Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Battle Over Nose Hair Clipping

The perps have certain obsessional "fetishes" where they direct considerable efffort, in the form of harassment and plasma games, to daily functions entirely out of proportion to the importance, as seen by me of course. Examples are; shaving, showering, laundry, doing the dishes, ironing, and last but not least, is nose hair clipping.

And this harassment obsession is caused by faster than normal growing nose hairs. That is one of the perps abilities, to grow hair anywhere they like, at a rate and color specified by them. I have had reddish hairs in the past when my normal hair coloration is brown. Anyhow, some 8 years ago I started to "get" (read, perp stunt) more nose hairs and I duly purchased a rotary cutter, batttery operated and it worked great.

In 2002 the major harassment assault came on and all my household batteries are dead. I replace the battery for the rotary cutters and it barely works. By this time I know the implied message: we don't wan't you to use it. In browsing the web I find a pair of manual rotating barrel cutters that work by squeezing between one's fingers, but they were only availible in Germany and in gold plate, about $80. Not a big deal, and the reviews were good, so I ordered one. It cut sometimes and not others, and was used for a year or so.

I had used the end of the face shaving safety blade to get the worst hairs, those black (strangely, not brown) and white ones that came up at the nostrils. But, true to form, the perps used this as an excuse to run the blade into my nose and thereby extract a blood sample, another stunt they sometimes pull. So, with that risk it was time to do something different.

Then the "need" to get a better system came on (read mind-controlled urge) and I wanted electric rotary cutters that were rechargeable from a AC supplied base. I searched high and low on the internet and only the battery powered nose hair clippers were to be had. Finally I give up and decide to get some scissors. A $40 specialized German steel model looks good, but I was not allowed to buy them from a Calgary seller as their web page kept blowing up. Finally, the perps let me get the scissors from New Jersey, invoking extra shipping and duty costs. They worked OK, but needed me to hunt down the hairs, unlike a rotary cutter that safely cuts every hair that contacts the cutter head. And the tips could cut skin if I wasn't watchful. The scissors were sharp and effective within the style of "hunt & cut". Finally, I thought, that is the end of that.

For a year it was, then yesterday I find that the blades have been dulled down or else misaligned such that they do not cut all the time, even if a nose hair has been hunted down successfully. I am seriously pissed off about this as the perps created all the adversity in the first place, and will not give me the freedom to deal with it. They keep ratcheting up the harassment over their sick obsessions that should have nothing to do with me. What is the matter with these juvenile assholes that they need to keep harassing me over nose hairs and trimming them? These are the same depravees who pull major snuff stunts like earthquakes IMHO, and yet are ragging the hell out of me trimming my nose hairs. I don't get it, beyond saying these assholes are the most organized and sickest ones going, and can unilaterally play god in anyone's life if they choose, and you would not know. It doesn't add up.

P.S. As I cannot track the comments by themselves or reply to the emails within the email s/w, a note to comments author JM:

I am not knowingly sending any "messages" or "trigger" words about your comments. I appreciate your input anytime.

Yes, I use my second name John, with a leading name beginning with "A"; I am not trying to be devious, that is the way I was minted, and may even serve the perps somehow as my mother has never really explained satisfactorily why she gave me my called name as the second name. It is extremely confusing on any forms I fill out.


James F. Marino said...

Thanks John.

The skits that the perps work out
of military - like in their precision most times.

It does concern me though that they use real Police and Fire Department workers to take part in these skits, simply because if some major accident were to occur
where they were needed, people could end up dying as a result.

The incident that you recount with
the fire alarm going off, and the
stalkers feigning concern over another perp appearing to be in
respiratory distress.

When I first experienced this extreme of the stalker mentality, I thought they would not possibly go so far as to fake something
like a serious injury.

Since then,I have learned that they will exploit anyone and anything when it comes to their
psychotic attacks on us.

While there have been many instances of these types of skits,
the last one involved some EMT's
who were parked directly next to
the Old Westbury Post Office,
blocking the Postal mailbox that I was attempting to access.

I smelled a rat and decided to
park my motorcycle and wait around
to see if there was a legit injury or if the perp's were just pulling a fast one as usual.

They came out twice to see if I was still there, looking directly over at me, and then figured I was not leaving so they were going to have to complete this skit.

I know it mean to make them do it,
but let's face it, they are the ones harassing us, not the other way around.

A few minutes go by and the two EMT's return with a very healthy
looking male with a pained look on his face. But his the rosy glow in his cheeks told a different story.

I wish I looked that healthy. They loaded the third perp into the back of the ambulance and headed back to the Fire Department,
while a the second EMT drove his
pickup truck right past me, a scowl
on his face, annoyed that they had wasted their time constructing a skit that I saw right through.

And the taxpayers are unwittingly shelling out for this insanity.

I was reading about your consuming the same meal for lunch and dinner over the past 3 years. I guess they can place the urge for a particular food into to your subconscious at anytime.

Why not? Their brain mapping can target any part of the human brain
and manipulate appetite, sex drive,
emotions etc. So why not effect ones taste buds as well?

I went for about 6 months a few years back feeling nauseas 24/7.

I could not even stomach the foods
I once craved, and it was an effort to eat at all. Try living on icecream and cookies for weeks.

Finally I forced myself to eat
and my appetite gradually returned.

I think that the most frustrating aspect of the mind control is that
while being true, it is so highly implausible that 9 out of 10 people we tell would find us to
be nuts. And the 10th person would find us to be exaggerating at best.

Some of those sirens you are hearing are real -- the local police and fire departments take part in this stalking harassment,
but usually do so in a tertiary manner.

On occasion they will send a Police car in or a few Fire Department trucks to feign a
false alarm.

This was a big one for them a few years back when the Fire Department would arrive on the scene, knowing full well that it was just a skit.

They lost interest when I caught on.

They do they a lot, and they are forced to look for new ways of attacking my psyche.

The one thing that their skits have failed to realize though is that when the human brain becomes
overwhelmed by external stimulus,
it begins blocking it out.

It's like listening to a song that you have heard a thousand times before -- if you listen to it enough, you don't even pay attention to it any longer.

And I believe that in regard to the stalking harassment, this is
in at least some cases true of targets.

I enjoy your posts and appreciate that you manage to use your intellect to overcome the sadistic actions of some seriously disturbed individuals.


AJH said...

There have been at least 20 faux emergencies where they put on the act, latterly bringing in a wrecked vehicle after I derided them for no causal event. They also like to have 5 to 10 police officers lined up at times.

There is the odd real siren emergency event (<10%), usually it is putzing by as most vehicles do when appraoching an intersection with prominent obstructions.

Food urgings and preferences are totally under perp control; once I craved chocolate, then I couldn't stand to smell it.


James F. Marino said...

The wrecked vehicles for me were
early on. A Flipped over SUV,
a few cars badly smashed up..

It suddenly dawned on me that these perps were not local but
federal, and coopting the locals
to take part in their skits and stalking.

On at least two occasions they actually closed the roadway to
stage these events and had people
walking around during the skit smiling.

Who is their right mind would smile at a demolished and overturned SUV in which in a normal situation people might have been seriously injured or killed?

Also, unlike a typical situation
where the scene would cordoned off well in advance we were able to drive right up to it. In not one instance was there an injured party on the scene, and within 30 or so minutes these scenes and just all evidence of them were quickly removed.

These perps are quite competent actors. And to the untrained eye
could easily pull off something very underhanded without the layperson every discovering that they had been duped.

Like you, most of the targets that I have read about are well seasoned in recognizing just about every perp trick.

However the electronic mind control aspect is an different animal entirely. The technology here is beyond us, and we are constantly playing catch up attempting to maintain our sanity
while figuring out what their next move will be.

Not an easy task when they can not only read our thoughts as we have them, but also covertly manipulate them. Welcome to hell...

I remember one TI saying that with the way they messed with his brain
saying that he could find something that he had never liked in the past very appealing, and that it could be applied to anything.

Given the implications here one need only use their imagination to
come up with various scenarios.

I don't know if you believe in the possibility of ET's. If so you
might consider reading through the
Alien Jigsaw puzzle website.

Then again, perhaps you already have. The woman running the site
is a long term alien abductee who
has gone to extensive lengths to
determine how much of a role the
US Government has played in her
abductions and what aspect of them have been bonified ET encounters.

She seems extremely credible and offers a wealth of information on
this paranormal phenomenon.


AJH said...

I follow some ET/alien activity as abductions are but a parallel of our existence. Unkown perpetrators and unknown methods with an uphill battle for credibility. Dr John E Mack, a Harvard psychiatrist, put a lot of effort into the legitimacy of the abduction scenarios. Many have proof; cuts, burns etc. Thanks for the link; another one is:

She got snuffed via cancer, planted IMHO.