Friday, September 29, 2006

Back Online Soon

That would be an everyday and all day online, not the public drop-in sites as well as my parents' since 08-20-2006 when my PC motherboard was toasted. And it would seem, the motherboard delivery problems took another turn to protract the agony, so even if it was ordered 09-26 and promised for the next day, it will arrive tomorrow, 09-30.

Call it geographic and temporal "dispersion"; the CPU and memory arrived yesterday from Toronto, the Foxconn motherboard from Vancouver, and the case is my original from Seattle of 2002, the replacement to the first computer in the early throes of this all-encompassing harassment. There have been other web acquisition events where pages have not worked, only to force me to get the item from further afield. Why, I don't know, but it is a perp obsession, the geographic sourcing of everything I buy.

There are also other variations that follow from this; how much sales tax and customs duty I must pay, as it seems that the perps like me to vary this also; paying full shot, sometimes a deal, paying more or less taxes etc. Again, I have never figured out a reason, but there are enough web page or site obstructions ("cannot connect") with sufficient consistency (for days or weeks on end) as to be no fluke. Certain web site obstructions can go on for weeks, and sometimes it is only the ordering page. My order has been stuck in place for over a year as the "Continue" buttons have been stripped off of it, every time.

Another method of perp guidance of web purchases is to have crazy pricing; a garden variety CD may be $1500 for example. I wanted to order "A Hard Days Night" DVD for my daughter and it was > $500 at (on my PC which could well be connecting to a perp-only intranet). Six months later it was the more normal $30 or so, in time for Christmas. I tried to get it locally, but no chance, all sold out.

The PC builder wants to come to my hovel and load Windows for a cut-price after he builds it; I said that would be OK, being as cash strapped as I am. The more obvious motive in the eyes of any Targetted Individual (TI), is that it seems like a in-home gangstalk session, an attempt to assay the builder's energetics in my place, as he will have completed building it at the shop on 09-30, and will come later that day for the windows install.

I am sorely tempted to acquire a cheap Linux machine to avoid anything like this protracted delay again. I looked in Victoria here, but nothing under $530 plus taxes for a Windows licenced box, and I have a licence already. The a killer deal "popped up" on the website that I bought the memory and CPU (Pentium D 805 dual core) for $370 using this same hot Pentium CPU (the introductory dual core CPU). Add on a $50 Linspire licence, and one has a hot Linux backup PC. If only there was somewhere to put it im my place. There was a two PC ownership period in the since-2002 overt harassment, so maybe I am singing the mind-controllers' praises via planted thoughts.

But alas, I checked the site again when getting the link, and it is now a local order only item.

Another day for remotely invoked Iritable Bowel Syndrome, which usually culminates in a success and relief the same day. As I am at my parents, I am quite sure the timing of it is of significant interest and attendant planning to the perps, as with all things brown, and especially this.

The perps have been laying on more brown dressed gangstalkers of late, so they must be making some progress to remotely assay brown color energies. I note that they started off with blonde women gangstalkers in brown colored clothing, (some absurdly ill-selected for the weather conditions) , and now, more planted gangstalking males are wearing brown clothing, usually in the latter part of my errand trips in town.

And too, blonde women get used as "leverage" of some kind to introduce other colors of gangstalking clothing. Yesterday, a male on the opposite side of the crosswalk, waiting for the walk signal, was in a vile colored lemon yellow jacket, and just when I had finished mentally deliberating as to its inappropriateness (to me, then), a blonde woman steps into sight, some 20' away, dressed in black, but with her hair color matching the man's lemon colored jacket. And too, blonde women have been getting more unnatural hair colors in proximity to me in their gangstalking role; streaks of red or green are not uncommon.

A new cab company has started up in town; you guessed it; bright goldenrod and all yellow. The extant Victoria Cab is lemon yellow with a green roof, but this new company started up with vehicles yesterday. An unlikely coincidence with the other cabb companies' colors also fitting the harassment profile as well as their timing and parking in my proximity. They are the original color selected gangstalk vehicles, likely for decades, having lived here until 19 y.o.

Enough of the perp's obsessions as they are visited (impoosed more like) upon me, online fulltime life will be back soon.

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