither are being prompt, nor forthcoming, as to why they are leaving me in customer limbo-land, though I suspect in the latter case, Fido, it is all about having me get my old phone number back from the former landline carrier, Telus. The Fido fuckaround is likely an ongoing demo/adversity stunt to state that a cell phone isn't to be my first line phone service, and thereby "forcing" me to look for an alternative. The perps had me cranked up over getting Shaw Digital phone as some promotional material came before the move.

And as it "so happened" my mother had a Primus brochure in the mail with a comparable service and more reasonably priced monthly rates. Why I wasn't getting this kind of Primus promotional material at my last place is also mysterious as I was a Primus long distance customer. Somehow (with the usual caveats), I only recieved the Shaw Cable promotional material. And I was set to go with them, but I couldn't get to use my current landline number, partly because of the imposed moving fiasco. And the $55/month rate was steep for my needs. (Funny how one reason morphed into another over September).

The perps also been busy further demonstrating that my cell phone service is "inadequate"; they even routed a Saturday call directly to my voice mail, the cursed dead end for two weeks now, which is their way of saying (IMHO), "see how bad it is, the network is too busy on weekends too". Something like that, as well as governing Fido's response time of repairing my voice mail, as in needlessly extending it.

And all the PC motherboard and rebuild hassle chewed through the prepaid minutes, possibly another objective in that extenuated fuckover. That episode cost me some $20 in pre-paid time, and necessitated another purchase of prepaid cell phone time. And of course the perps or anyone else of their sick minded abettors care not one whit that the cell phone purchase was close to $200, and it too may be a needless expenditure in light of the cell phone sabotage that is going on. And as a further drop-the-cell-phone-service hint, my ex-wife said that she called my number and recieved some kind of irregular response that wasn't even my voice mail. The hint role of the prime abettors can never be underestimated, though they do throw out a lot of feints with coincident mind controlled notions that add some "credence".

As for OD, I recieved an email from Florida saying that they are going to address the problem in 24 business hours, and so far it has been 48 business hours, and nothing has become of it. I did notice that on their first designated delivery day where they didn't show, and I was waiting, there was an awful lot of door knocking "happening" in this rooming house. It is very likely that was what it was all about; attempting to elicit the energetics of anticipation (perhaps). The stand me up, and feed me plenty of anticipatory noises stunt. Been there, had that done to me, many times. And part of the setup is that there is no front door intercom, and a knock on the door could be for anyone who lives here.

And for my efforts in reviewing this blog posting and searching for all the mind-controlled caused typos and syntax errors, the perps have decided to bombard me with the fruit flies, and then alternate them with similar shaped maser objects. All part of this constant panorama of maser "debris" in my visual field. It was once rare that I would miss catching a fruit fly, but now they have taken on mysterious properties of disappearing in my catching hand, and re-appearing later. As mentioned in a past blog, my long standing high batting average on nailing passing fruit flies has now inverted. And for the record, there is no fruit in here, or scraps thereof.

More adversity rears its head; the perps have somehow removed a check for $84.80 from one of my letters, or else mind-controlled me into not doing it when I thought I had. (Any references in this blog to "I" have the caveat that it could be a mind-control planted notion). Another one of their stunts was to enlighten me that "I" missed the Association of BC Forest Professionals' deadline for a leave of absence continuation from the membership year ending 09-2006. I must re-apply again, though I don't expect it to be a big deal. It is just another example of more sick minded sabotage over every last detail of my existence, never mind the "sudden' flurry of typos that erupted in conveying this into my blog.

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