Thursday, July 13, 2006

Another Helicopter Down -when will this ever end?

As I noted in a past post, Pondering the Perp's Objectives; Part 1 (May 06, 2006), there seems to be a peculiar but entirely notional relationship between me and helicopters that the perps like to remind me of. I do have a technical fondness for them having been a passenger in various models for some 5 straight summers in forestry work, as well as the odd commutes in this part of the world (on Vancouver Island). The Canadian Coast Guard EH 101crash of 07-13 is all the more poignant as there was a Russian Airbus A310 disaster earlier this week, and the Mumbai subway bombings also. Not a good week for disasters, but back to helicopters.

The above mentioned summer forestry work events and transportation activities would of been set up by the perps, likely because they saw some energetic assay benefit (or whatever else they are looking for). But it is disheartening to read about this particular helicopter crash, especially where there wasn't any adverse events, such as enemy action, clunky old gear, incompetence etc. This was a state of the art operational Canadian Coast Guard EH-101 with three engines when it can fly on two, full nightime instumentation and was ditched off Nova Scotia with three crewmen dead and four rescued in a training exercise. To me, that is unbelievable, and given my intense view on the coincidence of anything, I smell a rat, bigtime.

That is to say, I have a ringing suspicion that the perps were on this one, pulling some kind of action-at-a-distance stunt and causing control failure of some kind. This is total speculation on my part, unproven and will always be. But given the eruption of the noisescape as I type this, it only serves to re-affirm my suspicions. Why would they do this? No idea exactly, but with some recent reading (when permitted and not hampered by vision-impairing emanations from the book's pages) I am begining, or allowed to, put some ideas together.

According to psychic energy research, and the collative meta-studies by Dean Nadin (The Conscious Universe), where people are tested for remote influence on future events, and associations with objects, there is clear and unequivocal statistics to suggest there are some kind of nonrandom energetic associations over a distance. These would be psychic energies or psi, also known as chi, orgone, etc. And lest you think I have really lost it, I am only attempting to put 2 & 2 together, as there is much more to the covert harassment than mind-control research.

So could it be that the perps are attempting to elicit some kind of psychic energy between me and above mentioned events, especially the EH 101 crash? Could be, this would be a person to inanimate field/energy/object association (or energetics) that the perps are attempting to capture. Or person to person field/energy, given the news of the unfortuneate. It seems me that the perps are attempting to elicit these energies and cannot retrieve them retroactively. And if so, what a profound waste of life and property. This may also apply to the Iraq War where the entire cast of proponents (Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld etc.) seems to go very queasy when the reasons for the war are brought to mention.

A related story goes back to 1993 when the new Chretien government nixed the helicopter contract of the previous Mulroney government to the tune of the taxpayer's cost of $700CDN million. Five years later they signed a new (and more expensive) contract for 2000-2002 delivery of the same helicopter! In 1993 I recall my ex-wife being rather tense and strained in asking me about this particular "election issue". I said it was a political ploy as the former Sea Kings had to be replaced, and cancelling the contract was reality denial. The first thing Chretien did was kill the contract in a highly criticised move, and screw the taxpayers over for $700 million in contract cancellation costs. But I will always remember my wife's strange and tense countenance when she posed the question about them.

Out of the world's political madness is an understanding of the harassment's other objectives becoming apparent to me. How is that for over-reaching extrapolation? Anyhow, all this is water under the bridge, totally unprovable, and even the increased noisestalking and zinger (maser) action in my eyes as I write this does not prove anything.

One can be sure of one thing, my rights as a citizen are of no consequence to the objectives of the perps in the eyes of many tens of thousands (bought usually) who participate or operate this grand scale venality. If there is any justice done, I will not have any association with the deep quisling/once-thought friends and family ever again. (And another noisescape siren cascade goes off).

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